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  1. Thats like giving your kid a commodore 64 in 1992 when all the kids in the hood have Nintendo. [AbeSimpson]"What's the difference sonny, it's a game, it has a my day we had to walk...."[/AbeSimpson]
  2. Do you own a couch? I have some ideas that may help
  3. My daughter is 14 and dances while eating and in the back seat if a car. Were out and her and her friend go to the bathroom. I jokingly say. Did you guys go make a tik tok? .... Yea
  4. This makes a bit more sense now. He is treating this as he would his business.
  5. expect the dude in front of you not to recline his seat 3cm but you expect people to switch seats with you?
  6. I've often felt the same way about the seat belt thing but changed my stance on it when I considered EMT, 1st reponders and the hospital's. If forcing people to wear a seatbelts helps reduce the need for 1st reponders and means less people at the hospital then I'm all for it. Those people could deal with bigger things instead of my head injury cause I didnt wear a seat belt and rear ended the guy in front of me doing 33mph.
  7. It's very unsafe most accidents or near miss accidents are caused because people are avoiding people who were either not going the speed limit or the flow of traffic.
  8. Same. I have a feeling this is more of an American outrage thing tmore han anything else.
  9. No. He is buying a 1M home on the lake on his own. Yea, I would be super pissed about the using of shared funds with any notice or transparency. I know this doesn't help but, assuming you can afford it, do what you can to keep what is obviously a treasure for you and your family. It's only money. There will always be a divide from here on out but you can still make many memories.
  10. Idk All the flights I've taken (50?) It's barely a noticeable amount. No issues using the tray and the screen on the seat in front also adjusts to even out
  11. I hope he doesnt sign there. Then well have to see Mark Davis more. No 1 person scares the #### out of me more just on looks alone than Davis.
  12. Idk. It doesn't bother me when the dude in front reclines 2.5cm It's not like I was standing up the whole flight and now have to lean because of the recline. The recline takes up air space mainly.