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  1. Not sure what to make of Jones and the Packers tonight, thinking of flexing in E Sanders on Monday (+1PPR) instead, but that's admittedly a bit of a homer pick which always scares me (Sanders also got his other ankle worked on when they did the achilles - and he's been looking quicker than ever in practice). Picked up Jones in the 3rd round of a 12 team league, so some investment in him, just probably going to have to see how the Packers use him before I trust him this year.
  2. Love the poor man's Tim Patrick line, he was a steal and surprised some folks, think he can play too. I don't think Sutton had a great rookie year, but he showcased what he can do against NFL competition.
  3. For sure, but Sutton started to showcase his ability last year by actually doing it in the NFL (more so once DT was traded) and Hamilton didn't get much of a chance until Sanders went down. They both have a lot to prove, no doubt, but from what Sutton showed his rookie year, he's going to be legit. If you haven't checked it out, the thread I linked is a good eval of Sutton's rookie year:
  4. Sutton is a future star. His jump ball ability is scary good and his catch radius is elite, he was a rookie and had a tough draw with Keenum as the QB. Here is a good thread on Twitter about him here. Hamilton runs routes that are much more polished than than his tenure and both got some great experience last year (especially after Sanders went down). I am a bit of a homer, but I'd say Sutton and Hamilton alone are much better than anything the Ravens have (or have had recently) and if Sanders is healthy and they keep him (big assumptions along with his cap hit) they'll be in the top 20% as a unit. Without Sanders they still will be a solid group that has immense potential. As for the Flacco move, it's pretty obviously a stop gap measure that will be a 2 year, low risk move to give some time to groom a long time starter (who they get this year or next) and was based off of 2014 and Flacco's solid play under Kubiak as OC (the new offense will be from the Shanny tree as well). The Broncos ability to snipe Munchak away from the Yinzers is going to help immensely in giving Flacco time to throw deep and establishing the run game. The Fangio hire was against the grain, but I think a very solid decision. They are going to rely on the D and play smart on offense with some well timed down the field shots. This will be a team that won't play scared, won't make bone headed decisions like under Joseph and I guarantee they will be much improved from the second most penalized group in the league in 2019.
  5. Was either Ware or Damian for my RB2, so this makes the decision for me and hopefully provides more upside.
  6. Redraft. Going to have to put in a rule, was just precedence, but looks like we have to do something official (one guy made 6 waiver claims after he was eliminated...). Yeah, lots of room for shenanigans there. Your proposal sounds fair, I'll suggest we implement something similar. We pay the top 3 too, so the consolation game folks can and should be able to make some moves. We also have a loser bracket and the first team to lose 2 hosts the neighborhood BBQ (Loser Q) - but they're done semifinals week (losers of the first round play each other). So 2 loser bracket winners lock after the first round, 2nd round locks the loser loser bracket 😀 leaving 4 teams open for the finals. Could also jack up the cost for playoff moves for eliminated teams. The transaction funds go to the LoserQ funds so some may feel like "donating" for more beer. Still deciding on my defense, anyone have thoughts on Denver or Indy? (or Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins, Packers...)
  7. Have Denver vs Oakland or Indy vs NYG. (Going against the Bears though) I like Denver, but not sure if I want to stick with them and see how well they play for a lame duck coach and a banged up secondary. Indy at home with something to play for against a NYG team that has not looked good is tempting. Cleveland was available too, but the jokers in this league are still picking up people even after they have been eliminated (which is another topic for another thread...), it even costs them money to do so...baffling. Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins, Packers... are available as well.
  9. Tough decision for championship week. Brees (riding a 3 game run of horrible numbers, but he's finally at home) vs Watson (has been decent, but is on the road at resurgent Philly)? Leaning Brees, but not sold on him.
  10. Edit: 1 pt PPR If Ware plays this week, is he a must start? Have D Williams, Peyton Barber or Jalen Richard as replacement RB2s.
  11. Yeah, Fournette and all of Jax scares me offensively.
  12. 1 Point PPR QB (leaning Brees at home but trending down...) Starter: Brees Bench: Watson Waiver: Prescott, Jackson, Allen RB (do I chance the Ware/Williams share? ) Starter: A. Kamara , S. Ware Bench: D. Williams, P. Barber, J. Richard Waiver: N. Hines, K. Ballage , D. Sproles , M. Davis WR (All set) Starters: D. Hopkins, A. Thielen, Bench: C. Davis TE (All set) Starter: Z. Ertz Bench: D. Njoku FLEX (has to be Edelman, right?) Starter: J. Edelman Bench: D. Williams, P. Barber, J. Richard, C. Davis, Njoku Waiver: N. Hines, K. Ballage , D. Sproles , M. Davis, D Hamilton TD (Broncos, but they scare me a bit with a lame duck coach and nothing to play for) Starter: Broncos Bench: Ravens Waiver: Colts, Browns , Cowboys, Packers
  13. On the road at a somewhat resurgent Philly. Deciding between him and Brees myself.
  14. I'll third it, Vikings all the way. Cold weather, Hundley, no Adams...