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  1. For sure. I instantly wrote down about 20 bands, while the other genres I usually have just a few songs written down to start with.
  2. Gee, I wonder what the first band I wrote down for this 90s Alternative genre was.
  3. I honestly have never seen or used this. Sounds good though.
  4. I have an obvious one in mind, but this is another category that I am really interested to see where the first few selections take it.
  5. I'll be honest, @Hov34 - still not 100% what you are looking for with your genre. Is it a song that has been used in TV/Movies for a slo-mo scene, one that makes us think of that, both, something else...??
  6. I forget about that album, and this was one of the bands I was sure had something that would fit the genre, but I couldn't quite prove it to myself.
  7. To the best of my knowledge, the playlists are now updated to the last pick. Since we are rounding on the end of the 2nd, how about: Anybody who has yet to pick a 2nd rounder can do so anytime tonight. Then anytime during the weekend you can post your 3rd rounder. Per Eephus' suggestion, we will start back up with the draft order and Round 4(and 1hour timer) on Monday morning, and I will roll the dice for the genres we will use for rounds 5 and 6 on sunday night.
  8. I caught up through my pick, so we are probably only a few picks behind. I will update tonight.
  9. So we will stop at the end of round 2 tonight if we get that far, and any time Saturday or Sunday we can post our 3rd round pick.
  10. This sounds like a good idea too. Gives more time for the makeup picks from this round as well. Let's make it so.
  11. Nah, Rush fans can be really sensitive, and we don't want hurt feelings in these drafts.