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  1. There's a lot to be impressed by with Hunt. 8.53 ypc, 538 total yards and 6 TD's through 3 games. Incredible. You don't argue if a 298 touch, 2870 yards and 32 TD pace is sustainable. You just sit back, watch that damn show and be amazed...
  2. All Cincy's offense needed to get some confidence and back on track was to play the Packers defense.
  3. In case others are wondering, Baltimore missed their flight. Instead of postponing the game, the NFL grabbed fans from the stands to take their place.
  4. I won't rank Cutler high enough to be on any of my rosters. If I had to start him some weeks, I'd really have to rethink the choices I've made in life. I do bump NE's defense up a couple of spots.
  5. Kind of how I viewed it too. I was really hoping to take Mixon at 1.05, but couldn't pass this up. TE is really my biggest need so 1.09 was a huge bonus. Other guy also has 1.06 and is in full-on rookie fever mode.
  6. Other guy is super high on mixon.
  7. PPR WR/TE flex Team A gave up Dixon, Kenneth BAL RB and Year 2017 Draft Pick 1.05 and Year 2017 Draft Pick 2.10 and Year 2017 Draft Pick 2.11 Team B gave up Henry, Derrick TEN RB and Hilton, T.Y. IND WR and Year 2017 Draft Pick 1.09 and Year 2017 Draft Pick 3.05
  8. Ted Ginn, #9 overall is the only that comes to mind. He fell to the 2nd in all my rookie drafts in 2007.
  9. I was looking at these stats at PFF before the draft. They love Hunt over there, and have to say I do too as he's my clear #5 RB.
  10. I'm more in line with this, but maybe more of a role for Foreman. The two compliment each other nicely. Miller has been playing well, and is valuable for what he is (>=200 rush, 50+ catch back). He just isn't the complete back that should get 300+ touches, or a goalline/short yardage pounder. When you consider that Houston finished 8th in the NFL for rushing yards (1859), but tied for 29th in rushing TDs (8), a back like Foreman makes a lot of sense for them to draft. I have Hunt ranked higher Foreman partly because I don't see Miller going away for the next few years.
  11. I like this pick. Wasn't he considered one of the better WR prospects a year or two ago? At least not a 7th rounder.
  12. Is this for real? Mays can bench 420lbs, ran a 4.5 40, and has a 40.5 vert.
  13. Agree with you Dr. D. Teddy playing the odds, and one of these 3 RB picks has got to hit!
  14. Maybe. Just not a fan of Joseph Smith's beliefs.
  15. He does, and I'll trust him here. Just living in Big10 land, it's not a name I remember hearing often, or ever. Although there really isn't much to say about Purdue, except maybe that they still have a team and uniforms. Or like I said to a buddy after the pick, you can't hit on every one, so I hope this may be one of the fails because I have high hopes for some of the others.