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  1. Let's not forget Trump no longer feels a need for the Coronavirus Task Force.
  2. File this under: "Things that never would have flown in ANY prior administration." The POTUS pimping a third-rate "news network" while in office as his son attempts to invest in said network. Also, how is he going to appear on DTPN (Donald Trump Propaganda Network) after losing the election? It'll be really hard to do if he's wearing stripes and shackles after a litany of indictments drop on his psychotically-coifed head in January. The fun aspect of this would be watching Fox's talking heads turn on him like a Sit-N-Spin if he actually goes through with it.
  3. Meh. The money isn't being returned because Mr. Bennett had a crisis of conscience or even for PR reasons. His hotel conglomerate isn't sure they can maintain compliance with the requirements involved with receiving the PPP money, therefore they're giving it back. No doubt if there was a way to keep it, he would have.
  4. My bad. All of them and Business Insider quoting the Buzzfeed report.
  5. NY Post and Daily Beast also reporting it.
  6. I'm with you in spirit. But I've never played the game. I've almost always left the POTUS choice on my ballot blank. I would never vote for a candidate in any election just because they were the lesser of two evils. I had to believe in them. We see how that turned out. Out of curiosity, how old are you, Ren?
  7. You could put literally anything after the colon and it wouldn't matter at this point. I will vote for a puddle of hyena entrails and bat guano over Trump. At least the puddle would know better than to vomit garbage all over Twitter a hundred times a day.
  8. It sure as hell does! Jesus, Hillary is still public enemy #1 amongst you Trumpguys. How exactly you think he got elected? I can absolutely assure you that my vote in November is -100% pro-democrat, 200% anti-Trump.
  9. PM me if you want to get some recommendations on individual tracks and artists. Love me some house music!
  10. I won't argue either of these points. Graceland is pretty awesome. I think the biggest reason I never gave Bowie a shot was because most of the stuff that got heavy airplay didn't do much for me. I never understood the love for the Ziggy Stardust era. His dance pop 80s stuff was good, but way overplayed. But after doing some digging, some of his deeper tracks are astonishing. Maybe I'm not listening to the right stations at the right times, but I've never heard Heroes on major classic rock radio; only on smaller, non-corporate independent stations and Sirius. Now Heroes is not exactly some obscure b-side, but it never charted, IIRC. And it never got the love or recognition that much of his catalog received. And it's a flawless got-damn masterpiece.
  11. Not spineless. Pragmatic. Mayo clinic is going to be applying for likely millions of dollars of federal aid. As a result of the pandemic, they've instituted pay cuts, FTE cuts, benefit cuts and furloughs. Their projected losses this year are somewhere between $900 million and $3 billion. Who exactly is going to stand up in front of the VP, tell him to wear a mask, and risk passing off the most petty, vindictive administration ever, thereby potentially putting at risk all those aid dollars? Bad situation, but I'm not putting blame anywhere but squarely on Pence. Not such a good dude.
  12. I think when an individual exhibits the same patterns of behavior over and over, it's perplexing when someone else is surprised by that behavior. Your incredulity seems more strange to me than what you're responding to.
  13. Used to detest Simon and Garfunkel. Now I think they were pretty OK. Despite listening to massive amounts of classic rock radio over the years, and having a serious, long-term, live-in (ex)girlfriend who was a superfan, I didn't really start getting into Bowie until after he died.
  14. Let's not forget that Mike Pence, in the current administration, is the ONLY PERSON IN THE ROOM THAT RESEMBLES A REASONABLE ADULT. Resembles being a key distinction.