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  1. Link still works for me. BNB any update?
  2. Ya something is odd with that contest... 297 entries at $2ea = $594 intake and only $60 total payout? Email customer support and see what’s going on...
  3. who knew that KC Chiefs fullback A. Sherman would be the highest scoring player on both sides. There were a few people on FD that had him as MVP, he was 0.2% owned.
  4. Ya I also think a lot of ground game in NE/KC and a lot of air game in NO/LAR... Couldn’t believe I could actually fit Brees + Michel + D. Williams + M. Thomas + Kelce in the same lineup. That’s gotta be worth a few hundred K at least
  5. I think the fact that all you guys want to fade CJ Anderson is a reason to play him This is a good sample size to determine contrarian picks.
  6. So anyone guessing between how the carries will be split between Gurley and CJ Anderson? Based on Anderson's stellar performance last week I would almost expect half/half. Not sure whether Gurley is worth paying more for than CJ at this point.
  7. Ok ok I know it’s only on Sunday but it just sounds cooler to say ‘weekend’. No comments from me this time since you guys will just fade all my picks and end up winning GPP’s I already miss football, only 8.5 months until 2019 season starts.
  8. Ya didn’t predict this for Michel either. You’re pretty much ruled out of any GPP win or top placement if you didn’t have Michel at this point. Oh well, nice season Chargers but typical post season choke. At least Chiefs/Patriots next week should be a heck of a game.
  9. CJ Anderson with the most fantasy points of the day. Who would have guessed. I really hope Chargers win tomorrow cuz I’d love to see a Bolts/Chiefs rematch next week.
  10. Wow, Luck looked pretty crap but is OL was like paper.
  11. Why do I get the weird feeling that all the top seeds will be eliminated this week, and we're left with the Wildcard winners? Edit: Note to self, always bet opposite what I predict
  12. Wow I really thought the Bolts were going to lose, I’ve seen them break down so many times over the years. Last quarter was fun to watch though. On to Chicago game.
  13. I like the Sat/Sun slate as it gives the most chance for a unique lineup in GPP’s. Some thoughts: QB - Any of these guys could go off this week. I think I like Trubisky at home for the price. Bears receiving core is pretty cheap for the stack, and PHI D is the worst against the pass in the playoffs. RB - Probably have to pay up for Zeke. I like Cohen as well, he’s like the James White of the Bears. Not a lot of carries but always seems to find those short passes that turn into long gains. Want to use M. Mack but Texans line is legit and I don’t see him getting enough carries to make value. WR - I’m going cheap here so I can flex another good RB. Cooper, Agholor, Gabriel are ok-enough options. TE - You almost have to pick one of the top 3 in cash. Otherwise you can try that Dallas guy nobody heard of since yesterday and see if lightning strikes twice? D - Ravens D seems decent. Chargers offense is too inconsistent after the KC win.
  14. Wow not bad... I think I made it to Week 7 and there was still 100k entries that survived. Based on your numbers only 166 made it through and survived this week as well. Congrats to your buddy.
  15. Jamaal Williams and Nick Chubb killed my otherwise great GPP entry... thanks fellas.