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  1. Agreed. This medium article, combined with the complete lack of punishment or criminal charges from those who investigated (police, child services, NFL, AND doctors/nurses), is what makes me very suspicious of everything we've heard. It's also highly suspicious that Tyreek denies the 2014 charges he plead guilty to on the full audio without any comment from Espinal. It strikes me as very strange that Espinal would not dispute what Tyreek is saying about that whole thing being fabricated. It's easy to see why Hill would plead guilty to that even if he was innocent - especially since the plea meant no jail time... and if you know anything about trials and the frequency of plea deals in modern criminal justice, it's almost a foregone conclusion. Would you want to risk having 12 PFT commenters on your jury, or take the guaranteed no jail time and the chance of saving your football career? IANAL, but If he was guilty and they had pretty good evidence against him, the plea deal offered probably wouldn't have been that friendly. When you add up everything here, it paints Hill in a different light than the media. For me, it introduces enough doubt for me to feel terrible about drawing conclusions without having real facts.
  2. For sure - I read that a few days ago. It doesn't seem to be getting the mainstream attention it should. That story is just crazy.
  3. Nevermind - I stand corrected. After further review, it seems like it's about 5 to 1 ratio in favor of Marijuana. Hurray progress!
  4. I'm pretty sure the public opinion on the "mainstream" NFL fanbase sites is against Marijuana or 50/50 at best - not unanimous at all from the thumbs up/down on comments? Public perception seems to me to be the main factor in any decision they make - it is a business.
  5. The comments on PFT are ridiculous. Looks like the NFL might get some backlash for this, even though they probably did the right thing. This is unfortunate because the idiot masses are teaching the NFL that they are right to be more concerned with PR as it pertains to mainstream casual idiots than actual justice. Angry, uninformed internet mobs are probably going to influence future decisions. Maybe some mainstream news source will come out with an honest article on this instead of just harvesting clicks and outrage. It's clear that almost all the commenters are not up to date on the recent events.
  6. OMG. Nfl vindicated Tyreek. No punishment. The NFL seems more likely to punish than any other punitive body... I think this probably means he is actually innocent. I feel really bad for him and sincerely apologize for jumping to conclusions.
  7. Was it Barber sucking, or was it their terrible offensive line or terrible scheme? Its always hard to separate those from each other.
  8. It's hard to be relevant if you don't start playing full time before fantasy ends.
  9. Guessing that if he does come back he does so at the end of the year near the fantasy playoffs. Then he has a few games where he doesn't play a ton cause they don't need to win and he's just getting up to speed. Then he comes back in the playoffs and plays normally, but fantasy is over.
  10. I think he might return, but I'm probably dropping in dynasty in the one league I haven't yet. Even if he comes back, fantasy relevance probably won't be there.
  11. Yes, I agree. I posted too hastily. Didn't read what you said carefully enough. My bad.
  12. I'm not sure. I guess he could suit up and refuse to take the field. I'm guessing the team has recourse in that event tho.
  13. This story is insane. I don't know what to believe. If the conspiracy stuff is true, how horrible for Hill. I'm defacto taking Hill's side until I see some proof that he did anything wrong, and I even feel bad about my cynical take earlier that it was purely about optics for the NFL. If the NFL finds that there is a lot of doubt he did anything, but still punishes because optics and PR, the injustice only continues.