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  1. 3 guys ready to draft and take over orphans. Waiting on 3 more.
  2. I hope you guys took these with a grain of salt. You all know I'm not a ranker. And Shark Tank gives enough scoring for QB hits that 3-4 OLBs are definitely in play.
  3. We have a few orphans available in our EPL style dynasty league. This will be the 4th season and we've been expanding with a new tier every season. This year, we'll hit the MFL max of 96 teams. That's over 90 potential trading partners. There will be 6 copies of every player available. Every year the top (3-4) teams from each tier get promoted to the tier above while the bottom (4) teams from each tier get relegated to the tier below. If you don't have the patience to work your way up, you can win the FA Cup and earn automatic promotion to the Premier League regardless of where you started the season. Currently, there are (1) Tier 1 Orphan, (2) Tier 2 Orphans, and (2) Tier 3 Orphans available. Check out the League here: Check out the dispersal pool here: Ideally, we'll have the dispersal draft between now and the end of April so the rookie draft can start the weekend after the NFL Draft. This league has a ton of trading. Last year, the 6-round rookie draft took over a month. We've since added 96 more picks to it this year with the added tier. If you're interested, please email me at
  4. 1 orphan ready. We could start the dispersal draft by this weekend.
  5. Just a few orphans left. Join now and we can get the dispersal draft rolling.
  6. The new tier is full but we have a few orphans left. The player/draft pick pool for the dispersal draft can be seen here:
  7. Just a heads up. We've got 6-7 more openings in the new tier and 7 more orphans available.
  8. This is easily my most fun league. My other leagues often suffer because I put my primary focus into this one. We started 3 years ago. In the first season, we had 48 teams all on the same level. The second year, those teams were split into 16 team tiers. At the end of every season, the top 4 teams from each tier get promoted to the tier above while the bottom 4 teams from each tier get relegated to the tier below. There's one copy of every player per 16 teams The starting lineup is 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Superflex, 1 Flex, 1 DT, 2 DE, 3 LB, 2 CB, 2 S and 1 DFlex. The scoring is PPR with TE premium and 0.25 points per carry. The defensive scoring is set up to try and give value to each position. We'll have a few orphans to replace. We'll have a dispersal draft once we have enough owners to replace the orphans including players and 2018 rookie picks. There are orphans spread across multiple tiers. Last year, one or two of the orphaned teams actually earned promotion to the tier above. It's really easy to remake your team's roster when you've got 79 potential trade partners. We're also going to add another 16 team tier and expand from 64 to 80 teams. The new tier will have a new tier draft including vets and rookies starting the weekend after the NFL draft. To make it fair for the first four tiers, the new tier has to be on the bottom. So obviously team owners need to be in it for the long haul. If you're impatient, you can always win the FA Cup, which is a tournament held during the regular season between all the teams in the league. Winner earns automatic promotion to the Premier League at the end of the season, regardless of which tier they started in. If you don't earn promotion in the first season, you'll be guaranteed a top 4 draft pick (draft picks are determined by tier) and the four best teams in your tier will be replaced by the four worst teams in the league, making it that much easier to get promoted in Year 2. This league has a very active Slack channel. There are a ton of trades. Considering the $50 LeagueSafe buy-in, the Premier League winner won over $1,000 last season. It's a lot of fun. Check out the league here: Check out the remaining bylaws here: We've got a quick question for all new members to try and weed out one-and-done owners. Email me at if you're interested or have any questions. Thanks.
  9. ChicagoArch

    Vic Beasley

    Two quick things: 1. Adrian Claybourn is a UFA. The Falcons DE rotation is really messy, but Claybourn had the biggest chunk. 2. Somebody researched it at some point and passrushers are better when they've got a top tier bookend. You think Ngakoue would've hit 12 sacks without Campbell and Fowler? Imagine lining up for 3rd and 8 and facing Tak on one side and Beasley on the other. They will most likely help each other out.
  10. ChicagoArch

    IDP League

    @Hankmoody I know this post doesn't belong here, but hear me out. Most of us are in a set number of leagues and we're not necessarily looking for a new league, but a new league can spark our interest if there's something different about it. This could be that league. I wanted the IDP guys to get a look at it before I start recruiting in the general public. If you're interested, check it out: Going into our third year, it's set up like English Premier League. It started with 48 teams. We split them up into 16 team tiers based on the quality of the teams. Every year, the bottom 4 teams of every tier get demoted to the tier below while the top 4 teams get promoted to the tier above. We added a 16 team tier after Season 1. We'll have a few orphans this offseason and we'll add another 16 team tier. This league is very active and a lot of fun. It's got a dedicated slack channel. The 6 round rookie draft took over three weeks last year. This year, it's going to take over a month. The league is $50 a year, LeagueSafe. It's full IDP. Starting lineup is 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 SFlex, 1 Flex, 1 DT, 2 DE, 3 LB, 2 CB, 2 S and 1 DFlex. Scoring is set up to try and make every position useful. You can check out all the bylaws here: As for adding new/orphan teams, the orphan teams will have a dispersal draft. We'll have a google sheet of all the available players/2018 rookie picks once teams have confirmed they're gone. It's really easy to make a team your own when you've got 63 potential trade partners (soon to be 79). I'm pretty sure two owners who took over orphans last year actually earned promotion. For the new tier, we add an extra copy of every player for every 16 teams in the league. So the new tier will have a startup draft immediately after the NFL draft. Once the startup draft and the rookie draft are complete, we'll merge the new tier with the existing league and have an 80-team league. The new tier starts at the bottom. If you're impatient about moving up, the FA Cup is a tournament that happens during the regular season among teams from all tiers. The FA Cup Champion wins automatic promotion to the Premier League. If you start in the new tier and don't get promoted year 1, keep in mind, the best 4 teams from the new tier will be replaced by the worst 4 teams in the league. Also, draft picks are set up by tier so the lower tiers are guaranteed the best draft picks. So in a league with 5 copies of every player, the new tier would get the equivalent of 1.01 through 1.03 rookie draft picks. This is obviously for someone who will be in it for the long haul, however. The Premier League Champion winnings definitely make it worthwhile. If you have any questions, let me know. If you're interested in joining, send me an email at
  11. Guys, we're working on it over at DFF. Follow us at @dff_idp, @dff_johnidp and @seahawksdan8. Let us know what you want and we'll get to work. I'll start working on offseason dynasty tiers.
  12. Good News?/Bad News situation here guys. I've been brought on to write about IDP for DynastyFootballFactory. I'm going to be writing the snap count thread there every week and I'll be posting some other articles here and there. That means I can't keep posting the snap count thread here. I'll keep checking in though. The good news is, DFF isn't behind a paywall so you can still read it every week. I'm trying to get it out early enough that the editors can take a pass at it and still get it out in time for it to matter. They already want to split it between AFC and NFC to make it more readable. Follow me on twitter @ben_glaser. I'll post links to all of my articles. Finally, I just want to say thanks to everybody on here. It's been a pleasure. @massraider@Robar@Hankmoody@Flying Elvis@JoeSteeler and anyone else I'm missing. Thanks again.
  13. Sorry. Didn't see this in time.
  14. BUF at NYJ Preston Brown, Micah Hyde, Jordan Poyer, TreDavious White and Shareece Wright played 67 snaps. In Ramon Humber’s first game back from injury, he played 75% of snaps, 1 fewer snap than Lorenzo Alexander’s 51 snaps. This left 10 snaps for rookie Matt Milano to play. Humber immediately returned to producing. He was tied for 2nd on the team for total tackles with 5 solos, 2 assists and 2 TFLs. Brown led the team in tackles with 5 solos, 3 assists and 2 TFLs. With Marcell Dareus taking his talents down to Jacksonville Beach, Kyle Williams played 43 snaps and Adolphus Washington played 39 snaps. Washington made an impact on the game with 3 solos, 2 assists, 2 TFLs and 1 PD. Jerrell Worthy played 23 snaps while Cedric Thornton played 21 snaps at DT. Thornton added a sack. Shaq Lawson had 2 QB hits but didn’t connect for a sack. Lawson played 40 snaps compared to Jerry Hughes’ 49 snaps. I don’t like ranking players. But here we go, 1. Jamal Adams (Huge gap.) (Seriously the gap is so much bigger than you think it is. It's like a chasm.) 