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  1. Just had to post that I hate this sentiment/rule that people operate under. If you had Evans and Godwin both on your team last year, chances are high that you were pretty happy overall until the injuries hit. The idea that you should be worried about starting both of them on the same fantasy squad is asinine. If you put two players individually on any squad in your league and they are must start, they remain that way when you put them on the same squad. You could argue that starting both lowers your ceiling and your floor (while bolstering your likelihood of having them normalize into their combined average scores) but that shouldn’t be a consideration unless you are a massive underdog in a must win week (and I would still rather start my two wr1s)
  2. I wouldn’t actively sell Julio anywhere. Put him on the trade block and let someone come to you. His situation isn’t going to get any worse here and he’s kind of devalued right now because of his age plus al the incoming rookie hype. If you are sending out offers with Julio, you’re going to get a return on him that is likely worth less than the value you get from actually playing him
  3. Pretty much all of my major trades in 2019 look bad in hindsight. I got good players back but there was a lot of value lost by year’s end. My worst one was probably: Gave Sutton and 2020 2nd / Got Miles Sanders - was a big believer in Sanders as the RB1 in this class and was down on Sutton because of Flacco. Should’ve trusted my initial evaluations of Sutton and found a different trade piece. My best was probably: Gave Diggs / Got Metcalf and Boyd - this looked like a bad sell at the time and I must admit, I sent the offer out of frustration because I wanted out on Diggs and sent this kind of thoughtlessly. It was accepted immediately. Boyd ended up being basically Diggs (as I thought) and I was right to be enamored with Metcalf
  4. I'll lose an opportunity short term if the Rams do move Gurley but I don't think they will. I wasn't enamored with Henderson coming out and him going to the Rams didn't do anything to change that. The hype around him reminded me a lot of Rashad Penny, I lot of excitement over his gaudy stats against lesser competition. I wasn't impressed by his tape. I could be wrong but I'm happy to get a 1st for guys I picked in the 10th and 15th of a start up
  5. 12 team ppr sf, just finished up the start up draft with rookies in so there will be no rookie draft this year Gave Mike Williams and Darrel Henderson Got 2021 1st Wasn’t a believer in Henderson anyway, only had him to handcuff Gurley. I’m not buying into the hype of the Rams moving on from Gurley and even if they did, don’t think Henderson would be the guy.
  6. Belichick signing Rivers and then drafting a rookie sounds down right stupid, zero chance of that. Him signing Mariota, Dalton or Bridgewater? That I could see. I don't think such a move would preclude the Pats from drafting a QB if one fell. I doubt Stidham has a shot at starting over any of those 3 FAs though and the Pats will have one of them. They aren't great but good coaching and game planning can make them competent (as they have all 3 been at points in their careers). A well run, playoff team doesn't go into week 1 with a round 4 2nd year player and a 1st round rookie. He is a deep league stash only and will probably on get a shot if there is an injury.
  7. But if he’s better than his dad the way CMC is better than his then he could be the greatest player ever to touch the field!
  8. Anybody who is applying a "rule" to fantasy football universally and not taking things case by case is an idiot. Nobody was picking Singletary because RBs get more immediate opportunity etc. They picked him earlier because the guys in front of him were Gore (literally 90 years old) and Yeldon (low dollar signing who was cuttable after 1 year) and you knew he was going to get a shot to be the guy by the 2nd half of the year. Johnson, on the other hand, had a new signing (Moncrief, laughable in hindsight) and a 2nd rounder from 2018 (Washington) in front of him. He also had a reputation as a slot guy which is Juju's role. As I stated above, I do agree that there should be a little extra weight given to RBs because I feel they do develop faster (on average) and maintain/gain value into their 2nd year with less difficulty. But it's case by case, it's not a blanket rule
  9. He was getting touted as a potential 1st round dynasty rookie pick before the NFL draft happened, then his draft capital put his value in the garbage. I'm not going to argue with NFL draft capital, it is the best indicator of success we have, but this guy was well regarded and looked pretty decent when given some volume this year.
  10. I was under the impression he's not in the program yet so if they tested him, it's what, 2 game suspension max? It does hurt his pocket book though and whoever released the video is a ####ty person. The cop was trying to give the guy a break on something that A. isn't illegal in many states in this country and B. shouldn't be against the rules in the NFL. I think this actually makes it more likely that the Browns maintain him because interest league wide will be lower. I hope not though
  11. The idea of going only RB is stupid but I do generally lean towards RB for a few reasons. 1. as shown by multiple people above, WRs typically don’t emerge year one. I find that the hype wears off and it’s usually easier to buy a wr going into year two. Courtland Sutton, DJ Moore and Gallup all fit the bill as buys after their rookie years and could’ve been gotten for a mid to late 1st in some cases. 2. On the other end, RBs emerge more frequently year one and even if they don’t, RB hype doesn’t seem to die down the same way going into year two and they still gain value. RBs only have to show a little bit of flash to keep their value going into year two. This seems more pronounced in recent years because of how the last few RB classes have been. 3. Rookie contract RBs seem to be on better teams. Of the top 11 highest paid RBs last year, 1 was on a playoff team, Dion Lewis (3 were still on rookie deals but they were 1st rounders). Of the top 12 biggest RB contracts in the league, 2 are on playoff teams and it’s Duke Johnson at 10th and Mark Ingram at 12th. Rookie scale wage RBs tend to be on better teams because those better teams seem to have adopted the #rbsdontmatter mentality. Just my 2 cents to toss in. I don’t think a strict philosophy of RBs>WRs is a good one but if I’m looking at two similarly talented players that I have no special feelings for and I can’t trade out, the RB seems more likely to make use of an early opportunity and return a better value next offseason
  12. 12 team ppr superflex Gave Kupp Got 1.09, 2021 1st, 2021 2nd
  13. This is too lofty. Even if he is a top 3 talent (he might be) and has the development needed to make that jump (development of Lockett and Baldwin + his work ethic say he'll get the chance), Seattle is simply not an offense that airs it out enough for him to be a top 3 guy with Lockett sitting in the slot. Top 10-12 I can see and I would lock him in for top 15 next year. Top 3 means something has gone very wrong in Seattle (RBs and Lockett all hurt) or something has gone very right (Wilson has an MVP year and leads the league's #1 offense). Let's also remember that Dissly will be back, he had 260/4 in 5 games this year. Temper that top 3 expectation, he is at least a year away from that if it's even possible with Seattle's offensive tendencies
  14. To add to this, do your research when the term “injury prone” rears its head. His injuries in college were all freak injuries that were unrelated. Yes they cost him a lot of time and there are players who play so hard that they sustain unnecessary injuries but they are not as common as, say, an Arian Foster type who is prone to soft tissue injuries. Bumping him down because he was recovering from a neck injury, fair. But anyone who hit him as “injury prone” did not do the research
  15. In his defense, the ball was behind him. He still should’ve caught it but he would’ve probably had to do a full 360 to turn and pull it in without coming to a full stop. Would’ve been a 1st but probably would’ve slowed him down to much to be a TD