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  1. I know I can make the NBA as the backup PG on the Knicks or the Nets. I could be a shorter Jeremy Lin. I know I can shoot, pass, handle the basketball and defend as well as JJ Barea who is 5'9 and 175 lbs. I know it. You guys may read about this guy from NYC, undrafted, did not play college basketball making it to the NY Knicks or Brooklyn Nets. Then I will sign with the Cavs and help Lebron James win more championships. Anything positive is possible if you have the belief, work ethic and talent. Good luck.
  2. Maybe one day you can be as good in life as me. Merry Christmas. Also I am not only top 1% in looks but in personality as well. I am a top 1% overall guy.
  3. Yeah it makes much more sense that the two are romantically connected. Daisy doesn't really seem to be into Adam Driver though. He seems more interested lol.
  4. McDonald has some good cheap food. I barely remember the Force Awakens film, I thought the Kylo and Daisy were brother and sister. LOL. Now it makes more sense. Haha.
  5. Here are some of my thoughts -They made Snoke so easy to kill. It would have been better if he came back after the Imperial Guards were killed vs Adam Driver and Daisy. -Why couldn't Adam Driver use the force to choke or impede the Imperial Guards? Is it because the Guards have that special body armor so they can't be affected by the force? For as powerful as the two were they should not have been that close to being finished. -
  6. His longevity at the top is amazing. His shooting this year is amazing. He may be able to play at the top level in his 20th NBA season. At least the 2nd greatest of all time. Going to break Kareem's record, maybe win another MVP. He has a shot for a championship this year.
  7. I was looking at JBL which Stephen Curry endorses as a cheaper alternative to Beats.
  8. I found a similar headphone to Beats that costs around $30-$40. Seems like the financially smart move would be to get the generic no name brand if all you want is noise cancellation.
  9. I always thought the show was an elitist type of event. Basically it is a group of very hot women and a insider group of rich and famous people. They always use a big time singer like Adam Levine. The average guy can buy his girlfriend VS clothes though.
  10. Netflix, Spotify and Stitcher(Free) is a good combination.