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  1. 1). The IVC is essential. Gives more control and better UI/UX for self building lineups than some other generators (e.g. Rotogrinders). Other columns that were must reads for me every week were Dodds' Cracking Fanduel and Wisdom of the Staff. 2a). Defense x Position and Targets/Touches (raw, %, trends). Feel like you have access to this information on the site but it wasn't accessible easily from DFS page. This information was always a part of my DFS prep. 2b) Was going to suggest more of a Vegas totals' feature but reading this thread I found out about the Vegas Value Chart. I always used Rotogrinders Odds and Lines for team totals and O/Us because that is, IMO, the MOST important information every week. Lee adding some suggestions on to the raw totals makes the feature even sweeter. My recommendation for this feature is to move it higher up the page
  2. Best week of the year for me, by far. Both my main slate lineups hit Luck DJ Howard Hilton Edelman Crabtree Brate Augayo Pats - 140.72 Brees McCoy Kelley Nelson Cooks Crabtree Brate Gost Patriots - 140.66 Thu - Mon is sitting at 102.36 with Antonio Brown to go today. Merry Christmas everybody
  3. Damn didn't know there was a chance of that at all. Doesn't affect my Fanduels at all but could've snuck in a Jacquizz Rogers start on a RB needy dyntasy team this week.
  4. Love it when a plan comes together
  5. Nope, was more about wanting to get Jordy in than a statement on Olsen
  6. Shifting off Olsen to 100% Brate. Allows me to upgrade Edelman to Jordy in the LU on the left. Swapping M. Thomas for Edelman on the right to keep my exposure.
  7. What are peoples thoughts on multi-entrying the same lineup in the BIG multiplier contests? I see people do it all the time but I'm not sure if I've read an analysis on whether or not it's considered good practice. I would like a little more 3x exposure, preferably at the $2 level, but the offering of $2 3x's is so small.
  8. Drew Brees Andrew Luck LeSean McCoy Jordan Howard Rob Kelley David Johnson Brandin Cooks T.Y. Hilton Julian Edelman Michael Thomas Michael Crabtree Michael Crabtree Greg Olsen Cameron Brate Stephen Gostkowski Roberto Aguayo New England Patriots New England Patriots Here's what I'm looking at for the main slate.
  9. Four games off the main slate is really messing with my head when it comes to putting together my Thu-Lu lineup. I am usually a 1 lineup on thu-mon guy, and I couldnt decide if I wanted ODB or AB as my "spend up" receiver. It pushed me to make a no-stud RB LU that can fit them both: Drew Brees Jordan Howard LeGarrette Blount Antonio Brown Odell Beckham Jr Tyler Lockett Cameron Brate Robert Aguayo New England Patriots
  10. How are you guys approaching the slates this week? A lot of different options with the Saturday/Sunday games. Might mess around some with late 4PM with the Bucs/Saints Saturday at 425 PM, and AB from Ravens/Steelers Sunday. More to think about with the Thu-Mon slate vs Main than a normal week.
  11. Has been a roller coaster year for Cooks' dynasty value, but back to back seasons of 70+/1000+/8+ at age 23 is nothing to sneeze at. With TB at home and on the road against ATL, Cooks' end of year numbers could look even nicer. I know as an owner I wasn't happy about the downtick in targets lost to Michael Thomas but Cooks' production and age still have me very high on him.
  12. How do the 20 man money lines compare to 100 man? Have been using the 100 man as my "non-GPP-contest-above-5x". I suppose the 20 man cash lines could be highly variable.
  13. I find that annoying as well. Even on the main slate, I wish there were more $2 triple ups. There seems to be more 5x made available at $2 than 3x. Looking to be a positive week for me Main Slate: Ryan DJ Dixon AB Crabtree Gabriel Rudolph Bailey Bills - 127.24, cashed 2x, 3x, 5x, GPPs. Missed in all 100 mans. Taylor Bell Dixon BeckhamJr Watkins Gabriel Kelce Bryant Bills - 100.96. Watkins stack busted. Didn't cash anything. Thu-Mon Cousins DJ Bell Crabtree RAnderson Garcon Kelce Bryant Seahawks - sitting at 102 with Cousins and Garcon to go. my 5x money lines are at ~116 right now
  14. 3x, 5x, 100 mans, GPP mostly. But yeah, as some have said, Dodds' touted him in his weekly FBG column and I was looking for the salary relief. I bought too much into the "changing of the guard in BAL backfield" narrative without properly weighing the chance of a goose egg. In the end, 9.6 @ $5100 did not make or break anything.
  15. Wow. I have more Kenneth Dixon exposure than I'd like to admit and I was SWEATING before that TD.