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  1. You damn well that ####er got little to nothing out of that box anyway. I think it was blue. At least when they got murdered by the oncoming squad he died with that sweet level 2 stock on his gun!!
  2. I wasn't thinking it through and forgot those guys too.
  3. I can hear you. 0 clue what is up with headset
  4. I guess I am not well versed on a couple. Was it mostly just to be able to do movies in general? Wilder and Preminger mostly did American/English movies, right?
  5. Are there many cases like this where foreign director does American movies like this? Is it something in the translation of ideas? Meddling from our studio system?
  6. Still 5x more civil in here than the Mandalorian thread.
  7. Was reading an article about hit boxes and picking the smaller characters to last longer and get more kills. Something I really don't think about, but I see the point. Their ranking smallest to biggest: Wraith, Lifeline, Bangalore, Bloodhound, Mirage, Pathfinder, Caustic, Gibraltar (this was before the last 3 character updates). Their point was that Gibby is about 2.5x the size of Wraith, and that is going to matter when battling it our 1v1 in a tight spot.
  8. I seem to be doing a little better as far as damage goes since I have been trying to carry a gun that can go to single fire - ie R301, Hemlock, Flatline for hitting people a little farther away. Problem is, I often forget to click that off, and in close range I get caught not being able to down a foe fast enough. I really need to focus on that and make sure I have a Prowler/R99/Shotgun to switch to if I can't learn to turn single fire off.
  9. One game after work. 1 kill, 800 damage. Still keep getting caught in a lot of 1v2 and 1v3 situations.
  10. Maybe not genre per se, but the idea of known properties taking center stage and pushing out other things. I think that is what people are pushing back against here. Plus there is a ton of movies not on streaming at all, no matter the platform.