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  1. Hey you two, save it for the "Awesome stories your internet friends share" thread! Just kidding, great thread and if I keep forgetting to add to it. Lately my 10yo keeps dropping the "Oh Snap" and "That's gonna leave a mark"! And one I should save for the "funny things you said to your kids (that at least you think are funny)" thread... 10 year old has had a rough time at soccer lately. Scrapped knees, hit in the head by the ball from close range (possible concussion)... trying to console her and make sure she wasn't afraid of the ball, I asked her "what happens when it stops hurting?" Puzzled she looks at me. I said "When it stops hurting it doesn't hurt any more". She laughed hysterically for a few mins although most of it I'm sure was fake laughing at me....
  2. Watched the first two eps. Not as good as I remember but cool enough to continue! My kid loves the new DuckTales and they did intro Darkwing Duck. We will be watching those along with the original DuckTales, Tailspin, and Gummy Bears (showed this to her awhile ago and she loved it). Being a child of the 80s, I remember The Black Cauldron. Had a coworker tell me he was a Disney nerd. Had to change his tune when he didn't know the Black Cauldron. Dark movie for Disney as I remember it. It was so poorly received that they do not like to release it on VHS/DVD but I did see it on D+!
  3. Got my 9 year old ready to watch a lot of these too. Mostly I'm in it for the Marvel shows and the Mandalorian. Plus the kid is huge into Disney and has been counting down the days...
  4. I just saw a report that Gerrard will take over at..... ARSENAL ( is not a good source for anything though)
  5. I saw one report citing DareDevil and Punisher may be worked in, using the same actors. That would be great if they did.
  6. 2nd - 26 pts 5th - 17 pts 18th - 8 pts 19th - 8 pts 20th - 7 pts Looks like the same either way, 9 pts
  7. Looks like both the Loki and WandaVision shows will tie heavily into Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as well. I loved when Shield worked alongside the movies, was disappointed there wasn't more interactions between the Netflix shows and MCU (they made veiled references since they were technically in the universe, but had no direct crossovers). Planned to watch them anyway, hope they work in better then Shield did. I do think it can cause issues though. Before they announced D+ would be avail on the Amazon services, my sister was ready to bail on both the shows and the movies if you needed to watch the shows to know whats going on. Didn't want to spend the $ on Roku or other services. I can imagine others may feel the same.
  8. And the top 4 are flying (although City has hit a bump or two of late). Its too early to declare spots wrapped up, esp since the return fixtures can cause anything to happen but it would be surprising if the top 4 now are not the top 4 at the end. Can Sheffield keep it up? Will Liverpool lose a game? 3 points separate 5th and 15th....
  9. first La Liga now this. NFL is a bad influence already. Don't tell the NFL they could have the SB at Spurs stadium.
  10. No, but to add sling or hulu live appears to be less expensive then I'm paying for DTVN, and appears to be a better service. Plus It would surprise me if a Hulu Live package didn't get offered at some point since they are offering D+, Espn + and Hulu packages already. Seems a missed opp if they don't go the next step.
  11. It also buffers more then any of the other services I've used and is slow to change channels and bring up the guide. I'm just waiting for Disney+ then I'm cancelling
  12. I'll trade you your captains for United's captain.... A lot of United fans seem to have revisionist history on Jose too. Believing he was let go to soon and he was right and how good it was when he was there. Heck, not even Chelsea speak fondly of Jose and he won a lot bigger trophies with them! He is no longer the special one. Granted the board didn't back him at the end and are not fully backing Ole. The difference being Jose created a toxic environment.
  13. Spurs fans might want to be careful with their Poch out desires. They could end up with the no longer special Jose.