2. Darryl Roberts 3. Darron Lee 4. Mo Wilkerson 5. Kony Ealy 6. Leonard Williams 7. Demario Davis 8. Buster Skrine That’s my ranking of Jets defensive players based on dance skills #Jetsdancetoanything. Lee, Davis, Maye and Skrine played 75 snaps. Adams and Roberts played over 95% of snaps. The Jets were all over Tyrod Taylor, 7 total sacks on 11 QB hits. Jordan Jenkins had 2 sacks on 42 snaps. They were Jenkins’ only tackles. Jenkins is known as a run stopper but practiced with Chuck Smith, the Sack Whisperer, in the offseason. There was some hope the Jets would be so bad to force a coaching change, possibly switching the Jets to a 4-3. At this point, I would assume Coach Bowles is safe so Jenkins will most likely remain a 3-4 OLB next season. Davis, Lee, Wilkerson and Ealy all recorded 1 sack. Williams and Steve McLendon split a sack. Davis and Lee both had 8 total tackles. Morris Claiborne missed this game with a foot injury and Rashard Robinson was acquired from the 49ers at the trade deadline. It’ll be a question as to who will start at CB opposite Claiborne when all are active and up to speed. Seriously, I can’t stress enough how much better Adams is as a dancer than any other defender on the Jets. He’s got moves on top of moves on top of other moves. BAL at TEN CJ Mosley, Tony Jefferson and Eric Weddle played 52 snaps. Brandon Carr played 51 snaps. Matt Judon played 47 snaps. Mosley led the team in tackles with 6 solos, 2 assists, 0.5 sacks and 1.5 TFLs. Patrick Onwuasor was right behind him with 3 solos and 4 assists. Onwuasor played 41 snaps. Judon had his second best game of the year with 4 solos, 1 assist and a sack. This is more in line with what can be expected of his good games. On the D-line, Willie Henry played 43 snaps and Brandon Williams played 42 snaps. Jimmy Smith is playing really well at CB, but he’s still dealing with an achilles injury which is limiting his snap count. He only played 66% of snaps. Kevin Byard, Wesley Woodyard and Logan Ryan played 66 snaps. Woodyard had the best stat line of the day with 9 solos, 5 assists, 2 TFLs and a PD. Prior to Tennessee’s bye, Jayon Brown outsnapped Avery Williamson but it turned into another one week outcome. Williamson played 42 snaps against Baltimore while Brown played 33. Brown outproduced Williamson, 5 solos and 1 assist vs 1 solo. If you’ve been holding onto Adoree’ Jackson, he’s about to get more interesting. There was talk from the beginning that he could eventually get some offensive snaps. He got 1 offensive snap against Baltimore and turned it into a 20-yard rush. He actually topped DeMarco Murray who ran 9 times for 19 yards. Hopefully, your league gives offensive points to IDP. Jackson had a productive day on the defensive side of the ball as well. On 66 defensive snaps, he amassed 6 solos, 2 assists, 0.5 TFL and 1 PD. He was second on the team with tackles. In Johnathan Cyprien’s first game back from injury, he played 61 snaps, while Da’Norris Searcy still contributed 22 snaps. Cyprien ended with 1 solo and 1 assist. For those worried that Cyprien’s return would limit Byard’s production, Byard only had 4 solos. Of course, he added 2 interceptions among his 3 total PDs. Byard now had 5 interceptions over the last 2 games and leads the league over the season. Jurrell Casey was on the field for 61 snaps and put together 4 solos, 1 assist and 2 TFLs, including 1 sack. TB at NO Kwon Alexander, Lavonte David, Robert McClain and Ryan Smith played 60 snaps. These four led the team in tackles. Smith led the way with 4 solos and 5 assists. David, Alexander and McClain all chipped in 7 total tackles apiece. Smith is playing because Brent Grimes is still out with a shoulder injury. Vernon Hargreaves III, last year’s 11th overall pick, is still demoted to nickel CB duties, playing on ly 27 snaps. Gerald McCoy was on the field for 54 snaps. Justin Evans missed 10 snaps this game after playing 100% of snaps the previous two games. Evans still put together 3 solos and 3 assists. Those 10 snaps were split between TJ Ward and Chris Conte as Ward played 39 snaps and Conte played 31 snaps. So the morale of the story is, if something isn’t going your way, complain to the media… William Gholston left this game with an injury. They’re still