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  1. Lol Pretty much. I find myself not knowing that much about newer sets and cards but I like to gamble I spend $1200 on this box of 5 packs in hops of getting a card that is worth 3k?
  2. plenty of idiots of all colors acting like fools the last few days.
  3. Maybe I am victim-blaming Cops ain't gonna stop murdering people. That much is evident. Ball is in the court of the people. What's our move? Protestaloot?
  4. Leadership would be a good start. I don't mean our president but this is a police brutality/abuse of power issue the country deals with since.....forever. I know it speaks loudest when it is against minorities, specifically the black community. What would go a loooooong way is a leader from the black community who could speak up, actually mediate and offer solutions that can begin a dialog and make positive progressive changes. Right now we have anarchy. Like children stomping their feet and pouting saying we need justice while holding a flat-screen TV but no one is actually speaking on their behalf with actual demands of changes to implement....its all noise to government and middle America. Until someone steps up and is the face of the change needed and can speak on what changes should be made, we will be right here again in March when the next unarmed black dude has 18 bullet holes in him for not coming to a complete stop at stop sign.
  5. congrats to Chelse New pool open enrollment underway and will start Sat Deadline is Sat afternoon
  6. is this a political forum topic? I don't see anything on it here. Either way...stay safe out there. If you see a large crowd gathering together it could turn uncontrollably violent instantly.
  7. any other ideas for displays? I've been randomly buying some old cards from my youth and thinking of displaying them in a garage or basement. Not much traffic in my basement...maybe more in garage but any cool display ideas for say 100+ cards?
  8. WOW What are the chances no pools have been won on a Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri OR Sun!!?!?!?
  9. Would have looked better framed on a garbage can😝