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  1. NEW: Antonio Brown has been ordered by a Miami judge to appear for a deposition tomorrow morning at 9:30. The deposition, which will be videotaped, is part of a civil lawsuit alleging that he trashed a multi-million dollar condominium unit that he was renting in early 2018.
  2. Video of Antonio Brown During Body Fat Test from TMZ
  3. [Heitner] Antonio Brown has reviewed the sexual misconduct allegations made by an unnamed artist included in a recently published Sports Illustrated article and denies that he ever engaged in such activities. There will be no further comment at this time.
  4. My story on Antonio Brown, his spiraling self-sabotage, a new account of misconduct, and his bizarre string of debts. — Robert Klemko (@RobertKlemko) September 16, 2019 Exclusive: Accusations range from a previously untold account of sexual misconduct, a charity auction theft, multiple domestic incidents, and a long list of unpaid debts. Numerous conversations with people who have dealt with Brown, as well as reviews of court and police documents from three states, paint a disturbing picture…
  5. Statement from his lawyer:
  6. Federal Lawsuit Alleges Sexual Battery, False Imprisonment, and Battery against NFL’s Antonio Brown Complaint document here:
  7. [Rapoport] The #Chiefs and WR Tyreek Hill have agreed to terms on 3-year, $54M contract extension that puts him among the highest paid at his position, sources say. After an up-and-down offseason, KC and Hill make it clear they are sticking together.
  8. [La Canfora] The Chiefs are working on a contract extension with WR Tyreek Hill with the goal of completing it before season begins.
  9. [Kleiman] Update on Antonio Brown, in case you were thinking things will calm down. Antonio Brown has unfollowed the #Raiders on Instagram.
  10. [PFT] Starting to hear chatter of Julio Jones deal being done.
  11. [Tafur]One of the players holding Antonio Brown back from the near-altercation with GM Mike Mayock was ... Vontaze Burfict.
  12. [Acosta] Antonio Brown is slated to speak to the media today after practice. No word yet on any changes to that plan. Raiders @nflnetwork
  13. [Spotrac] It’s perfectly possible that the Raiders may soon look to void the guarantees for Antonio Brown’s 2019 & 2020 salaries ($14.6M in 2019, $14.5M in 2020) based on various incidents of conduct detrimental to the team. [Tafur] Antonio Brown was unhappy about being fined and had an exchange with #Raiders general manager Mike Mayock on Wednesday. He was held back by a couple of teammates, sources said, and is now facing a team suspension.
  14. That would have ####ed up Sander's long term value so much
  15. 4 year/$134M with 110 of it guaranteed