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  1. Wait wait wait you go to Rashad Jennings and not a GREG JENNINGS?! He put the team on his back
  2. 100% this. He got paid because that’s the price of a top QB in the league. Has zero to do with how they will use him, they don’t want to get caught in QB search hell like a team like the Broncos
  3. I'm surprised more people don't bring up Lindsay's size. The man is small. He could be an exception but being 190 and being productive would put him in a group that is historically quite small (pun intended)
  4. I know this isn't the Campbell thread but what are your thoughts on his breakout age when you factor in that Ohio State is not a passing program? Last year represents a massive outlier for the program as a whole. He's only one of 5 WRs to ever post 1k yards with Ohio in a single season and Haskins was far and away the most productive single season QB in their history. Makes me wonder if you just throw him out as far as models go when there's so much outlier stuff going on in his breakout year
  5. See the problem with this is that you are assuming that A. you will perform well enough to merit a 9-12 spot next year (injuries can change this) and B. that your trade partner will continue to as bad as he was this last year. Lastly, you should've just waited to do this next year after picks were locked in. There's no reason to do this type of trade now.
  6. Not a Bills fan but I love Singletary’s opportunity and tape. McCoy and Gore are not signed for next year (McCoy could actually get cut for nothing) and Yeldon is on a 2 year that they could get out of for very little dead money and save against the cap next year. Add in that Singletary is a 3rd round pick, it’s very likely he finds the field in the second half of the year and gets a chance. His college tape showed him running behind a bad o line and getting contacted early and often. He still ran with pretty good vision and has exceptional contact balance and the balance to make some pretty crazy jukes. His receiving profile isn’t extensive but he did do it in his first year, they chose not utilize him going forward after that. He’s been a strong mid 2nd round pick in my SF drafts and I have gotten offers on him post draft every single time. People are starting to get wise to his opportunity. I think he is the starter by year’s end and I like me a starting rb next to a running qb
  7. Was offered the following in a ppr start q/r/r/w/w/w/te/SF/flex/flex Give Chubb Get Fournette, 2020 1st, 2021 2nd I'm not super in love with Fournette, injury history and job security are my main concerns, but the offer and opportunity to possibly flip Fournette if the Jags get some good media this summer intrigue me if I could turn the 2021 into a 1st (either straight up or by returning a 2nd to make it a 1st). Any thoughts? As a bonus, I was offered Michael Thomas for my Diggs and a 2020 1st in the same league. It seems like if I pulled off both trades, I’d be net trading Chubb Diggs and a mid-late 1st for Thomas Fournette a mid 1st and a 2021 1st or 2nd. Kind of intriguing as a total package
  8. How much would you bid on a 2020 1st round pick? That's probably the amount you will have to bid because right or wrong, that is what people will see his worth as in the free agent pool
  9. Well you may not be bragging but I’m definitely jealous. Couldn’t swing that trade in my leagues because the guy at 1.07 and 1.09 snapped up those willing firsts before it got to my 1.11.
  10. This seems like something to discuss in the AC forum and not here. They are close enough in value that it could be a straight up swap trade
  11. Probably looking at a 2 gamer similar to Aaron Jones last year
  12. Just feel it needs to be put out there in clear terms for everyone, this man was drafted to start next year. 3rd round pick, Gore on a 1 year, McCoy on his last year, Yeldon only leaves 250k dead money next year and cutting him opens cap. He has to seize the opportunity and perform but I love his film, his balance during his cuts and after contact is incredible. People need to know, the Bills RB room is out the door after this season and this is NOT a muddy situation at all, it is a great one
  13. The highest draft capital spent on RB by the eagles since Pederson came over had been a 4th. They just used a 2nd for Sanders, giving him the most draft capital used and I think also the most money spent on the position during this eagles tenure. That bodes well for the idea that he could actually be a 3-down back there. Not in his favor is that we haven’t seen this regime use a workhorse. They’ve never spent up to get their guy but the lack of track record there does not inspire confidence. Montgomery also boasts the highest draft capital spent on a bears RB during Pace’s tenure (obviously Nagy has only been there 1 year but Pace has been there for a while). Also in his favor is that he is the first RB actually picked by this coach so that, plus the capital, would imply that Montgomery is the exactly the type of back Nagy wants. Not in his favor is the fact that they signed Davis to a two year deal (cap wise they will probably keep him next year) an Cohen is under contract one more year and has been phenomenal. Also Cohen is talented enough to deserve pass catching work so even if he doesn’t take it all, he will take a good portion of it. Situation alone, Sanders seems most likely to me to get a shot at being a 3 down back. Most NFL teams run some type of committee but Sanders has a lot in his favor in terms of his chance of leading his team in both rushing and receiving, at least through the second half of the season when rookies start to emerge. Montgomery isn’t in a bad situation but his pass catching potential is capped by another real good player who had a great year with this team last year. I personally like Sanders more on talent than Montgomery so maybe I am painting a biased picture in Sanders’ favor but he is the guy I’d go for. FWIW though, I had the 1.04 in my last rookie superflex and had Sanders and Montgomery available. I took Sanders but I worked hard to try trade back 1 pick to 1.05 because I would’ve been equally happy with either guy
  14. Some absolute steals in there. 1.04 Murray, 1.08 Sanders, 1.13 Metcalf, 2.02 Aj Brown, 2.03 Arcega-Whiteside. This year’s rookie drafts have been wild