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  1. So many bad horror movies, it would be hard to narrow down the list to the worst for me. I would prefer Nightmare 2 to the reboot for that or Friday the 13th that came out recently.
  2. I am glad you are not at my showing. Just put down the phone and enjoy the movie.
  3. It is hard, but I came up with: Game stack with AB/Bell/Gronk/Burkhead and then got in Kizer+Coleman and Bortles+Westbrook. Probably not a great way to go with that. ETA: here is a placeholder for my fade of the NE/Pitt game (I will have a lot of that game in main slate, so I figured I would be silly and fade it somewhere): Jimmy G/Goodwin, Wilson/Baldwin,Kamara, Freeman, L.Murray, Walker
  4. Those are bad, but I would probably watch either 10x in a row before I would try to watch a Transformers movie again.
  5. Paxton was
  6. Broncos onslaught, baby!!
  7. Gotcha. I put in 2 $1 gpp placeholders, but it wasn't a big contest - 1200 entries or so? Don't know why I never look at the 3 - 20 man contests.
  8. I did look at the entry and I had the oil needed, the sign needed, and I think I drank some potion that upped my damage for a certain time. At that time I was at Level 11, and I think the suggestion next to the missions was Level 12, so I thought it would be a challenge, not 2 swipes and done. The one thing I didn't have was the moon dust bomb - I don't have the recipe for that one. One of the baddies was for the mission Swamp Thing - I think it's something with foglets? The other was Jenny O' the Woods, or something like that. I think the sing for the wraiths and such is the Trap one that I haven't used and frankly have 0 clue what it does. I stumbled on a noonwraith that was couple levels higher than I was while wandering, and I don't think I did any damage to that thing and was also killed right away. Since then, I have hit Novigrad and done some main story missions so I think I am at Level 15 and have 5 more points to add to my character. I think I have stumbled on better weapons since then, so I might go back and try those Monster Contracts again soon and see if I have any more luck. I have looked at some Merchants and didn't see the recipe for that bomb, so not sure what to do about that. I don't use the Merchants a ton, and I am probably missing out on stuff because of that.
  9. We should have a mandatory and comment session one of these nights as we all listen to the playlist.
  10. Thanks again @Northern Voice for starting this up! It help organize my thoughts for the album countdown coming up and can't wait to dig into the mix to find even more new stuff I passed over on the year.
  11. 11+ hour playlist. I better start in on this thing. I was going to take a song from this album for the dreampop section of our GP2 draft, so I might as well throw in into this this mix. Round 15 Japanese Breakfast - Machinist LINK I don't know how it happened Was it always this way, and I just couldn't see it? Heart burning hot enough for the both of us I never realized how much you were holding back
  12. Seemed pretty cool on his WTF interview too. Speaking of, I am about to start the new WTF with Aronofsky.
  13. @Mr. Ected I haven't seen the others recently enough to comment, but I am sure that the sex scenes and the abortion stuff would probably get Fast Times an R in our times too. On that note, it's also worth bringing up how inconsistent the people who do the ratings are, and how prudish they are with the sex stuff too. I guess it's fitting to the thread and reflective of our culture as well. Violence w/o too much blood and swearing OK for pg-13, but nudity will bump it to R I believe if anything over a naked butt. I think you can drop 1 or 2 F bombs and have it as a PG-13, BUT you can only say "F You!", "F", etc.. If a character says "I WANT to F you", that's gets an R even if it's the only F bomb in the movie because it's sexual. I think if there is implied homosexual relations that gets in the R rating too even if the rest of the movie is pretty tame. It's pretty interesting learning about the ratings system and how we don't know who does it and they have never come out with guidelines about why they do what they do. If you listen to interviews with directors or commentary tracks there are lots of stories about how annoying they are to deal with and you are forced to cooperate because the studio also wants to keep it at a certain rating for marketing too. One that stands out was listening to Fincher on the Fight Club commentary talk about his battles. If I remember right, one issue was about how much a dildo on Marla's dresser moved when Tyler hit the dresser, and what she says after they have sex for the first time. I think the original line was "I want to have your abortion", but for some reason that was a no-go, and they allowed her line of "I haven't been F'd like that since grade school" in the movie and Fincher thought that 2nd one was much worse. Long story short - I think IMDB is pretty good with the Parents Guide and it breaks down what is in the movie as far as violence, what swear words are used, what kind of sex and how much, etc.. I have looked at that a lot to jog my memory on some older movies before trying them with the kid. Like it was said above, there is a big difference even with the same ratings and something like Deadpool is on a different level than Die Hard or T2 would be.