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  1. It doesn't matter if the President of the United States cheats on his taxes?
  2. Just goes to show my disconnect with what most consider funny. I think 3 of the top 4 are painfully unfunny. ETA: Just saw # 5. Might as well make that 4 of the top 5.
  3. Starting my process first with looking at spreads and implied totals. I am not sure I remember a week like this. 13 games, 26 teams. 8 games over 50pts for an over/under (one is Balt/Wash with Baltimore a huge favorite), and 18 of the 26 teams have implied totals over 24pts. Might be an interesting gpp week since all the studs seem to be on the main slate and it might flatten out ownership a little bit. Like last week, to start I am going to look at the teams that are in the top 1/2 of the implied totals. That would be 14 teams that are at 25.25 and up. They are: 30+ implied points: Seattle, Balt, KC, Dallas, Rams 28-29 pts: NO, Houston, AZ 25-28pts: Buff, TB, Clev, Cinci, Det, Minn
  4. Time to really forget this week and start on W4 research. Looks like a fun one- 8 games with a 50+ over/under??!!
  5. Of course you would take this out of the situation.
  6. I don't have a hard #, but I need to start watching that more and sticking to a set amount. I think I typically hover around the 75-25 split range. It usually takes me about 5 weeks to get impatient with cash games and go more into gpps though.
  7. I know some of you in here try to watch a bunch of horror movies in October and don't do the movie club thing. How about we each suggest a horror movie double feature that is available on a streaming service for others to watch? I will post one in here, and I am also going to dig through tonight to think of one for the movie club as well.
  8. Single game slates saved me big last night. DK showdown allowed me to go +$5 on the day over there after getting wiped out on the main slate. Still down about $30 on FD. This is the LU I was rocking in cash: Murray Sanders/Taylor/Zeke Edelman/DJMoore/Metcalf L.Thomas TB I will have to look more, but 0 clue what happened to the 2 WRs that some of the highest target rates, etc.. on my lists in Moore and Edelman. Were they bad plays? Maybe Moore since that put 2 in my lineup from teams with lower totals. I wanted to get away from Drake a bit and go with one of the higher $ RBs, and obviously I picked the wrong one since Cook and Henry both put up about 10 more points. Also chose incorrectly on the Seattle WRs, but Metcalf wasn't terrible. Just trying to figure out if my reasoning is wrong with my cash LU, or if it was simply just picking the wrong players in similar pivot points with similar target and usage stats.
  9. Love that the first words out of his mouth was about the dishonest press in this country.
  10. Or maybe somebody else put one of the signs up as a joke?
  11. Atrocious week here that I will try to erase from memory and move on. Got pretty much skunked on DK, and not much better on FD. Way too underweight on Russ and the chalk rbs stunk.
  12. A ton of rb pts today. Except from Sanders, of course! Lol
  13. Good luck, all!! ETA: Except in the contest we are all in from this thread.