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  1. Anyone have any ideas for resources useful for these particular best ball drafts?
  2. See topic. Open to pretty much any league type.
  3. Hartt, invite me.
  4. Also looking to draft tonight. Would do snake or auction. Similar price ceiling.
  5. Ideally $50 or less buy-in, prefer snake but would consider auction, don't care about PPR or not. Leaguesafe is desired. LMK.
  6. The team was called "team minard" but I managed to withdraw it from the league. Can you just send a new invite to Or if you need a different email address let me know.
  7. Oops. I clicked the link while logged into the wrong ESPN account. Can we fix this? *edit - left the league with that team. please reinvite.
  8. Lacking something to do tonight. Wouldn't mind drafting for another league. Anyone have spots available?