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  1. Philo is good. I like it. All "live" shows start from the beginning like you had it on DVR. You can also choose to jump to "live" as well.
  2. Considering your intention, you would want something with a decent camera. You can get a Parrot Anafi with 21 MP sensor for $600 new or used for less than $500.
  3. No. Cannot fly in that area. Gateway National Recreation Area is considered a National Park. Cannot fly a drone in any National Park.
  4. Download Airmap app. I see several areas around me that should have limits, but don't on the link you shared.
  5. Reminder, he's coming from a 27"!
  6. If you are dead-set on the 40" size, the TCL 40" 1080p Roku or the Sharp 40" 1080p Roku for $179 are both good choices.
  7. Most 40" TVs are right at 3 feet wide, give or take an inch (depending how wide the bezel is). If you have nothing next to your stand, you could go larger depending on the TV and how close the stands are to the edge of the screen. The 43" Insignia listed above is 3 ft 2 in and has stands that are right at the edge, so the stands would hang off the sides of your stand a tiny bit. The 43" Samsung is also 3 ft 2 in, but the stands are in about 2 inches from the edge, so that would work on your stand if you have nothing next to it. Any 40" TV should fit on your stand without a problem.
  8. I mean, there's some, but it's still not a lot in comparison to FHD. For someone coming from a 27" CRT, I just didn't want to get his hopes up that every show he watched would be in 4K if he bought a 4K TV.
  9. Screen resolution. It's how many pixels are on the screen for a more detailed picture. 4K is 4096 pixels x2160 pixels (8847360) - another resolution size of 4K has slightly less pixels 1080p is 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels (2073600) There are not a lot of 4K video or TV shows out there.
  10. TCL is an ok brand to most. It's far from the best and far from the worst. It's a bang-for-your-buck brand. There are better options In the size you're looking for. Best Buy 43" screens Top 4 options are what I would look at and are in your price range. Samsung 43" 4K Smart for $249 Toshiba 43" 4K Smart Fire TV for $239 Toshiba 43" 1080p Smart Fire TV (If you don't care about 4K and want to save $20) for $219 Insigina 43" 1080p (if you have or want to get your own streaming device) $199 The TCL 43" 4K Smart Roku would be the 5th choice but is more expensive than the above options at $259.
  11. How did Auburn hold this team to 23? How did a gimpy Tua and Alabama put up the most points on this team?