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  1. Just got mine $259/year for 2M I'm ready to wreck ####!
  2. I was there in the summer Old city BBQ was phenomenal. Tacos were great. Pulled pork sandwich great!
  3. I have seen several posters in a few threads, (pretty sure the Disney thread too), that have said they no longer come to this board. They follow the thread if their choosing and get alerts of new posts and then visit that specific thread but yes, those people won't see a new title on the 1st page.
  4. I too lost but have this full proof method of doubling my bets every 4 years by betting on a democrat until I win. 13 more months to go baby!
  5. There's a haunting my family thread that is about 276 pages, you should check it out
  6. I was mainly busting and didn't want to pass up making fun of oats. I was the guy posting 7 different who's hottest polls so thread count doesn't really bother me. But there are a few knowledgeable people that dont visit the boards anymore except for the threads they specialize in. So they may not see new threads and posting in those 400 page threads is typically where you'll get the most informed info without all the trolls.
  7. Lol Every week there is a new post about someone going there and if they can get info is all I meant. For future reference there is a breaking bad thread, so if you start to watch it you can just ask question in there. If you wanna run your 1st 5k you can hop in the running thread. Feel like placing a bet on the yankees tonight? You can stop in the wagering thread and ask. If you have a question about hurricanes there is even a poster who talks about them a lot and has a thread dedicated to them!
  8. I just went last week due to some pain in my shoulder. Landed on it diving at 3B for a parents vs daughter softball game. Felt weird and uncomfortable. Then kinda hurt putting on a shirt. That was July. Never got better. At my physical last week I had also scheduled a visit for the sports doc (same guy who did my physical) he ran a bunch of range of motion tests and the. Walked me down the hall for an ultrasound. Slight tear in my muscle or something. Got a rx for a xray and MRI he thinks ins will not allow mri without all the self help stuff at home. So I am doing that for now. If xray/MRI reveals more damage next step is something where they draw blood spin it and reinject back into my shoulder to expidite healing. Cortisone maybe down the road. But yes, kinda surprised you get sent home with just getting poked and some pamphlet on how to stretch.
  9. Hey Otis, there is a 894 page thread on Disney.
  10. I'm sure the dude has good solid reasons but 14...they are 4 years away from living on a campus 867 miles away. I'd like my kids to have a decent taste of freedom and how to use it at that point. Not saying sleepovers will prevent kids from doing stupid regrettable stuff as a freshman in college but I like to think it gives them a small amount of preperation and accountability.
  11. I'm sure shenanigans will happen but when you went out on sleepovers you weren't carrying around a GPS with you as kids are today.
  12. Dude looks jacked and waits til he's 35 to hit his career high in HRs and over 500 slugging Oct for the 1st time. If one of my betting sites offered the prop bet I would max bet it.
  13. Sleepovers for me as a kid was like a vacation. Loved em and I had freedom as a kid but I just lived the different environment. Maybe also because I didn't have a brother and my sister was 9 years older. My kids have tons of sleepovers. My daughter (13) went to a friends house friday night to sleepover as we had a Halloween party Saturday around 4pm she shows up with her friend and I'm like yo! What's up welcome back shes like I'm coming to get more close. I'm sleeping at Charley's again....alrighty then. When we have them here it's fun as well. Kids are up all night. I may make a fire in the yard and they can hang outback. I make pancakes and other breakfast in the morning. We have said no plenty of times as well. Sometimes we dont want that level of interaction with said kid. I like seeing my kids experience other things and other family dynamics. I'm sure they have a ball. I like hearing that they're so nice and polite and not the dooshes they can be at my house.
  14. I know it's not cool to accuse but has there been a lot of talk about Brett Gardner being on steroids?