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  1. gabes1919

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    Those above me have hammered the point about your offer pretty well so I will respond to the second part, the guy is probably correct that they will have more value in 10 months. Will they have more value than this last off-season, almost assuredly not. Will they have more value than they do at this exact moment? Likely, yes. Those two players have massively lost value as this season has gone on which is why people like yourself are trying to buy low. Barring a tragic injury, this is probably the lowest their value will be prior to the start of next season. The owner doesn’t want to sell low on players who were looked at as cornerstone players just a year ago. The owner doesn’t lack for awareness of his situation, he is looking past his current record and understands that selling is not in his best interests at a time when the market is #### and he has little reason to try and win
  2. gabes1919

    Drop Chubb for Conner? (dynasty)

    Then Barber for Conner is the way to go. Especially if Barber is only a 1 year guy anyway
  3. gabes1919

    Dynasty: Royce Freeman for who? PPR Superflex

    The 2nd would be a must but the other picks do nothing for me. I don’t think he would let go of Lewis either but I am in need of a starter if I let Freeman go. I am happy with him but see no reason to pass up the opportunity to try to upgrade in a few places if possible
  4. gabes1919

    Drop Chubb for Conner? (dynasty)

    Seconded on dropping barber. He’s not the long term answer there. Does owning Conner this year give you an advantage in signing him next year? That would be a massive boon if so. Either way, drop Barber
  5. Was offered a trade of my Royce Freeman for his 2019 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. That is an easy pass for me but I am trying to determine an appropriate counter, if any. Interesting players on his roster include Golladay, Pettis, Aaron Jones (I own Jamaal Williams), and Dion Lewis. I’m thinking that a 2nd, Golladay, and either Jones or Lewis might be acceptable for both parties. Thoughts? I am a tad worried about Freeman this year due to offensive play calling and Lindsay getting so much work last game
  6. No and I’m shallow leagues, I’m not adding him yet unless I have a roster spot to burn. If he does we’ll week 1 though, I could see them giving him leash in weeks 2-4 and if he does well still, cutting Ingram straight up. Correct me if I’m wrong, and I may be, but I am under the impression that because Ingram has a suspension to his name, he voided any guarantees he had
  7. gabes1919

    RB Darius Jackson = ELITE ATHLETE

    Maybe worth a stash on a +30 roster league. There’s plenty of certainty in GB. It’s certain that it will be one of the three big names, because all three carried the load at some point last year. We just don’t know who. Don’t even waste time the time clicking the add button with Jackson
  8. gabes1919

    RB Darius Jackson = ELITE ATHLETE

    Remember when Christine Michael was on GB? Nothing to see here barring some pretty catastrophic backfield injuries. Jones will be back in week 3 so even if JW is worse than Lacy was in Seattle last year, Jackson will still be irrelevant
  9. If it’s anything like Elliott’s multiple issues they investigated last year, they will take a long time investigating before coming to a decision on if something needs to be done. Unless it’s a really serious matter where there is a clear wrong doing, like with Ray Rice, the NFL moves slowly. Zeke took over a year, Aaron Jones took almost a year, Jameis Winston took over 2 years, Robby Anderson is still in limbo, it’s one thing if someone is getting suspended for something internal like PEDs or failed substance test, it’s another thing when they try to suspend a player for something that is more public. I think he plays all his games this year unless he comes out and admits what he did, which would be kind of stupid
  10. This could turn into a problem and a suspension, but there will need to be an investigation first. This is a worry for next year, I doubt anything is decided this season
  11. It's just moving up a round but this trade is not the "two 1sts PLUS" that all the analysts were creaming their pants over this morning. If anything, it's a little less. Now we just need to know how much money it took to marry us to Mack but I think either way, great trade and better than I thought it would be.
  12. Let’s see what the contract is. If it’s a 3 year fully guaranteed extension, we could swallow that while Trubisky is on his rookie contract and revisit in a few years. The man is game changing
  13. I had been holding out hope for Orleans Darkwa but the man just can’t get his pen on the paper. Other disappointments include Trenton Canon, Kendrick Bourne, probably Alfred Blue. Then it’s a choice between Sudfeld, Sproles, Rashard Higgins, or Jake Kumerow. Superflex so Sudfeld possibly being the week 1 starter means something (also he has looked good enough)
  14. So what you’re saying is that Hue should stay right? Andrew Luck turned out ok under Pagano, all Baker needs to do is be a generational talent
  15. Nothing like endangering the #1 pick and the supposed future of the team by putting him in a meaningless exhibition filled with guys no better than 2nd string and a bunch of other puds looking to make the team by showing they can murder an opposing qb. Dat real game experience tho...