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  1. Oh wow double heartbreak for both of these guys... went from a life changer to a nice dinner out with wife.
  2. I love to watch the GPP heartaches, tonight there was 1 winner with a minute left when the jets got the ball back, the guy actually picked Mayfield. He was winning $250k up until the last play of the game, when Darnold threw the last pick and incurred -1 point. At which time he dropped to 32nd Place winning $300. This guy will never forget this the rest of his life.
  3. This excited me at first also but then I thought shoot, even picking the outliers as Flex MVP, with 130k entries if these guys are 5% owned you get an extra $18 if your lottery number hits? Sounds like more of a marketing ploy to me. I’m picking Prior for the heck of it but not expecting a big payout if he’s first to score. Another way to play this is to pick a Kicker for your MVP because they can’t win the extra $100k prize (since they don’t score TD’s) so perhaps they will be low owned in MVP position? If it’s a low scoring game and one of the kickers has the highest overall score for the night, there won’t be as much competition for the top spot.
  4. Me every Saturday night: “Wow my lineup this week is awesome, I’m sure to place well in all my GPP’s. Me every Sunday night: “What was I thinking, i should have known better than to pick these guys.” Looking at the $1M winning team: “Wow I coulda picked these guys, in fact I think I had these guys at some point during the shuffle. I’m such an idiot!”
  5. I’m all over Tyrod/Landry stack this week. Not sure if anyone watched the NO game besides the highlights but wow, that defense really made a star out of Fitz and I have a strong inkling they’ll do the same with Tyrod on Sunday.
  6. Well done RG... let your FBG pals in on your secrets... I think I barely broke even this year.
  7. I have a Bingo with free space but it says 4th quater free space so I guess it’s not active until then, doh..
  8. Will be very unlikely for the $1M winner to have a unique team with only one game, but the 2X flex spot adds a nice twist. Good luck all, enjoy the game.
  9. Yes in cash games I think taking both kickers is a pretty solid option. You can get both kickers + both QB’s and still have $11.5k left which gives some decent choices. But then you’re torn between rooting for TD’s or FG’s and any rushing TD’s don’t so you much good.
  10. I don’t think Brady in the 2X spot will win the GPP’s. You need the unexpected breakout probably... could be Ajayi or Burkhead or who knows maybe Elliot. Fill in that outlier with Brady/Foles, 1 kicker and the top WR and you’ve got a win bahhhh, what do I know.
  11. So I guess we know they're not all the same. I wonder if there are like 10 sets of them or each one is truly random. Trying to figure out if it matters how quickly you press "Bingo" button and if you're racing against others to do so.
  12. Let's check how unique the cards are. Here's the "B" column of mine: 1) 2nd half roughing the passer 2) Illegal Block 3) 12 Men 4) Face Mask 5) Offensive Pass Interference Anyone care to compare theirs?
  13. Today was not so good for me. I had Gronk in almost every lineup. Had lineups with Pats stack, Jags stack, Minn stack, but no Philly stack. Foles burned me a few weeks back so subconsciously probably didn’t want anything to do with him. Was a fun season though, here’s to winning some GPP’s next year.
  14. I dunno I still say Fournette is a must play in cash. Jaguars passing game is proven crap the last few weeks and Fournette is going to get his 20+ carries. White vs. Lewis for RB2 is a crapshoot, but taking White affords me Gronk so I’ll probably do that combo.
  15. Last real NFL fantasy week of the year (so sad). They'll probably have Pro Bowl and/or Pro Bowl + Superbowl tournaments but those are mostly lottery wins.