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  1. A couple guys that have caught my eye and if they have been mentioned before here, I apologize if they have. Chuck Clark for the Ravens. His production wasn't great last night against the Pats but he definitely plays at the line of scrimmage and they had him blitzing a lot last night. If he continues to get that opportunity against normal QBs, he should have some very nice games. Also, Erik Harris has been putting up the tackles for the Raiders. I plan to grab him this week off waivers to solidify my backfield for the playoff run. I also like Teamer but I had to drop him this week since he was out.
  2. winterrules03

    Titans IDPs

    Guys, got bye weeks coming up that will need to make some drops and I have been hanging on to Evans hoping. Any hope in sight for him or should I drop him and pick him up at years end for a keeper potential next yr?
  3. I dropped him as well and I love the guy. I watched the Bears game (Bears fan) and I never saw him hit the field. Snap counts have him on the field for 1% of the plays in week 3. What a bummer, he use to be a nice tackle guy. But good news is the J Bynes is available so might have to grab him instead.
  4. winterrules03

    Titans IDPs

    Any updated news on Rashaan? I saw he played 32% of the snaps in week 3 with a single tackle but there weren't too many tackles to be had with Jacksonville's horrible offense on Sunday. I'm hoping that continues to go up each week as I'm counting on him for my bye weeks and to carry me during the playoffs.
  5. And what are the thoughts on Kenny Young? He seems like a beast out there and I wouldn't be surprised if he continued to get a large % of the snaps even when CJ gets back. Anyone have the scoop on that situation?
  6. What are your thoughts on McMillan vs Baker? McMillan was one of my keepers this year and thru the first 3 games, he's on the field more than Baker but he's closing that % gap every week. Week 3 it was 79% vs 62%. Even with 17% less snaps, Baker crushed him in tackles with 7 solos and 2 assists vs McMillan's 2 Solos and 2 assists. Heck, McMillan only has 8 solo tackles thru 3 games. I'm feeling like I'm answering my own question with the stats.. ugh, I had such high hopes for McMillan this year. F!
  7. Good call on Bynes neck injury. They mentioned Bynes in preseason game 2 but didn't say anything about his injury. Should have checked that before recommending Wright. I still believe Wright is the better move for the team but we will need to wait and see how it shakes out.
  8. I watched both preseason games and Scooby Wright III is starting over Bynes. He's way younger and was a high draft pick by Cleveland in 2016 but has been hurt for the most part. They say he has very good cover skills too. So, I think it will be Buchanon, Wright, and Reddick. Question is, which guys is out on passing downs. I'm guessing Reddick.
  9. Football outsiders is what I use as well. Only issue with it is that it's not available until Wednesdays and my waivers go through Tuesday night. But it has been super helpful me in the past with getting a jump on my league with guys like Burfict in the past. Thanks again ChicagoArch. Great writeup. Learned some good info like Duke Rily out a few weeks which makes Campbell look good for a while especially with Atlanta's offense struggling. Also M Kendricks could be a stud now that Hicks is out. Every time he gets a chance to play, he just produces.
  10. Thanks for the Reid info. I'm needing a DB this week while Byard is on bye and was thinking about picking Reid back up. I dropped him earlier in the year when he got hurt. Curious your thoughts on his snap counts going forward?
  11. yes, this is an awesome thread. Please keep us posted if you hear anything on Cory James. With the byes this week, if he can't go I may have to drop James to pick up Bucannon but I know if I drop James, my brother will snag him in a heartbeat.
  12. I love this thread as well. Sometimes I think I should spend less time on Defensive players and focus on my offensive squad but I love finding those players that the rest of my league overlooks. I have Sorensen as well. From what I saw, he was on the field the whole night and lined up at LB on 3rd down but he just didn't seem to find any tackles. He didn't look all that aggressive most of the night. They did blitz him a few times and he got in there to hurry Cousins but just couldn't get the sack. I like his role so I'm going to hang on to him for a while and see what happens.
  13. Great great stuff guys. Just picked up AJ Klein and dropped Anzalone. I was so excited for Anzalone but he looked terrible Monday night. He needs to learn how to tackle instead of trying to blow everyone up. I was surprised how fast Klein is as he chased down Cook twice in that game. Didn't realize he's only 26, thought he was more in the 30 year old veteran range. From this article, I also picked up Farley from the Colts. Great tip guys!!! That D should be on the field a ton! I dropped Justin Simmons for him, was a little disappointed as there was rumor that he was going to get the TJ Ward role but someone on this chat board said that wasn't going to be the case and that guy was right. So glad to have found a forum that loves IDP as much as I do. This is my 13 year of playing IDP and I absolutely love it. When I watch a game, I mostly watch the Defense to find the next stud in the making like Rocky McIntosh, Vontaze Burfict, or Jatavius Brown.
  14. I was able to watch the game last night and Bostic and Morrison started. Bostic was pulled during the 2nd Dallas position. I think that was because Dallas was gashing the Colts for 12 yard runs over and over and he wasn't even close to a tackle. He looked out of position on almost every play. I thought Morrison looked decent but he wasn't really getting it down either. I'm just as confused after watching the game and I think taking a shot on any of these guys is risky. One thing I did notice was Matthias Farley got the start at SS and looked to be in the box quite a bit. That may have been because Indy couldn't stop Dallas on the ground. But the Colts SS has been good in the past for tackles.
  15. Any idea who's gonna get the starting nod for Indy? I read in one of the articles on here a while back that it was going to be Jon Bostic and Morrison. But neither played in the first preseason game and I haven't watched the 2nd game yet. Was hoping after that I would have a better idea as Indy's linebackers have been pretty friendly to me in the past. Here's the list of guys I'm watching currently: Jon Bostic: Being a Bears fan, he never impressed me in Chicago. Edwin Jackson: He was pretty decent last year as far as tackles Sean Spence: Has never seemed to be able to lock down a 3 down role (Steelers and Titans) Antonio Morrison: I thought he was going to be the guy last year and didn't do much with his opportunities last year Anthony Walker: Don't know much about him Luke Rhodes: I'm hearing Pagano loves this guy