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  1. I scrolled through. I see Thinner and The Mist from this year. They also did the new Pet Semetary, but for their retrospectives they usually go in order so that seemed odd.
  2. I might have to hop back on. I listened to most of them as they were going through the horror series at the start, but I seemed to hit a wall with them as far as the stuff they were reviewing. I bring it up a lot, but The Faculty of Horror might be my favorite horror movie podcast. 2 Canadian women doing the reviews. I just find the perspective interesting and they are smart and well spoken. For non-horror, my fave is probably The Cine-Files. Ilov80s and I are always bringing this one up to try to get more to listen. Both work in the business and one I believe teaches in Cali. Wide variety of movies and they go in depth and give good background on the movies they talk about.
  3. Looks like 80s is posting, so maybe this is a double post. AD was right, the next double feature is going to be: The Conversation + The Lives of Others This one was my pick, so @ me if you wanna fight about it!
  4. Even I am not that mean. Maybe instead of the double feature we break with that format and do an entire series? How many Friday the 13ths are there??
  5. I'm taking names. You guys are part of the problem, and I don't want to see any of you complaining about the crap options in the theaters or that they are all sequels/remakes 'round these parts!
  6. @Ilov80s and everybody else... HERE is an interesting link I found that had what all the extended footage was in the movies. It's a messy layout, but looks like it has all the minute details of the differences. This is the link to just EP1, but at the top you can click on the differences for the other 3 episodes too (where it reads "X deviations with a difference of X secs") Looks like 1/2 of the extra stuff was in Episode 2.
  7. It's an internal debate with me about how much I can push it with the October selections. Gotta have some horror for Halloween, right?
  8. "...carnal knowledge - of a lady this time."
  9. Carrie is a all-time horror movie for me too. I am guessing if we made an aggregate list around these parts a common theme would develop at the top - good acting, characters that you care about so there is more dread when they are in peril, buildup of terror vs. jump scares, etc..
  10. @Waingro - do you listen to any movie or horror podcasts currently?
  11. Yep, looks about as dumb as I expected.
  12. You don't think they could retcon a story where 007 is passed on to another person? No, not the character of Laura Croft being played by a man, but what about a movie titled Tomb Raider with a male leading role? No, it doesn't work for everything, especially when you are dealing with historical figures or stories. So a white cast for Roots would be dumb as would Denzel in movie where he plays Abe Lincoln. Long story short, we just need to give more people a voice in Hollywood, it makes the movies more interesting. (I am talking in general)
  13. Truman Show would be a good one too. I love the book, but have never seen a movie version of 1984. I think there is one on Prime, is it worth a watch?