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  1. I would watch Anna Kendrick do accounting for a couple hours.
  2. I plugged in 2 middle of the road SPs and was surprised that I felt like I had to punt 2 bats. I have a placeholder, but I might have to pass again this week.
  3. I didn't write down who took it, but a shout out to whoever took that Marnie Stern song. I ended up listening to that album last night - so good.
  4. I haven't played it for a week, but has the mixup pricing been weird. Just feels like you can't get much in there with the SP pricing today.
  5. The Dodgers going off moved the cash line about 15pts very quickly, so I barely missed cashing. Up 50cents on the day, but I will take that after getting smoked the two days before. Today is quite interesting...
  6. Wanted to get them all done, but it was slower going than expected. Looks like I have 13 playlists updated to the best of my knowledge. The bands I put afterwards I didn't find the song for: Ska Power Pop (Joan Jett) Psychedelic Rock Classic Metal (Def Leppard) Indie Folk Grunge Riot Grrl (Brie Larson) Top 10s (Jay Z/Kanye) Punk/Hardcore (Big Drag, FIDLAR, Rip Offs) Prog Trip-hop (Paramore, Emancipator) Funk Old Time R&R (Ray Willis) Also, @Eephus - it looks like link for synthpop on the OP goes to a different playlist. Also a shout out to @-OZ- for ruining a perfectly great power pop playlist with 2 of my most hated songs ever. Unless we doubled up songs in the playlist, we really loved that Power Pop genre. Looks like 73 songs on that one. It's still shorter than the 35 song prog playlist though.
  7. Yeah, I have always (no surprise) loved the OKC b-sides, especially Lull and Polyethylene
  8. Gotta ask you weirdos since we are on the topic. Do you not have body hair anywhere else, or do you just shave everything? I guess I am picturing a few scenarios: 1. You aren't gorillas like me and just have a bit of fuzz, so shaving the rooster is a breeze and it blends in with the minimal hair everywhere else. 2. You just have the need to go hairless and shave everything. 3. For some reason you are gorillas, like shaved balls, and just look like the bear from The Great Outdoors when you are done. ETA: I doubt it's #3, I could kinda see #1 I guess, and don't get #2 unless you are a professional cyclist or something.
  9. 70s. That's when the porn was at it's peak.
  10. Seriously with the SPs. Had McCarthy tonight for low single digits. Looks like I will also beeak even unless some Met bats come alive
  11. Scooter hits another HR. Is he on the juice? Yep, Milwaukee is up 6-0 the day I finally get off them. #### that team. SP troubles continue - I did have one LU with Pineda. Thankfully I didn't do more. Really need Wash to kick in. I didn't realize that I had them in all 3 LUs - I just planned to do 2 but was in a hurry this morning and didn't get a chance to go back in.
  12. good luck! we do have a couple players overlapping.
  13. good luck. I have sucked lately, so I went back to just putting in 3 LUs for the day. I finally got off the Brewers, so everybody might want to jump on them!! Went with Wash and Balt a lot today.
  14. Uh, nope. 1-5 on the day. The one LU that cashed tied with a bunch of others, so I won a whole 32 cents, so it was also a loss.
  15. I think this is somehow a plan on the part of the woman folk. They have been miserable for so long with razor burn, pluking, primping, shaving, squeezing their ### into tight clothes that they have somehow managed to fool all you guys into thinking you won't get any if you don't do the same. Next thing you know there will be man purses. Oh, wait...