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  1. Well she did a good job of distracting Jimmy..
  2. You have 4 different types of ammo at 200 rounds each. How much do you shoot of each to practice with?
  3. Devonta Smith, the cornerback, joins Alabama:
  4. Devonta Smith (CB) to join the 2021 team and replace Devonta Smith (WR)!
  5. Ok @[icon], you talked me into getting 6 more mags. Waiting on my 3x Prism scope and I'll be ready to fire.
  6. I was definitely thinking of getting another 3 or 4 with my next ammo order (probably another 200). Internet prices are so much better than local shops. Local outdoor range is $12 for 2 hours. In the southern heat, I think 2 hours is about all I can stand. I almost went with .300 BLK but had the same thoughts about ammo prices/availability. Eyeing 6.5 Creedmor for my next one, probably later this year, to double for hunting.
  7. Just picked up my first AR 15 (Diamondback DB15) after searching for hours. Ordered a bunch of cheap accessories for it to start and learn with. What is the minimum mag count an AR owner should have? It came with 1 and I bought 3 more. Ammo seems to be in better shape now, so I bought about 300 to start.
  8. Best show in existence. Jimmy is a piece of work. I bet he dies in Season 3. He's just the one that is a feel-good story. Would make for good TV if he was killed off.
  9. I still have everything. Just not the domain name. Firing up shortly.
  10. Not to mention, you need a visual observer every time you use them.
  11. Can't believe they still want $688 for that piece of junk.
  12. Evo 2 is very enticing. Put the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom in one package with more battery life for less than the price of both together.
  13. All these CB's over X. No idea. Maybe they're right. They hope they aren't wrong. Maybe KC takes him.
  14. You seriously don't think they are still producing all of this? Recording and using footage at random. Nothing is truly live here.