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  1. I wish we would use them more often. Meet someone new? I'd like a trigger warning. "Hey about 30min into meeting you im gonna start obsessively talking about the Mueller report" Thanks. Peace out. "Hey, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Tim. Tim is super cool and he may to try win your soul for Christ, so if he asks you to come hang out at his lodge for some free skiing, he is going to preach Christ to you"
  2. Portuguese Parents came here in 70 and had me 8 years later
  3. I don't care what the boyfriend says; he can't throw a ritz cracker 100yds
  4. Your wife is having an affair with some dude from India. Sorry
  5. My wife bought it on demand for luke 15 bucks. I'm filing the paperwork for the divorce as we speak
  6. Pretty sure this reasoning will get you booted...tread lightly
  7. I question the use of the word body slam. I think that might have been a suplex?
  8. I read your posts in the wagering thread. You're eating out a lot more than that!
  9. Only in the US is it reasonable to give a waitress a 10% tip for NOT bringing you the food you ordered.
  10. Last call. Biggest pot to date We'll close this up sometime this afternoon.
  11. In case any of you guys are interested. A lottery pool i run with ned. Had 2 winners since we started a couple months ago. $360 & $380.
  12. He replied to me late last night saying yes, wont be an issue.