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  1. Didn’t deserve to even have a shot at the end. Defense was bad. Offense was bad. regroup and beat OSU don’t know how but do it and still alive
  2. I think that a close loss to Minnesota is better than a close loss to OSU if playoffs are the end goal. Reverse that if you are hoping for the Rose Bowl. Or more simply we could just win out.
  3. Would also like some direction on optimizing a free bet. The matches are easy. This takes more consideration.
  4. Some extra balls for Ridley in Atlanta rest of season one would hope.
  5. Two things: 1. The get out to a lead and then watch it get chipped away as the offense disappears game plan is truly exhausting. That’s not going to get the job done in Columbus. 2. Where the hell was Noah Cain!? Back to back 100 yard games and he gets a half dozen carries in a 21-0 ball game. Head scratching.
  6. Wow. 21-0 to 28-21. Total escape. But 7-0 is 7-0. Onto Sparty.
  7. As with Iowa, cautiously optimistic. hopefully we have a better game plan for our opening offensive series tonight though.
  8. My dad and I had seats in EJ for from my age 6-16. Noting better than when the next section over had opposing fans.
  9. This week is prime time. Sparty is a 3:30.
  10. I’m not usually one to complain about refs but wow that was an abomination last night.
  11. I’m sort of cautiously optimistic about tonight. I know I shouldn’t be going to Iowa at night but I feel like this D is really coming together.
  12. My dolphins deserve the L here. They are actively tanking. The Redskins just lucked their way into this.
  13. Biggest game of the season to date coming up. A skins team in total disarray versus the tanking fish. Don’t blow it now Dolphins! we get through this, that late season Cincy game looms large.