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  1. There has also been theories online that the NK is an all-knowing dude like Bran. That's why the WW army was just chilling at the lake, the NK didn't attack, they had the chains with them - because he knew the dragon was coming and he knew he needed it to get south. I think these people are smoking what Mario Kart is.
  2. Yeah, like Shuke said, if you aren't into after that many pages, I am not sure you will be into it, since usually the problem people have with the book is the last 100 or so pages.
  3. Also on the podcast they asked - "if the zombies can't swim, WTF did they get the chains around the dragon?"
  4. I was listening to a podcast, and they brought up something that maybe gives more hope for S8 for those who have not been fully on board this season: Maybe GRRM gave them more info and plot for the endgame than he did for the road leading up to it. A lot of the comments have been about the decrease in quality the last couple seasons as GRRM has not been involved. It's known that be basically gave them an outline and bullet points of things that need to happen to get there - ie Hodor dying, ice dragon, Cersei getting proof of the WW army, etc.. Their hope was that he just gave them the main points to get there, and then what happens when it happens. SO maybe S8 will go out with a bang b/c it's GRRMs more detailed vision of what happens. For example, maybe he gave them info like: "For the ending I had in mind, Dany and Jon hook up, Cersei needs to see a WW, the NK needs a dragon. I am not 100% how I am getting there, but when it happens I know that A, B, C, D, E, F, and G is going to happen." It goes along with his admitted problems with the books - he gets himself into situations and it takes him a long time to figure out how to get out of them. I think his main example was Dany in Mereen. Once he got her there, he didn't really know how to get her out and wanted something better than a teleporter to get her out of the situation, and it took a long time to figure it out. Wasn't this supposed to be a trilogy and bloated into supposedly 7 books now as all the characters he was trying to juggle got into more and more complex situations to try to get them out of.
  5. He's too busy listening to his emo albums.
  6. Really liked this post and agree 100% on the bolded. Love the take on Sansa, I am also sticking to my guns that I think something darker is lurking there - like you said, maybe she learned a little too much from Cersei and LF. Agree on the Hound too and had the same thought - he overcomes his fear long enough to save somebody (probably dying in the process). My guess? Arya. Hadn't thought of a meeting between Bran and Jaime, and that would be interesting. I think all signs point to Cersei dying and him being the one to do it. There is no little brother prophecy in the show, but there is a lot of correlation between Cersei's reign and the Mad King. Arya is a hard one. I don't see her being a soldier or guard, and if I think Jaime kills Cersei, WTF is Arya going to do?. I think she takes out LF and the Red Witch said they they will see each other again. Need to think more on this one. Here are my bittersweet ideas for the end (since it's been hinted as ending up that way): 1. Way too many mentions of Dany being barren and Jon passing Longclaw on to his son, etc this season. I think that Dany + Jon = baby. I think that somehow that baby has to be sacrificed to defeat the NK or at least end the war. Involved in this is Sam stumbling on this ritual (backed by Bran) (or whatever it would be) along with Jon's heritage. Similar what I jokingly posted about Craster and the baby sacrifices/truce he had up there. Also, maybe the Red Witch comes back into play here, and Arya takes her out for this. 2. There are no more Starks in WF, and possibly WF is no longer. Jon isn't a Stark, so that leaves 3 left. Bran and Arya aren't the ruling type, and I think Bran might be a goner too. I think a bittersweet ending would be that after the WW war, and doing battle with Cersei, Sansa gets her secret wish and is Queen, but at the cost that the family is basically no more or that WF gets destroyed in the war. The added twist of the dagger is that she still married to Tyrion and he is on the throne.
  7. I thought you meant MM and DT were on tour together.
  8. Something cool better happen with him after so many seasons of watching him dragged north. Maybe he's a sacrifice for the NK?
  9. The NK has no babies since Craster got killed. Just have Drogon fly over and drop off a bag of babies before he hits the wall. Problem solved.
  10. Correct. I think everyone was equipped with dragonglass or V-steel.
  11. Yep, he switched to dragonglass axe.
  12. We already saw them use dragonglass on the rest of the army this week, but agree it still has to be Jon vs NK.
  13. Yeah, I expect ep.5 next year to be an epic Jon vs NK battle to the death as everybody else takes on the rest of the army.