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  1. Only dabbled last night and today but frequently seeing it hang up at random times. Most the time I get to about 88% but with Kyler locked in this week, building 25 lineups it only gets 4 done and hung up twice. I excluded a player the 2nd time and got 2 new line ups out of 4 but still locked up. Up to date Chrome, Windows 10.
  2. Sorry? You didn't have to click on it if I was a waste of your time 😞
  3. I didn't think it was that bad but my league mates reacted like holy #### why would he trade Barkley... I was nervous making the offer a bit but I am confident I can get by,
  4. I'm not much of a wheeler and dealer. If I "win" a trade I sometimes have winners guilt lol. I feel bad for the other person because in the end we're all trying to have fun! Well today I pulled off a big (maybe?) one. I offered my brother-in-law D Freeman & DJ Moore for Barkley and he took it. Right away I was shocked not to receive a counter. I offered him Freeman or Michel plus another player and suggested maybe DJ Moore. He asked me to send over an offer and he'd look it over and see. I assumed he'd counter, maybe for Lockett instead of DJ. But he didn't and took it. Kids like a brother to me but no matter what I do I can never send over my top offer (Lockett) in case this happens and they take my low end offer. He is 1-2 and down to just Gallman (added on waiver) and Alexander Mattison in week 4 in a must win game. Now he at least has Gallman and Freeman (FA are McCoy/Williams, Drake, Gore, usual trash). This makes it easier to swallow but I still feel guilty. It is an all friends league and we draft live together. Should I feel bad? I know a few guys in the league wouldn't at the very least. Maybe this is the last time I try to take advantage of an owner in an fragile emotional state lol. Thanks guys. Cheers and good luck in week 4. Edit: It is PPR Re-draft. We can keep late round picks but mostly a re-draft.