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  1. That moment when Winston comes crashing back to Earth.
  2. He looked awesome last year too. The problem was the rest of the team and nagging injuries. Time will tell if Kelly can inject some life in the offense or if it remains a dumpster fire. So far so good though.
  3. What are you trying to say? Division 2 rb = automatically soft? What I expect to hear from scouts is accurate analysis, since after all that's what they make their living off of. DJ isn't a Lynch or a Blount between the tackles but I don't know how you could call him "soft".
  4. Yep I remember. Feels good to get validated a year later. It was pretty close to consensus among all scouts when he was drafted. Just go to the first few pages of this thread to look for proof.
  5. Yup, Ingram got 88% of offensive snaps vs. Spiller's 8%. Looks like Ingram is gobbling up all of Khiry's snaps and might even be cutting into some of Spiller's usage.
  6. I think whichever type of RB Belichick decides to promote to active roster will be telling in how this affects his scheme split(spread passing vs. power running) moving forward.
  7. Whoever replaces Dion will be a poor man's version of Vereen imo. Dion's handcuff might actually be Amendola in terms of who replaces his production and targets.
  8. Your incredibly shallow analysis implied that you are uninformed... Your ENTIRE analysis was "look at his performance the last two years - his stats aren't good and he's inconsistent." You failed to take into account changes in offensive line, change in QB, changes at WR/TE, and most importantly the change at offensive coordinator. When personnel or coaching changes were brought up, you said I was "making excuses" for Doug. You need to broaden your research beyond looking at game logs. That's some JV level research and analysis. When you constantly troll a player thread with the same weak sauce analysis, you're going to get laughed out of here. This time, however, I'm not going to drop a not-even-mildly offensive rhetorical question to give you an excuse to cry to the mods. You aren't presenting a counterpoint. You've just been trolling with the same shtick the entire time. It's not helpful or productive. As we've already said, he was drafted around RB24-RB26 to provide RB2 value in our RB2 spot if we drafted the position late or possibly at the flex if we secured our third RB early. We all expect a dud here or there out of an RB2 drafted that late. He's already surpassed his ADP value, proving us correct and your game log analysis wrong. I'm open to detailed, well thought out counterpoint analysis, maybe you should've been, too. My analysis has been more complete than anybody here this season. I am the only one that has taken into acount his prevous performnaces. Yes--he has a new coordinator, and some new teammates--but that doesn't mean that his entire history should be expunged. You choose to disregard it completely-I choose to give it some weight---that's not me or you being wrong--it's the differences between how you and I analyze things. I analyzed the very nature of this team--a rookie qb that is unproven, an offense that is like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, a team that will no doubt be behind in some games that they will abandon the running game, a running back in Simms that before 3-4 pre-season games the fantasy community was drafting well ahead of Martin..etc. Yes--there are factors that also made Martin look good--and supporters choose to put more emphasis on those. However--to insult or criticize anybody for analyzing a player differently from you is 10000% wrong--period. By the way--I contacted the mods because you and others went to the point of making jokes and insulting family members of mine for a fantasy opinion. I will make clear--that if you or anybody posts anything insulting or negative about anybody in my family--you will get reported. There is no room for that and the fact that you riducule me for taking offense to it--as opposed to apologizing for being out of line--says a lot about your moral character. How has your analysis been the most complete? You focused on his past performance, and said discussion of new offense/OC/new teammates, etc were excuses. You did EXACTLY what you are claiming others did. You also claim that you don't care if you are wrong, but your posts are the exact opposite. He has his 1st 100 yard game, and you say "Today he had that big game the fantasy world was waiting for.......I think that I've made clear why I would probably shop him after his big game". Meanwhile, you used that entire post to make excuses for that big game (he faced a soft defense for 3/4 quarters, etc). Meanwhile, he had 1/2 his yards, AND his TD when the Bucs were within 10 points; that isn't "garbage time." You make a few other posts before his 2nd big game, then you disappear until today. You want to cry about people calling you names, then don't give them a reason to. Don't troll, don't get your panties all in a wad when someone points out a flaw in your logic, don't come in this thread only when you think your point is supported, don't ignore it when it's pointed out that you're wrong, etc. Bayhawks dropping truth bombs.
  9. Lol I was watching the game and thought the same thing. Falcons are doomed for 2-3 years of mediocrity with "play it safe" Quinn at the helm.
  10. Well everytime McFadden needed a breather the team would go 5 wide with Cassel instead of the team staying in their base offense and letting Cmike back McFadden up.
  11. CJ looked good when he got the touches. Him and the running game as a whole fell victim to game flow with the Broncos down 17-0 at half. Hold/buy on the cheap where you can.
  12. Some subscription stuff is worth the money. I thought PFF's signature stats were well worth the $20. FBG's data dominator app is ridiculous good value for being free but won't be next year and I'll be tempted to get a subscription just for that app and nothing else. Basically I'll pay for data that I don't have time to sort through or can't access on my own and then analyze that data to make my own FF decisions.