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  1. 4 or 5 wins most likely won't be bad enough to get Tua or Fromm, that's the problem. They are putting together this team with enough talent to win some games, but very very low chance of making the playoffs and zero chance of winning it all. They are putting themselves in a position where they will not win in 2019, nor will they lose enough to get the QB of the future that they need. Thats the pergatory that a lot of teams who aren't patient enough to rebuild have fallen into. 2020 is everything the 2019 draft is not when it comes to high talent "sure thing" QBs.
  2. He and AB can take turns holding out to leapfrog each other as the highest paid WR.
  3. Yikes. Has anyone other than Vick ever gone to jail for a year or more and then came back and played football well enough to be relevant again? I'll take the pick...
  4. Where is the narrative that Arians' WR2 never gets stats? It looks to me like when he had a good WR2 that WR2 got used plenty. Dual 1,000 yard seasons with Holmes/Ward and Brown/Wallace
  5. I just meant I think it was the video, not the lying, that got Hunt cut. The Cheifs would have to be willfully ignorant or lazy not to know what happened with Hunt. They knew he lied before the video. The video is what ultimately got him cut because they couldn't pretend not to know anymore, plus the bad PR of course. These situations are way different, so I hope there is no video required for discipline in this case... Provided the allegations are true of course.
  6. 1.11 and Sterling Sheppard. Edit: Got rejected so at least it's not sitting out there. It owned Hill anywhere I sure as #### wouldn't be rejecting anything right now. Would want any offers sitting out there in case really bad news breaks... If the Cheifs cut him he loses 3/4 of his original value IMO.
  7. I have a lowball offer out there for him... A bit nerve racking tho because it could turn into a high offer the instant any bad news comes out.
  8. Does one have more strict laws than the other? Sounds like this was on the Kansas side?
  9. Why does it matter which state this happened in? What am I missing there? Side note... Kansas and Missouri have been in a tax benefit race to the bottom war over KC based businesses for a while now. It's a pretty interesting story if you're not familiar.
  10. This guy is 90% situation/opportunity and 10% talent/skills. He's a huge sell right now IMO if you can get near some of the high prices he's going for. Value could get crushed by a draft pick... And only stands to gain slightly from the lack of a draft pick. Also don't know about how Hyde factors in. 6 months ago it would have been crazy talk to suggest Damien had better talent than Hyde.
  11. The combine didn't end until March 4th. Didn't one of the incidents happen, or get reported, then? They also know him best... Could be this isn't that big of a surprise to them...
  12. Considering the string injuries at RB the 49ers had last year, I doubt any of the three get cut. Brieda has not shown the ability to stay healthy, as good as he's looked. It's probably the dreaded 3 headed monster until one of them gets hurt again.