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  1. Had my first draft with him. Not sure if I'm unreasonable since these situations never been a problem before. Had played over 15 FFPC teams prior to joining this draft and here are the highlights with him as commish: 1) He refused to wait for the final player. He called him once and couldn't reach him. Started the draft as if all 12 players were there. The late player autodrafted the first couple rounds. 2) When a technical error popped up, I couldn't add the player I wanted to the queue and the system auto-drafted. I notified Justin IMMEDIATELY of the situation. He refused to fix the pick and continued with the draft. (even though the player wasn't even picked in the several picks). I ended up with 2 QBS with my first 6 picks. 3) Blamed me by saying don't use add to queue but use the draft button instead 4) Later on, had the audacity to acknowledge that there might be an issue and will notify system admins about it When did FFPC get this unreasonable? Every year, someone is late. Most of the veteran commissioners have opted to wait for the final players because they know $350 is a good chunk of change. When technical issues popped up in previous years, all of the veteran commissioners have paused the draft and fixed the pick immediately. Additionally, the technical issue I experienced has been repeatable on other player's computers as well. The + Queue button fails to work sometimes when pressing on it. This is the first time I'm truly disappointed in this company. I haven't seen a commish this strict, unhelpful and unreasonable EVER in the history of my playing on FFPC.