assessing the severity but he had to be loaded onto a spine board and have his head immobilized. This team is running out of DEs. Robert Ayers played 47 snaps, Ryan Russell played 34 snaps and Will Clarke played 18 snaps. Ayers was the only producer with 5 solos, 1 assist and 1 sack. I’m a little worried about Noah Spence in dynasty. He’s on IR for the rest of this season. This team is really done. It would be amazing if Dirk Koetter kept his job. We’re always looking for 3-4 teams that could transition to 4-3 teams in the offseason. Tampa is a 4-3 team that could transition to a 3-4 in the offseason. If that were to happen, based on his size and speed, Spence would be a guaranteed OLB. Maybe the transition isn’t likely, but the risk is certainly there. AJ Klein, Marcus Williams and Marshon Lattimore played 59 snaps. Ken Crawley played 58 snaps and Craig Robertson added 52 snaps. Cameron Jordan led the Saints in tackles with 5 solos, 2 assists, 1.5 sacks, 3 QB hits and 2 TFLs on 48 snaps. Alex Okafor played 44 snaps and was 2nd in tackles with 3 solos, 3 assists, 0.5 sacks and 2 QB hits. Trey Hendrickson continues to see an increase in snaps. Since the Week 5 bye, Hendrickson has played 29, 20, 32 and 35 snaps. He just isn’t producing though. He came away with 1 assist against the Bucs. The Saints couldn’t trade Hau’oli Kikaha so they decided to play him after being a healthy scratch the last two weeks. Kikaha only played 9 defensive snaps and 1 ST snap and ended with 2 solos, 1 assist and a sack. That kind of production isn’t sustainable on 9 snaps a game, but it’s worth keeping an eye on. Kenny Vaccaro was limited with a groin injury and only played 28 snaps. This allows Chris Banjo to come in and play his first 9 snaps on the season. Vonn Bell played 49 snaps which is on par with his last couple of games. Bell had a solid game with 3 solos, 2 assists, 0.5 sack and a PD. LAR at NYG The Rams won this game so easily, no defensive players had to play 100% of snaps. I think this is the second game the Rams have pulled that off. Alec Ogletree, Mark Barron and Kayvon Webster played 58 out of 68 snaps. John Johnson III played 57 snaps while Lamarcus Joyner played 56 snaps and Trumaine Johnson played 55 snaps. Barron and Ogletree both had 8 total tackles. JJIII ended with 7 total tackles. Connor Barwin and Aaron Donald both added a sack and a FR while playing at least 68% of snaps. No one else on the team played north of 53% of snaps. Michael Brockers doesn’t need it through. He continues to produce. He had 4 solos on 36 snaps. Eli Apple and Ross Cockrell played 100% of snaps. Darian Thompson played 60 out of 64 snaps. Landon Collins only played 51 snaps while Damon Harrison played 39 snaps. They tied for the lead in tackles though with 7 total. Olivier Vernon missed his 4 straight game. He also didn’t practice all week. With 1 win on the season, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to rush him back. Avery Moss played 56 snaps at DE, 2 more than Jason Pierre-Paul. Moss ended with 5 solos, 1 assist, 1 PD and 2 QB hits. Moss is a 5th Round rookie from Youngstown State, who used to play across from IRed Pat Derek Rivers. I’m going to pick him up where I’ve got space. Whether or not he’s startable depends on your level of risk tolerance though. For dynasty, he seems like this year’s Romeo Okwara, a rookie that will produce when given opportunity due to injury, but with depth chart concerns above that will prevent long term production. I’m going to pick him up and if he has a couple more solid games, try and trade him while he’s still got that (R). Maybe I can get a 5th for him, or upgrade a 6th to a 5th with him. That’s profit. Janoris Jenkins missed this game because he was suspended “indefinitely”. I don’t think they know what that word means though as he’s expected back next week against San Fran. His absence allowed Cockrell to play and put together 5 solos, 1 assist and a TFL. BJ Goodson missed this game with a lingering ankle injury. At LB, 2015 UDFA Curtis Grant played the most snaps with 56, followed by 2017 UDFA Calvin Munson with 41 snaps. Keenan Robinson played 25 snaps, Devon Kennard played 19 snaps and in the interest of thoroughness, UDFA rookie Nigel Harris played 4 defensive snaps. This team puts no resources into LB. Grant produced 4 solos and 2 assists, giving him 6 total tackles. That matches the number of teams he’s been on since coming out of Ohio State 3 years ago. Same as with Tampa, the Giants are due a coaching change. The 4-3 to 3-4 transition seems less likely in New York because they’ve put so much money into JPP