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  1. And here I am worrying about sending/receiving $755 cash.
  2. o9 in cin/phi i think one of these teams may get 9 on their own
  3. ah, fair enough. Didn't realize that When they had EPL was it a few novelty games or season long schedule?
  4. EPL, LaLiga, Bundesliga? Champions league? They have none of that, right? Thats mainly what I meant. Do they have WC games and Euro Cup?
  5. Any sport it would be so awesome. College probably has the best shot at making that happen with D1, D2 etc
  6. you own a vespa?
  7. I watch more but follow less...if that makes sense. I'll watch lots of Mets games but find myself asking who is this OF....i never heard of him. Meanwhile when I was younger I wouldn't watch as much but knew pretty much everyone on the roster of all the teams I followed. Not sure if it's an attention thing or just that I am not following as much but rather just watching in general for entertainment as opposed to as a fan?
  8. Discovering soccer (euro) has been a blessing. Despite not having a playoff they structure their leagues in awesome fashion. Case in point this past weekend. The champs had clinched 2-3 weeks ago in some leagues. So last week of the season is meaningless, right? Wrong. Last place teams fighting to stay in the top league were going at it. 2 last place teams in the last game of the season would mean 237 people at the stadium. Instead you are watching 60,000 people going crazy like they just won the super bowl to finish in 17th place and avoid getting relegated. Picture a week 17 where the browns and jaguars play to determine who stays in the NFL and loser gets relegated to the CFL.
  9. NBA regular season is really worthless and this year has proven that to be more true than ever. I get baseball isn't for everyone but it's the perfect sport for the long summer and while there are too many games it is cool to know you always have a game on, even if it's in the background. MLB playoffs are still fun and always seemingly unpredictable
  10. Probably watch more sports now....betting on any sport has aided in that expanded interest a bit. I have pruned my sports tree. A lot less NFL, NBA and NHL A bit more MLB and added more CFB/CBB. Introduced soccer and that has easily captured the majority of my interest. Find myself watching more golf. NASCAR and politics... I have to bet on to have any interest following.
  11. Caught masturbating in the stock room +235?
  12. Might be too late but espn needs to hop on the soccer train. Afternoon midweek soccer matches segway into a sportcenter or whatever talk show and then onto a 7PM game. NBC and FOX have packaged soccer really well to the big and small fan