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  1. Like I just said to my league mates, he’s as retired as Lynch and Cutler were. If Gurley tore his acl today and the Rams called, Murray would take the call. That said, he’s not actively shopping himself so owners of Packers and Colts RBs can maybe stop looking over their shoulder for the hidden boogie man coming to take the job
  2. This kid is a prime example of how quick we are to assign the “bust” label. Wasn’t given a shot at any type of role and immediately is forgotten by the FF community despite it being apparent about halfway through the season that the coaching staff was a significant problem. People are excited for Mason Rudolph as Ben’s successor yet this guy is standing behind the corpse of Eli Manning and instead Kyle Lauletta gets puffed up post draft. The kid could be nothing but camp reports are good and I think it very likely he gets a shot this year. And the fact that I picked him up for free off waivers in my 2QB league will leave me cackling by year’s end
  3. Just watching both guys play last year, they are different runners. Williams can handle contact, Jones doesn’t and will go down much easier. Williams was also far superior in the passing game, it’s kind f baffling how Rodgers apparently endorses Jones but the dude was not good running routes for him. On the flip side, Jones appears to be far more explosive when he finds and opening, he also is either greased up in baby oil or has tremendous vision when you see the way he slips through some of those holes. JW also spent most of his games running with Hundley. That means stacked boxes. The one game he played with Rodgers, he looked worse than Jones running and yet, JW played most of the snaps and got handoffs into the 4th when they were in comeback mode. That signals, to me, that he is more trusted as blocker than Jones. I think Williams gets to use this suspension to practice as the starter all off season (barring a resurgence from Monty) and obviously gets 2 games to cement it. He might be able to get it done. From a talent perspective, I’d rather have Jones starting but he becomes a risky prospect now. Opportunity is king in the NFL and JW has this far been more durable and has the opportunity
  4. 2 game suspension for Jones. I’ve been saying it was coming all off season. He may win the starter job eventually but JW has 2 games to grab it and never let go. I still think Jones is exceptional but he lost a big opportunity. I own JW everywhere and now is the time to buy Jones to hedge those bets EDIT: so I don’t sound like I’m trying to be such a know it all, I wasn’t buying JW everywhere because I’m any type of believer, he was just the cheapest despite the possible suspension. Now the pendulum might go the other way so if guys were trying to scoop up this backfield, you have a great shot to do just that with BOTH of the presumed early down guys having been cheap at some point this off season
  5. I mean, we thought their WR corp was going to be a revamp last year too didn’t we? They kept Wallace, brought in Maclin, Perriman was going to contribute, Maxx Williams was ready... this current group has potential but if Crabtree is washed, Brown is hurt, and Snead pulls a disappearing act, they are in the same boat. As for Bell, I’m totally serious. They will have a QB with an extremely favorable contract In Jackson for 3 years before he gets a bit pricier in the 5th year option. They could afford Bell. He is the single best player offensive player in the league that is not playing QB right now and would be a massive boon to a developing quarterback. A player like him instantly transforms the offense. That aside though, the single biggest reason for him going there would be shared interest. The dude wants to get paid but I bet he’d take a slightly weaker offer so that he could stay in division and stick it to Pit twice a year and help take the division away from them
  6. My worry with Collins is that he turns into a Crowell shaped pumpkin. He was brought back as an RFA to a team that is probably not going to be great offensively and has very little invested in him. Add on that they somehow decided that maintaining dixon was a good idea through his suspension and we have the looks of a mess. I would not be shocked at all to see the Ravens throw out an RB by community to see if anyone is too good to keep out of the game, see that fail (as it often does for teams not from New England and now Philly), cut Flacco prior to next season, then back up the dump truck full of money at Lev Bell’s place
  7. In my opinion, he's a third round pick on a team that doesn't want to focus on throwing the ball and has a receiving corps that had a complete upheaval to begin the offseason. We won't hear anything about Gallup until preseason I don't think
  8. There’s not going to be much of a debate if this kid eats a drug suspension. I am baffled at how none of the fantasy analysts are talking about it. They don’t even seem to remember
  9. Right now but if they keep this Booker nonsense up for 2 more months, that will change
