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  1. The KC ILB depth chart is getting as muddy as OAK's and Indy's. They resigned Josh Mauga. He would've started last year if not for injury. If you've been holding onto Ramik Wilson or Justin March-Lillard, you may need to grab Mauga to protect your investment. So I'm now holding Wilson, Mauga and Eligwe. That's not too many KC Lbs, I tell myself...
  2. I haven't seen much talk about Jon Bostic. He's on Indy now and he and Spence have been getting starters reps in OTAs and Minicamps. He's been getting some positive buzz. Former 2nd round draft pick who has dealt with a bunch of injuries. I picked him up off of waivers last week. Cheap pickup with decent upside who can be dropped early if he gets hurt again or loses the starting spot to Edwin Jackson or Antonio Morrison.
  3. We've got one owner in our dynasty league who's looking to drop out, either at the end of this year since he's already paid, or now if someone else is willing to take over and pay for this year. We've already replaced a few owners and had a Dispersal Draft. We've already finished our rookie draft. The roster is the roster at this point. It is, however, really easy to make it your own in this league. The league started last year with 48 teams, 3 copies of every player (16 team equivalent). It's set up like the English Premier League, split into 16 team tiers. Every year, the top teams in every tier are promoted to the tier above and the bottom teams in every tier are relegated to the tier below. We added another 16 team tier at the bottom this offseason, so we're up to 4 copies of every player. So 63 potential trading partners. The team that's available is in Tier 1, just one promotion from the Premier League. The team has all its '18 and '19 draft picks. You can check out the league here: The league is Superflex with full IDP. Starting Lineup is: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Superflex, 1 RB/WR/TE Flex, 1 DT, 2 DE, 3 LB, 2 CB, 2 S, 1 DFlex. Scoring is TE Premium, PPR and .25 PPC. Defensive scoring is weighted to try and make all positions valuable. It's a very active league. We've got a slack page that has 60+ owners on it for communication. The roster has a hole or two like most rosters in this league, but definitely has some pieces. You can check out all the rules here: Email me at if you're interested. Thanks. The roster as it stands is: Jones, Landry PIT QB 35.42 9 Kaepernick, Colin FA* QB 217.69 - Keenum, Case MIN QB 116.14 9 McCown, Josh NYJ QB 53.85 11 McGloin, Matt PHI QB 2.45 10 Romo, Tony FA QB 5.16 - Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB (Q) 382.65 9 Bibbs, Kapri SFO RB 35.65 11 Charles, Jamaal DEN RB (Q) 16.40 5 Forte, Matt NYJ RB (Q) 238.10 11 Kelley, Rob WAS RB 174.60 5 Toussaint, Fitzgerald PIT RB 15.60 9 Allen, Keenan LAC WR (Q) 12.30 9 Bryant, Dez DAL WR 180.00 6 Bryant, Martavis PIT WR - 9 Edelman, Julian NEP WR 235.30 9 Ellington, Bruce SFO WR (Q) - 11 Hawkins, Andrew NEP WR 83.90 9 Meredith, Cameron CHI WR (Q) 179.73 9 Moore, Chris BAL WR 14.25 10 Smith, Steve FA WR 183.90 - Adams, Jerell NYG TE 42.20 8 Anderson, Stephen HOU TE 31.80 7 Boyle, Nick BAL TE 13.40 10 Donnell, Larry FA TE 35.70 - Gates, Antonio LAC TE 174.30 9 Gresham, Jermaine ARI TE 106.60 8 Heuerman, Jeff DEN TE 27.60 5 James, Jesse PIT TE 110.30 9 Sterling, Neal JAC TE (Q) 29.00 8 Walker, Delanie TEN TE 221.10 8 Nunez-Roches, Rakeem KCC DT 79.00 10 Anderson, Henry IND DE 34.00 11 Donald, Aaron LAR DE 231.00 8 Wilkerson, Muhammad NYJ DE 172.00 11 Williams, Leonard NYJ DE 199.50 11 Dansby, Karlos ARI LB 216.25 8 Freeman, Jerrell CHI LB 204.50 9 Jackson, Edwin IND LB 110.50 11 Lee, Sean DAL LB 267.75 6 Levy, DeAndre FA LB (Q) 36.50 - McKinney, Benardrick HOU LB 253.25 7 Stupar, Nathan NOS LB 100.75 5 Timu, John CHI LB 38.00 9 Toomer, Korey LAC LB 142.75 9 Wilson, Ramik KCC LB 147.25 10 Wright, Scooby ARI LB 1.50 8 Brown, Anthony DAL CB 124.00 6 Gaines, E.J. LAR CB 130.00 8 Jackson, Kareem HOU CB 142.50 7 McKelvin, Leodis FA CB 137.00 - Young, Tavon BAL CB (O) 131.00 10 Bethea, Antoine ARI S 231.50 8 Davis, Sean PIT S (Q) 160.25 9 Jones-Quartey, Harold CHI S 161.00 9 McCoil, Dexter LAC S 59.00 9 Nelson, Reggie OAK S 177.00 10 Smith, Harrison MIN S 186.00 9 Swearinger, D.J. WAS S 175.50 5 Whitner, Donte FA S (Q) 118.00 -
  4. I think the lesson to learn for guys like Marquel Lee, Ukeme Eligwe, Anthony Walker, Blair Brown or Jayon Brown is to grab them late or off the waiver wire and trade them for a profit if they get a chance to produce. 5th Round LBs rarely turn into year-in, year-out long-term starters, but given opportunity, they'll produce. And a LB with an (R) next to his name that's producing will create buzz. You could've traded Heeney for a 4th or 5th round pick when he was getting buzz. Then you could've picked up Corey James off the waiver wire and done the same thing with him. Easy money.
