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  1. Georgia potentially having 2 January Senate runoffs could be absolutely insane. I feel bad for anyone in that state if so. The inundation of political ads would be even worse than it is right now here in PA.
  2. Ted Cruz sitting there with ACB claiming you need 9 justices ASAP in order to rule on any election related cases is so audaciously ####ed up you almost have to admire it.
  3. 2018 Arizona took a long time. Sinema overtook McSally after a few days. The issue this year is the sheer amount of mail in ballots and some states having rules in place that they can’t even begin the process until Election Day. Can make for very overwhelmed workers.
  4. And Joe Biden never got more than 1% in Iowa in his previous attempts. If the administration is successful (or at least considered to be successful by D primary voters), she’ll have a very viable path.
  5. I think attacking the $750 number, which to us political nerds is the least important thing in the article, probably resonates with the undecided bloc. A combination of “I’m paying more than him” and “he’s not contributing a penny to troops, roads, etc” is probably the quick and dirty pitch. Effectiveness? TBD. Keeps Trump on defense as time is dwindling might be the biggest net positive from Biden perspective.
  6. Impossible to convince a pro-Trump voter to change sides at this point in the game. They are pot committed.
  7. It’s an interesting situation because all the pressure is on Biden. If he delivers a coherent, steady 90 minutes, he’s probably the next President. If he fumbles, that’s the exact opening Team Trump needs to set a better narrative for the closing month. Meanwhile, there’s no downside for Trump. He’ll lie, insult, and have no knowledge of details. And it doesn’t matter in the least.
  8. The vote to confirm is going to be 51 Rs in favor versus 47 D/I and 2 R against. Already a done deal. Don’t know why we need the theatrics. Edit: If I was a D Senator I wouldn’t vote at all. It’s the process and the politics at issue here. I’d let it be a 51-0 vote if I was Dem leadership.
  9. Feel like there should be a tad bit of concern about the President having hundreds of millions of dollars in loans coming due in the next several years no?
  10. The play calling in the final 1:30 of OT from midfield was honestly some of the worst I’ve ever seen. I still can’t wrap my head around it. They got to the outer limit of Elliot’s range and then.. stopped?
  11. Their polling outfit is separate from their news division — it’s actually considered to be quite good. That said, I agree these numbers are a little too rosy but at least you can give them credit for not herding to polling averages.
  12. Biden will carry Peters across the finish line in MI but definitely closer than it should be.
  13. And then 25 with the next Dem POTUS. They better build a bigger building.
  14. I think this is probably still accurate though I think Collins is cooked in ME. NC becomes the tipping point. Dems would love another couple seats to shake loose.
  15. I think the issue is that it gets very difficult to continue to play by the rules when you already do outnumber the other side but keep “losing”. And the shenanigans that they utilize compounds their ability to stay in power as a minority party. I’m a pretty moderate Dem and I’m about fed up and ready to escalate to oblivion.