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  1. Simple question: Was offered Fournette for Mixon. Standard league. Have A.J. Green if that makes a difference. Don't think I need to put out my whole team due to RB for RB. What do you do?
  2. I wouldn't do it for Gio. If you need to, I think you could trade him for more.
  3. I'm going with D.Lewis, only because it's PPR, I think Titans will have to make alot of short passes.
  4. My Elliott + Baldwin + Burkehead For his Kamara + Mahomes + Mixon QBs - Mahomes, Roethlisberger RBs - Kamara, Mixon, Breida, Michel, Ekeler, Henry WR - Green, Goodwin, Brown, Allison TE - Kittle It's a 3WR 2RB league. No flex position. Got to shore up my WR corp, but feel a few of these RBs will get me WR2 value. Thoughts?
  5. Looking at trying to make a trade. Option A: Elliott for Mixon + Mahomes He literally just wants Elliott. He doesn't want to give up Kamara, which I wanted and I would have given up some more capital. Option B: Elliott + Green for M.Gordon + Thomas Feels like a useless trade. Gordon will be splitting targets, but Thomas has a great playoff schedule. QB - Roethlisberger WR - Green, Baldwin, Goodwin, Crowder, Allison RB - Elliott, Henry, Burkehead, Michel, Morris, Breida TE - Kittle
  6. I personally wouldn't do this trade. Nothing has shown me that Sarkisian can use him properly.
  7. Hey guys, Was ready for Kittle vs Min (apathy at its best). Bloom got me thinking of Goedert tonight. Who do you start?
  8. I have Goodwin and Crowder. Currently leaning towards Goodwin and Crowder. Only saying Crowder before Davis, because it sounds like Mariota is having trouble in the pre-season.
  9. Looking at your team, I feel that you got a really good starting line-up, but the bench may be a bit more meh. QB - Not high on Cam (Saints fan though) since he really doesn't have any WR's, but with Olson, McCaffery and his O-Line getting a bit of a miracle, take it for what it is worth. RB - Super strong here. You got THE RB1 and a solid RB2 who could be in the RB 10-14 talk at the end of the year, maybe even higher (see what Gurley did last year). The depth is great. WR - You really need Cooks to hit. I've heard Galloday is the WR3 on the team, so his snaps will be limited. Lockett should be good as well. TE - Njoku is a good flier. Clay can be dropped. Def - It's good I probably would have waited a bit longer on QB and got another WR versus getting Cam, but not sure which round you drafted him. I also wouldn't have drafted a 2nd TE or Def. If I were you, I'd consider looking at the WW and drop Clay and Pitts Def and pick up WRs like J.Brown (Bal), G. Allison (GB), T.Smith (NO), J.Ross (Cin). In a 1 QB short-bench league, I'm not overly active on getting a 2nd QB as Tyrod Taylor, Andy Dalton or Eli Manning can be placed in favourable matchups.
  10. What's everyone's thoughts of Henry + Baldwin + Kittle For Howard + Ertz?
  11. Yeah, I feel the same way. It would be great to package either Morris and Brieda or Burkehead and Michel, but it's unlikely anyone would want that for a starter.
  12. I grabbed Morris as a late round flyer in the draft and dropped my kicker to get Brieda, with McKinnon out. Love the late round fliers I have at WR and want to see what they can do, but I need a kicker in week 1. What do I do? QB - Big Ben RB - Elliot, Henry, Burkehead, Michel, Morris, Brieda WR - Green, Baldwin, Goodwin, Crowder, G.Allison (GB), T.Smith (NO) TE - Kittle Who should I target and what to offer? Who do you drop if no one wants to trade? Current targets: Howard, Gronkowski, Beckham, Fournette, Ertz, Maybe Graham
  13. Freeman in PPR. Howard in standard
  14. At the end of the day, go with your gut. I'm surprised he wasn't close to the top 4 or even above Barkley. So who knows.
  15. First, I feel your team is stronger if not as strong with Zeke over Brown. Second, unless it was an intentional blunder, don't go hard on the commissioner. It's really a thankless job that they do so they and 11 friends can have fun.