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  1. There's Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po... And now the new one, Martellutubby.
  2. Updated 6/3 for all positions. Included are updated player notes, except WR which have not been updated but have been cleaned up to get rid of comments that have become erroneous or obsolete with the passage of time. I'll get the WR notes done in the next few days. after my vacation. I've run out of time. I've been away from this thread awhile, busy with so much other stuff. I'm going on vacation 6/6 for a week but will do my best to catch up and comment on posts above before I go. after I return. I have a few rants in mind I hope to get out there. Edited 6/5... I'm out of time before my trip.
  3. Staffer! Way to go there spud!!

  4. The post-draft rankings update is now completed and posted for all positions (5/12). I'll be updating the FBG main site dynasty rankings pages tomorrow. It's later than I'd hoped, but a lot of other things have been going on since the draft and time has been really limited. Over the next few days I'd really like to get back to the discussions we were having and follow up on the comments and questions that never got addressed. Thanks for your patience.
  5. Post-NFL draft update is done 5/4 for QBs, with notes. I'll be working on the rest this weekend.
  6. If you're looking at the the list in the post #1, that's not updated post-draft yet. When I post the fresh rankings he'll be WR43 in tier 4.
  7. You do know that the expression "break a leg" isn't meant to be taken literally, right? :)Looking forward to your comments. Any schlub can make a list of players, but it's the "why" that's ever so important when trying to decide how much you want to weigh those rankings when developing your own. Thanks for the good work!Thanks.Was a high ankle sprain and some circulation issues, but it's under control now.I spent more time than I'd hoped with the FBG rookie rankings tonight (it's sort of a time consuming process when you're inputting the first pass), so the shark pool update will be up tomorrow.If my leg doesn't fall off.
  8. I just finished updating rankings today, and needed to post to FBG site first. They are up there. 50QB, 75RB, 90WR, 50TE are at FBG rankings page for those who want to go now. for QB. I'll have this thread updated tonight I think. All the notes will not be done, but the rankings will be there. Hard to believe it's been 30 days since I updated this thread. So much has happened since then. Finishing tax filing deadline 4/17, the stuff that needed to be extended then had to get done, and then a leg injury and Doctor / hospital time during this past week. It's been sort of nuts.
  9. Tonight I have added my QYR (Quality Years Remaining) numbers. They are shown after player ages and are in bold italics. The discussion of what these are all about, for those not familiar with them from my previous Shark Pool threads, will have to wait until tomorrow (hopefully) or Wednesday. Then I can try to address some other points raised in this thread a little better. I'm off to eat, drink, and watch college hoops and am done here for the night.
  10. Re newly traded Mike Goodson (to OAK), I'd still keep him ranked about the same, in the longshot category. New note added in OP: Trade doesn't really change much of anything, except maybe give him a bit more 2012 value competing with Taiwan Jones as McFadden's backup. He's still a free agent after 2012 and his value will depend on where he goes and what opportunity it represents. Had some good production in 2010 both as runner and receiver when given a chance and could find fantasy value in new digs if things break right. He's a fumbler though, so that hurts his chances of getting a significant role.
  11. Congrats on the new role.

  12. Man, how did I do that. I read your post, did some looking at some things and thinking about it, and it somehow slipped my mind to ever follow up with a reply. Sorry Brandon. Tonight before bed I'll follow up hopefully. If not, in the AM.Short version is I still like where I have Mike Wallace and DeSean Jackson, but will probably agree I have Antonio Brown too low (not as high as you suggest though).
  13. Absolutely! Like you, I was very happy when FBG added the note scroll over thingy ability and definitely intend to use it liberally.
  14. Answer #1 -- your grandma knows more about IDP than I do. My motivation to get up to speed or be involved in IDP leagues has always been zero. Sorry! Answer #2 -- once these rankings go online at the main site the copy paste will be easy. I'm guessing that'll happen within a week or two. Will that be enough? Somewhere in this thread I explained that the spreadsheet I use feed from other spreadsheets, and to post the rankings here I have to do a few manual manipulations to prepare for posting. What you'd see sitting in my chair looks very different from what you see looking at the rankings in this thread. I've already ditched the post-manipulation spreadsheets (one per position) I used for posting, and I'm hesitant to open a can of worms recreating it and sending guys stuff one by one. But let me think about this and if the rankings I put on the site don't suffice, PM me.