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  1. 12 Team - standard scoring 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR), 1 K, 1 Def 3 Keepers (count as 1st, 2nd and 3rd pick) 1st keeper: O. Beckham 2nd keeper: D. Hopkins Torn on my 3rd keeper. (M. Evans or J. Mixon) M. Evans seems poised to bounce back this season, but Mixon seems likely to be the workhorse this season too. Also not sure about going that heavy on WR so early, as I'll be weak at RB. Thoughts on which one of these 2 I should run with? Thanks!
  2. I think I like Jones a little bit better in this instance. Although the GB O-line is in shambles, Jones should still see his fair share of opportunity. When Woodhead does make it back, he’ll definitely be competing for touches with Collins and possibly Allen.
  3. D. Parker is currently on waivers, and I'm strongly considering picking him up and dropping Sanders. While Sanders has proved he's a playmaker, the QB situation in Denver is looking a little rough at this point. Combine that with Sanders age (30), and I wonder how much longer he'll really be a viable option for. Parker is intriguing, but still a little concerned about his injury history and Cutler at QB. 12 team, half-PPR Dynasty RB: L. Bell, T. Gurley, J. White, O. Darkwa WR: D. Hopkins, D. Bryant, M. Crabtree, C. Davis, E. Sanders From a dynasty perspective my gut is telling me to pick up Parker, but would love a couple other opinions!
  4. Was just proposed this trade, and would like some thoughts from a Dynasty perspective. Here are the details: 12 team, half-PPR Dynasty RB: L. Bell, T. Gurley, J. White, O. Darkwa WR: D. Hopkins, D. Bryant, M. Crabtree, C. Davis, E. Sanders At this point I’m leaning towards accepting the trade. Although TB is a bit of a mess, Denver isn’t in much better shape and I feel I could use a little stronger depth at RB in the event Bell or Gurley went down. Thoughts?
  5. I agree that C would be the way to go to get Bell if your willing to pay the price. If you don't want to give up the amount of players you'll have to invest to get him, the Cook/Howard deal you mentioned should be a pretty even trade if you can talk them into it. Good luck!
  6. Dynasty League, Half-PPR It looks like Davis will be out through the week 8 bye at this point, but I'm considering picking him up now as a stash. Snead's first game back was pretty lackluster, and I'm concerned about the amount of competition in NO for targets. I'm setting pretty good at WR now, but Davis is an intriguing pickup from a Dynasty standpoint. My current WR's are: D. Hopkins, D. Bryant, M. Crabtree, E. Sanders, W. Snead What do you think, drop Snead for Davis? Thanks!