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  1. FFPC Mike Williams for 1.07 I received Williams. Although I haven’t studied the rookie draft much (I typically wait until after nfl draft) I was not getting too excited for the draft pick. Good chance it ends up fairly even trade, I have more confidence in Williams than selecting a player at 1.07 thoughts?
  2. Deciding on my last roster spot. Presuming I keep Gallup and Moncrief, leaves 1 of these below to keep. I’m leaning towards going with most upside, maybe Foster over Hamilton. D Hamilton- not excited with Flacco Robert Foster- could continue to do well with Allen like end of last season. Though John Brown now added Paul Richardson- not much in Was for WR so could give him good opp Bruce Ellington- was definite cut though NE signing keeps him in the discussion Michael Crabtree / Jordy Nelson- old and no team. Who would you keep?
  3. FFPC this week Team A gives Lamar Miller Team B gives Curtis Samuel & Robert Foster (likely a drop on either team) Team A gives Curtis Samuel Team C gives Golden Tate So basically which point in time of Team A is better: with Miller, Samuel or Tate? Expect the player will be a flex in lineup this year.
  4. Looks like he may have thought he could submit new lineup each week as he didn’t have any Bye players. But everyone knows you can only make changes with the premium subscription 😉
  5. Moving on but for my roster I could only fit 9 for KC vs NO SB ($185) including both QBs but no Saints RBs. I guess technically if I had not picked Wilson and Burton (waste) I could have re worked for Ingram and squeaked by WC. I was aiming for 90-95 and had not made it past WC my first 3 years. I did hedge on WC with Dak/Wilson, Keke/Vinatieri, and Foles/Burton, so that I’d have 3 of those, 4 of KC/NO and 1 cheap NE (dorsett) for this Div round. Lucked out as I was only counting on Foles for WC. So 8 this round including 4 QBs should get me to the 140ish I was targeting. Will see if it is enough. More concerned for Conf champ but will see!
  6. Link in the week 18 material.
  7. I’d have Hill and Kelce in the top 10 instead of Gordon and Ingram. And Elliott would be outside too, maybe Edelman or Brady sneak in. In a 10 team league I’d see Elliott bunched up in 2nd round with other top guys, like Hopkins and Hilton, who are only like 50/50 chance for 2 games but very small chance more games. I’d def only pick 1st round player with good shot to go to Super Bowl.
  8. I like the one on its not free though. I do like the setup and have done it for 7 or 8 years. Best finish 12th for 5k. there is not as much duplication of lineups as you would think.
  9. Sig, tough/sad choices for flex 2 in FFPC playoffs. I think I want to go with most upside/chance to score TD. Flex#2 (pick 1): Barber, Crabtree, Ellington (already have Golladay at WR), Hamilton, Jordy, Gallup
  10. As of Sunday morning, he is in my lineup for 1 of my 2 dynasty teams. needed flex option this week and bench spot opened with Richardson going on IR so pickedhim up for few dollars. IN at flex over jordy, Smallwood and barber. yeah team not that good and my normal flexes are on bye: Crabtree and Miller. PPR so I think is good choice for this situation OUT at flex: though is close call. Instead I have Tate and Reed in (TE premium) at flex and Landry/Golladay at WR. D Thomas and Sutton on bye.
  11. Obviously Conner’s value and price have been rising but together I like your deals including very much for this year. if you get in playoffs with those 2 it will be big. While everyone has opinion or preference on Elliott vs Hunt I think most would simply agree they are same tier for dynasty RB. If you miss playoffs and the draft is determined by a consolation playoff bracket (like in FFPC) which you do very well in, then the deals gets closer but still not a loss IMO.
  12. FFPC: Team A receives Sanders and 4th Team B receives Ronald Jones and 3rd then Team A receives Allen Robinson Team C receives Sanders A and C are playoff contenders (6th and 5th places currently. Top 6 make playoffs). B is out of playoff race. I'm team A and I was not planning to then flip Sanders but thought was good value particularly if I miss playoffs. I'd say it works out for everyone though I think in long run I'll be happy to have gotten rid of RoJo. Thoughts?
  13. Same* for me, missed by 3. Yes it is disappointing to not continue on in this great contest. *though I didn't make 250 last year and my Achilles was Fournette. Good luck all.
  14. Don't ask on live TV
  15. He was one of my last swap outs as I had an extra dollar and 'upgraded' to Jeremy Hill. ??‍♂️ Going to be close for me this week at 138.55 right now. I have Gallman -3 and Hooper -8. Oh and Dalton -23.95 and Rosas -11.2