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  1. 14 Team 0.5 PPR, QB 2RB 2WR 2Flex TE A: Trey Burton B: Kenyan Drake -- A: Lamar Miller B: 2019 2nd rounder, late
  2. 2 Lineups, 100% Conner. Not playing too much volume but sprinkling across 2x/3x/5x and leagues with friends Brady, Collins/R. Freeman, Hopkins/Hill/Cole, Conner, Gronk, Ravens Dalton, Kamara/Gordon, AJG/Hogan/Stills, Doyle, Conner, Jags best of luck
  3. Yeah the Brissett trade doesn't seem to fit with the timeline of decision making. Maybe Belichick expected to see decline enough in Brady this season to justify signing Jimmy G and when that wasn't the case, changed plans. At the time of the Brissett trade, I believe that Pats were thin at WR. But to your point, that is not the way you would go about adding depth at that position if you were planning all long to part ways from Jimmy.
  4. I have been thinking this as well -- Garropolo's play down the stretch has drastically altered evaluation of the trade. The last 3 QBs to be traded for a 1st round pick were Bradford 2016, Palmer 2011, Cutler 2009. Bradford had started 63 games before being traded for a 1st, Palmer 98, and Cutler the low man at 37. Hindsight evaluation can say Jimmy was worth more than all 3, but couldn't he have also run the risk of a Mallett level bust? Wickersham calls the trade "a steal"
  5. As some others have said, high cash lines this week but lucky to find myself on the right side of them. Brady, Hunt/Gordon, Cooks/Fitz/Crowder, Cook, Elliott, Chargers - 133.96. Average place of 44 in 100 man 50/50s Smith, Ingram/Burkhead, Evans/Landry/Crowder, Kelce, Lutz, Jags - 133.8. Average place of 44.3 in 100 man 50/50s Have a lineup sitting at 121.4, sitting right around the cash lines, with Tevin Coleman left to go. Onto the Thanksgiving Slate
  6. Liking cores of: Brady/Cooks/J. Cook Smith/Shepard/Kelce Tevin Coleman - cash game lock if Freeman scratches? $5900 brings some much needed salary relief. Having a hard time getting any Eagles into my lineups. Wentz is more expensive than Brady, Ertz is more expensive than Kelce
  7. Stuck with one lineup this week, played the above, with a last second swap of Hunt for Gurley Wilson, Gurley/McCaffrey, Dez/Crabtree/Gin, Graham, Nugent, Rams - 119.98. Cashed 50/50, 2x, 3x. Missed 5x by ~6 points. Needed a little more juice from the kicker, or Landry over Crabtree in the SNF.
  8. Curious what point thresholds they used for cash value. 2x salary for cash, 3x for GPP? That seems to be the standard in discussion around these parts -- same over there? I often use "should this player score more than 2x his salary?" as a heuristic during LU construction and while looking at projections
  9. Cash+ build at the moment: Wilson, Hunt/McCaffrey, Dez/Crabtree/Ginn, Graham, Nugent, Rams
  10. My flag plant of the week was a dud - high ownership across 50/50s and 2x but still was ugly. Wentz, Bell/Mixon, Baldwin/M Thomas/JuJu, Henry, Gost, Bengals - 120.14. Cashed 2x, 50/50. JuJu saved this. Cousins, McCoy/Ingram, AJG/K. Benjamin/D. Jax, Henry, Bullock, Seahawks - 100.62, just not enough juice. Slight down on the week due to hitting only cash wins on LU1, no higher multipliers to bail out the dud of LU2. Big misses at QB this week -- were plenty of signs pushing me off Wentz/Cousins but I didn't take them. No Wilson, no Watson. Also faded Zeke at the last moment to swap in Leveon, which hurt. Stayed afloat thanks in large part to JuJu.
  11. 100% Hunter Henry this week, 10th most expensive TE on FD vs 4th on DK. Henry is more expensive than Reed over there. I don't usually look across sites, I play exclusively FD, but came across that this week. Have been on Cousins and Wentz all week but seeing weather concerns. Has pushed me to unstack them, but still keeping them in my lineups. Wentz, Bell/Mixon, Baldwin/M Thomas/JuJu, Henry, Gost, Bengals Cousins, McCoy/Ingram, AJG/K. Benjamin/D. Jax, Henry, Bullock, Seahawks
  12. Came out ahead for the week, although narrowly as my second lineup nabbed the last paying spot in a handful of contests. I only entered 50/50s and 5x this week, with about 75% of the exposure being in 50/50s. I found that 3x was a middle that I didn't hit often -- my lineups that were taking down 3x were usually taking down 5x, or I was missing all together. Although I wonder if LU1 would've hit 3x this week. Additionally, I shifted my 2x play into all 50/50 play. Over the course of last season, I had an ROI difference of 0.11% between my 2x and 50/50 contests in ~$700 worth of entries. This year, I've been finding the cash lines significantly lower in the 50/50s to the point where some lineups that I would consider duds have scraped out a win. My Win%/ROI numbers for this year are heavily skewed for those two types of contests due to the fact that I just came off a winning week with only 50/50s, but have been having much better success with them in 2017 than 2x. LU2 is an example of the 50/50 beneficiary. I wasn't entered into any 2x yesterday but I doubt 115.58 was cashing. Ryan, Zeke/Ivory, Julio/R. Matthews/Fowler, Gronk, Succop, Vikings - 126.62. Thankfully had some Zeke yesterday. Cashed all my 50/50s, no 5x. Hundley, McCoy/Hyde, Dez/M. Thomas/Hogan, Graham, Gost, Bills - 115.58. Cashed ~60% of my 50/50s. All were 100 man contests and my average finish was 50.5
  13. I have a lineup that features a naked Hundley then running it back with Michael Thomas. Does the likely rain in GB scare anyone off their Hundley, or downgrade NO passing game? I have no Ingram so maybe a shift there. I can wiggle salary to get to Tyrod.
