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  1. Introduced to more new music, yes. Like the music and playlist as consistently, no.
  2. For sure. I feel like it hits less frequently, but when it does it hits harder because it's something I wasn't familiar with at all.
  3. It still makes me laugh how many times the same Dylan, Elvis, and The Band song has come up on my shuffles as we round on 2700 songs.
  4. I do feel like this playlist is much more of crapshoot for me than it was 1 week ago. Still fun as hell, but the hit rate isn't quite as high as it was as we dig deeper.
  5. Just a comment on what page 1 is looking like with this thread, "state of police", Black Lives Matter, etc.. I get people want to talk about this stuff, but it is starting to bleed into the FFA more than I expected it to.
  6. NV issued an official decree earlier today - we are going to the 2 picks/day format starting tomorrow, I think .
  7. Is it possible that the FFA is starting to look too much like the PSF with some of these threads on the fist page?
  8. ...followed by some bull#### from The Sting soundtrack??? I swear, if there is a reggae song next...
  9. I just did a Judas Priest search and found the post. Just one album taken (by RW), and I added the songs.