  5. I kind of already preemptively responded to this but I guess it was missed. SF traded up to draft CJ Beathard in the 3rd Round. Everyone else seems to have had a 5th Round grade on him. ARI drafted Chad Williams in the 3rd Round, again with everyone else seemingly having a 5th Round grade on him. A team will ignore other team's draft grades to ensure they get the guys they want. Washington, without a GM, may have decided they really wanted Perine but knew he would last until the 4th so gambled and got him there. Or they may have reset after the 3rd round, looked at who was left on the board and decided Perine was one of the best players left and he was a value at this point. If it's the second scenario, how committed will they be to Perine? When they hire a new GM, how committed will that GM be to Perine? The investment of a 4th Round pick is relatively minor.
  6. 2 weeks into our rookie draft, over halfway done. 48 teams this year. 3 copies of each player.
  7. I included any UDFA that was drafted in the rookie drafts I looked at. Foster and Blount were included. Holmes and Jackson were before 2004. Rawls was after 2013. Thomas and Woodhead weren't drafted. Drafted UDFAs were actually slightly more successful than drafted 7th Rounders.
  8. My argument is that fantasy players sometimes put too much weight on perceived opportunity and perceived talent and they want to outsmart the NFL. It’s fantasy hubris. Every team in the NFL knows more about every prospect than even the most devoted fantasy player and it's not even close. In trying to outsmart the NFL, fantasy owners ignore what a team has committed to a player. It’s impossible for teams to lie or use "coach speak" during the draft. They have to tell the truth. Perine is the perfect example. NFL teams draft role players in the 4th Round. If a team thinks a player will be a stud, they’ll draft them higher, regardless of where that player is on other teams’ boards. SF drafted CJ Beathard in the 3rd even though most teams gave him a 5th round grade because they wanted him and they didn’t want to risk losing him. ARI drafted Chad Williams in the 3rd round, again with a 5th round grade. If a 4th Rounder becomes a legit starter, great, but if not, there is limited initial investment so teams aren’t overly committed. You think Perine has talent and opportunity. He was the 9th RB drafted, so 8 other teams wanted an RB and thought someone else was more talented. Even if two or three of those teams were incorrect or wanted a different type of RB, how many useful fantasy RBs do you think come out of an average draft class? (The answer is 5.1) And for opportunity, two years ago, WAS drafted an RB in the 3rd Round. What’s to stop them from drafting another RB next year or the year after? You think even if they draft someone next year, he's going to produce his year because all he has to do is top Rob Kelly, but 6 RBs drafted after the 3rd Round of the NFL draft have rushed for 1,000 yards as rookies in the last 25 years. That's 1 every 4+ years and we had one last year. At some point, you're just ignoring history. I don't know what else to say. The guidelines I created are just numbers, plain and simple. I didn’t look at any player drafted in terms of opportunity or talent. I didn’t look at situations or roles. I just wanted numbers because they're objective and no personal bias could influence them. They set the priority for my draft order based on how successful previously drafted players have been and the difference between even a 3rd Round RB and a 4th Round RB is substantial. Don't let me stop you from drafting Perine ahead of 3rd Round RBs and 2nd Round WRs. We're dealing with probabilities here. I will freely admit there's a possibility Perine becomes successful but I'm saying it's not very likely.
