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  1. At this point, the efficacy of the hacking is essentially meaningless. No one is disputing the outcome of the election. The facts are that the hacking occurred, and Trump's campaign AT BEST allowed contact between itself and the Russians, failed to contact the FBI when it did, and covered it up after the fact. That's assuming the campaign wasn't in direct coordination the entire time, which would be a criminal conspiracy. There is a lot of evidence (not proof) that this is what actually occurred.
  2. The entirety of the GOP contracting rabies would actually explain quite a lot...
  3. I'm in a union job right now and hate it. I've always supported unions, and have a number of friends and family that swear by unions. But where I am, all the union does is take monthly dues and protect worthless, lazy idiots from getting ####-canned, which is what they deserve. Basically your job and raises are guaranteed as long as you show up and don't assault a coworker. Actually performing work is optional. I'm trying like hell to get out. My benefits are awesome, though...
  4. Continue fighting the good fight, @SaintsInDome2006. I know I speak for many when I say that you're one of the best, most knowledgeable posters in the PSF and we greatly appreciate your insight. I learn things from your posts, even if certain others don't. Or refuse.
  5. You are extremely insightful, being able to read mine and others' minds. You're quite the new asset to our community.
  6. Thursday wont solve anything. The predispositions have been set. It won't change anyone's mind.
  7. We all know it won't bring him down. You're regurgitating bull#### and not showing your work. While we do our wishing, why dont you continue believing you'll come out on the correct side of history after Trump gets pounded in 2020? Wishcasting is bipartisan. Everyone can do it.
  8. Not in my experience. I've never worked a job (and I've had a lot, though not in the public sector, only private) where wages fluctuated at all dependent on opting in or out of health insurance. I did negotiate a higher wage at one point from an employer that did not offer any coverage. Also, if employers are no longer responsible for health insurance according to this plan, could we close some tax loopholes, raise corporate taxes significantly, and large corporations could still conceivably come out ahead fiscally? Insuring all those employees costs huge $$$.
  9. It is astounding to me that I have never heard this album before Tim posted it. I'd heard of it, but somehow, despite this type of record being in my and many of my friends' wheelhouses stylistically, the first time I listened to it was a couple days ago. And it is spectacular. Hearing it for the first time, it sounded to me like something recorded in the mid 90s, not the early 90s. Cutting edge stuff. I love it. Yaknow how sometimes you wish you could go back and hear an album or song or artist for the first time? For those of you that have been listening to MBV for a lot of years, you can live vicariously through me right now. I'm just beginning my exploration of it, and it's rad. Thanks, @timschochet and @rockaction for posting it and reacting to it, respectively. This sort of thing is why I love the FFA.
  10. Dancing On My Own was literally my #11 song. Losing You and Hey Ya are so freaking great. All of the Lights by Kanye missed my cut. My 10: 10. Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats- I Need Never Grow Old 9. The Distillers- The Young Crazed Peeling 8. My Chemical Romance- Welcome To The Black Parade 7. MGMT- Time To Pretend 6. The Bouncing Souls- Lean on Sheena 5. Eminem- Lose Yourself 4. Japandroids- The House That Heaven Built 3. Angels & Airwaves- The Adventure 2. Kid Cudi- Pursuit of Happiness (Extended Steve Aoki remix) 1. Hold Steady- Constructive Summer
  11. I'd qualify it as not so much your favorite songs overall, but perhaps the best songs by the artists that most moved you since 2000, or the songs that you can't imagine having not heard. That's how I'd qualify it, anyway. F it, I might just have to fill one of these out. I'd probably be down for this draft.
  12. Nice list. Your #1 could actually make my top 10, and I'm pretty sure I'd have a song by The National on there as well. Arcade Fire also a nice choice, even though they are super hit-or-miss for me.
  13. It did. Still the only X rated film to win a best picture Oscar. I believe the only one ever even nominated.
  14. You must be in/around the Twin Cities. The Current's countdowns are awesome. I thought about submitting for this but I dont know how I'd ever narrow the choices down to only 10. This is one of my favorite radio stations ever. Best thing to happen to MN radio since the halcyon days of REV105 over 20 years ago.