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  1. Picking at #21 and with all our needs I'll be happy with anything that's not a QB, OT, or OLB. G/C is probably too high in this draft. Of course like most drafts the trading back would be particularly good with our GM and all the talent available in rounds 2-4. Hoping Lynch is there at 21 and Cleveland gives us their 2nd and 3rd.
  2. Offense: 1) Sign Cousins. Hopefully to like an Alex Smith type deal 4/68 - 17/year avg 2) Find a Center. Seeing Lich getting pushed back 3-5 yds on every play sucks. A solid Center with the rest of the pieces could make it one of the best in the league. Moses does need to get better but he's still young and can. Do everything to keep Callahan. 3) Need a young bigger WR - 1st/2nd round talent. 4) I think Jones can get it done. He should improve on the mental mistakes and he seemed to correct the fumbling issue. Redd is back from injury and can compete for the back up role with either a later draft pick or plethora of decent RBs that could be picked up. I don't see Alf back - Pierre Thomas fits the offense better. Defense: 1) Need young talent about everywhere. 2) DL - Bye-bye Hatcher and his 10m cap hit. Bye-bye Potroast and 350 defensive snaps a season for 5m. 1st or 2nd round draft pick - later round pick too. At them moment there seems to be a few good FA possibilities past the top guys like Wilkerson and Jackson that could be signed for a reasonable amount. 3) LB - Galette resigning would be good. we have right of first refusal I believe. We need better ILB. Hoping Scot can find a gem in the 3rd or 4th. Maybe a FA if it makes sense. 4) DB - hopefully everyone comes back healthy. Safety help would be nice or maybe the young guys develop or Hall on a cap friendly contract gets better at FS. Coaching: I think the jury is still out on Gruden and Barry. This team was really devoid of talent at key positions. The secondary was just a mess in the playoff game so I can't totally blame Barry. They'll get a chance to show more next season.
  3. My wife was learning Italian before our trip to Italy in August and she used both Rosetta Stone and Duolingo. She said she liked Duolingo for learning to how to converse for practical purposes (dining, asking directions, how to's of every day life) than Rosetta Stone. So maybe try duolingo and then practice at restaurants and markets to gain some confidence.
  4. Approach this from a health perspective and focus on the nutrition if finding time for exercise is difficult. Check your Health Plan and see if allows for paid visits with a nutritionist as most do now. A nutritionist can really help get you on the right track and not some fad diet.
  5. NJDawgPound: regarding the shipping size of your product. What is the width of the 12" Queen before you open the vacuum seal? Is it much smaller than a normal Queen? I ask because I live in an old row home and a normal queen doesn't fit up my top staircase to the master suite. I had to bring up my current mattress over the 3rd floor deck and in through the deck door when I moved in which was a major PITA.