and Vernon, but it’s not outside the realm of possibilities. DEN at PHI Brandon Marshall played 69 snaps. Justin Simmons, Darian Stewart and Aqib Talib all played over 90% of snaps. Von Miller actually led the team in tackles with 8 solos, 3 TFLs and 1 sack. Marshall added a sack as well, among 6 solos, 1 assist and a FR TD when Nick Foles fumbled the ball. Zaire Anderson started for Todd Davis for the second straight game. Anderson ended with 4 solos, 1 assist and 1 TFL on 30 snaps. Anderson was a UDFA back in 2015 who’s getting opportunity because Davis has been out with an ankle and Corey Nelson is on IR. In his second game back from IR, Shane Ray played 55 snaps, 5 more than Miller. Ray ended with 1 solos while Shaq Barrett ended with 2 solos on 30 snaps. The Philadelphia Eagles actually ran out of the fireworks they set off whenever they score a TD. That tells you about kind of day the Denver defense had... Jalen Mills was the only Eagle to play all 64 snaps. Rodney McLeod played 63 snaps. Malcolm Jenkins, Nigel Bradham and Patrick Robinson all played North of 80% of the snaps. Mychal Kendricks played 47 snaps. This was a down game for Philly IDPs. 64 is a decent number of snaps but Brock only completed 50% of this passes, which means 19 snaps didn’t end with a tackle. Brandon Graham led the team in tackles with 3 solos, 2 assists and 1 TFL. Graham led the DEs with 40 snaps. Chris Long was second with 35, followed closely by Vinny Curry with 34 and Derek Barnett with 29 snaps. Timmy Jernigan is still considered the starter next to Fletcher Cox, but Jernigan (20 snaps) was outsnapped by Beau Allen (28 snaps) for the third time in the last four weeks. He was outsnapped by Destiny Vaeao (28 snaps) for the first time this season. Jernigan was limited by an ankle injury, but seems to be in a time share with Allen. Philly is headed to its bye so Jernigan should be ready for Week 11. ATL at CAR Deion Jones, Ricardo Allen, Keanu Neal and Robert Alford played all 65 snaps. De’Vondre Campbell played 64 snaps. Desmond Trufant played 61 snaps. Jones had double digit tackles with 4 solos and 7 assists, adding 1 PD. Neal and Campbell both had 8 total tackles. Neal added to FFs. Grady Jarrett and Dontari Poe both played at least 77% of snaps. Poe didn’t produce much but Jarrett was productive, 4 solos, 2 assists, 1.5 TFLs and 1 QB hit. The DE snaps have devolved into a messy rotation after Adrian Clayborn (41 snaps). Claybourn was followed by Tak McKinley and Derrick Shelby with 23 snaps, Courtney Upshaw with 17 snaps and Brooks Reed with 16 snaps. Vic Beasley had a sack among 4 solos and 1 assists on 45 snaps. Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis and Kurt Coleman played all 60 snaps. James Bradberry played 56 snaps. Kuechly and Coleman both hit double digit tackles. Shaq Thompson only played 39 snaps and ended with 1 solo. Mike Adams suffered a stinger after 51 snaps. Jairus Byrd came in and finished out the final 9 snaps. Daryl Worley played the fewest snaps of the four CBs. Worley played 19 snaps, 2 short of Captain Munnerlynn’s 21 snaps. Kevon Seymour played 44 snaps. The Panthers’ DE rotation is really similar to Atlanta’s. Mario Addison led the way with 45 snaps. He added a sack. Charles Johnson, Julius Peppers and Wes Horton all played between 22 and 31 snaps. CIN at JAX The Bengals had 80 defensive snaps, more than twice as many as the Jags had at 39. Nick Vigil played all 80. Vontaze Burfict and George Iloka both played more than 90%. A Bengal was ejected and it wasn’t Burfict. That’s definitely worth note. Iloka had 7 solos while Vigil had 6 solos, 3 assists and 1 QB hit. We’re back to keeping an eye on Adam Jones. Jones had 6 solos, the same as Dre Kirkpatrick and Burfict. Jones did it on 48 snaps, 2nd among CBs, 17 snaps behind Kirkpatrick and 6 snaps more than Darqueze Dennard. Going forward, Cincy plays Tennessee, Denver, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Minnesota and Detroit. That’s 2 of 7 teams with enough of a pass offense to make Jones really playable on that volume. Michael Johnson didn’t miss any time with the back injury he suffered last week. Johnson led the DEs with 56 snaps. Carlos Dunlap played 54 snaps. Chris Smith played 26 snaps compared to Jordan Willis’ 25 snaps. Shawn Williams left this game with a hamstring injury. Josh Shaw and Clayton Fejedelem split snaps after Williams left. Shaw played 38 snaps compared to Fejedelem’s 16 snaps. In Weeks 7 and 8, Shaw played 48 more defensive snaps than Fejedelem. Telvin Smith, Barry Church and AJ Bouye played 39 snaps. Tashaun Gipson played 38 