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  1. 12tm idp ppr Gave: Cobb, Sanders Got: Diggs
  2. And boom... The following player position changes will be made on Thursday, July 20th, to bring our player database up-to-date with the Rotoworld.com depth charts: CLE: Cam Johnson from LB to DE DEN: Zach Kerr from DE to DT LAC: Jeremiah Attaochu from LB to DE LAC: Chris McCain from LB to DE LAC: Damion Square from DE to DT LAR: Ethan Westbrooks from LB to DE MIN: Datone Jones from DE to DT MIN: Jack Tocho from CB to S NE : Lawrence Guy from DE to DT OAK: Dexter McDonald from S to CB SF : Aaron Lynch from LB to DE
  3. 12 tm idp ppr Not involved.... Team A gave: Bell Team B gave: Michael Thomas, 2018 1st (current champ), 2018 4th
  4. Would be interested in this.
  5. Very much doubt you'll get Martin or Rawls for Lewis.
  6. 12 tm idp ppr Team A gave: C.Hogan, Wheaton, 2018 2nd/3rd/4th (should be late) Team B gave: Cobb
  7. Same...McCoy easily
  8. I offered Perkins + 2018 3rd for M.Lynch + 2018 2nd..... His counter..... M.Lynch + 2018 2nd for OBJ No more offers his way me thinks
  9. Same for me. I'm taking McCaffrey everywhere I can.
  10. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/754642-footballguys-for-2017-new-stuff-ask-questions-here/?do=findComment&comment=20102968
  11. 16tm idp ppr all TDs 6pts Gave: Dalton, pick #7, 2018 1st (probably mid) Got: Hopkins, pick #85