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  1. Are multiple teams allowed?
  2. In Will have to get someone to send PayPal for me. Will get a friend to probably join as well. :wadeboggs:
  3. It's a couple weeks away but I am already heavily on Olympic soccer. Denmark-115 over Iraq
  4. Any other outcome Holm by decision -155
  5. I don't watch anything with an advertisement
  6. I have no concept how not having any family would be liberating.
  7. Remeber when Jesse Spanno was very guilty because her ancestors owned a slave ship and she was bring all nice to Lisa Turtle? The lesson in that episode was to not apologize for being born any particular color but rather strive to be your best to everyone in your life.
  8. That I can come within that 1 last straw of committing murder.
  9. Speaking of....we up for an AC corn hole this year or no good?
  10. I start with 50 slowly build it up to 800 and then let it all ride on some Canadian football team I have never heard of. Too soon?
  11. Any updated news on the attack?
  12. Damn em sorry bout that loss but I'd be more pissed at the bankroll management