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  1. 12tm idp ppr 1.11, Ty.Hill, Edelman For 1.06, Jeremy Hill
  2. Depends on roster + needs
  3. I would definitely be looking to add Sorenson if he's available.
  4. Still awaiting invite email....
  5. Looking over his roster i don't see anything that he would probably consider that would help me and his earliest pick this season is round 5.
  6. Thanks for the thoughts they echo pretty much how I feel about the offer. My team needs loads of work, way beyond the next 2 seasons probably, and I'm pretty set on building around Winston at least. I shouldn't have to worry about QB for a long while. Think I'll just wait and see if he's prepared to up the offer....i'm not going to go chasing this one.
  7. This was the main motivation behind the offer....knew it would take a lot to get Evans and despite giving up Zeke I was quite pleased with the deal.
  8. 16 tm idp ppr pass TD 5pts Team is a total rebuild and I have Winston (and only Winston atm), who I plan on keeping to build around. It's a start 1qb league and I've been offered Cam straight up. My initial reaction was to decline as I personally prefer Winston but now I'm thinking about it....plus he's a Bucs fan and I'm thinking about testing out just how badly he wants Winston. Thoughts?
  9. 12 tm idp ppr Gave: Zeke, Meredith, Pryor Got: Evans, D.Murray It is a start 2 rb league and Murray is my RB1 now but WRs are Evans, OBJ and A.Rob
  10. Alex Okafor NOS changed from LB to DE. Not someone I know too much about but he's on the roster of an orphan I've taken over any thoughts on him?
  11. 12 tm idp ppr Gave: T.West, J.White, 3.06, 3.12 Got: P.Perkins, 6.01
  12. Pretty much sums it up for me.....I only play in IDP leagues and have no interest in team D.