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  1. Crap I liked CAR and Mariotta/Decker stack too but I didn't want it to be a bandwagon thing.
  2. Wow these defenses are not doing too bad... They must've all agreed to call their Vegas bookies and bet the farm on the under.
  3. Pro Bowl O/U is now 80. Highest total I've seen for any NFL contest ever. Usually Pro Bowl O/U's are in the low 60's.
  4. Prater kicked a 76 yarder today: Tucker might not be the only one that gets to try a ridiculously long FG. Too bad Fanduel doesn't give 6 pets for 60+ yards. Seems almost every Pro Bowl possession may result in some score. Now you just gotta pick the right guys.
  5. Up to the coaches. Use this and pick the starters with the *
  6. Just when you thought the season was over, Fanduel will have Pro Bowl and... (wait for it) SUPERBOWL matchups as well! I'm sure these deserve their own threads but since this will probably only receive 3 total replies, it's a waste of bytes. *EDIT* - Just noticed these 2 are combined into 1 contest... oops
  7. RW, I think Fanduel will have matches next week but only 2 games means not too much variation in GPP's and not nearly as fun. This weekend is the most exciting for daily fantasy NFL in my opinion - also a great weekend to watch the games in Vegas, but alas I didn't make the trip. Good luck all! Maybe this weekend someone on FBG can win a big tourney.
  8. Jordy ruled out... I think Davante is pretty much a must play in cash now. Rodgers is still on a hot streak and DA is gonna be WR1 all night. Not sure Cobb can have back to back monster games, would almost play GA over Cobb.
  9. I have an eerie feeling that the SEA/ATL outcome and QB stats will be very similar to this 2012 divisional match:
  10. True, RW was a value play but Aaron Rodgers (highest price QB) actually gave more bang for the buck. Russell Wilson = .00216 points per $ Big Ben = .00175 points per $ Aaron Rodgers = .00354 points per $ Most of my cash LU opponents did use RW though, while GPP winners picked AR. The reason I called it a trap is because he has a very favorable matchup, but I think based on last weekends results, my gut is telling me to go Brady or Ryan (both of whom have less favorable matchups and of course cost more).
  11. Getting a bit trickier to build a solid cash LU here as every team has studs that are priced accordingly. Who's going to fall into the Russel Wilson trap again? Hard not to against ATL but I have a feeling it'll be the Rawls show after the potential he displayed last weekend. This is the last fun NFL DFS weekend of the season. FD and DK will have matches available the following week but with only 2 games, the variations in LU's will be sparse.
  12. Hey guys I found out Cobb still plays for GB... Yunno just in case anyone was interested.
  13. Red Alert, don't do it!
  14. Winners of Saturday only GPP's all had Rawls and Richardson (and of course Baldwin)... But who would have thunk.
  15. Pitt -10 with O/U 46, guess that means Pitt:28, Mia:18 So yes, according to the experts sub 20 for Mia.