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  1. Deep thoughts, deep.
  2. Vandy keeps their SEC East hopes alive. #Stillinit
  3. Most of the USA fans are calling LSU "scared". I'd look at it more like...well.. don't have to get beat to hell by LSU/can stay healthy for a good matchup with Troy.
  4. For which team?
  5. USA! Down goes SDSU!
  6. Jags back up on top by 4.
  7. South Alabama up on a ranked team for the first time in school history. SDSU down by 5. 17 seconds later, up by 1.
  8. Alabama by 10 or less in this one. KY looking slick.
  9. Not sure why coaches don't just boot that out of bounds and give them the 35? What's another 10 yards with only 10 secs left on the clock?