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  1. No love for Tannehill / AJ Brown stack at home against KC? I’m all-in 🏈
  2. Mahomes sits again.... they are really taking it easy here. He said for the past 2 weeks he was good to go. Guess I have to fade Kelce for Waller now, but makes MIN defense look more appealing.
  3. Just bumping this in case anyone else is interested. Right now we have 8 of 10 spots filled. I hope the contest still plays if it’s not full. I think it does but not sure. Good luck tomorrow y’all.
  4. We always list our lineups here before Sunday then never know how each other really did. Might as well play a free match against each other so someone can have bragging rights. Enter your GPP plays in this private contest (10 spots):
  5. Anyone else considering Dolphins D for $2,500? I’ve been a Chargers fan for long enough to know that they have it in them to make an awful, porous defense shine bright once or twice a year...
  6. Hey guys what does OPRK mean on Fanduel? Presume this is Opponent Ranking, but I thought it just meant the opposing teams overall defensive ranking. Can’t mean that though, because 2 different players on the same team have 2 different numbers. For example, this week: Russell Wilson has OPRK = 30th Tyler Lockett has OPRK = 16th Is one ranking the D-Line and the other ranking the Cornerbacks ranking?
  7. 3 weeks in a row I’ve read these forums and changed my main cash lineup based on recommendations here, and would have been better off by just leaving it alone. I told myself I wouldn’t read anything this week but here I am, trying to stand strong with the team I created and not waiver. Must... resist...
  8. CIN defense looked so awful last week vs. 49ers... think I need to run with Josh Allen / John Brown stack in GPP with Buffalo at home, 2-0 and high scoring potential. Leaves a decent amount of $ for RB studs in other games.
  9. 89.95 and was place 2,220 of 132,275.
  10. When you finish in the top 2% of the Monday Million and realize that the odds of doing that are 1 in 50 and you only make $13 after getting back your $9 entry, it’s probably time to move on from GPP’s.
  11. If you didn’t have NE def this week, your team had no chance of winning any GPP. Guess next week I’m all in on DAL def.
  12. Wow I got 12 of 13 correct on the pick ‘em, only one wrong was the Browns game. Do you guys know how that works? Everyone who picks 100% accurate that week splits $10k? I wish you could play pick ‘em against other players for $$$. Maybe that violates the gambling law rule.
  13. Link still works for me. BNB any update?
  14. Ya something is odd with that contest... 297 entries at $2ea = $594 intake and only $60 total payout? Email customer support and see what’s going on...
  15. who knew that KC Chiefs fullback A. Sherman would be the highest scoring player on both sides. There were a few people on FD that had him as MVP, he was 0.2% owned.