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  1. I went Boogie Nights too, but could see votes for Taalladega Nights, Walk Hard or Wreck It Ralph
  2. Yes but the pass in was more impressive.
  3. Was at the game last night and for most of it they did look the better team vs Bayern. Aub and Lacazette are a great pair. And if Ozil (trying to look like Rapinoe?) decides to play their attack will be fun to watch. But yes their D looked suspect. My Bro-in-Law is an arsenal supporter and their D is so bad he would gladly take Chris Smalling whom most United fans want out.
  4. The kid's comments make me laugh. The McDs worker's intelligence makes me weep
  5. Although depending on what reports you read today, its either close or not happening. Same with Lukaku to inter: deal is close or Inter cant afford him.
  6. Exactly. And with the frame by frame VAR they have basically repealed "even is on".
  7. They always talk about more scoring and opening up the game then they make rules like this, and worse, they set up VAR to go frame by frame looking for someone's toe to be offside so they can rule out a goal. Their words say more scoring, their actions say lets get bogged down in the minutia and ruin the game.
  8. El Zarape? I guess it depends on where in SoCal the good judge resides.
  9. Sounds like my HS days..... except a beauty from El Cajon. Beaches and North County were the best places. And of course the trips to TJ. You could work in Orange near Angel Stadium. Worse, but not bad at all.
  10. I prefer to Yada Yada Yada.... (damn Leroy beat me to it) As for the OP, this isn't new but it seems to be getting worse, or maybe just more noticeable and these types get more publicity. I have a co-worker who can't complete a sentence before starting another. That's more annoying then throwing in "like" or "uh". Sometimes the brain needs to catch up with the mouth. But I agree some of these people can't seem to string more then 3 words together without a "like" in there.
  11. Sad to see the robot go. But its time. and he had probably the greatest answer to an interview question ever. When asked what he would be if he wasnt playing soccer, he responded "A Virgin"