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  1. So far so good, Aaron who?
  2. Even if Jones comes back you gotta think they play Williams most snaps as his production last week was stellar. I watched the whole game pretty closely, Hundley was looking his way nearly every snap - and they used the over the middle drop off pass with him many times in addition to his carries. Maybe Jones' return to the practice field will scare a lot of players off Williams which will be a good thing for GPP's but I'm all in at his price point.
  3. I just have a feeling Chargers will be up 21+ points end of first half and the corners relax a bit... You don't have to trust him for GPP play, just need a glimmer of hope for a high ceiling which he has.
  4. Fanduel has Josh Gordon marked as Out, but I can still roster him. I like this sneaky play for GPP.
  5. Wow Sunday night game was really fun to watch. Lots of points for the killa B's. Can probably add "Boswell" to that after the clutch game winner.
  6. Looks like ESPN thinks he will sit.
  7. Kamara and Ingram in the same lineup are now equivalent to doing that last year with Freeman and Coleman. Not sure if I'll do so next week vs. skins but keeping in the comfort zone isn't going to win GPP's so might as well.
  8. That's all she wrote, but still a good play at his salary.
  9. I'm going with Fitz / D. Jackson stack in cash. Gives me a lot of extra $ to throw around on RB's and Gronk.
  10. Ok no worries... Next time.
  11. Ryan Grant is only $4,600, Crowder is out and Pryor still has a bad foot. Cousins has to throw to somebody besides his tight end duo. Not a bad cheap filler if you need one.
  12. Hey Bobcat I would join but that link is just opening the iOS App Store on my iPad... Any other Fanduel link?
  13. D. Watson out for remainder of season (sigh)...
  14. I thought this was a thread about diet and exercise.
  15. Tonight's game was one of the most exciting I've watched in awhile. I hate both teams but it was fun to watch that 4th quarter on the edge of my seat.