  9. I put it all in the conclusion so you could skip everything else. There's a table with the startable rate of every position/draft group over 20% startable and what round of a rookie draft you can reasonably expect some of those players to drop to. Take it with a grain of salt though, different league scoring/starting lineups would change the draft position. You can use the draft board I set up as a starting point to set your own with your own rankings. I'm just a guy so no one should follow my rankings if I made any. Other table in the conclusion is just as important. Shows the fluke rate (only one startable season) of every position as well as the startable rate of multi-year starters of every position by 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year. Makes it easier to know how long to hold onto guys and when it's okay to trade someone away because there's a chance they're a 1-hit wonder.
  10. You're absolutely right. I am totally overgeneralizing, but at what point does history prove it correct? Here are the 4th round running backs drafted in the last few years: 2016 - Tyler Ervin (complementary role/special teams) Kenneth Dixon (assumed starter) Devontae Booker (complementary role) 2015 - Jeremy Langford (behind Matt Forte) Buck Allen (behind Frank Gore) Mike Davis (complementary role) 2014 - Devonta Freeman (behind Steven Jackson) Andre Williams (complementary role) Ka'Deem Carey (behind Matt Forte) De'Anthony Thomas (special teams) James White (receiving role) Lorenzo Taliaferro (behind Justin Forsett) 2013 - Johnathan Franklin (potential starter) Marcus Lattimore (?) 2012 - Lamar Miller (behind Reggie Bush) Robert Turbin (behind Marshawn Lynch) 2011 - Roy Helu (potential starter) Kendall Hunger (behind Frank Gore) Delone Carter (behind Joseph Addai) Taiwan Jones (behind Darren McFadden) Bilal Powell (behind Ladainian Tomlinson) Jamie Harper (behind Chris Johnson) 2010 - Joe McKnight (behind Ladainian Tomlinson) 2009 - Mike Goodson (?) Andre Brown (?) Gartrell Johnson (?) 2008 - Tashard Choice (?) I look at that list and I see one name I'd really want to have on my roster for more than one season. One name out of 27. So I overgeneralize and say, it's not worth it and I'm going to avoid the mess completely. I'll give up on the chance for the next Devonta Freeman. By the same token, at what point are you ignoring history thinking these guys are going to be useful for fantasy? NFL teams use 4th Round picks on role players. Some role players are useful for fantasy, some aren't. Here's a list of all the rookie RBs drafted after the 3rd Round who've gone for a 1,000 yards in the last 25 years. 2016 - Jordan Howard (5th) 2012 - Alfred Morris (6th) 2000 - Mike Anderson (6th) 1999 - Olandis Gary (4th) 1995 - Terrell Davis (6th) 1993 - Domanick Williams (4th) I think someone from the 4th Round this year will be successful and potentially turn into a multi-year starter. I just have no idea who it will be. Gun to my head, I'd say Joe Williams because of Shanahan. But everyone else will say someone else. There's already a ton of love for Perine and Mack. That's fantasy hubris. I'm saying, instead of drafting a RB who's got a 85% chance of being a dud, I'm going to take a 2nd Round LB who has a 50% chance of being a dud. I'm overgeneralizing to create guidelines to maximize my draft picks.
  11. I'm not even in the league. It was a league you gave me a link to Hank. Compiling rookie draft data from multiple different leagues gets messy really fast as different rules and scoring can dramatically impact where a player get drafted. It also becomes really redundant as different league's drafts would be using the same player pool. So it was more an exercise to see which drafted players produced the most and how to maximize production from a rookie draft. It produced the odds of every drafted player producing multiple startable seasons. Mack and Samaje Perine are perfect examples. They will both be drafted highly this year because of opportunity. But if you look back at 4th Round RBs, it’s a whole lot of potential with very little production. From 2004-2013, Roy Helu was the only 4th Round RB to produce a top 32 RB season as a rookie and he hasn’t done anything since. Three 4th Round RBs have produced 4 or more useful seasons out of 29 total drafted. The best 4th Round RB drafted was Devonta Freeman in 2014 but the chances of Mack or Perine becoming Freeman are not good.
  12. The defensive draft board is a different tab. They're on the same sheet. And they're not rankings, they're set up by NFL draft order because that was how I looked at 10 years of rookie drafts. If you read any of the writing, you'd understand I think Mack is a mirage that will be over drafted above players who have a much better chance at success. Mack has a 15% chance of producing multiple startable seasons. I'm not touching Mack or Cohen in rookie drafts this year.
  13. I posted offensive and defensive draft boards looking at all the draftable players.
  14. Check out the league here: Happy Gilmore and Undisputed are the two teams available. We'll do a dispersal draft unless both teams are satisfied with their players/picks. Let me know if you have any questions or are interested in the league. Email me at
  15. It's been a few months but I asked for some historic IDP rookie draft information. I finally finished putting it all together. I put a decade of rookie IDP drafts into a spreadsheet to find the most successful draft picks. Check it out: