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  1. Portugal Maritimo -130 They are tough at home with only 2 loses and 2 draws. One of their 6 wins was against top dawg Benfica. Meanwhile Nacional has 3 wins all year (1 on the road along with 1 draw and the rest are all losses (8 of em) I hit this last night and and will probably add some more.
  2. I've heard of scams like this where they meet up and eventually try to blackmail the person. So...if this is true and you have these crazy wild fantasies of meeting this amazing woman and having a crazy wild sex fling. There is a good chance that it could also be some wacky dude setting up a plot to have you under their thumb
  3. porzingus cant lose to a guy in a diaper!
  4. lol, im glad i was capped at 75 these guys make the pro bowl look like a steel cage match
  5. im streaming and didn't watch commercial so not sure
  6. Yea, it is Coming straight from the Scotiabank Centre!!! ETA: Eh'
  7. I got creative and used uber for work on Friday. Had an emergency at work, needed parts from my other office (52 miles away) My guys were leaving for a 4 hour trip to made needed repairs. I had my guy at my other office prepare parts in a small box and was ready to tell him to drive it down to my office as has been done in the past. I called an uber. within 70 minutes I had my parts in my hand for $64 instead of paying an employee 1.5 hours each way and .50cents a mile. When I locked in the driver I called him to give him a heads up he was picking up a small box, not a person to make sure that was cool with him. He said as long as the box isn't a bomb or drugs he is OK. win/win
  8. cliff notes for lazy people who care enough to want to know but not enough to read 8 pages?
  9. Halifax Nova Scotia?
  10. yea, i think the ref went into to save his life. While he didn't go down cold and was defending it did look like lots of punches were getting through and dude was barely hanging on for life
  11. Parlay almost 4:1 Sharks u88 1Q Porzingus MMA dude
  12. u88 1Q At RB just noticed I'm limited to 75 1Q and 150 1H Was this always the case or recently?