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  1. I will be on the road soon, so won't be able to pick for a couple hours.
  2. 8.14: J.Doctson, wr / Ex Hex - Don't Wanna Lose D.C. connection
  3. It's an interesting mix for sure. We are doing this wrong if ID4 doesn't get top scores.
  4. Oops, didn't see Marco was still up.
  5. Dammit. On the road heading home. Is that Doctson kid still available?
  6. Correct. I cant think of a 70s comedy I like besides Monty Python movies.
  7. Will get back from vacation today, so I have a week to watch a couple new ones. Will at least try to fit The Last Waltz in.
  8. I am sure. I am younger than most here, plus I didn't watch any besides Monty Python until the last decade or so. I was already tired of the dozens of imitators, so the originals did do much for me.
  9. 2007. That's why it was fresh in my memory.
  10. Was it just titled Invasion?
  11. Wasn't there a remake with Nicole Kidman? I think it was made in one of the years we did for a countdown.
  12. I tried Animal House yet again last week and had to tap out after about 30 mins. I fully expect it to be near the top though.
  13. Apologies to krista, but it's never to soon to discuss my hatred for Jerry Maguire...