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  1. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports Gardner Minshew is dealing with multiple fractures and a strained ligament in this right thumb.
  2. I got him but tough matchup this week as well
  3. Hope Tua looks good this week since I lost Dak but going up against the Rams and the added pressure of Burrow and Herbert looking like studs so far
  4. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports Christian McCaffrey (ankle) is considered a "long-shot" to play in Week 8 against the Falcons.
  5. dude really called out his team for not angrily reacting to dalton being knocked out; unfortunately for MM, he's lost the locker room I think especially considering random players are going to Slater to tattle on him. More unfortunately for Cowboy fans, he's not being fired; they will fire Nolan before anything
  6. so pumped to have him in my 2 qb superflex league where you have to keep track of your budget and contracts
  7. out for the season
  8. visiting the bucs and both sides are highly motivated to come together an agreement
  9. pick up justin jackson and or josh kelley if you haven't; I don't see Ekeler coming back this year
  11. That O line is atrocious and Washington D line is no joke
  12. Players coming out and crapping on the coaches: