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  1. Any one of these will get you detained for terrorism most likely
  2. I can't do this. It's like being the guys at the office that doesn't throw in $2 bucks for a 658M lottery pool. At some point the thought of EVERYONE hitting except you outweighs the thought of you being right.
  3. Week 2 picks Bayern Munich & Real Madrid
  4. In on Lynch and hitting D Henry as well
  5. I stand corrected. This dude won bronze and seemed pleased
  6. So the last few years you have been immersed in reading scripture and you come out saying you need to get away from the church in order to learn about the bible and wanting know about prepping for long term food storage? Is there something we should be concerned about with you or did you read the book of Revelations a bit too much and are getting ready for the end of days?
  7. Athletico with a late tease only to disappoint!
  8. He resurrected, duh
  9. The bronze match always has a sort of...battle of who could care less feel but the loser get nothing. The gold match, you are guaranteed a medal either way. With that said, winning a silver medal seems like it just carries so much more cache than a bronze.
  10. I hate ties but have grown to accept them in soccer....but will let say for the anti soccer crowd I understand how ties are terrible for a sport. Not necessarily the end result being a tie but in that many teams are content with a tie leading to a 1 sided crap show of a match that makes for terrible viewing.
  11. Just paid $30/month to get my Portugal soccer and a bunch of other euro channels
  12. At least I didn't pick Liverpool
  13. Ha Wegmans actually has a milk section right at the entrance
  14. Always intrigued how often we are marketed to without realizing. Something like at a supermarket the milk is setup all the way at the back end of the store so you have to walk through 45,788 products before you check out..or how the kids cereal is always at the bottom shelves within reach of children who can grab em and annoy their parents to but fruit loops. Casinos and bad carpeting design choices to keep you from looking down at the floor but instead looking up at all the gambling choices. FFA search function is designed to confuse people who eventually feel the need to buy a subscription. What else do you know of?
  15. Am I eliminated already?