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  1. Tonight he’s just spending the evening accusing joe Scarborough of murder and retweeting someone calling Hillary a skank. After he played a round of golf. As we hit 100,000 dead from Covid. That’s our president.
  2. I want to tax high income at an effective rate that applies to all high income earners. My retort was that those folks that were getting away with #### at 70% are still getting away with it today. Except now they’ve got 30% less skin to worry about.
  3. good news. Loopholes still exist and the marginal tax rate is under 40%. Looks like high income folks are doing well!
  4. Totally intellectually dishonest. And you know that. I appreciated your earlier engagement but to say that Trump’s history begins and ends with one positive achievement since he has no political resume is absurd.
  5. And Trump would have voted how on these bills...
  6. I think especially economically I have a hard time reconciling disparate views on Obama/Trump. Obama left office with somewhere around 5% unemployment. Prior to covid, Trump saw that number drop to 3.5%. Both are flirting with full employment figures. Stock market and deficit were pretty comparable from what I’ve seen.
  7. I actually really appreciate that. How do you view that versus the lens of what came before him? I see quite a few aspects of that profile that would have been accurate for Obama 2012. So what been the differentiator?
  8. 357th visit to a Trump property. 265th of those to a golf course. But hey he’s donating his salary 🤣
  9. Let’s assume that Trump and Biden are both racist rapists and put that aside. What has Trump done with his Presidency that makes you support another 4 years? I’m asking that genuinely FYI. Typically the re-election campaign is a referendum where folks either want X to continue or are ready for a change.
  10. Agreed on both counts. For the Ds to get to 51, Trump losing has to be very highly correlated.
  11. With Will Hurd’s lending retirement, Tim Scott will be the only Republican African American in Congress. That’s mind blowing to me.
  12. Governor Ducey waiting in the wings I suspect.
  13. 2022 is interesting. Quick look: R opportunities: NH, NV D opportunities: WI, PA, NC, FL Need to see how AZ and GA shake out as well. If Ds wind up with 49 and a Trump second term, they certainly take the Senate in 2022. If Ds get to 50 and Biden, things could be dicey even with the limited offense for Rs that year.
  14. What do we think of Val Demmings? She’s been getting some chatter lately.