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  1. I don't like 2 game slates, but it's only $1 and it has my team on it, so today I will take a stab on the early slate. I will try Paxton even though Boston just destroyed him, and try to find some odd bats that might be different on a 2 game slate.
  2. I completely forgot to look at weather last night, and of course my 3 25cent entries were Milwaukee stacks. Main SE gpp scored a whole 60pts on FD. There I tried the NY pitcher and Didi and a Boston stack. I DID check the weather today, and of course the two games that I was interested in the most for hitters are the ones that are the worst looking for rain - Cubs/Cinc, Oak/W.Sox. I put some reserve LUs in b/c there was no Coors game for once, but then saw that.
  3. 15+. This profile says going on 15years next month, but I know I had other names before this. Like others said, I do remember 9/11 threads.
  4. I guess i have lived a boring life in that department then.
  5. This is what I don't agree with. IF what she reported was true, I think is abuse -sexual and emotional, and I have 0 issues with people like that being outed so others know and charges can be brought if applicable. I get your general point and agree for the most part. Part of the push back against these cases is that feeling of "#### that, I wouldn't want to lose my livelihood over one dumb comment or one bad day." I think we toeing that dangerous line as well. Like I said before, I think there is an over correction phase going on, and I think and hope it will stabilize in the middle more as we get some nuance to the topic and talk about it more.
  6. I am not taking everything as gospel on her end. I am just in the NV camp that it's much more rare to have abuse cases that are made up just to get back at somebody. I am also pretty confident that I could date 100 women and none of them could paint me in that way or that I would piss them off enough or the relationship to get to point where they would want to make it up.
  7. Loosely as far as this specific case, or are you talking broadly about what some people have been fired over as far as what they have said or done? I don't think many of us have had a relationship with somebody who has acted like he has been accused of acting. ETA: I was also talking about predator in a general sense, not specifically sexual predator so that was causing some problems I think.
  8. I don't think that these are mutually exclusive things. A person can be a predator and another person could consent to begin a relationship with them. Part of being a good predator is hiding the fact that you are one. Just feels like there are a fair number of blanket statements like there couldn't be abuse or a person can't be a predator if somebody willingly has a relationship with them.
  9. Well, ####. I might have lit my $ on fire since I did it quick and didn't check weather. About the only SPs I thought I would want to target bats against heavily were Mahle, and maybe Sanchez. I have a SE gpp with Wacha and Atl bats with a mix of others, and a $1 5player with Kluber and a mix of bats with no more than 2 from a team. For tonight I have a $1SE entry and a couple 25cent entries reserved. Might try a 3-5player on that slate too, but when I looked this morning it was the same dfsarmy guy in all those contests, so I thought I would try later when some of those filled up and maybe get some different people in them.
  10. I think a lot of what is going on is important to the discussion as we hack our way through this and try to get some nuance into the conversation. For so long all of this stuff has gone unchecked, but I agree that in a way the pendulum has swung too far the other way. Now we are getting people fired and dragged into public for one tweet, one comment, a hand on the back, whatever and that is too far on the other way. What we need is to keep having these discussions and get this a bit more in the middle as we are able tell the difference and act accordingly to what Franken did vs. what Cosby did or what people are thinking is a flawed relationship vs an emotionally abusive one. During this process there have been people that have lost their jobs and reputations over less than what this guy was doing. Not sure why people are having such an issue with this one (besides that the thread with Cosby and Wenstein isn't the best format to talk about this particular case).
  11. I guess we disagree on what "some" mental abuse is and what falls into the sexual abuse spectrum.
  12. Really on a cold streak here. Nothing in the main hit, and the thing that saved the night was a 5player win on one of the night slates. Had a bit of Atl and 2-3 LUs with Camargo, but the expensive guys pooped out and brought those LUs down.
  13. You are focusing solely on the sexual and less on the emotional side of the abuse, and scooter described above exactly how your idea of "not tonight" and her's might have been different and gets into the sexual abuse side. Are you also saying that abuse can't happen in a consensual relationship?
  14. Again, a big part of the cycle of abuse is that these things are taken away. Just curious why you are so quick to put this #######'s behavior under the umbrella of "flaws in his personality" like this is a fairly natural and normal thing.