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  1. Taylor CEH -- Akers Dobbins Swift -- Vaughn -- Moss Evans Dillon
  2. Yeah I am considering the off field concerns moot and putting Hill back near the top of the dynasty WR ranks. He's probably a late 1st rounder in dynasty. Some people were already taking him there with the off field concerns.
  3. Where is the news cycle that Tyreek won the legal battle for custody of his son? Seems like there might be a lot of vindication and potentially far higher dynasty value.
  4. Yeah but the economy! Nevermind that economic damage is going to be significantly worse and harder to recover from if we let it get really bad. Stupidly unwise and short term thinking at its finest. Who cares if the stock market does well today if the economy is in ruins tomorrow.
  5. Will we learn to actually prepare this time? Maybe we can even learn that other slow moving things science has shown are real but are not immediately obvious might be dangerous and destabilize our economy and everything else... Like climate change.
  6. It takes a long time to shake all of the stupid money out of the market. That's part of why it's stupid money. Look at 2008, it took 6 months to go to the bottom. I think it's pretty obvious that there will be and already is significant economic damage.
  7. I meant I tried trading him for a late 2020 1st or equivalent value and got no interest 😁. I guess only 22 owner because the owner of the 2nd copy can't have both.
  8. Thanks, I'm over there now. Much better.
  9. This won't age well. Drunk driving? 10,000. The flu? 60,000. Current projections for this are 3x those two combined. That's WITH strict stay at home.
  10. Check this out: Italy averaged about 16,000 deaths per year from influenza between 2013 and 2017. They have already had about 10,000 deaths from coronavirus and are still finding over 1000 new cases a day and most of their cases are unresolved. It is definitely a much, much bigger deal than flu. I still see people posting that it isn't though. 10,000 is 0.02 percent of their entire population as well. So the death rate is at least that, probably much higher.
  11. Let me know when that study is replicated. It needs to be, the sample size is tiny. Less than 50 total patients in the study if you didn't read it. Citing this without confirming that it isn't noise is irresponsible, not that it isn't common practice these days. If you do 100 of these tiny studies some are going to show something just by randomness and or biased selection of patients (accidentally biased by bad luck, because the sample size makes it impossible to not be) I'm also trying to be respectful here just in case the tone of this seems otherwise. I'm open to being wrong, and I hope that I am. That said, I'm going with science and not cherry picking confirmation bias. If further science proves me wrong I'll be happy to admit it and eat all the crow I deserve.
  12. My wife works in public health. Part of her job right now is educating physicians that there is no known study that shows this drug has any effect on Covid19. There are at least 3 Chinese studies that have shown no effect. So yes, it is BS until proven not to be. On this world, the burden of proof is on the medication to be effective and not the other way around. If you don't have multiple studies proving that something is effective, it is not.
  13. I think we will have football. Here is how: Before long an easy, cheap, fast test will be developed. The NFL will acquire enough tests for daily testing of every player and team employee. Players and staff will stay in team supplied housing or otherwise maintain quarantine from non league personnel. If you test positive, you're out for 3 weeks or until whatever is deemed long enough, so motivation to stay in quarantine. The NFL is it's own bubble. The country needs the distraction, and the NFL can safely make its money. The overhead of this will dwarf profits. I hope this works. If we can, the entire country should take this approach once the tests are widely available. That is how you stop or slow this without a vaccine.
  14. It has already killed 0.02% of the entire Italian population (10,000 of 50 million) so I think we can safely say the death rate is at least that? Maybe not if there was medical treatment capacity for all patients, but we are also not done counting, unfortunately. I really really hope the things I said earlier were wrong. They should be if the proper measure were taken early, but they weren't. That Stanford research article is interesting and it does seem like there is something missing between how fast they say it spreads and the number of total cases detected, but I don't think that study has a lot of confirmation at the moment. The math skills of the general population plus the level of nuance in understanding how this works are a big detriment to handling it properly.