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  1. In a sense, both. The nurses and Chik Fil A get the publicity.
  2. Chik Fil A is a black tie affair around here. We gotta dress up ya know. ETA: and brush our teeth before going.
  3. Understatement of a lifetime. I talked to the Chik Fil A down the road from the hospital and they are donating 100 coupons for free food to the NICU nurses on behalf of my son, my wife and me. (also giving them a plug/advertisement on my local Facebook page where many have been following my son's progress)
  4. Nathan comes home tomorrow after a 30 day stay. Thanks for the stories and well wishes! They helped more than you probably know.
  5. Pardon my French, but HOLY ####! And thank you!
  6. I don't really post much here anymore, but am curious if anyone else has had a NICU baby? My 2nd son was born this past week at 30 weeks. He was 3 lbs 9 oz and has had his ups and downs since Thursday morning. My wife and I have been pretty stressed out and worried about him, but obviously he's in good hands. My few FB posts on my personal account and non-personal FB page has turned up a lot of positive stories, just curious about the FBG level. My wife on the other hand has been a bad ###, being released after only 36 hours following a C-section. Has held herself together so far and hasn't shed a single tear. Who says women aren't tough as nails?
  7. Thank you Aaron for the IP. I haven't been able to track this guy for a while. Never did like him.
  8. Conversations with Desert Power via Emoticons. No real thread in particular.
  10. I know it's just Chattanooga, but they are playing damn good. Alabama players starting to settle in. Almost..........almost had me worried.
  11. Next in after Bama would be Clemson, most likely to win-out of the 1-loss teams. Too much undetermined after that.
  12. Guess we can all just leave now, then.
  13. "Harris, designed run" Hurts on a QB keeper...