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  1. Wow. Avail and the Misfits are the only two bands that compete with D4 or Pegboy for punk rock supremacy in my brain. They were great. And yeah, Barry's stuff is nothing like Avail. Still solid, but not really my thing mostly.
  2. Just purchased tickets to a Dillinger Four 25th anniversary show at the legendary First Avenue in Minneapolis on Saturday Dec 14th. With ####### Pegboy opening. 2 of my all time favorite punk bands in one night. Hopefully I don't hurt myself in the pit. But most of the attendees will be just like me, middle aged punks stoked to relive some of the old glory.
  3. I'm ashamed he is my president. And of some of my fellow Minnesotans.
  4. So... Our military is just fully for hire now? Private contractors for Trump and anyone who'll pay enough for it? The Kurds are broke, they don't matter. But the Sauds have all the wealth you could ever hope to get your hands on. I take it all back. Trump is shrewd AF at business. He does whatever the hell he wants, gets whatever he wants, and US citizens pay all the overhead. In money, resources and blood. Pure profit. Genius.
  5. Jesus this thread. I'm a pretty liberal guy. But the PC brigade drives me bat#### crazy. I grew up in a rural, overwhelmingly white area. I used to use slurs in my youth, not because I was a bigot, but because they were accepted and I was trying to be funny or fit in and I was stupid. A good example would be calling things that you didn't like or thought were ridiculous "gay." "God I cant believe they're forcing us to read Tale of Two Cities. So gay." I got older and left those areas and met more diverse people and adjusted my attitude about how I thought and spoke. Out of respect for others. But when exactly did being offended become the worst thing that can happen to you? When did it become a mechanism with which to completely shut people out or down? Freedom of speech in this country means sometimes you're going to hear something offensive. I say things many times per day that someone would find offensive. Like swearing. I have a filthy mouth. Now I get that at certain times and places like work or church or the presence of young children are out of bounds. I willingly play by most polite societal rules. But if I'm walking down the street or sitting at a bar talking to friends and I say something someone near me considers offensive and they get uppity over it? #### you. Go be offended. I don't care. You don't have the right to try to shut me up and it's not my responsibility to make sure you feel "safe." Now, if someone were to calmly say to me, " I don't appreciate that" I'd likely apologize. Respect should be given, but frankly sometimes needs to be earned. @Henry Fordis an upstanding dude. So is @rockaction. Dog piling either of them is ridiculous and self-serving. People make mistakes. Some of y'all need to unpack your panties a bit and get over yourselves.
  6. Hadn't heard about this. You got a link? There's a massive Somalian population in Minnesota. I work with three Somalians. What they've been through cannot be put into words. If Trump called them out and the crowd booed them it's beyond scuzzy. I feel less disgust toward the protesters calling the attendees of that rally racists as they left the event if all this in fact occurred.
  7. I bet now it'll be a lot easier for him to live with himself at least.
  8. BREAKING NEWS! WHEN A BUNCH OF PEOPLE GET TOGETHER IN THE SAME PLACE THERE ARE SOME ###HOLES IN THE CROWD!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT! SAVAGES!! SAVAGES!!! Jesus. And of course those ###holes definitely represent everyone that doesn't like Trump. WE'RE ALL SAVAGES!!! #### TRUMP AND THE POLICE YO!! ( and before Noonan reports me, this post is satire and not me actually threatening police)
  9. I laughed. Aren't you going to this tonight Bootsie?
  10. Or ot could be an absolutely beautiful example of the power of the people voting out the malignant tumors that call themselves GOP senators. Assuming of course, that the elections aren't rigged like a game of three card monte. Which, incidentally, would explain the continued defense of POtuS by the majority of said malignancies.
  11. Why is this? Most libs don't give half a #### about her. Only a small minority of progressives support her policies. She gets the press because her opinions are sufficiently left of center that she can be painted as "the face of the democrats" and be made into a right proper socialist boogeyman. The conservative press gives her WAY more attention than the liberal press or MSM. They're just stoking the flames. AOC is perfect for the cause.
  12. I agree with (HULK). Mitch McConnell is every bit as self serving as Trump, and he's a helluva lot more cunning and savvy. He's facing a tough re-election campaign in 2020. At some point it will become politically expedient for Mitch to divorce himself from Trump. It may not have gotten to that point, but it will. And it will happen fast. I honestly think Trump won't last his term. He'll either resign, get removed or have a catastrophic health event occur. At some point there will be a smoking gun or critical mass that makes the Reps continued defense of Trump untenable. They'll foresake him attempting to save their own ###es.
  13. Ya know what explains with crystal clarity pretty much everything this guy has done since he was inaugurated? He's a Russian asset actively working to destabilize the US and all of our allies. But #### it all. #MAGAjobseconomywealthstupidlibsocialistagenda2ndamendmentscarybrownpeople
  14. Meh. I may occasionally be rude, and for that I apologize. But I'm not condescending. I have a solid respect for the conservative posters on this board, even the Trumpers, and have gone out of my way on occasion to show that respect. I enjoy hearing different perspectives and having my opinions challenged. Sometimes they even change. I do not however have respect for those that revel in ignorance and act like trolls. I can count on one hand the people in this forum that fit that description IMO, which is why I like this place so much.
  15. So as to avoid quoting the guy that many have on ignore, @Raylan, where do you get your news from?