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  1. Read this thread. Most of us can't stand Bloomberg. He is the ONLY Democratic candidate that wouldn't get my vote over Trump. I'd leave POTUS blank, while voting Dem all the rest of the way down the ticket.
  2. After reading this stuff about Bloomberg, is anyone surprised that he's only a couple years removed from being a Republican??? I couldn't have fathomed a month ago that there could possibly be a dem candidate that would be so loathsome as to make me not vote for POTUS in 2020. And yet here we are...
  3. Okay, that's fair, I should have said literally in the process of trying to buy the presidency. It's an oversimplification, but not incorrect, IMO.
  4. Don't presume to know what me or my motivations are. Yours is a supremely dooshy and condescending post. I'm totally on board with some of Bloomberg's policies. But if Trump has shown me anything, it's the disaster that can result in overlooking fatal flaws because "I like his policies." Bloomberg is literally in the midst of buying an election. Something even Trump isn't willing to do (if only because he's too greedy and doesn't have Bloomberg's resources). He's showing a blueprint for what one incredibly wealthy and smart guy can do if he decides there is no limit to what he's willing to spend to do it. If he wins the nomination, he'll be willing to wallow in the muck with Trump, which I also find disgusting. If he wins the presidency, it's not like hes going to stop buying things if expense is not a concern. A guy like this could literally buy bipartisan support. It's not like any of the members of Congress are going to stop him. They'll line up with their hands out. These things are non-starters for me. I won't compromise what I feel is right just because I can't stand Trump.
  5. This is the only guy that could win the Dem nomination that would keep me from voting D in this election. He is everything we're scared the next President could be after all the horrible precedents Trump has set. He's got more money, he's a lot more smart and savvy than Trump, and he can buy the endorsement/silence of anyone and everyone that matters. Hell, he isn't even a Democrat! Let's not let our disdain for Trump set us down this path. Bloomberg has the potential to be worse. The campaign he's running and the methods he employs are antithetical to what we as a nation are supposed to represent.
  6. Tim I'm just giving you crap. I know you have a pretty well rounded taste in music. This punk band list is waaaaay better than your New Wave list, BTW
  7. One of the greatest soundtracks ever. But no way Tim puts anything from that on this list. It's all punk, not new wave, and from what I've observed Tim's knowledge of punk begins and ends with X's Los Angeles. He may have a passing knowledge of the Ramones and Sex Pistols.
  8. Song always makes me think of Nic Cage hiding in the shower at the party waiting for that chick Julie (who's truly dazzling) in Valley Girl. Enjoying this Tim, even if some of your choices are borderline ridiculous As an aside, I have a DVD of that film that features a different song in that scene. They must not have secured the rights for it for that particular release. It was jarring the first time I saw it.
  9. Damn, always wondered why I never saw a thread for this show. Been my favorite for a few years now. Just finished the last episodes. For a surreal, farcical adult animated show combining anthropomorphic animals and humans in a place like Hollywoo(d)(b), a surreal, farcical place in it's own rite, to be the most emotionally challenging, complex and satisfying show I've ever seen is a brilliant feat of creativity. I am going to miss the hell out of this show. Top 5 all time for me.
  10. @Opiegiving that a smiley is pretty good shtick, gotta admit.
  11. JFC. I have noticed @Opie and the little game he's playing. It's kinda childish IMO, but since when do any of us have the right to never be bothered or annoyed by something?
  12. What point is that? You made a post in another thread about how no Democrat can be trusted. But you definitely see how it's a "both sides" problem and not just tilted toward one side. You seem like a bright, decent dude. But you are claiming to be above it all while wallowing in the slop. Just like the rest of us.