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  1. Drunk tailing in Portugal. GooRoo is Portuguese translates to JewRoo! What team is Floyd on again?
  2. I assume I have to wait til the season is over to have my ND u9.5 graded?
  3. Strategically speaking I will pass on Dortmund in hopes they stub their toe for all yous I will take Atletico Madrid 9/24
  4. she has the herpes?
  5. lol...i aint falling for that one again!
  6. So, where we at here? I was at the 90m hug.
  7. Great news
  8. They threw them away in the other 2 threads that were deleted last night. Was a funny jokes nonetheless
  9. Didn't tail today but good job on the footy
  10. He didn't even win dumbest terrorist for the day let alone ever.
  11. I still can't believe how quickly they found a 2nd device. Great work all around to whoever found that
  12. Sheesh.... Fake it til you make it I guess
  13. Yea, no doubt. Obviously a lot of people are effected and dozens injured but also glad to hear the severity of this has no casualties.
  14. So what was that explosion sound at end site that was reported by Fox?