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  1. As a rookie in 2012, RG3 was 258/393 (65.6%) with 3,200 yards, 20 TDs, 5 Ints and rushed for 815 yards on 120 carries (6.8 YPC). I'm not sure it's accurate to say he has sucked for 3 years.
  2. That's a weird thing to say. Archie is 10 years younger than his brother Sean. Archie should be happy with the success he has had as HC of Dayton thus far.10 years ago Sean was in his second year at Nova and hadn't gone to the tournament yet. Archie has an Elite 8 from last year and he'll get votes for Coach of the Year this year. If he ends up at Texas or wherever, he might end up with a better career than Archie. Either way, he's way more successful at age 36.wat Sean Miller never coached at Nova. It was Xavier, but 10 years ago Sean hadn't made the NCAA tournament yet. Archie already has 4 wins.
  3. This is about as positive as I have been about a Browns season at this point in the season since they came back 15 years ago. They aren't going to win 12 games, but they could be at least an 8 - 9 win team and compete for the playoffs. Usually at this point in the season I have a list of about 8 positions that need a serious upgrade before next year if the Browns are going to be competitive, but that's not the case this year. Should be a fun season.
  4. Will the perception of the performance of the USMNT in the World Cup change if Germany plays Belgium in the finals?
  5. I think we had extra picks in rounds 1, 3 and 4 (no extra in 2nd). The only guy I would have wanted to move back into round 1 for was CJ Mosely. If we can come out of round 4 with a guard (or tackle), MLB, WR and RB this should be considered a big win of a draft, especially when you add in the extra picks in 2015.
  6. who's available?I think... Young Thigpen Skelton Favre and a few other stiffs. They should have already had someone in here. edit: Pat McManamon listed these guys in an article a few days ago, and also mentioned we tried to sign Tolzien off GB's practice squad but Tolzien wanted to stay there. I didn't know that was an option? think I'd rather have anybody on that list coming off the bench before Weeden. That's not very realistic, but the team (defense included) looks deflated like a flat tire when Weeden comes back onto the field. Just hoping I don't have to watch that again, ever.
  7. The Browns have to sign a QB. They go from a potential playoff team to a team that has almost no chance to win when Weeden comes in. At this point, they are still one play away from this happening. When Campbell went out of the game yesterday, I almost wanted to turn the TV off. Can somebody tell me why they haven't signed another QB yet?!
  8. How many more weeks will Weeden start? I'm wondering if they are worried about starting Campbell, because what if they put him in and he isn't good? How could you ever go back to Weeden as the starter? The Browns still have 9 games left, so they probably have to let Weeden start about 3 more. Then they can let Campbell start the last 6.
  9. Really, average QB? Read his post again. I see it now. Yes, they are a good team if they would only have an average QB. Unfortunately, right now they don't.
  10. Also, I think I'd take the trio of Hoyer, Gordon and McGahee over Weeden, Little and TRich. I think the offense is going to be better this week than the past 2 weeks. Any other Browns fans leaning that way? Anybody with me now? Weeden is awful.
  11. As a Browns fan I don't think the Browns are necessarily better without Trent, but I'll take what they have now PLUS a first round pick vs. having TRich back.
  12. Anybody think it's worth trying to land Freeman?
  13. No. I must be a few bottles behind you.How about now?McGahee had 8 carries for 9 yards.My initial comment wasn't limited to McGahee. I'd still take Hoyer, McGahee and Gordon over Weeden, TRich and Little.