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  1. Link worked for me - added to the OP
  2. @sn0mm1s Thanks for the listen and review. Tell your wife she should be thankful you two aren't singing "Takin' ######s to the Zoo". Glad you like the Arctic Monkeys song - it seems like from the reviews so far that is the hit of the mix. Almost picked a couple off their first album instead, so I guess I chose wisely for the mix.
  3. Hey, guy - I have a lot going on during the day between naps and Crayons and ####! I can't just hop on the computer at any time and... nevermind, you and PIK are added to the list. Looks like we are at 20 out of 25!.
  4. Interesting. I thought somebody told me they are like Phish and live is the way to go. Maybe I was misunderstanding them and they just meant you had to see them live. What album(s) should I start with?
  5. @PIK95 Please tell me you are going to air your grievances for every mix. That #### cracked me up.
  6. This was a band I never listened to much until we started doing these things, now they are one of my faves. I would directly tie these drafts into my love for Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, and Thin Lizzy that I have now. There are a lot of others as well, but these 3 I have listened to more than just about any band over the last several years.
  7. I put the names in a list randomizer to mix it up a bit as far as what mixes are getting action. Listened to Yo Mama's list a bit this morning while the monkey and I ate breakfast. Had to move on as the rap started up, so will listen to the rest of the mix during her nap. simey's mix is next followed by Ilov80s.
  8. My playlist got some action today. I am guessing people are mostly going in post order on the OP? Thanks for the listen. I suggested AM for the album if you liked that song to RW, and for The Hold Steady I personally am hit or miss with them, but Boys and Girls in America is easily one of my favorite albums of the last decade or so, and that's the album of theirs that song came from.
  9. Thanks for the listen and glad you liked it. Good to hear the flow worked as well, as that it what I said I had to work on. Sleater-Kinney is a band I am definitely late to the game for. I think they are a band that I started listening to because of these drafts. Not sure if it was due to somebody drafting them for a mix or from stumbling onto songs for research (probably a combo of both). Now they are one of my go-tos for listening to and for these drafts.
  10. Thanks for the listen. I could see the song feeling weirder on mix. Glad you liked some stuff. If you liked that Arctic Monkeys song, you might want to start with the album it's from - AM. I like a lot of their stuff, but most of that album has a similar feel to it.
  11. I usually just end up following the playlist. I am sure there is an easier way that I am not smart enough to know as well.
  12. Thought about that one, Where I End And You Begin, Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief, and Bullet Proof .....I Wish I Was. Also depending on where you look, all of Hail to the Thief have ( ) titles as well, and thought somebody might draft a song because of that.
  13. I don't think Feel Good Hit of the Summer was taken either, and that was on my list as well.
  14. ....and be high? Mostly just being a jerk and giving you ####. Not a band I thought I would like at all for most of my life, but I have listened to them a little bit over the last few years and come around a bit. I tried more live than studio albums, and that probably helped.