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  1. That's the fear. But if Boone is there best back and he has decent hands, then I think he should get some play, no? We will know obviously if Mattison is out or not. I could pivot to Diggs, but most I'm guessing don't have that option.
  2. But barely play and benched for whom? Ameer Abdullah? The fullback Ham? If Mattison is out, they've really got minimal options. But I hear you. This guy is not a proven commodity and to potentially risk your championship on him might be foolish, especially in my case over someone established like Diggs. But Cousins has struggled on Monday nights, and just thinking that he can't really screw up handing the ball off...
  3. This guy has physical tools and passes the eye test. There was a lot excitement given his last few weeks, and I'm sure he was a staple in championship and DFS lineups yesterday. But how is it that Tannehill never looked his way until the game was practically over? I'd love if some analyst looks back and sees if the coverage was indeed tight, or if Tannehill just made up his mind to avoid Lattimore, much like some QBs just avoid Stephon Gilmore. If he didn't have the 49 yard run, we'd all be very sad. Where does this guy rank in keeper formats for next year?
  4. If Mattison is out, what do we think a safe floor for this guy is? I'm trying to decide between him or Diggs for my flex. 0.5 PPR. Kirk Cousins is winless on MNF, so I'm thinking Boone is safer, but I need at least 10 points.
  5. I'm a lurker here and infrequent poster, and was actually searching for something like this. I've been a subscriber to footballguys for a number of years now, and I like the product. I don't know if the intent of the topic is to discover new content that FBG could create or comments on the existing content, it's a little unclear to me. MyFBG is a helpful tool that I look at weekly. The League Dominator is a staple. Rest of Season rankings are always interesting and fun, although a little more explanation of how those rankings occur might be useful. For example, why was Darren Waller at one point ranked in the top 30 overall in my league? Sure, it's 16 teams and we start one TE, but top 30? Sometimes I feel that content isn't delivered quick enough. Rent a Kicker and Rent a Defense I feel used to come out earlier in the day. It's almost 3 pm eastern and those articles aren't posted, yet many of our leagues have waivers that lock tonight. Lots of us do our analysis during the work day (cough cough) and don't have time to look again and ponder after we get home to our families. Some of the other major sites have in-depth game by game analysis and start-sits. You can tease some of the suggestions from the DFS articles, but it's not as clear. The positional tiers could use some more development. Yes, listing who is Elite, Strong, What the heck Flex is good and all, but at least a little blurb on each player might be more interesting and useful.
  6. I completely forgot about this contest and just checked now, apparently I got bounced last week in week 12. Where does it say how many teams were left in for each particular week? Just wanted to see what my final standing was. It seems like there were 500 teams listed in week 12 but I don't see my entry.
  7. I'm tired of Directv. Ever since they merged with AT&T, it's been a mess. I moved in the last year and they gave me new equipment, and I made sure that I wasn't under a new 2 year contract because of the new equipment. Surprise surprise, now they say I'm under contract. I've talked to customer service at least 10 times to try to figure out why this is the case (there should be a recording of my initial conversation during the negotiation to be out of contract), but nobody ever calls me back. I'm too tired of Directv to deal with the same song and dance this year. It probably wouldn't even work because they'll say I'm under contract. So I think I'll forego the ticket this year and may just find a way to cut the cord completely.
  8. Yeah, I'm not going to wait around any longer. I thought this was the slot guy that would be peppered with targets from Smith. Turns out checkdown Smith only has eyes for Chris Thompson. This situation doesn't look like it's going to improve anytime soon.
  9. Abdullah was a disaster last year. He's no better than Breida.
  10. So I guess the obvious question...I guess Alfred Morris isn't available? Seems like they should update the list, but I get it, others have already submitted and might not look at it again so it's not fair.
  11. Have you tried putting it in something? That usually helps. Finally there is a glimmer of hope for Da Bears. Mack will make this defense formidable once again, Bears hopefully have a developing QB who can keep the defense honest, Howard will pound it on the ground... back to what we remember Bears football being. Never mind that it was 1985, but it's been a long time coming...
  12. Yeah, I'm not sure you've been paying attention to who the Bears have brought in this offseason. You really think they are one of the worst 5 teams in the league? Ha.
  13. Forgive me for being ignorant, but is Mack only an outside linebacker? Any chance he plays inside? He'll have to get a new number in Chicago. Rookie Smith just lost his chance to be the next great thing in Chicago. Hopefully the two of them can be like Urlacher-Briggs.
  14. Isn't the deadline today? Does this mean Cobb made the roster?