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  1. This is why I drive for both uber and lyft at the same time instead of just uber. At least if one does something to hurt business I can still stay busy.
  2. Guy who took first finished the regular season 6-5 and lost in the first round of the playoffs. Not a bad consolAtion price for not winning his league. Not sure on the playoff contest though my dad and I put two entries in from our winnings to have something to root for each week. I'm going to avoid qbs from Miami, Houston, and Oakland at the minimum.
  3. I don't disagree but for some reason in the FBG championship leagues everyone goes WR heavy. The first 9 picks were WR. The guy that won the other league I was in went WR his first 5 picks.
  4. Only 9 here. Carr, Mariota, DJohnson, Bell, Ware, dion Lewis, Edelman, Diggs, Sanu. I saw a lot of teams take wr early but still feel like RBs held teams together and hitting one of the QBs late instead of going early on someone like newton or Rodgers worked out great.
  5. Somehow I turned drafting Jamaal Charles, Josh Gordon, Arian Foster, and Kevin White in rounds 3, 5, 6, and 7 into an 8-3 FBG championship team. Thank you David Johnson for falling to the 10 spot ?
  6. He did though Beasley didn't help me any.
  7. Feeling pretty confident heading into the championship next week. Carr Bell, DJohnson, Ware Edelman, Diggs, Beasley (or sanu or ginn) Kendricks Bryant Atl vs KC or SF vs chi VS Winston or Roethlisberher JHill, Langford Evans, Dbaldwin, Dthomas, Crowder VDavis or Witten vinatieri KC vs Atl
  8. missed the playoffs by 8 points for the #4 seed. Guy who took the lead in the final week over me had Carr and Robert kelly. #1 seed with the best record finished dead last in points.
  9. Going to probably need a 10+ point game or better to make the playoffs in the fbg championship. I have Rodgers, jordy Nelson, and crowder going tonight and will need a consistent game from the above and have a spot left for either Ty Montgomery or Chris Thompson. Decision could possibly decide if I make the playoffs or not and have been going back and forth on it. Leaning Montgomery though co owner is pushing for Thompson getting 4-5 catches. Ease stark back in and Montgomery still get his reps? Thoughts? Thanks.
  10. Looks like my RB heavy team. Hopefully it's a winning strategy.
  11. My playoff team if the season ended now and currently 2nd in points. I'm not quite sure how. Rodgers, winston murray, west, Forsett, hunt, Chris Thompson, Cunningham nelson, ty Williams, ty montgomery, crowder, Jj Nelson, enuwana, gabriel gronk, witten arizona, Atlanta Feeling a little more confident in this one though: Mariota, Carr, Taylor Bell, DJohnson, Ware, Perkins, c west, d Lewis Diggs, Beasley, Edelman, Sanu Kendricks, Griffin steelers, Falcons, Saints, 49ers