snaps while Myles Jack played 37. Jack had 1 solo. This defense is so good, it’s starting to limit the upside of its IDPs. Church led the way in tackles with 3 solos, 2 assists and 0.5 TFL. Marcell Dareus played 12 snaps in his first game, still ended with 3 solos, tied for 3rd on the team in tackles. Calais Campbell and Malik Jackson each added a sack. Campbell and Aaron Colvin both played over 80% of snaps. Jackson and Yannick Ngakoue both played over 70% of snaps. Jalen Ramsey got ejected early because of his altercation with AJ Green. This allowed Colvin to play so many snaps. Jalen Myrick played his first defensive snaps of the year with 13. If Ramsey ends up suspended, Colvin would be the play. Dante Fowler Jr. only played 14 snaps before leaving with an elbow injury. If he misses time, it could drive Ngakoue’s snap rate even higher as 3rd Round rookie Dawuane Smoot was the 4th DE to get snaps and he still only got 6 total snaps. Against better offenses, the Jags IDPs should be able to produce more. IND at HOU Jon Bostic, Matthias Farley, Pierre Desir and Rashaan Melvin played 71 snaps. Jabaal Sheard played 65 snaps. Nate Hairston and Darius Butler both played 63 snaps. Farley bounced back substantially from his dud last week and led the team in tackles with 6 solos, 2 assists and a PD. Barkevious Mingo played 46 snaps, and was second on the team in tackles, with 5 solos and 2 assists. Mingo also recovered a fumble on the last play to win the game. The fumble was caused by Sheard’s second sack among 4 total QB hits. Yeah. Tom Savage, for as long as he has the job, will be a target for opposing pass rushers. Bostic had 5 solos, 1 assist, 2 PDs and 2 QB hits. Antonio Morrison played 42 snaps but put up a dud on the stat sheet with 1 assist. This was his worst game of the season. At D-line, Henry Anderson played 55 snaps, over 15 snaps more than Johnathan Hankins’ 38 snaps. Benardrick McKinney and Jadeveon Clowney played 66 snaps. Kareem Jackson played 65 snaps. Marcus Gilchrist was also on the field for over 90% of snaps. McKinney and Zach Cunningham led the team in tackles with 2 solos and 4 assists. McKinney added a QB hit. Cunningham was on the field for 52 defensive snaps. Dylan Cole missed this game again with the ongoing hamstring injury. He should be coming back soon which could cut into Cunningham’s snaps. Eddie Pleasant played 22 snaps. Pleasant put together 2 sacks among 3 solos, 1 assist and 2.5 total TFLs. That production seems very unsustainable on 22 snaps. After Jackson, Kevin Johnson played 53 snaps while Johnathan Joseph played 51 snaps. All three CBs produced a bit. Fourth Round rookie Carlos Watkins played 25 snaps again. He ended with 1 solos, 2 assists and 1 TFL. I think I mentioned this last week, he’s playing 3-4 DE but he’s listed as a DT on MFL. DJ Reader played 44 snaps and had 4 solos and 1 assist. Lamar Houston is getting snaps with Whitney Mercilus on IR. This was Houston’s third game for Houston and he played 45 snaps after playing 47 snaps in the last two games. Houston ended with 1 QB hit and a FR TD but no tackles. Jelani Jenkins finally got on the field for the first time this season. So everyone who’s been holding onto him since he signed with Oakland is ready to finally cash in. He played 14 defensive snaps... ARI at SF Tyvon Branch and Deone Bucannon played 74 snaps. Tyrann Mathieu, Patrick Peterson, Chandler Jones and Tramon Williams all played 97% or more of snaps. Branch ended with 10 solos and 1 PD. Bucannon was just behind with 7 solos, 2 assists and 1 QB hit. Karlos Dansby had a big game with 5 solos, 2 assists, 1 sack and an interception among 2 PDs and 2 QB hits. Dansby was on the field for 66 snaps. The Cardinals sacked CJ Beathard 5 times, Dansby, Corey Peters, Jones and Rodney Gunter all ended with 1 sack. Olsen Pierre and Hasaan Reddick split a sack. 1st Round Reddick played 27 snaps. Eric Reid, Dontae Johnson and Akhello Witherspoon played 77 snaps. Reuben Foster played 75 snaps. DeForest Buckner, Brock Coyle and Adrian Colbert all played over 80% of the snaps. Jaquiski Tartt broke his arm after 19 snaps, which allowed Colbert to play so many snaps. Tartt is already on IR. Colbert will be the starting FS the rest of the season while Reid plays SS. Colbert ended with 4 solos, 1 assist, 0.5 TFL and a PD. He’s definitely worth a pickup. Foster led the team in tackles with 13 solos, 1 assist and 1 TFL. Coyle had a solid game with 7 solos, 1 assist, 1 TFL, 1 PD and a QB hit. It seems like Coyle has replaced Ray Ray Armstrong, who only played 1 defensive snap. Armstrong has been dealing with a shoulder