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  1. If he wins, great! Awesome hit at those odds. If he wins, sucks! Book will fold and not pay anyone.
  2. Is your team logo going to be a shirtless selfie?
  3. Just PM me her 1st name and city and within an hour I'll let you know if she is an organ donor, voting status, her last 3 vacations and if she did the ice bucket challenge. Might as well do something if you ain't making a move! I'm busting chops. I'd probably be the same way. Meaning id be waiting around for an opportunity instead of creating one.
  4. Here are some lines you can use assuming all the :flex: lines don't work out. Hey, wanna come over tonight and help me setup my tinder profile?
  5.'re not trying hard enough! This is all stuff you can do during the rain storms. Come on, 3 less visits to and some amateur detective work and you can build a foundation of material to work with when the kids run off and you find yourself alone with her. This is what the Internet is for!!!
  6. How do you know she is even single? Maybe her husband is afraid of the rain?
  7. How don't you already know so much about her? Stalk her on facebook, find interesting tidbits of places she has been to and things she likes to do..this is what you bring up in conversations. I'm not saying I would ever do anything creepy like this but you could...
  8. NRJ's Internet search history must be like Footballguys, footballguys,,,,,,,,, redtube,,, footballguys,,,,
  9. Camile! I am a sucker for bicycle kicks and then sweaty women were straddling and laying on each other. /landslide
  10. Ahhhhh ####
  11. Any one of these will get you detained for terrorism most likely
  12. I can't do this. It's like being the guys at the office that doesn't throw in $2 bucks for a 658M lottery pool. At some point the thought of EVERYONE hitting except you outweighs the thought of you being right.
  13. Week 2 picks Bayern Munich & Real Madrid
  14. In on Lynch and hitting D Henry as well
  15. I stand corrected. This dude won bronze and seemed pleased