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  1. Sure, that's also what every PR department uses for spin just about every time somebody's emotions get the best of them and they do, post or say something that needs to be spun. Case in point Alshon Jeffery.
  2. It would be really stupid (cap and team construction wise) if Arizona kept Drake... But Steve Keim is really, really stupid so it could totally happen.
  3. I appreciate you bring up some good points and trying to find some holes in this. I think it has to be carefully used because it's too easy to think we know better. The main usage for this year is probably just if Ruggs goes number 11 to the Jets. Ruggs isn't a Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones or AJ Green type of can't miss type of prospect that deserves that early 1st round draft capital, and even if he was close to that level Gase and the Jets could screw it up or slow it down enough that I don't want to draft him in a rookie draft.
  4. I think it would be impossible not to find at least some film watchers who like players. As I said, there will be pundits saying Ruggs and Hamler are clear 1st round picks after they blow up the combine. The decent season metrics don't really differentiate them much from the other prospects. Most guys in this range have decent dominator and breakout age, and if not that is certainly a big red flag for sure to factor in as well. If prospects aren't meeting certain thresholds here they are already downgraded quite a bit for me. Of the 4 prospects you mentioned, 3 of those lost value after year one (probably because they went to lower end offenses or not ideal situations). Chark, drafted by the dumbest team, was totally written off after his rookie season. I don't think any of these, except for Chark, really fit the profile of a player who skyrocketed up the draft board after a big combine and got over drafted by a bad team. That said, I don't think these players are good arguments against avoiding combine stud risers who get over drafted by dumb teams because they were not really good rookie draft picks either. Other than Moore who was a great prospect regardless of combine (98th percentile breakout age) all took at least a year to do much of anything, and could have been acquired cheaper later on than they could have in the rookie draft. I'm a big believer in draft capital for the most part, but I am learning that with WR you have to be very careful with that. Don't get faked out into drafting Andy Isabella over DK Metcalf because of the combine and then combine influenced draft capital is what I'm saying. If it's a bad team and the prospect wasn't amazing before the combine there is just too much to overcome.
  5. This is exactly what I'm talking about. You're citing combine numbers to justify the picks, and I am saying that's exactly what I am avoiding. Players who were decent prospects who became top prospects after they had outstanding combines and then got over drafted by a bad team that makes bad decisions. I'm looking for more of that in the future, and avoiding it. I bet those same pundits are going to be gushing over Ruggs and Hamler now. WR is one of those positions where the combine drills really don't matter. Dumb teams still don't realize this, and move lesser players up their board due to good combine. They passed over Juju who had a bad combine to take the fast guys in that class. Huge mistake. I am sure there is some hindsight going into it, but I never owned a single share of any of those players (Coleman/Ross/Dorsett and Doctson/Perriman too) until people dropped to waivers. I'm saying/predicting right now that Ruggs and Hamler are the type that you don't trust the high draft capital they will get, especially if they go to a traditionally dumb franchise. I did get fooled by Treadwell. He went in the first round to a smart team even after a bad combine. I feel like this type of failed WR is way less likely than the Coleman/Doctson/Perriman/Ross/Dorsett type whose stock went way up due to combine performance. Even when these guys succeed they are usually better in real life than fantasy.
  6. There has been a lot of smoke here, so there must be some fire. I don't buy the Diggs is just doing it to generate interest - it goes beyond social media as iirc he held out of a practice over lack of offensive involvement? To clarify, I meant that he's making a statement that could be 'I want the ball more' rather than he wants to be traded. I don't know of any problem he has with Cousins. From what I understand Zimmer likes to think he runs a tight ship. If Diggs' antics are even giving the perception of undermining Zimmer I wouldn't expect him to be thrilled with it. It does seem like more than nothing.
  7. Is that why he deleted all the Vikings stuff from his instagram? I think it's obvious by now that Diggs has some sort of problem with the organization that leaks out from time to time. This passive aggressive stuff happened before when he skipped a practice. I'm not saying he's forcing his way out, but he's not so subtly making a statement.
  8. Yeah its subjective, but I think there are quite a few of these that many viewed as a dumb pick even at the time. Corey Coleman and John Ross are up there for sure. Dumbest of the dumb dumb franchises reaching. Dorsett was drafted by a failure idiot GM also. Most likely the community does know a lot better than those franchises in those years. Another factor is that is getting drafted by one of these terrible teams a heavy influence in the success of the prospect? I think it does to some degree. Hard to know though. It's pre combine still but this year's candidate for this is KJ Hamler. Decent prospect, but we know he's a speed guy who will likely have a great combine. If the Redskins or Jets draft him in the first round, do we put him ahead of prospects we like way more now but who will have lower than first round draft capital?
  9. I think this is largely due to teams drafting combine studs who aren't actually good in the first round pretty often. Maybe not good is a stretch but I'm thinking of the deep threat types who go earlier than they should. I wonder how these numbers look if you remove "dumb reach by a dumb team" types from the equation? That's pretty subjective, but it seems pretty frequent that teams are drafting the wrong WRs in round one. Look no further than 2019.
  10. Worth a flier at this point. Highly unlikely, but so is every flier, right?
  11. Apparently NFL teams are comparing him to Brian Westbrook. 2nd round draft capital is the current thinking. Yes please.
  12. No way is he a WR3 right now. He is not even a WR4. His current ADP is WR54 (when you include rookies)
  13. This guy is going too late in SF startups. The Olsen Free Agency hasn't sunk in yet.