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  1. I guess they have a week to trade him. Some owners in some of my leagues have openly told me that they don't feel like they should have to pay full price for anyone who is on the block. I guess they assume you have no leverage because you can't afford to or don't want to wait. Maybe the Bengals are just posturing. I don't trust them though. The Patriots must have come to them with at least a 1st if they paid a 2nd for Sanu.
  2. Houston is flying blind with an idiotic pilot hell bent on immediately winning. I could see them trading their 2022 and 2023 1st rounders lol. Eta: I agree that it doesn't make sense, but read the rumors they were pursuing WR. Same for Buf to a lesser degree.
  3. BUF, GB, OAK, NO, HOU (holy win now mode...) You have to think the Patriots asked the Bengals MANY times before shipping a 2nd for Sanu? I can't see CAR getting involved. I could see SEA checking in.
  4. AFter they play the Giants we might be asking ourselves if we should sell high on Ty.
  5. I don't think so, he hasn't been playing well and those two are in much better offenses.
  6. Does DaeSean move outside? Does that really help him? Who is the 3rd WR? I'd have to think Winfree if healthy after the preseason buzz.
  7. I don't know, at least he is under contract for 2020 so they could always trade him in the offseason if the offers now are not good enough.
  8. McKissic stinks. He's not even really a running back, more of a slot guy who plays out of the backfield. He can't stay healthy in a limited receiving role, so if he is used as an RB I expect him to be dinged up rather quickly. Ty Johnson is the guy, there is no real alternative on the current roster at least.
  9. Sanu gets traded for a 2nd Sanders goes for a 3rd and 4th. The Bengals don't want to trade AJ Green in his contract year? The market says hes worth a lot according to the other trades for WR. If they don't trade him, do they take the title of dumbest franchise from Washington?
  10. Tyler Boyd seems low? I think JJSS is tier 1 easy. He's 22 years old. This season he is in QB hell. He was WR8 last year in PPR so he has been a WR1. I don't know where WR15 comes from.
  11. Juwan Winfree going to see some action when healthy?
  12. At least I hit the sell window in one dynasty league. Fuller is a beast when he's healthy, but that's not all that often.
  13. Thanks for the additional perspectives. I don't disagree, I guess I just see Sanu as a useful NFL player who will have some big weeks, but I wouldn't start unless desperate. He really can't be counted on, and I don't think this trade changes that. I'm not sure I would even roster him in favor of higher upside players. I'd rather have an RB who is one injury away.