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  1. Method? Or a volcano?
  2. Can I smell your fingers?
  3. Vancouver -1/2 Ev Sorry Aaron ETA: Missed the cut Go Sabres!!
  4. Yea That seems totally odd that they are questioning your Mal ware and requesting proof.
  5. Cubs series Win over LA -155
  6. I'm seeing Rodgers at u279.5 Something happen? I never get these lines in my favor. They are usually juiced to high hell or 10-15 Yds in the opposite direction of your posts.
  7. can i blame millennials for this?
  8. 10/22 Liverpool over WBA Barcelona over Valencia
  9. No score in 1st inning -130
  10. Just a ploy to motivate Tatum Bell?
  11. Speaking of books. Everyone get their RB package from Sept or still waiting?
  12. What's your profit though? Those 4 losses could have been -2000 favorites.
  13. Holy crap. ##### sells drones?
  14. No cereal for you!! Just doesn't seem to work