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  1. *against 2 of the worst teams in the league. And not without embarrassing moments that shouldn't be happening.
  2. LOL sure. He does look fantastic out there. I was seriously impressed. Get him the ball in the passing game s little more too.
  3. Wow... Seems I need to eat copious amounts of crow here. I was wrong about the Saints game at the very minimum. The Raiders looked great tonight. The line just mauling.
  4. Yeah he returned to practice but was only running on the side, so not really returning to your point. I guess I don't know if running to test it was too early or not to be considered rushing. It was August 20 apparently. I expected an October return according to the time line (16 weeks, never trust the 12 in 12-16).
  5. I wish. I thought at least that they only shut him down because he already had a set back trying to get back sooner. Maybe I read incorrectly. This happened in June.
  6. Seems all to frequent when they try to beat the time line or take that fast recovery time line. Almost half the time they need another surgery iirc. Better to be conservative.
  7. Oh look a setback after he started practicing again. Who would have guessed.
  8. Below is exactly what I said to be clear - and that's still what I'm saying. I'm not saying "hes going to get hurt." I am saying "all running backs who don't get hurt seriously still get dings that add up" and Jacobs won't last once they start to add up because his decent athleticism will become fringe athleticism. I think I've been pretty clear about this but maybe I am not explaining it very well. My point isn't and has never been Jacobs sucks, it's that almost nobody lasts long at an elite level. Having elite athleticism makes it more likely. I don't think I look very wrong. Taking the position that Saquon Barkley, CMC and Zeke are better real life players than Jacobs is a very chalk take. Let's post a poll in the forum and let's see what the community thinks on that? I don't feel like you're picking on me, I'm probably not explaining myself very well. I appreciate the friendly debate.
  9. The list is survivorship bias and you're mixing in freak athletes like LaDanian. I see this has developed into "do you even watch football" and listing players from past eras so it's probably best to agree to disagree. I actually agree that Jacobs is very very good and you don't have to be a freak athlete to be very very good. All I am saying is that he lacks the traits that allow him to overcome the wear and tear he'll take along the way and his odds of a long career where he maintains elite status for 4-5 years are very low. They are low for everyone, even the players that are BOTH very good at football and super elite athletes who can afford to lose a step and still look like an elite NFL running back. If (when) Jacobs gets dinged up and saps his burst even a little he becomes a lot closer to David Montgomery than Nick Chubb (who are both very good football players as well). Let's see how this Raiders season and Josh Jacobs' career plays out. Curtis Martin is a much more modest comp than LaDanien Tomlinson even though Martin isn't as big. I think he could have a Curtis Martin career if things break right for him on the injury side.
  10. Jacobs has everything EXCEPT top end speed (and elite receiving game ability is flashed but not proven). LaDanien had both and was an absolute freak athlete. Josh Jacobs doesn't sniff the athletic measurables of guys like Saquon and LaDanien. Athletic measurables aren't everything of course and Jacobs is very good, but the elite hall of fame guys do have it all. It's not impossible for him to be that rare elite long term RB, but without being a freak athlete it's a lot less likely. I'm sure I am biased in some way but it is not out of Fandom or hatred for the Raiders or Jacobs . I have Jacobs in dynasty, I want him to do well.
  11. What happens to backs like Jacobs, admittedly anecdotally, is that they don't have enough juice to overcome the eventual "losing a step" that happens due to injury or just long term workload. Jacobs is really good, he's not transcendent where he is going to be good for 5+ years. It's not even much of an insult to Jacobs to say that - it's very rare. He's really good but he is not a super elite athlete who can lose a step and shrug it off going forward, it's incredibly rare to be that good and also a freak athlete. He doesn't even have an all-purpose workload locked in yet but I will admit it's looking like he might get that this year.
  12. He's good but not great. If you think that he is better than or even on the same level as CMC or Saquon I think you are very wrong though. I think it's quite a stretch to put Jacobs in the same converation. FWIW I was saying it was bad strategy to use a first on an RB when your team isn't ready to compete. Please poke away. FWIW I don't think it's a very good process to evaluate that Jacobs is a better than Saquon because of one game where Jacobs faced the worst defense in the league and Saquon faced the best. Jacobs has a lot to prove in the passing game before he's even in the conversation. I wouldn't be taking any victory laps yet, the Raiders barely beat the Panthers. Let's continue the friendly banter as the season goes on, I'm happy to be poked and eat crow if I am wrong.
  13. I've got him in a bunch of lineups. Some replacing Sanders and some because my RB situation is pathetic.