  14. What's your favorite way to get exposure to DAL this week? Dak, Zeke, receiving option? Bailey?
  15. Positive week, though Sunday night disappointments from CJA and Broncos D kept it from being a huge one. Watson, Freeman/Ingram, Hopkins/Thielen/Louis, Gronk, Hopkins, Broncos - 126.1. Cashed 50/50, 2x, 3x. Just missed 5x and 100 man lines by a couple of points. Ingram, Gronk huge for this lineup. Going into SNF with 120.1 thought I would be getting those quints no problem Ryan, Fournette/CJA, Julio/Crabtree/Landry, Griffin, Lutz, Ravens - 115.72 Cashed at 50/50s, 2x, missed 3x, 5x, 100. Almost got talked off my Ryan/Julio play but stuck with it, not to much success. Problem didn't end up being that the Falcons got up too big, but the opposite. Weird game and big deviation from Vegas expectations wrt total and spread. Falcons/Patriots next week so you know we're going back to the well, but something is clearly off in Atlanta. Fournette and Ravens kept this afloat Wins bring me back about even on the year but it's been a slog. Onto w7.
  16. Yeah -- I can't say I am touting him. Devonta Freeman and even Taylor Gabriel are nice ways to get exposure to ATL. However, the RG host who does the live show from 12:30 PM to 1PM right before kickoff brought up a point with regards to playing Julio that stuck with me: Julio is going to have a 7+/120+/1+ game at some point, and maybe you just have to keep playing him until it happens. Matchup isn't screaming favorable and the spread is so big that I get the gamescript concerns, but Julio will eat at some point. 30 implied total, at home, coming off the bye are enough to get me thinking this might be a week. Michael Thomas is an easy +100 pivot that I am keeping in the back pocket too.
  17. With Watson/Hopkins being the chalk stack of the week, looking at identifying my second. Messing with Rivers vs Ryan and a cheap TE. For the same price: Ryan/Julio/Griffin Rivers/Julio/H. Henry
  18. famous last words. Couple mediocre LUs, sunk by 100% Gurley. Onto W6.
  19. Davante Adams expected to play for GB. My Nelson/Cobb shares would've preferred a scratch but think I am going to stay on it.
  20. only on OAK for salary relief. Messing with OAK and a Kicker can get me from Clay to Ertz. EDIT: Read your post as you saying you were down on OAK, seems like you're on them, I am some too. Playing Powell. He was good for 25 touches last week and wouldn't be surprised by that again. Buying at the price
  21. I suppose there is a second one I like: Eli, Zeke/Bell, OBJ/R. Matthews/J. Brown, Clay, Crosby, Eagles. Couple WR pay downs on that roster but some studs. Matthews was to get off 100% D. Parker but if no Mariota have to assume a downgrade there. We'll see where I settle by Sunday as far as number of LUs
  22. building main slate lineups for the first time this week. My initial reaction is noticing the low projected point totals for the slate as whole. DAL is the only team projected to score over 26. I usually play 2 cash+ LUs each week but may stick to just one -- is there a reason to get away from that DAL/GB game? First pass: Dak, Gurley/Powell, Dez/Jordy/D. Parker, Ertz, Vinatieri, OAK
  23. didnt play too much this weekend but had a handful of $0.50 cent entries in sunday million satellites. cash lines for the 4/67 were ~150. Think those bucks are probably better thrown into a GPP than a satellite contest.
  24. Does anyone play the $0.12 or $0.50 satellites for Sunday Million tickets? I haven't played big GPPs and generally dont but have found myself wanting to play this contest more as the attention around it continues. But tickets pay out 1st of of 69 for $0.12 or top 4 out of 67 for $0.50 Are cash lines high enough where I'm better off buying a couple entries rather than fishing for them? How do you track satellites in your bankroll to justify their value?