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  1. The only one where I'd consider dealing Gordon is Brown and McCoy, and that's only if he gets traded to the Eagles.
  2. Since it's a PPR, I'd use the priority and get Lewis in hopes they start using him like everyone expected.
  3. Can you throw in something to get a better WR? In any case, since you've had a rough start, I'd lean toward taking the deal and hoping that Bell gets traded and Conner keeps his value.
  4. I wouldn't take this deal. Panthers offense is fine and AZ is trash. I'd only do it if I were getting a much better WR in the deal to go with DJ.
  5. I'd keep hill and trade Green and Mack for a better RB. Or include Hyde and try for an elite RB.
  6. Keep Ingram. Conner may be worthless and I just can't trust the Pats to have a reliable starting fantasy RB.
  7. 10 team standard (not PPR) keeper league with a live auction draft. There is no TE starting position - TEs are just treated as WRs. Start QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs and a Flex. I'm stacked at RB and am trying to trade for D. Hopkins. The Hopkins owner wants Brees plus TWO of the following: M. Lynch, K. Johnson or P. Lindsay. I've said I won't do a 3 for 1 deal, but he's sticking to his guns. The rest of his team is trash, except for A. Brown. So putting a trade together is tough, because there's nothing to get back. The thing is, I also have Gurley, M. Ingram and C. Thompson. If I pull the trigger, I'll be starting P. Rivers instead of Brees (I also have Bortles), and will lose my RB depth. I also lose the ability to keep Lindsay for $11 out of a $600 salary cap in 2019 and Lynch at $52 and K. Johnson at $60 (or at least two of those three). I currently start K. Allen, G. Tate and Ertz at WR, with Boyd, Funchess and Kittle on the bench. I'm tied for second place currently, so I'm leaning toward just standing pat and keeping my RB depth in case of injuries and hoping that Ertz and Tate keep putting up good numbers. QBs also score 1 point for 20 yards, rather than 25 yards, and there are bonuses that start at 330 yards, so Brees is ahead of Mahomes and Ryan in this league and has put up an average of 33 points per game, including 52 in week 2. Is Hopkins worth a 3 for 1 or is that just too much to pay? There's also a chance the Hopkins owner would take Lynch, K. Johnson and Lindsay and let me keep Brees. Thanks for any comments you'd like to share.
  8. 11 in and paid! Don't miss your chance! We draft at 3PM! Here's the link, but YOU MUST PAY WITHIN 5 minutes or get booted.
  9. Still need two teams. 10 team have all paid. Yahoo manages the money (for free). If you search on Yahoo and can't find it, email me your email address and I can send you the link.
  10. 10 teams - just need two more! Please pay immediately when you sign up. We draft at 3PM! (Eastern)
  11. We've filled six slots for this 3PM draft - only 6 more to go.
  12. $50 yahoo custom league (full payout - they charge no fees) Online snake draft today at 3PM Eastern. 12-team standard (no PPR) Make the playoffs and double your money! 1st $225, 2nd $150, 3rd $125, 4th $100 Roster: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, RB/WR/TE, K, Def, 8 bench. You can find it on Yahoo under "$50 12 team std top 4 win $$$" or email for an invitation. Email me with questions.