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  1. yup, you are right, overthinking it. Got caught up in thinking about both separately..
  2. To heck with Sober Feb while alone on this day. Left Coast Hop Juice Triple IPA! My company is doing some work for them and they sent a few bottles back to the office.
  3. There's also reports of possible point deductions in the EPL for City. The race for European spots just got a lot more interesting. City is banned from both CL and Europa. If they deduct points too, then we are talking 2 spots open in CL and all of Europa.
  4. This is ridiculous. If they aren't offside enough for the linesman to spot it, then its even and should be considered on. There is no need to be so technical on this call. An armpit, a kneecap, your toe. Are these really advantages? For a sport that claims it wants more scoring, its doing all it can to limit it. ok, now that I've said this, IF they insist on going down this road, then this should be better then some guy in a van by Hethro manually drawing lines whos margin of error is so big the calls are probably wrong anyway. Either way, stop getting technical with the offside call. This one, more then others, should be subjected to the clear and obvious part of VAR.
  5. And the Bills drafted Josh Allen, who they believed could be a franchise qb. You seem to act like I said Tyrod could be the franchise guy and the future of their QB position. All I said is he is not awful as a guy who can start while they find their Franchise QB (maybe thats this draft, maybe its next) and fix their offensive line issues. You claimed he was awful. His stats in Buffalo when he got a chance to start, don't agree.
  6. I guess I wasn't clear. He's not the long term answer at QB. And I referred to him as a bridge QB as they look to find their franchise qb either this year or next. And his stats show he wouldn't be a bad option for a year or two while they work out the oline and get their guy.
  7. Have they ever really addressed either line? Yes a QB is needed. No, I'm not saying Tyrod is the answer. And any qb who can actually move would help the line look better then with the statue of Rivers behind it.
  8. 1) Wasn't he behind SB winner Joe Flacco? As bad as Flacco could be he was their guy. A dev qb wasnt going to get a shot there. 2) His stats in Buff aren't awful. 62.6% comp %, 51/16 TD to Int. 2950 yards per year. As a bridge guy not a bad place to start while LAC rebuild's the line. Didn't they make the playoffs too? 3) Anything in Cle should be ignored due to HUE plus the fact his tenure there was going to be short with the #1 overall pick ready to start. 4) Ok. Didn't realize 60% was considered bad. for last season 62.6 would be 21st, just behind Rodgers and Goff. in 2017 he had a 61.3% comp % tied for 20 with Goff and Russel Wilson
  9. Not sure I agree Tyrod is awful but yes they do need a plan. QB driven league so that is a priority. And a mobile one will help with oline issues. But both need attention. And although the Dolphins may still end up with him, their "Tank for Tua" plan really didnt go well ending up with the 5th pick. Never know who is going to pull a bengals or giants and be worse.
  10. What no love for Stan "The Man" Humphries and their lone SB appearance? With Tyrod as a decent bridge guy and one that can also escape the rush when the line doesn't block, you have options. If you think Herbert or Love is a franchise QB, take them. If Tua falls to 6 take him. If neither happen build your oline and talent and look for a qb later. This team is close though. They just need to learn to win the close games instead of finding a way to lose. I have always been a fan of Rivers but he was part of that find a way to lose mentality they've had. Get a qb who can move and your oline doesnt have to be perfect. Rivers couldnt escape anything and it resulted in heaving the ball for the int, getting sacked, fumbles, etc.
  11. I would think so, but the European teams should put up more of a fight then the Concacaf teams did. Scary to think that with a real coach who has a plan and tactics, the US team can actually get better. The real test will follow the Olympics when they have to find the next group of studs as the previous gets up there in age. They need to find another striker.
  12. Different types of players and hard to compare. At MF, Giggs had to put in the work, getting back on D and attacking. As a striker Zlatan can bide his time until someone serves him. For pure goals and assists, yes Zlatan is hard to touch. For the rest of the game, Giggs put in the work
  13. Timing overall was weird. You had the Betts Trade, then the Joc trade, then the arbitration decision on Joc, then the no betts trade, then the betts trade, then the no Joc trade.
  14. I still like the trade for LA. They get Betts, Price and Graterol. Now will be interesting if they can move Joc and Stripling since the Angels trade is off.