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  1. Here ya go again, Saints, trying to piss up the same rope. I love ya man, but your keyboard is taking a beating it just doesn't deserve.
  2. Yup. Desensitized to the point where a racist president is being defended by people that aren't racists. Sad.
  3. What's YOUR point? I was just making light of a post about apple pie and hot dogs. No deeper meaning than that.
  4. Jesus. I'm saying apple pie (maybe 5th or 6th best kind of pie) and hot dogs (maybe 5th or 6th best kind of meat to put on a bun) are mediocre. I tend to avoid sweeping generalizations of large groups of peopel.
  5. Maybe I missed it. Is the perp in this incident actually associated with antifa? Or are they just glorifying his actions? Regardless of the answer, what this guy did was vile and he will not be missed. No excuse for this in the name of any ideology. Also, as a (pretty) liberal guy, I can meaningfully say, f--- Antifa. I want no part of the broad associations that come with their actions.
  6. I don't know that Buttigieg is 'my candidate' but I do like him. I hope you're wrong about the gay thing being a deterrent, it may be among blacks. Give Trump and the GOP more time to piss off assorted minority communities and get back to me in April next year. Maybe blacks will be so fed up they'll vote for anyone with a D behind their name, like lots of other people. In July 2015, Trump had no shot. His campaign was a novelty back then. We all know how that turned out.
  7. We're over a year out from the election. At this stage in 2015, no one considered Trump a 'savior' either. At this point he was basically a punchline (and still is to many). Very much disagree with your take on Sanders. Dems need someone young and fresh who doesn't have decades of DC swamp stink attached to them. No Sanders, no Biden, no Warren (although I personally like her). Buttigieg is practically perfect IMO. Still way too early to tell what's going to happen.
  8. Agree Trump is the luckiest dude like, ever. Dem party in shambles? Meh. Maybe. They've been a joke for a while now. But I'm old enough to remember how the GOP was over, done, a smoking slag heap, in need of a total teardown/ rebuild... And then Trump won the election. Careful what you believe.
  9. THIS. For the love of all that is holy... THIS. Most of these issues would go away if a dozen people would just put Sho on ignore.
  10. Herb


    Yes. I should have been more clear. If items found in Epstein's possession or Epstein's testimony can lead to the successful prosecution of other rich, powerful, influential people that were also involved in said pedo ring, etc...
  11. Herb


    I've been wondering about this. If a global elite pedo ring gets outed and a bunch of rich, well connected people end up in jail (hopefully), then does that justify some of the Q fervor? But then, in Q land, Trump was the guy that was going to be responsible for nailing these POS's. What happens if he is one of those implicated and also goes down for it? Would a q-anon adherent spontaneously implode if this happened? Would DJT's involvement somehow just be written off as the deep state's revenge against the heroic Trump? Are there actually any Q believers left out in the wild? So many 'Q'uestions...
  12. Your face is impossible. SKOL