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  1. I am getting all this from HERE. Tons of info to sift through there. Under player stats, I love to look at the Red Zone % for rushes, targets, etc.. to see who is getting work in the RZ.
  2. Look at that - league average hurry % is about 10-11% and the Rams are number 1 at 20.3%. Then add in Ramsey to the equation. Rams have above average sack % too.
  3. Looking at RBs, and one name did pop up again in the cheap range: T.Coleman. That game was an absolute #### show with the weather and puddles, but he still saw 20 carries and a couple of targets. The last 3 weeks his carries are 16, 18, 20, and he has 6 RZ carries each of the last 2 weeks and is on the most run happy team in the league that is favored at home, with the best OL/DL matchup of the week for the main slate. Price dropped to 5.0K. Similar to Jacobs last week with a good OL/DL matchup, it's hard to find 20 touch volume at this price range. Other sub 6K guys seeing this 20 touch volume that I saw were Jacobs, Michel, and L.Murry if Kamara is out again. NO is in a good OL/DL matchup again this week. 2 popular names that showed up on the bottom of the list for OL/DL rush matchups were Carson, Bell, McCaffrey, Chubb, and Fournette. I was really surprised to see that Carson matchup on there.
  4. One thing that a pod brought up that I really need to look at more is pressure/sack rate for QBs. Obviously I look at it when looking for cheap DTs, but I never seem to bother to reverse that list and look up the crap teams. They were saying that was a huge reason why Goff wasn't as much of a risk - he is seeing more pressure this year due to his OL, but Atl generates 0 pressure. SO - looking there for QBs and here is who is going against the teams with the lowest sack %: Wilson, Minshew, D.Jones, Goff, Ryan (is he starting?), Watson, and Tannehill. List vs. teams with lowest % of QB hurries: Watson, Minshew, Flacco, Carr, Wentz, Goff. I highlighted the 3 appearing on both lists, and I am guessing that a bit of this is baked into the higher Vegas totals on some of the games where there are 2 Qbs from the same game appearing on these lists: Seattle/Atl, Oak/Houst
  5. I hear you. I guess it's just not a name I like to click and he didn't show up on anything I was looking at - probably because of his really low air yard market share %. I will dig deeper, but I know there were names that showed up on the WOPR list within his price range like Samuel, M.Williams, Moore, Anderson, Westbrook, Crowder, and C.Davis has just as good of a matchup as well.
  6. Am I missing something with Beasley?
  7. Nice. Forgot about the KJ injury. Will have to look into how much of a load he is expected to get.
  8. That's what my impulse usually is, but seem like there are mid-tier rbs that get a ton of use who are underpriced all season, and the cheap wrs haven't been working as well. I thought Carson vs Atl was a lock. I like Everett on the cheap after looking at the lists, the couple wrs I mentioned. Looks like on first glance, Westbrook, NYJ wrs, and Car Wrs are the cheap options I will look into more for cash.
  9. Do the same for TEs and it's: Kittle Ertz Engram Henry Everett Hooper Just looking at the past couple weeks to see if there is a difference in usage, and it's basically the same list, but Everett actually jumps up to the #1 spot for the main slate. In the last two weeks he's gotten 24% of the target share and 35% of the air yards.
  10. Usually the first thing I do is look at Wrs and go to I like the WOPR rating because it takes into account the player target share and market share of airyards (more weight on the target share). So for the main slate, here are the top names for the past 4 weeks: M.Thomas A.Robinson Sutton Shepard Godwin Edelman OBJ Hopkins D.Thomas Jeffrey R.Anderson J.Brown C.Samuel M.Williams Boyd Chark DJ Moore Kupp Those were the natural tiers for 70+ for the top two, 60-69 for the middle, and 55-59 for the bottom. Nice mix of cheap and top end guys to start with for cash. ETA: looking at the last two week trends, and it's similar names, but Edelman is at the top ahead of A.Rob. Also G.Tate and Evans both jump up to the top 5 over that time.
  11. So what do we have this week?
  12. I get that, but I was responding to someone not the OP saying that it's not "just a tree" I guess because its 50 years old?
  13. That has nothing to do with it just being a tree.
  14. I mean, if I planted it with my family or some ####, sure. Otherwise - it's a tree.