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  1. Of course. You know this by now. Anti-Trump=RADICAL LEFTIST ANTIFA AMERICA HATING COP HATING SOCIALIST MARXIST TERRORISTS!!!! (insert Howard Dean screech here)
  2. Yes. We are absolutely equating Cardi B and a world-renowned scientific publication. Go burn your strawmen somewhere else.
  3. This is so stupid. There will be debates. Not a 4 hour marathon moderated by Rogan, but typical debates. If you honestly think Biden's mental acuity is a reason to not debate Trump, you're being willfully ignorant of Trump's own spiraling mental state. I think it's more likely that Pelosi et al are afraid that Trump would go on one of his patented free-form stream-of-consciousness word-hash diatribes that contained so many lies and insults toward Biden and his family that ol' Joe would haul off and deck him. That would actually be really awesome: [Biden, fists still raised, standing over Trump's bloated, moaning form, writhing on the floor ]: "Call me sleepy Joe again, ya ####er! I dare ya! Who's the cuck now, #####?!" [End scene]
  4. Herb


    I know where you're coming from, but that's not really what I meant. Gingrich became speaker in January of 1995. While he was elected to congress in 1979, he really made his name in the early 90s after Clinton was elected. That's when he made gridlock and partisan obstruction the norm in congress. Limbaugh has been lying and spreading hate and division on a national scale since August of 1988 and was a wildly popular radio personality in California before that.
  5. Yeah, this whole dueling FF sites is laughable. I checked it out this morning because Tim mentioned it in his thread. Very informative. Just complaining about this place, a bit of overt bigotry, calling out Joe, Maurile and Clayton and a couple of posters over here. They are basically exemplifying the worst kind of stereotypical Trump supporter behavior. But I did get some confirmation on my opinion of a couple of people I won't mention.
  6. No kidding. Do you think perhaps the same is true of Biden, who is seemingly much less progressive than Obama?
  7. You're gonna need to be careful about the jokes. I got the axe recently for saying something as a joke, and included a "this is tongue in cheek" disclaimer in the post. Mods are too busy to deal with the PSF nonsense now. It's football season baby!
  8. 9/11 was my first foray into the FFA. That thread on ol yellow was tremendous. I worked out some anger and confusion there, along with lots of others. I spent 8 days in Manhattan for work in the immediate aftermath and have some crazy vivid memories from that time. The one that really sticks with me is being right outside the police barricades as 20 or 30 FDNY members trudged through after spending god knows how many hours searching for life in the rubble. Their exhaustion was palpable. Every single person standing there watching them gave a giant cheer and applause. One of the most moving things I've ever witnessed. Choking up now.
  9. Jeez Jon. I don't remember or frankly care about your thoughts on events from nearly a decade ago. I'm talking about TODAY, in Donald Trump's America, and your refusal, despite your declaration of fact-seeking, to ever move off of your original positions about pretty much anything. I'm not saying you're wrong to have those positions, I'm saying stop acting like you're the final arbiter of objective truth when your opinion NEVER changes regardless of evidence.
  10. If this is in fact what you do, how is it that you always come away with the same opinions? Media bad, liberals bad, BLM bad, democrats bad, Trump also bad. But I will always defend the conservative viewpoint and trash those that disagree as brainwashed police hating marxists because systemic racism is made up. Seems like your "facts" are pretty slanted themselves.
  11. We vote for a lot of things, mostly local. In fact, voting for the leader of the nation is only a small fraction of what we vote for. None of the other things you mention are guaranteed to citizens in the US constitution. Barriers to voting are diametrically opposed to that document.
  12. Awesome. @spodog great thread idea. Let's remember that the vast majority of these men and women are good people that are in it to serve.