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  1. AquaBliss

    FanDuel Week 10

    What's up with this "Streak Extends" nonsense on FD? Played the $750k tonight and looks like I made the cutline for cashing (marker is past the green line by a couple points), but then it says "Winning: $0" and in green text "Streak Extends". Very annoying.
  2. AquaBliss

    FanDuel Week 9

    Was winning nicely until the 2 catches from Kittle. Punk.
  3. AquaBliss

    FanDuel Week 9

    Yes, I certainly think so. In fact, this a rare week for a single game slate you can fit Both QB's + Both RB1's in the same team, and still have enough for TE1 that should see a good amount of targets. My lineup is: MVP: Martin Flex: Brieda, Carr, Cook, Mullens Sounds like easy $ in cash games, but what do I know <shrug>
  4. AquaBliss

    FanDuel Week 8 “the ocho”

    Only 18.9% owned in the Sunday Million. His lay down at the end cost the 4th place guy about $450k... He’ll never forgive Todd for that one.
  5. AquaBliss

    FanDuel Week 8 “the ocho”

    I like this one a lot with the exception of Lindsey. All over the Trubisky/Gabriel stack though, looks like Robinson will sit and Gabriel is due for a big game. I gotta go see where I can squeeze in some more Burton as well. The fact that I like it means you should revise it immediately, the lineup is surely doomed
  6. AquaBliss

    FanDuel Week 6

    This kinda boom or bust. He’s not going to get that many carries but I bet he’ll get most or all of the goal line carries. Its weird to root for a tackle on the 1yd line, but that’s what you need for Ito to pay off.
  7. AquaBliss

    FanDuel Week 4

    I also did the 2 QB thing last night in the Thursday million. $9 in and $20 out, worked out nicely. Going to keep riding this train on the single game slates until everyone else catches up...
  8. AquaBliss

    FanDuel week 3

    Oh wow double heartbreak for both of these guys... went from a life changer to a nice dinner out with wife.
  9. AquaBliss

    FanDuel week 3

    I love to watch the GPP heartaches, tonight there was 1 winner with a minute left when the jets got the ball back, the guy actually picked Mayfield. He was winning $250k up until the last play of the game, when Darnold threw the last pick and incurred -1 point. At which time he dropped to 32nd Place winning $300. This guy will never forget this the rest of his life.
  10. AquaBliss

    FanDuel week 3

    This excited me at first also but then I thought shoot, even picking the outliers as Flex MVP, with 130k entries if these guys are 5% owned you get an extra $18 if your lottery number hits? Sounds like more of a marketing ploy to me. I’m picking Prior for the heck of it but not expecting a big payout if he’s first to score. Another way to play this is to pick a Kicker for your MVP because they can’t win the extra $100k prize (since they don’t score TD’s) so perhaps they will be low owned in MVP position? If it’s a low scoring game and one of the kickers has the highest overall score for the night, there won’t be as much competition for the top spot.
  11. AquaBliss

    FanDuel week 2

    Me every Saturday night: “Wow my lineup this week is awesome, I’m sure to place well in all my GPP’s. Me every Sunday night: “What was I thinking, i should have known better than to pick these guys.” Looking at the $1M winning team: “Wow I coulda picked these guys, in fact I think I had these guys at some point during the shuffle. I’m such an idiot!”
  12. AquaBliss

    FanDuel week 2

    I’m all over Tyrod/Landry stack this week. Not sure if anyone watched the NO game besides the highlights but wow, that defense really made a star out of Fitz and I have a strong inkling they’ll do the same with Tyrod on Sunday.
  13. AquaBliss

    FD Super Bowl entries

    Well done RG... let your FBG pals in on your secrets... I think I barely broke even this year.
  14. AquaBliss

    FD Super Bowl entries

    I have a Bingo with free space but it says 4th quater free space so I guess it’s not active until then, doh..
  15. AquaBliss

    FD Super Bowl entries

    Will be very unlikely for the $1M winner to have a unique team with only one game, but the 2X flex spot adds a nice twist. Good luck all, enjoy the game.