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  1. Not even close for me. Oh well.. michael Thomas and going cheap at QB were (part of) my fatal flaws... good luck to all remaining. Look forward to the playoff contest.
  2. Per Adam Schefter Titans: “This morning we learned that a staff member tested positive. We have temporarily closed our facility and are in communication with the league on the next steps.”
  3. Looks like Ramsey and Tate could get suspended for starting brawl after game
  4. YoutubeTV has it for $11/month as part of a sports pack. Youtube has 2 week free trial
  5. I picked Reagor since he should have good opp.. note Harmon (Last in the list) is not a rookie.
  6. Maybe sloppy game all around but yeah I also expect (/hope) high scoring. 41-31 chiefs but this time they are comfortably ahead the whole game
  7. Now @Joe Bryant should pick the posted lineup he thinks will be the best... but what will we give him if he is right?
  8. Ok this will* help me from tweaking it some more QB - Joe Burrow - CIN/9 - $11 QB - Philip Rivers - IND/7 - $8 QB - Mitchell Trubisky - CHI/11 - $4 RB - Ezekiel Elliott - DAL/10 - $34 RB - Chris Carson - SEA/6 - $21 RB - Zack Moss - BUF/11 - $10 RB - Antonio Gibson - WAS/8 - $9 RB - Chris Thompson - JAX/7 - $5 RB - Benny Snell - PIT/8 - $4 WR - Michael Thomas - NO/6 - $33 WR - Calvin Ridley - ATL/10 - $21 WR - Cooper Kupp - LAR/9 - $20 WR - D.J. Chark - JAX/7 - $17 WR - Marvin Jones - DET/5 - $13 WR - Bryan Edwards - LV/6 - $3 TE - Noah Fant - DEN/8 - $10 TE - Blake Jarwin - DAL/10 - $9 TE - Chris Herndon - NYJ/11 - $7 PK - Dustin Hopkins - WAS/8 - $2 PK - Stephen Gostkowski - TEN/7 - $2 PK - Sam Sloman - LAR/9 - $2 TD - Tennessee Titans - TEN/7 - $3 TD - Detroit Lions - DET/5 - $2 *may
  9. FFPC (TE premium) I traded Evans and Ebron, I received Kelce and E Sanders
  10. I think yes put I shant say out loud when on the rules page you can try to change all the parts of web address that reference the year.
  11. Just signed up for youtubeTv, including 2 week free trial. Redzone is part of $11/month sports pack. YoutubeTv also has all the networks (fox, nbc, cbs and fox) which is way better than what sling offers.. and with sling blue+orange+Dvr+other stuff it isn’t that different in price.. 🤷‍♂️ So I’ll cancel my sling. Though I may have had to agree with my wife to subscribe to the hallmark app in near future for $6/month since that appears to be one channel that sling has that YouTube does not. 😆 She loves those f’n xmas movies 😐🔫 😂
  12. Yeah currently dropped from SlingTV also since it is owned by Dish. And even with DirecTV it looks like you only get redzone with their new Sunday ticket Max which costs $400! And this article says you can get it through at&t even as a non subscriber if you live in certain cities (states most NFL markets) but, when I checked into it, still directv ridiculous prices
  13. Maybe related?
  14. Ok Yeah probably a bit...I guess I mean since he was RB#2 in total points last year. Just seems like a big drop on all rank lists. Would have thought some would have him RB6-8.. and in terms of this thread, a “known starter”