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  1. I haven't had the amount of interaction with him as most around here, I guess.
  2. He seems to like to pretend that guns were originally built for skeet shooting, but along the way we just happened to figure out that they would be also good for killing things.
  3. I am getting there too. He has shown time and again the lack of desire to read what somebody posted and/or make an attempt to digest it and respond accordingly. Basically he is just quoting and reposting the same stuff - weapons don't matter (after admitting they did), they can't be dangerous if they don't kill millions a day, stop targeting law abiding citizens (even though red flag laws he is for would do just that), etc, etc..
  4. For the 100th time, this is completely incorrect and you know it. You would expect to see a decrease in murder, not 0 murders.
  5. I feel similar to Glengarry as I do to Goodfellas. For 92, I gave the ever so slight edge to RD over Unforgiven. And even though JP was one of my favorite movie experiences, I still had to give my 93 vote to Schindler's List.
  6. [channeling SC] You better not turn any of that responsibility on the law abiding gun owner if that happened.
  7. This. I dont like fantasy stuff for the most part, but would rank S1-S4 as some of the best TV ever. Yes, I have soured a bit on it now, but still worth the watch. The fantasy elements are more in the background and it's far more about the characters and families.
  8. Like I said in another post, i have the opposite position. After hours of listening to his music, joking about his weirdness, etc... in a way i feel like i owe it to these people to hear their story. Sure, it is hard to listen to, but it's not any different for me than watching a doc on mass murders, concentration camps, or any other really difficult subject matter.
  9. Because the two sides too often fall back onto whatever pleases the base and they worry about their jobs more than policies. Also, more and more the politics in Washington don't reflect the wishes of the people. The same reason a R would be slow to back a gun control bill is a similar reason a D would be slow to come out in support of closing the borders.
  10. In this same post you admit that there would have been less deaths if he tried with a knife , but also state that the problem isn't guns. I am not sure how reconcile that in your head.