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  1. Imagine telling Phillip Rivers that he either has to move his wife and 39 children to London or live there by himself for 3 months out of the year (probably out of a hotel). Imagine telling some young, first round player "good job on being one of the top players in your draft class, enjoy living in a different country". Imagine telling the players that they have to pay significant taxes to both countries. Imagine telling the players that half their games will be cross continental travel (it would still be 5 games/year even if there was an entire European division). Very few players would want to play for London. The most important player on the team, Rivers, probably wouldn't go. You will have draft picks refusing to go there and you will have a hell of time attracting free agents. A good example is the Toronto Raptors in basketball. That's a sport with world wide appeal, a city with a good market, and geographically close to the USA. Marquee free agents don't go there because they don't want to live out of country and have to pay significant extra taxes to play there. London would be an even bigger problem for the NFL
  2. 12 team QRRWWWT SF/F/F PPR Gave 2020 1st (mid to late) and Deebo Samuel Got Cooper Kupp I'm 4-0 with 2 more 2020 1sts in reserve, the guy I traded with is 1-3 with some studs but not enough depth to make a run. Time to shoot my shot.
  3. Dropped Robby Anderson and Moncrief. Moncrief showing that QB accuracy wasn’t to blame for his last two years of poor stats. Robby, I’ve been fooled too many times. Someone else can ride that wave. If it isn’t week 10 or later, the dude just doesn’t get it done. And now with Darnold out for an indeterminate amount of time, no thanks.
  4. There are unwritten rules in fun, not in competition. We are all playing a game here but it is often for money and pride. There are things that explicitly forbidden and things that aren’t. It’s black and white. Leagues with unwritten rules are generally leagues with poorly drafted rules. Petition to add changes to the rules or leave the league. Penalization for unwritten rules is horse ####
  5. Pretty easy solution here, don’t play with this type of a waiver system. It is easily the worst system out there in my opinion. But if that’s the system, nothing wrong with tanking. If it’s within the rules, someone will and should take advantage
  6. Can we all appreciate that Khalil Mack was traded before this dumpster lit completely on fire? He would’ve maybe missed last year and definitely missed this year on the tag if it had been the Raider’s choice
  7. This was my biggest problem with how the game ended. Mitch actually got going in the 4th when he got some tempo, we needed to run it when we got into the red zone, I thought that was the point of signing and drafting RBs. Mitch was bad last night, he looked out of his depth, but the play calling was just as bad. Needs more creativity, needs more variety, needs to get set faster, and since Mitch seems to be having problems, needs to have more motion pre snap to show him as much about the defense as possible
  8. He’s basically on a 1 year deal with options for more. Only this year was guaranteed at 10 mil and while his next 3 years are at 11 mil, he can be cut with zero cap hit. His contract actually is pretty great for the Raiders if it works out and fine for them if it doesn’t. Conversely, the contract absolutely blows for him. I can’t imagine there weren’t other interested parties, his guaranteed money is so low that I actually wonder if he negotiated the contract himself EDIT: definitely was wrong on the contract details, I knew I was missing something. He got 20 guaranteed and 10 of that was for signing so basically, they can cut him next year and beyond for no cap hit but they have effectively paid for him next year anyway. It’s still a pretty flexible and cheap deal for Oakland
  9. Being dead serious, the Bills defense alone could be legitimate enough to carry them into the playoffs one way or another. For them to have a shot though, they will have to start the season 3-0 and beat those bottom feeder teams so yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it
  10. Taking a guess and saying that the red flag is the 21 games played. Unless he has brittle bone disease, I’m not calling him injury prone for breaking bones in opposite ends of his body. Neck injury is generally concerning but it has not been a limiting factor for him in camp or preseason. If all that isn’t what you are referring to then please enlighten me.
  11. This type of statement has been thrown around a lot at various points in this thread. You do realize that he only played 21 games in college right? His first year he only played 2 games due to a broken foot and in his third year he played 7 games before he broke his neck. So he had 14 TDs in 21 games, a rate of .66 TDs per game with subpar QB play over those 21 games. That TD rate over 16 games would be 10.56 TDs, granted the NFL is different but he has an elite QB, 12 could be possible. I'm not calling for it by any means but the opportunity is there.
  12. Three way trade in a 12 team PPR SF Team A gets Ridley Team B gets Fuller and Singletary Team C gets Coleman and Breida For me personally, I was Team A and it goes: Gave Singletary Coleman and Breida Got Ridley I remain a Singletary truther but have been adamant that I would exit if I could get a 1st or that value back in player(s) that I am in on. Ridley fit the bill
  13. In redraft and dynasty, Sanders, Singletary, and Moncrief. In dynasty only, add Metcalf and Tyrell Williams to the list. My redrafts are 10 team and have real short benches so those guys aren't even rostered right now.
  14. Did he actually have issues with fumbling in camp? I feel like I followed his camp very closely and never heard any rumble about it other than “this was a problem in college that he needs to prove isn’t a problem now”. I don’t recall ever hearing about him having a bad day of fumbling unlike, say, Sony Michel last year who put the ball on the ground in one of his 1st practices and took a lot of laps.