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  1. lol...i have no balls when it comes to betting, thus my hesitation to recommend. One 1 hand it stinks but I have been trying to learn more about managing my roll and having fun instead of just unloading.
  2. Let's see if this backfires. I was all set to drop some on Nice, TT, and o2.5 as they are 3pts behind Monaco for the league lead in pts. After some research I see 2 of their top 3 goal scorers are out. Balotelli out for red card and Plea is done for the year. So.... Montpellier +1/2 and u2.5
  3. Wolf has only allowed more than 1.5 at home 4 times. I may throw a little on that but honestly, prefer the safety of only needing 1 goal.
  4. Portugal I'd be very surprised if Chaves knocks a goal in tomorrow @Benfica Chaves TT u0.5 -155
  5. Werder Bremen has given up the most goal in the Bundesliga WB has only been shutout once on the road (6-0 to Bayern) o2.5 -140 TT o1 -120
  6. In 2 weeks, in the champions league. Will jump on this now as I expect this to go up a bit. Dortmund to advance -125 They really should have beaten benfica in Portugal. Not to mention Portugal teams don't fare well in Germany. Benfica may try to park the bus for a 0-0 draw to advance but I think Dortmund is going to be too strong and overwhelm them.
  7. lol, i suck. i checked 6 times!
  8. Anyone see value on 2H basketball team wins? I hedged/middle opportunited my way out of my preseason u45.5 pacers bet by taking o40.5 Also on okc o44.5
  9. I'm on Sevilla for the game and to advance for more than I probably should be.
  10. Portugal Maritimo -130 They are tough at home with only 2 loses and 2 draws. One of their 6 wins was against top dawg Benfica. Meanwhile Nacional has 3 wins all year (1 on the road along with 1 draw and the rest are all losses (8 of em) I hit this last night and and will probably add some more.