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  1. I believe anyone can message MFL support and ask for a player to be added....pretty sure I've done it myself and I don't commish.
  2. The following player position changes will be made on Thursday, August 8th, to bring our player database up-to-date with the depth charts: DET: Da'Shawn Hand from DT to DE DET: Mike Daniels from DE to DT GB : Kingsley Keke from DT to DE HOU: Jadeveon Clowney from LB to DE JAX: Datone Jones from DE to DT JAX: Josh Robinson from S to CB KC : Tremon Smith from CB to RB NE : Danny Etling from QB to WR OAK: Ethan Westbrooks from DE to DT SEA: Nazair Jones from DT to DE SEA: Quinton Jefferson from DE to DT WAS: JoJo Wicker from DE to DT
  3. Was pretty shocked myself....and it was our league commish 😩
  4. Received this gem yesterday morning.... I give: Juju and 2 2020 1sts I get: Guice and Sterling Shepard
  5. Totally agree, but thought I'd post anyway 😞
  6. The following player position changes will be made on Thursday, July 25th, to bring our player database up-to-date with the depth charts: ARI: Cameron Malveaux from DE to LB ARI: Terrell McClain from DT to DE CHI: Duke Shelley from S to CB CHI: Bilal Nichols from DT to DE CHI: Taquan Mizzell from RB to WR DAL: Treston Decoud from S to CB DAL: Kerry Hyder from DE to DT DEN: Brendan Langley from CB to WR GB : Natrell Jamerson from S to CB MIA: Nate Orchard from DE to LB SF : Dontae Johnson from CB to S TB : Jeremiah Ledbetter from DT to DE
  7. This news could very well speed up Holcomb's chances of seeing the field...
  8. LB wise he only really has Barron, Harvey-Clemons, Pratt, Trevathan, Walker and Whitehead of any even marginal interest.
  9. @Gally @Arodin any suggestions on which of these DEs you prefer?
  10. Pretty sure that was the main reason i passed on the deal. He has Vernon, Ford, Hubbard, Collier and Ogbah as his other DEs.....maybe if i could get Vernon, Ford or Hubbard instead of Griffen....
  11. I have to admit that these offers were a while back and having checked back on them that does seem a pretty fair offer in my eyes.....problem is roster space but i think i'll revisit that offer if possible.
  12. Trey Quinn, Everson Griffen, Barron, A.Walker, 2020 2nd for Kuechly Dee Ford for Kuechly Adam Humphries, Heyward for Kuechly
  13. This is what I thought. I have Littleton, LVE, Davis and Warner as my top 4 LBs so doubtful the 2 I gave ever see my starting lineup and I'd rather take my mid round chances on IDPs in the draft.
  14. 12tm IDP PPR Gave: Jatavis Brown, Josey Jewell Got: Dee Ford, 2019 3.01
  15. Based on offers up to now no one is offering a WR with much value.....looks like i'll be holding for a little while longer