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  1. I don't care how many goals they're getting. I'm not taking them against Bayern munich
  2. Yea, note to self. Don't bet against Bayern.
  3. Whoops. Maxed myself out with all these futures I have. Will have to wait til these morning soccer matches finish to get some more availability
  4. Despite Atalanta being 5th in SerieA they haven't beat a top 10 team on the road. Napoli has 1 home loss to 2nd place Roma. Napoli -150
  5. Taking a chance on Hamburger +2.5 -180 in a parlay with Real Madrid. Bayern can win any game 4-0 but this year they just don't seem to have been as goal crazed. Throw in 2 consecutive out of league games the next 2 WED. I believe that gives them 5 coming matches in the next 2 weeks. I can see them resting players here today as they have a 5pt league lead. While Hamburger, despite being near relegation have not lost in their last 4. Hate to say I'm taking a "chance" on a -180 but it still feels like a dog bet
  6. France Monaco had Nice catch them in the standings with their win yesterday and find themselves in a 3 way dog fight for the title. Monaco has been super impressive this year. They play Guingamp today. The last time they met in Monaco it was a 2-2 draw. Gui has dropped 4/5 games and while I think they come out playing tight to keep this close I like Monaco to push tbrough. Monaco -135
  7. The Salesman to win best foreign film -150
  8. Portugal Maritimo +175 U2.5 -190
  9. There have been like 5 times that I guessed wrong and would have bet differently to avoid or secure an envelope. I'm in the receiving zone by a bit and should be good but was just curious.
  10. Good on you if you got that. I am seeing 90.5 and 91.5
  11. RB has MLB total wins. Did anyone post any leans?
  12. lol...i have no balls when it comes to betting, thus my hesitation to recommend. One 1 hand it stinks but I have been trying to learn more about managing my roll and having fun instead of just unloading.
  13. Let's see if this backfires. I was all set to drop some on Nice, TT, and o2.5 as they are 3pts behind Monaco for the league lead in pts. After some research I see 2 of their top 3 goal scorers are out. Balotelli out for red card and Plea is done for the year. So.... Montpellier +1/2 and u2.5