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  1. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/11273/deforest-buckner Sounds like 49ers may be switching to a 4-3
  2. 12 tm ppr Not involved.... Team A: Rawls, 2.01 Team B: Tyreek Hill
  3. 12 tm ppr Gave: Dorsett, Darron Lee Got: M.Bryant
  4. 12 tm ppr Gave: Hurns, Thielen, 1.09 Got: A.Robinson
  5. 12 tm ppr Gave: L.Bell Got: Perriman, Vince Williams, 2017 1st (certain top 3 likely #1), 2017 4th
  6. Pretty sure the Dolphins O is last in tackle opportunities allowed.
  7. Concur completely. This thread has been totally invaluable, keep up the good work......I visit this thread several times per day
  8. PPR 12 team Gave: Miller, C.Coleman, Jeffery Got: OBJ, Dorsett, 2017 3rd
  9. Snap....except it cost me a win (well this and leaving Cory James on my bench instead of Malcolm Smith ).
  10. Wish i could have got Dak for Garoppolo
  11. Personally i would decline
  12. Non ppr dynasty idp qrrwwtf Team A Gave: Gore, T.West, Jake Ryan Team B Got: Ware (Team B doesn't own Charles fwiw).
  13. Nobody.....just cutting his roster down to 50
  14. I was pretty surprised the other day when the Charles owner in one of my leagues cut Ware