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  1. It’s true. Maybe we can spool all of our ideas together and figure it out.
  2. Not much new to report. We needle the help we can get to figure this out.
  3. This brings up a good point. The whole thing has been drama inducing and it must be intentional. I wondered from the beginning why the person wouldn't just send an anonymous email but now I have my answer. With an email they can be sure that my sister gets the message and my BIL doesn't. However, with an email the author would get a reply and my sister would get to the truth much sooner than the author wants.
  4. My nephew's party was in July. I wasn't there but the author claimed (in letter #2) that they were. My niece's birthday party hasn't happened yet. The author claims (in letter #3) that they will be there. And there is no way I'm missing this one.
  5. Here's a rundown of what I know: I've seen my sister three times since the start of the summer. Every letter was received a few days before I saw her. That isn't a coincidence, the person knows her and knows me. The envelopes are completely impersonal. The addresses are typed and adhered with labels that were poorly cut out. The first and last letter had no return address while the second listed the name of her company but a different location that she doesn't associate with at all. I received all 3 letters, but they were addressed to her. Why? She also received the 3rd. Why? The letters themselves have grown more and more personal. Each time they reference the support of her "family and friends." The first letter had no identifying details. The second suggested that the author attended her son's party. The third letter indicated that the author will be in attendance at her daughter's party. My sister is concerned. My BIL has not mentioned it, and his continued silence makes him seem guilty. However, I am not even 100% sure he knows about letter 3. Nothing is adding up or making sense. Every theory I've considered has serious holes in it. Instinctually this still feels like someone messing with us. Unfortunately there are now enough red flags that I think the odds favor some legitimacy to it.
  6. I'm not sure on this point. The stamps weren't cancelled but the envelope had a bar code marking that seems to confirm that they were indeed mailed
  7. It seems like they are trying to give her the confidence to leave him. The real question is what do they stand to gain by her leaving.
  8. I apologize for not providing an update earlier. My wife and I are both teachers, and after the week at the beach things got busy in a hurry with the start of the school year. I talked to my sister at length about everything. She seemed as confused as me. Evidently she asked him point blank if there was anything he needed to tell her and he said there was nothing to say. I didn't ever read the letter, but she told me that it contained some information that a random person wouldn't know (unless they were stalking her on social media). The author claimed to be present at her son's birthday party back in July and mentioned that they wanted to confront her privately but couldn't. My BIL did not mention the letters the entire week. I wanted to bring it up with him - kind of joke about it then throw in a threat and leave it at that, but I never said anything. He was a bit off all week. Fast forward...received a 3rd letter yesterday. I texted my sister to let her know only to find out that she received one, too. The stamps on these letters weren't cancelled, oddly enough. There are probably a lot more details here to provide but this is getting strange. I'm fairly confident that this is NOT a scam and NOT a random person playing a prank. It is someone we know. Whether or not the allegations are true, I'm worried. I appreciate the advice I've received so far. Without it I think I would have put the first letter in the trash and then found myself backtracking to try to explain when I received the second. I'm not really seeking any additional advice or theories but feel free to add that. Those who thought this was sorry to disappoint you. I had no idea where this might head & thought it would be way more comical then it seems to be turning out.
  9. I didn't open it. Sent my sister a text to let her know. She asked that I bring it with me to the beach tomorrow.
  10. Not too many details to share at the moment. Another letter came. The envelope looked exactly like the other with one exception - there was a return address. Instead of a name, it had the name of my sister's company. The address isn't the location where she works, however.
  11. I suppose it is Friday and it is after noon.
  12. Nah, would have been sure to update for the Friday afternoon crowd if that were the case.
  13. Guess what came in the mail today...
  14. I don’t think the calibration (from bike to bike or even between updates) is super consistent.
  15. Nothing at the moment. I only know that he is in the loop because I saw him looking down at something as they pulled out of the driveway. Would love to hear his opinion on it. Down the beach with them next week, might bring it up after a few beers.