injury but I can’t find any recent news on it. Ronald Blair came off IR and started at DE. Blair played 39 snaps and ended with 2 solos and 2 assists. He was outproduced by Leger Douzable. Douzable was 3rd on the team in tackles with 6 solos, 1 assist and 1 QB hit on 56 snaps. WAS at SEA DeAngelo Hall, DJ Swearinger and Josh Norman played 83 snaps. Zach Brown and Will Compton played 82 snaps. Hall played his first game of the season and replaced Montae Nicholson who missed this game with a shoulder injury. Martrell Spaight only played 1 defensive snap. He’s also dealing with a shoulder injury. Spaight still played 16 ST snaps so he may have just lost his portion of committee to Compton. Brown and Compton led the team in tackles. Brown had 8 solos, 3 assists, and 1 sack among 3 QB hits. Compton had 8 solos, 1 assist and 3 PDs, including 1 pick. Bashaud Breeland came back from injury but didn’t play a full complement of snaps. Breeland played 39 snaps so Quinton Dunbar still played 44 snaps. Kendall Fuller played 64 snaps as the nickel CB and caught an interception. Matt Ioannidis missed this game with his broken hand. Ziggy Hood played the most snaps on the D-line with 58, ending with 1 solo. Terrell McClain played 40 snaps and had 5 solos and 1 sack. Anthony Lanier II (32 snaps) and Stacey McGee (31 snaps) filled out the remaining D-line snaps. Lanier didn’t produce a stat while McGee had 2 solos and 2 assists. Ryan Anderson played 17 snaps on defense and 3 snaps on offense as a fullback. Bobby Wagner, Kam Chancellor and Bradley McDougald played 63 snaps. KJ Wright, Richard Sherman, Shaq Griffin, Frank Clark and Michael Bennett played over 90% of snaps. Wagner ended with 10 solos, 2 assists, 1 sack, 3 TFLs and a PD. Not bad for someone who was a gametime decision. Justin Coleman, the nickel CB, played 53 snaps. He ended up tied with Wright for 2nd on the team in tackles. Coleman had 4 solos, 3 assists and a PD. Marcus Smith II left the game with a concussion after 11 snaps. This allowed Dwight Freeney to play 25 snaps. Freeney ended with 2 sacks. Sheldon Richardson missed this game with an oblique injury. He’s probably regretting it. Jarran Reed played 46 snaps and had 0.5 sack among 5 total tackles. Third Round rookie Nazair Jones saw his snaps increase to 31 and had 0.5 sack among 3 total tackles. KC at DAL Ron Parker played 67 snaps. Daniel Sorensen and Marcus Peters played 65 snaps. Steven Nelson and Frank Zombo were on the field for over 90% of snaps. Zombo ended up with sack filling in for the injured Dee Ford. Nelson played almost 20 more snaps Kenneth Acker, who played 47. Both ended with 5 solos. Sorensen ended with 4 solos and 2 assists. Amazingly, Kevin Pierre-Louis led the team in tackles with 6 solos, 1 assist and 1 TFL. The Chiefs played a ton more base 3-4 rather than their normal nickel to counteract Dallas’ run game. It definitely showed up in the snap counts. Derrick Johnson played 53 snaps. KPL’s high on the season had been 21 defensive snaps. He played 39 defensive snaps against Dallas. In the most disappointing news from Sunday, Reggie Ragland only played 20 snaps. If DJ retires at the end of the season, it’s impossible to know who will be getting snaps at ILB next season. Allen Bailey sprained his MCL after 29 snaps. Chris Jones played 38 snaps. Rakeem Nunez-Roches should see an increase in snaps. RNR was on the field for 26 snaps. RNR ended with 5 total tackles. Byron Jones played 57 snaps. Sean Lee, Anthony Brown and Orlando Scandrick played over 90% of snaps. Jeff Heath played 47 snaps. Lee ended with 8 solos, 4 assists and 2 TFLs. David Irving added another sack on 44 snaps. Taco Charlton notched his first career sack on 18 snaps. Charlton played the fewest snaps of the four DEs. Demarcus Lawrence played 42 snaps, Tyrone Crawford played 40 snaps and Benson Mayowa played 19 snaps. Lawrence didn’t have a sack. It’s his first game this year without a sack. Anthony Hitchens played 28 snaps at LB while Jaylon Smith only played 17 snaps. OAK at MIA Navarro Bowman, Karl Joseph, Reggie Nelson, Dexter McDonald and TJ Carrie played 67 snaps. Khalil Mack played 66 snaps. Bruce Irvin played 64 snaps. Bowman and McDonald both had 5 solos and 5 assists. Bowman added 1 QB hit. McDonald added a PD. If David Amerson misses another game, McDonald will definitely be worth a start. Corey James played 58 snaps but only ended up with 2 solos, 1 assist and a PD. 2nd Round Rookie Obi Melifonwu played in his first game. Melifonwu played 10 ST snaps and 7 defensive snaps. He ended with 2 solos and 1 assist. Mario Edwards Jr. played 42 