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  1. Well. 1st drive = Brown's day. No big deal to me,.
  2. Nah. Desperation mainly. Upside is better on the Rams offense. Hoping for a goal line TD or two. Bengals play Baltimore today.
  3. People are telling him in his ear. He can't see the replay. Going with his assistants' opinions. Worth a shot at this point...
  4. Edelman not on field to start 2nd half.
  5. Edelman not on field to start 2nd half.
  6. Phil Perry✔@PhilAPerry Edelman to the locker room. Landed on his left arm/shoulder on the screen he caught last drive. In terms of offensive skill positions, the Patriots are thin everywhere right now.
  7. I know. I just would have kept the player in the more explosive offense.
  8. Dropped in my $ league today for Jordan Wilkins...for some reason?