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  1. Apparently Kwiatkoski could return this season....
  2. Back to Miami?
  3. He's a FA again....Bills released him.
  4. Lucky you....someone offered me a 4th for him in another league the other day and thought I was mad when I said it was doubtful I'd give him up for a 2nd!
  5. https://www.pro-football-reference.com
  6. Yup that was exactly it!
  7. Quite possibly true. I am only basing this on what i have read, have not witnessed it with my own eyes so can't really comment until i do. ^^^This sounds like the best course of action to me.....neither one is startable right now until things become clearer but both are definitely worth stashing where possible imo. I believe in Cunningham long term and invested in him everywhere i could, but i also started adding Cole everywhere i could but it won't be a great loss if this is all just fluff and amounts to nothing. Can't find it now but i do remember reading in pre season that they were high on Cole, just never got chance to see it for myself.
  8. Jeff Risdon @JeffRisdon Replying to @JayArrNFL Dylan Cole will take his spot, not Cunningham Jeff Risdon @JeffRisdon·1h Cunningham plays outside, Texans won't move him Jeff Risdon @JeffRisdon·55m His propensity to try and run around every block was bad news on the inside
  9. https://twitter.com/JeffRisdon/status/908082147675787266
  10. I am certainly more interested in rostering Kwiatkowski than Trevathan wherever i don't already have shares in Kwiatkowski.
  11. Well it seems it did work out....
  12. Love Roberts the player but will he ever be a 3 down LB?
  13. 12 tm idp ppr Team A gave Hooper, Zay Jones, 2018 2nd Team B gave M.Bennett, Tyrell Williams, 2018 3rd
  14. And not currently on the MFL player database. Edit: Not sure if it made a difference but I messaged MFL support after I posted this and about 20 mins later he was on the database.