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  1. Tonight's game was one of the most exciting I've watched in awhile. I hate both teams but it was fun to watch that 4th quarter on the edge of my seat.
  2. Wow Saints D scored 33 pts.
  3. Willie Snead is finally back and only $5,600 against a DET secondary that I saw snoozing more than once last week against Cam. Then again I probably convinced a couple of you to go all in on Gurley last week (my apologies), so take it with a grain of salt.
  4. Ya O4F I agree next week will be a good test to see how front line agnostic his skills are this year. I like SEA def next week against LAR as well.
  5. Good showing against a decent Dallas run D today. Next week he's up against SEA front line, ill be all in again.
  6. Gurley is now to 2017 season what David Johnson was to 2016 season. You have to take him every week just to stay afloat, he's going to continue seeing around 20 touches and 5+ pass attempts per game. Bank on it.
  7. Wow... Doyle/CJ Anderson/Crabtree/Kelce/Montgomery really killed this week for me, had at least one of those in almost all my contests. In 1 of my GPP I had high 90's points with Carr/Crabtree/Cooper stack to go and that was like the best hour I've had in awhile waiting for that game to start. I thought it was going to be a big $ win for me. Then near the end of the 1st quarter I could already see defeat in their eyes, knew I was done for.
  8. San Fran had 0 rushing TD's and 0 passing TD's in the first 2 weeks and they come in tonight and score 39 points against Rams D... all these crap (normally) laughing stock stacks are gonna be cashing in. I should play the contrarian GPP entry more often, better play some Tolzien and Glennon teams this weekend.
  9. Wow I take Crabtree last week in nearly all my contests and he couldn't even get a red zone look, now 3 TD's.... Sigh.
  10. Stafford / Girly / Shady / Fitz / Jordy / AB / Jesse James / B Wash / Jags = $1M and no other entrants had the same team. Wow KP you're right, it seems like I coulda/woulda/shoulda put that together. AND if you would have taken Hooper instead of J James at TE (they were the same price) you would have beat him.
  11. Million dollar leader is a pretty chalky lineup except for Jesse James. Didn't see that one coming.
  12. That must have been 6 red zone attempts inside the 10 and I can't remember a Crabtree target on any of them. That's not good.
  13. Wow this 1st qtr is a bit of a snoozer for the bigs....
  14. Oh ya Cousins / Pryor as well just for good measure
  15. Alright that's it, I'm going all in on Flacco / Wallace stack this week since nobody has said a peep about it and I could really use the Million bucks.