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  1. Why is it relegated to only the players? You say mostly black players. So an owner owns a team. The 12 players are what 0.5% of the actuall company?
  2. I'm traveling this weekend. I will roll over the start til wed the 17th. I should be able to get a few more people at work and i just realized some people said they would send me numbers haven't yet. So tonights draw will not count. The 1st draw will be 7/17
  3. Seriously Joe Is it time for you to get out of the profiting off of football business? I'm gonna guess deep down this also has caused some internal conflict for you. You profit from a sport that is violent, leads to severe injuries and suicide of its players. The sport allows domestic abusers to play it's sport. Those same players are on your website being analyzed for their value on the field. If just calling yourself owner of a fantasy football team causes any internal strife i would have to say being involved in supporting football in any way period is probably where one could start in terms drawing the line...let alone profiting from this sport.
  4. Does she actually enjoy the management aspect of dealing with people? Is she good at it? Career paths...assuming no college education? Might be tough without going back for a degree....but the market is good, i would seek out perhaps office managers at small businesses that can pay well. Inventory control manager perhaps?
  5. My uninformed opinion is dude jacked a car without knowing kids were inside. Doesn't warrant death but play stupid games...stupid prizes.
  6. I was thinking....I've seen a LOT of murder documentary shows. He definitely has the trait for why some men will murder. Still a very small chance but that DNA mental strand is in that head of his.
  7. This would be easier if lots of the stuff "made in the usa" weren't made with parts from china.