  10. I think it means that, in redraft, some guppee in every league will pick Booker far earlier than he could possibly deserve and Freeman will be a steal by a savvy owner. We’ve seen Booker play 2 years now and he hasn’t been good. I don’t expect that to change. Freeman may not be the bell cow to start the season but I expect him to take early down work by week 4 and maybe more beyond that. Booker just does not look like a good player to me
  11. Also have him sitting deep on the bench in 2QB. Costs nothing and is an injury away from getting to prove himself in an offense with some of the most exciting playmakers in football. He could be absolutely nothing but if he hits, his offensive situation is as exciting as Mayfield’s could be in Cleveland
  12. He could easily be in that Ahmad Bradshaw role for Luck if Luck comes back to form. It’s tiring to see reports harp on this guy’s size. I get it, he’s no bull dozer, but his game is speed. Fastest RB at the combine, would’ve been the 3rd fastest at WR and he was disappointed with his time. He plays his speed and was asked to play both RB and WR full time in different years in college. He may not be a bell cow but he could be. We’ve seen Dion Lewis do it, we’ve seen Jamaal Charles do it, we’ve seen Chris Johnson do it. Worst case, he’s Danny Woodhead and that is a pretty valuable piece for a worst case player who is the 9th rb taken in rookie drafts
  13. I think that worst case scenario, a healthy Thompson will play Kamara to Giice’s Ingram. Whether it’s a poor man’s version of that backfield remains to be seen but Thompson was stupidly efficient last year and Guice may get more run than Ingram ever did on the Saints (you know, because Sean Payton loathes giving Mark Ingram the ball)
  14. Fair enough, I was pretty much a true split for receiving work in Denver last year so I kind of threw it out but his usage there is something to watch. Elway totally has no clue and I’m not sure Vance Joseph does either. They completely misused CJA last year for whatever reason, almost like they didn’t want him to be the lead guy and wouldn’t give him a shot to carry the team. Hopefully hand picking Freeman will make that situation better
  15. I see it as a Melvin Gordon situation. Gordon came in to the Chargers as the 2 down guy because Danny Woodhead was there and was extremely effective in that facet of the game. Gordon only caught 22 passes in 4 years of college but as we know now, had the skillset to excel in the passing game. I feel Guice's situation is similar both in terms what his college team asked of him and in terms of what the depth chart looks like in NFL. Even right down to the fact that Thompson seems to always be dinged up like Woodhead was in his later years. Hoping and anticipating Guice becoming the 3rd down guy eventually is projecting out and going out on a limb, I will grant that, but the same can be said of about 5 of the other 7 top backs. Michel - has the ability but White and Burkhead both have been effective in the 3rd down role. Johnson - Riddick is elite as a 3rd down guy Chubb - Duke is also elite as a 3rd down player Rojo - Sims has occupied that role for years and been ok (he appears the least threatening of the 3rd down obstacles) Penny - Prosise and Mckissic are both still there, Prosise has been great every time he has been on the field (not often) and Mckissic was decent last year All of these guys have a similar road blocks. Seattle's reporting on Penny being a 3 down guy sounds nice but if Prosise managed to stay healthy, I don't think there would be any shot of Penny getting the passing work over him and Mckissic may still get some looks. I think of the top 8 RBs, only Barkley and Freeman went to places where they look to have a clean shot at 3 down work (and in Freeman's case, Elway came out and said some things that indicate the exact opposite so who even knows). I still like Guice the best of the group because pre-draft assessments based just on talent put him in tier 2 alone most of the time or in tier 2 with and above Chubb and Michel in those cases where he wasn't alone. Of those 3, his situation looks the clearest for early success. Michel is obvsiouly on the Pats and could be incredible but they are erratic in their usage and have not one, but 2 strong role player RBs under non-rookie contracts. Chubb doesn't need a lot of explanation in regards to his current situation. Penny gets in the conversation based off of situation alone and while volume is king, I don't think he will get enough quality volume to move him above Guice or even Michel in my personal rankings. Seattle's line was bad last year and if it is better this year, I still except it to be below average. Turn over at OC and a bad defense really temper my expectations of his volume. It is possible that Penny ends up a dynamo because they are passing to him so much with them being behind in games but if that happens, I will be happy for those who were right and lose no sleep over being wrong because I did not want the risk.