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  1. Why is it a guarantee that the rookie will start? Tyrod has been decent and is at least a serviceable game manager. Only reason he was benched last year was because the Bills had their heads in their asses. This trade is great because with the franchise tag, they could conceivably have Tyrod for 3 years if he is good at a price that would probably end up being below the top 5 market. Or just let him go after getting a cheap bridge QB this year. The only way that is a loss is if you don’t believe Tyrod is at least middle of the pack as a starting QB. He seems to be to me, he did well with very little last year and unimaginative play calling.
  2. Sounds like the exact same stuff people were saying about Perkins last year. Unless they improve that offensive line, a JAG level player won't get it done there. A guy like Barkley might be ok but he is a far cry from Gallman
  3. Not sure where this sentement comes from because a lot of people seem to feel this way. Is it because Duke has averaged more YPC than Crow the last 2 years? Does being that much better in the passing game somehow negate that he is also better at running but not given the opportunity? Duke hasn't been given a fair shake to show what he is and drafting an RB top 4 feels foolish. It was one thing for the Cowboys to do it, they had a lost season due to QB injury and RB insanity (hope Joseph Randle found help). If anyone is expecting to draft Barkley 4th overall and have a breakout like the Jags did this year with Fournette then I would like them to share what they've been smoking. That 4th pick is better spent elsewhere (probably better spent trading back in all honesty to another QB needy team).
  4. So does Haley turn Duke loose and let him do his best Lev Bell impression? I mean, the kid has +50 receptions every season, is a competent runner when given the chance, and this last season showed an ability to get in the endzone. A man can hope. They have a good RB on the roster already, a decent one they could resign and there will be a few out there on the market. A team as devoid of talent as an 0-16 team really shouldn't be picking an RB at 1.04 (not saying they are truly devoid of talent but they have positions that are truly bad, why waste on a position that they have talent in)
  5. More yards from scrimmage, same amount of TDs, 70% vs 37% of snaps, only 9 less touches. I think you need to reassess your definition of "lead back". It's not like this was a team that was losing all the time either and ended up on passing downs playing catch up. This was a playoff team and Stewart literally led the backfield in snaps 1 time in 16 weeks.
  6. So realists understand that CMC played something like 70% of snaps right? He wasn't always the early down guy but he was definitely the lead guy. The offense as a whole had struggles this year and I think that contributed as well as CMC getting up to NFL speed. He had more regular success during the second half as a runner and continued success as a receiver. He has the chance to be an every down back in the mold of Dion Lewis or even Matt Forte (who was never a particularly great runner). This year gave us a lot more good than bad to say about CMC. Is he the second coming? No, but he could be. The door is not shut by any means. He certaintly had a better rookie year than, say Devonta Freeman, who went on to be the RB1 in his sophomore year.
  7. The fact that Fangio won't even be considered for our HC is just another example of why the Bears will continue to lose. Bad management and worse ownership. He's been forced to do a lot with very little and this last year, put together a very good unit when everyone was healthy. Whoever ends up with him will have an overperforming defense next year
  8. Hey sometimes guys just have to get acclimated to an offense and situation. Don't forget, Dashaun Watson threw for 0 TDs against Cincy in week 2 and we saw how that went for every other DST going forward against him
  9. I've had the 1st round bye locked in for 2 weeks so I went with Detroit without worry and don't need to use them next week but man... that was a painful game to have a stake in. For week 15, still like them against the Bears. Week 14 is a crap shoot. They are a match up play based on bad opponents, it's definitely not on the back of their own performances at this point.
  10. Quincy Enunwa as a what the hell stash. He was a breakout candidate before injury and a free agent going into this offseason. He could be the next Brian Quick, flash in the pan and nothing after injury but he looked good last year. I've had him stashed all offseason on IR
  11. The McKissic love is more about the situation. - The offensive line is bad but he has consistently been able to get yards where others haven't. - He is the exclusive passing downs back in an offense that has become throw first because all the other runners are ineffective. - PC is a coach who does not let draft pedigree or veteran status dictate a player's opportunity. He is undrafted and could very well be a work horse by year's end. Those things make him a very intriguing pick up in my book. Also, he is probably free to get and therefore, an easy drop if it doesn't work out.
  12. Absolutely. If the Seahawks are smart, they will turn him into Chris Thompson or James White and mostly abandon traditional running
  13. This is an absurd question. Cohen has been droppable for weeks and Duke is a top 15 guy in PPR. Just becuase you don't have the stones to start him, doesn't make him droppable. He has been an extremely pleasant surprise this year Also, not seeing anyone recommending him but JD Mckissic for free is a good add in my book. I envision the Seahawks doing a lot of passing and eventually giving up on the run except through short passes. No Prosise makes Mckissic a sneaky add
  14. Oh no... he threw punches and completely blind sided Lattimore. I love Evans, I'm a homer, but he's going to get suspended and deserve it. You don't blind side someone like that unless the guy is actively taking shots at one of your boys
  15. Don't have anyone on the team but what a blow for the NFL and Houston as a team. It's not even about fantasy football, it's a shame for him because of his historic pace and a shame for the sport.