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  1. And done. United put in the effort after the red card but wasnt enough. Now have to go to Germany and get a result.
  2. Did you just let Mbappe carry the ball box to box?
  3. Depends on which Pogba shows up for 15 mins. Just had a great shot just over..
  4. Didn't see much of the first half but based on what I did see, although it wasnt really a head butt, was still dumb and he was lucky. From there sure maybe he should have been subbed. But no that was not a foul so shoudnt be a yellow. Most announcers arent even watching the game....
  5. Different discussion if he should have been off at HT or not, but you can't blame Ole for a poor ref decision.
  6. EPL VAR would have ruled it out for offside with their lines. I think this VAR applied it correctly though, so no I am not arguing. United should have been up 2-1 but they didnt take their chances.
  7. Booked for a clean tackle. Wasn't a foul. Ref just blew it
  8. For once Sevilla will be concentrating on the CL instead of winning Europa.
  9. ok, I watched the Saved by the Bell reboot...... As I told my sister, not sure I can recommend it to anyone. Did make me laugh at times, hit some nostalgia, made some good references to the originals (and one to Franklin and Bash ). Most of the acting was bad and at times tried to be too much like the original. Ok, back to finishing Schitt's Creek..... I still love Tiffany Thiesen
  10. Sounds like he may have a career as a rapper ahead of him. Seems most songs include stating your name and talking about how well endowed you are.
  11. Agreed, its a tough spot, as you said below he is talented. But I don't think he is a fit in the EPL. It might be time to say good bye, again. Get the money for him and use it on a CB and DM and Sancho. Yes I still want that right sided attacker and improvements in the center. No, you can't have Pogba, Bruno, and VdB starting together for several reasons. None play holding or defense and there is no depth on the bench. The diamond with Fred or Matic holding could work, but I am not a fan of the diamond or all three together. Losing to the Turkish team was much worse then you want to believe. Had they beat them both games United are already through. But they don't do things the easy way. I read that all they need is 1 point from the next 2 to advance. PSG at home this week and Lepzig away next. Their away form has been good, but they need to go take care of business this week so they aren't leaving it late. PSG is not in form but will want retribution. Neither game will be easy, they need to get up for it. And with a suddenly tough (and 5th place) West Ham in between, they need to keep the levels up. If United wins their game in hand, they are level with Chelsea and in 4th on gd, 2 points behind Spurs and Liverpool. Is that good enough for United? No. But with no one running away with the league, it puts them in the mix.