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  1. Sounds pretty cool
  2. And now waived
  3. Not to mention the other owner who currently holds the 1.01 but has "failed" to enter a valid lineup for 4-5 weeks
  4. 12 tm idp ppr Gave: Gronk, Aaron Jones Got: 2018 1st (should be top 3), 2018 3rd (early/mid) Still have Kelce, Brate and Bennett but with OBJ going down despite still probably making the playoffs, doubtful i'll be in the title race. He is a contender but owned a current 1-7 teams 1st.
  5. Just wish i'd found out he was inactive in time to sub him out....unfortunately i did not
  6. 12tm idp ppr Gave: Brady Got: 2018 1st (likely 10-12 range). I'm weak at RB and with OBJ going down for the year very doubtful I'll contend for a title this year despite being 4-3 and a 2 game division lead. Current QBs are Dak, Hundley and Kelly on taxi and wanted to cash in Brady while there was still opportunity.....With Palmer out injured and Eli on a bye figured he'd be desperate enough.
  7. DET @ NO snap counts... Klein 100% Robertson 77% Te'o 30%
  8. He's staying on my bench today fwiw
  9. Yep, read the lot.....excellent work!
  10. If you had the chance....
  11. Been following Tom for a few weeks now and he does some really good stuff especially the breakdowns of snaps by positional groups
  12. Hightower back, Panthers middle of the pack in tackle opportunities allowed and only 3 teams have given up fewer points to LBs this season.
  13. A player i was already keeping an eye on from pre season is Patrick Onwuasor LB, Bal. Early on it was pretty much presumes that Correa would step in to the Zach Orr role, but so far he's underwhelmed. Baltimore snap counts for LBs thru 3 weeks... Wk1: Mosley 61, Correa 27, Onwuasor 20 Wk2: Mosley 71, Correa 30, Onwuasor 19 Wk3: Mosley 73, Correa 23, Onwuasor 40 Admittedly, the increase in snaps on Sunday for Onwuasor could in part be down to the Ravens being blown out and them just seeing what they have, but from what i saw PO was more impressive than KC. Could be worth a speculative add in deep bench leagues for free.