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  1. Been digging into some 2010 research for those other threads, so last night I watched the interesting double feature of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Black Swan. I think I am still processing my thoughts on both. SP is one that I really didn't like the first time I saw it, but it seems to be growing on me a little bit more each time I watch it. I still don't think I have fully embraced it yet. BS I remember watching twice the same weekend when it came out (maybe even back to back?) and I still love it, but had a slightly different take on some parts this time around. Tonight I probably should get started on ones I haven't seen before.
  2. I didn't see the baseball thread from last year, but thought we should have a new one anyway. Got excited because I saw that FD has their stuff up for opening day. Let's do this!
  3. One of the few Will Ferrell movies I haven't seen.
  4. That would be a great one to see on the big screen. Vertigo fascinates me, but I am not sure if it's one of my favorite Hitchcock. It's hard to rank his movies though. They are like documentaries for me in that there hasn't been one that I can think of that I have not liked and most are very good - great.
  5. Looks like a who's who of great movies on TCM this week: Annie Hall, Casablanca, American in Paris, Sunset Blvd, Citizen Kane, Third Man, Diabolique, On the Waterfront
  6. LOTR movies bored me to tears, so they are easily last. I had to think harder than I thought I would about the other 2, but still ended up with Star Wars. In the end I would probably watch the lows of that series over vs the lows of the Marvel universe. That said, it pains me to admit that I am more excited to see Marvel movies over the Star Wars movie this year. Last Jedi and the trailer for Solo have soured me on that universe.
  7. How hard was she laughing at you for doing this?
  8. Could we please do the lists via PM? Surprise element aside, it really is easier for me. That way I can scroll through the inbox and it keeps it in order as I write names of people who have submitted lists and I don't have to go back through the thread at night. ETA: I can't stop you from posting your lists in here too, but could you also send it to me via PM?
  9. For a second I thought I stumbled into the great novel draft.
  10. Immune to Slash??
  11. Agree- see above post. That probably feels like the best balance since there isn't a ton of talk after the countdown. I like the talk of movies, but we probably could do away with talking specifics on points.
  12. IMO the best balance is to post movies like that or have discussions about movies we watched for the current year without talking specifically about it's score and ranking on our lists. That's a reason I prefer to get the PM for people's lists.