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  1. Not watching the game but only the box scores. When Michel gets the ball is it completely telegraphed where he’s going? He is great at picking up 2 yards
  2. I’d do it. Andrews improves you’re starting roster. Michel doesnt
  3. Huge upgrade but what’s your RB depth look like. Even with a pick up of Mostert I’d say go for it.
  4. I’m actually higher on Ridley than I would be for Jones. Ridley is going to consistently get you 10 pts per week and have a few breakout games. Where as Julio will have low floors taking on elite corners and double coverage, but can win you a handful of weeks. I wouldn’t be too quick to trade Evans as his day will come. Breida has a injury history and SF playoff schedule looks gross.
  5. Yeah, I’ve been fighting that too. I got enough WR depth even if it would be a 4 game suspension. I'm going to stream QBs with Stafford. Picking up Rivers for Miami next week. Don’t know if I should Keep Stafford, Rivers or Garropollo as my main guy though.
  6. What do you think his trade value is worth right now? Anyone make a trade with him involved? Looking at trying to get a QB for him. Thoughts?
  7. Just traded Lockett + Cook for Andrews + MVS originally I offered Fuller with Lockett but the guy still wanted a TE and countered. Feel good about this, especially with Metcalf and Fuller on my bench.
  8. Yahoo had Mixon over Cook. If it was start of the season I would have said Mixon was the safer pick and Cook was the boom/bust. 2 weeks in, I believe he can make some points up though
  9. I’m looking to pair him with one of my other WRs for a better player tbh. The targets won’t be there. Expecting a big game, but my league is more interested in getting the player before the big play
  10. Being offered Mixon for him. Would be fairly weak at WR. 2 RB 3 WR no flex Juju, Metcalf, Fuller, Robinson, MVS Kamara, Michel, Murray, J.Jackson, Mostert should I take it?
  11. Yeah. Can’t drop until Wednesday. He’s definitely gone. Thanks!
  12. Redraft Standard League, No Flex Position,1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Def, 6 Bench. My team went for 68 pts and 77 pts (need average of 94 pts to win) and will be 0-2. When I drafted this team, the dominator said I was 99% in with good managing. Obviously things change, but what do I do? QB - C. Newton, Big Ben, M. Stafford RB - Kamara, Michel, L. Murray, J.Jackson (LAC) WR - Juju, Antonio Brown, T. Lockett, W.Fuller, D.Metcalf TE - J.Cook K - Slye Def - Dallas I dropped my flier RB's (Darwin Thompson & Justice Hill) for Big Ben and Stafford to at least get a veteran QB that will get me points after watching Cam, but with the rest of my lineup hasn't felt like it should be hitting like it should. Would really appreciate a pep talk and some suggestions. Even sitting still is a direction to go in, but I might be overthinking things.
  13. Think they are just trying to wear the defense down and go inside?
  14. I have a hard time believing that Dalton will be a top 10. I’m thinking back to his stats over the last three years and they’ll lean to the run once Mixon is back. Could be wrong though!