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  1. It will be an interesting night. A few games postponed, cold/rainy weather elsewhere, and Coors (which also looks to be cold and rainy). I actually shifted a lot of my bats to the games in Texas and Az early in the day, so we will. Also, Motter is becoming my favorite player. That guy is $$ for LUs.
  2. Yeah, that's rough. Going to be interesting to put something together.
  3. Yep, about what we thought about the pitching situation. Garrett got lit up, but was about 67% owned in my cash games. Still, -16pts hurts and not sure my cash games are going to get there despite the extremely low cutoffs. Looks like my low % guy on the roster is Trout, so I would need him to have a decent game. Gpps aren't doing a lot better. I did switch out a lot of Garrett for guys like Gonzalez and Chavez just for the WTF lower ownership in tourneys, so that was good. Still, like RW and I were saying, I did OK with the Pitchers in gpps, but the bats were off. I am actually surprised how low owned some of thethe Coors guys were in gpps. Reynolds at 11%, Arenado 17%, almost all of the Wash guys were under 20% too. Basically the Chic and Milwaukee stacks looked to be winning all the money, and I played neither. 0 clue why I didn't play Milwaukee if I was off Garrett in gpps b/c I thought he would be highly owned.
  4. That's mostly the way to go I think. I did one cash LU, but only for a few bucks to hopefully pay for my gpps if they flop. Went cheaper on P for cash and was able to fit in 3 Coors bats in Blackmon, Harper, and Reynolds along with Grandal, Trout, Seager, Moust. But don't feel great about those Ps. gpp I just threw $3-4 into the 25cent tourneys and 250contests. Of course some Coors, but I did like the AZ game and the Tex/Min game, so there were stacks from those teams too. I think I have $7 total in today.
  5. Was doing some reading and got some (hopefully) good tips on Ps. One thing I wasn't really looking at was IP/g. Forgot that you get 2-3pts/IP on the sites and that and SOs are the main generator of stats. I was all over Archer tonight and it cost me big. I was looking around and saw that he has averaged something like 2.5 innings/g. Will try to stare at this more tomorrow. It's an interesting slate - Nats going to Coors and a couple other games in hitter friendly parks.
  6. Saw this a little late, but yeah, people can take mulligans at the end of drafts.
  7. Yeah it feels that way here too.
  8. I am getting better at batters, but still need a lot of work on the pitchers. Are you guys fairly successful, and if so, what tips can you offer? I have been looking at SO%, odds of winning, opponent SO%. Couple other things. I am maybe 50%, and on a 2 P site like DK, I need to get better in this department. Seems like about 20% of the time I have a guy with low single digits or even negative points.
  9. It was exciting for sure. I think the main one was a hybrid of the Optimizer + my guys. I think I told it to do an AZ stack and I used those bats + Seager. Then I tweaked the LU from there and did a different SP2 and added Hedges and Conforto and 2 other bats (that was at the last minute too). I still haven't figured out a setting I like to spit out cash lineups I agree with as it always just seems to stack up a couple games. I was thinking maybe limit it to batting order 1-5 and no more than 2 players on a team? Usually will spit out one with a high priced C and I could just tweak around a bit from there. Seems like the last few times my cash LUs have been doing better than the optimizer, but I do like using it for different gpps that I might not think of. So far a lot of it is just the one stop shopping for a lot of info, and I like the color coordination for the players seeing and increase in ISO, wOBA, etc..
  10. I had some Coors exposure today, but still was a dud. I guess I just had the wrong guys. Also, I think this is the first time I didn't put in a WTF Mariners 25cent entry and they get 11runs.
  11. Nice!
  12. I just checked and it's up again for me too. Haven't had it for the last couple days on my end. Like I said, some weird message and warning said the site hadn't been updated with something.
  13. Went from my best night ever to having one of my worst performing cash LUs. Didn't play much (my usual $3-4), but was near the bottom of each contest. Scored decent for a normal night (about 112), but not on the night that the Coors bats were chalk, I didn't have enough, and they blew up. Looking at the rosters, people were just going bottom barrel Ps to get all the Col bats in there. I am still in the mindset of paying up for P for at least one of the guys, so that's not the way I went. Oh well, maybe it's a case of just not playing cash on Coors nights until I learn more about the pitchers and how to identify a decent cheap option. Today I just put in 3 no research 25cent entries. One for each slate.
  14. I thought I saw it on Fantasy Isiders maybe?
  15. Speaking of optimizers, @Megla - have you gone there today? I keep getting an "insecure connection" warning on firefox when I try it.