snaps, the same as Denico Autry. This was Edwards sixth game with at least 40 snaps. He ended with 4 solos, 1 assist and 0.5 sack. Kiko Alonso, Lawrence Timmons, Reshad Jones and Xavien Howard played 63 snaps. Cordrea Tankersly played 61 snaps. Jones led the team with 9 tackles and an interception. No one else topped 6 total tackles. Fifth Round rookie Davon Godchaux played 37 snaps next to Ndamkong Suh (55 snaps). Godchaux has outsnapped Jordan Phillips in every game but one. Godchaux had his best game of the season by far with 4 solos, 1 assist and a PD. DET at GB Jarrad Davis and Glover Quin played 59 snaps. Darius Slay played 56 snaps. Slot CB Quandre Diggs played 50 snaps. Davis led the team in tackles with 7 solos and 1 assist. Tavon Wilson only played 47 snaps but added sack among only 2 solos and 1 assist. Miles Killebrew didn’t see an increase inverse increase though as Killebrew only played 18 snaps. Weeks 8 and 9 have been Killebrew’s lowest snap totals on the season, not reaching 20 defensive snaps in either game. Anthony Zettel and Ezekiel Ansah both played 38 snaps. Zettel contributed a sack among 3 solos while Ansah had 2 solos and 1 QB hit. The surprise at DE3 was Jacquies Smith in his first action in a Lions uniform. Smith played 29 snaps, 5 more snaps than Cornelius Washington. Smith ended without a tackle but with 2 QB hits. Nevin Lawson (32 snaps) and DJ Hayden (30 snaps) continue to split time across from Slay. Second Round rookie Teez Tabor played 11 defensive snaps, his highest total on the season. Tabor outsnapped rookie LB Jalen Reeves-Maybin who played 7 snaps. Blake Martinez, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Davon House and Josh Jones played 68 snaps. You read that correctly. Rookie Josh Jones played 100% of snaps. Morgan Burnett only played 43 snaps before leaving with a groin injury. Kentrell Brice is on IR. Jones will fill in for Burnett. But he obviously played every snap prior to Burnett’s injury. Jones ended with 5 solos, 3 assists and 1 TFL, 3rd on the team in tackles. Jones’ role may be set regardless of Burnett’s status. Green Bay plays with 3 Safeties on the field as much as possible. If Burnett is healthy, Jones is the 3rd Safety and Marwin Evans is the 4th Safety. If Burnett is out, Jones is the 2nd Safety and Evans is the 3rd Safety. Evans only played 10 snaps vs Detroit. House was 2nd in tackles with 8 solos, 1 assist and 1 TFL. Kevin King was healthy and played 63 snaps. He ended with 2 solos, 1 assist, 0.5 TFL and a PD. Based on the Packer’s secondary this season, I wouldn’t bet that both House and King are healthy together for long. Damarious Randall was the 3rd CB and played 52 snaps.
  15. A few really quick notes: If you've got an open roster spot and could use some help at DE the rest of the season, take a look at SF DE Ronald Blair. He was activated of IR this week. Arik Armstead is on IR and Solomon Thomas will miss a few weeks with a knee injury. Blair was a 5th Round pick last year and had 3 sacks as a rookie. Blair is ready to play today. Leger Douzable was a popular pick up after his big game last week. The 49ers are 0-8, once Thomas returns, does it make more sense to play the 31-year-old Douzable or see what they've got in their 24-year-old sophomore? If you need a Safety starter between bye weeks and injuries, give Bradley McDougald a try. Earl Tomas has already been ruled out. McDougald will start in his place. Was a solid producer last year for TB. He was signed this offseason solely as a injury insurance policy for Thomas and Kam Chancellor. I think there will be a contest today between the Jacksonville and Seattle D-Lines to see who can land the most sacks. Jacksonville is home against Cincy who have a very questionable O-Line. Andy Dalton has already absorbed 22 sacks on the year. Jacksonville has secured 33 sacks on the season and already have two 10 sack games. Seattle is home to Washington. Kirk Cousins has only been sacked 16 times, but if the offense had to come out on the field one last time against Dallas, I don't think they could've fielded an entire 5-man O-line. They'v got so many injuries to the O-line it's scary and just for fun, Coach said he wanted Cousins to throw the ball deeper. I'm starting all Jacksonville and Seattle D-linemen who get snaps. A dark horse in the sack competition would be Indy. Indy is at Houston where Tom Savage will get the start, the same Tom Savage who was benched in Week 1 for absorbing 7 sacks, albeit against Jacksonville. Jabaal Sheard, Henry Anderson and if you are really desperate Barkevious Mingo are all startable this week.