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  1. Supposedly. But why only those teams? And City doesn't have any fans....
  2. no need, we know it all ends with a let down... in so many ways
  3. Not sure I get your point. Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield and Newcastle are the north. Not one of those mentioned in the post I responded to are "south."
  4. I get the Liverpool choices, to an extent, as I noted above. But the others? Other then the battle for 5th and a potential CL spot (or even 4th if Chelsea faulters), not sure why neutral grounds for United v Sheffield? Also not sure why City vs Newcastle would need one too? Typically they wouldn't schedule City and United at home on the same day, but maybe that's why?
  5. That and their first title in 30 years may be why they are avoiding Anfield. Yes its probably a letdown at this point, but it wouldnt surprise me if they did get out to celebrate.
  6. Reports that the constellation will be renamed after Zlatan are premature. Seems its just a calf injury.
  7. Not sure it was noted but Nolan Ryan 7 career no hitters. Active players with multiple no-nos: Verlander 3, Arrieta 2, Scherzer 2, Fiers 2
  8. Treble winner with United in 99. 40% w/d/l record with Reading, PEC Zwolle and Feyenoord 1.5 year contract in Cinci
  9. Kid and I happened to catch the beggining of 1 the other day. Shes 11 and was enjoying it so much we ended up watching all 3... got to love all three under 2 hours each.
  10. I've always maintained there was a difference between a lead singer and a frontman. And like you said, their presence is what makes them a "Frontman". Scott Weiland was a great one. Don't think I saw STP in concert but I did see him with Velvet Revolver and he put on a show. Freddie Mercury is probably the top one IMO. Wish I could have seen Queen in concert. Of those I've seen, Dave Gahan and Bono are good choices. Jim Morrison, Mick as well although I can't speak from experiencing them in concert. Saw someone mention Trent Reznor. I love NIN and he IS NIN, but for me he is something different. Seen them in concert several times over the years. They come out, rock for 2 hours then leave. No encores, not much talking although maybe a quick intro of the band members or a thank you. More lead singer then front man.
  11. In the US that would end really quickly with some wardrobe malfuntions. Over there doubtful anyone notices.
  12. I think this past weekend would have been the final weekend for the EPL without the delays. June 8-10 is the hearing for City on their CL ban
  13. Dead to Me 2 - Enjoyed. yes the twins thing was poor, but Applegate and Cardellini are fantstic. Both be crazy as hell and I'm loving it. Upload - Enjopyed this one too. All the characters worked for me, and the interaction between the living and the VR was great.