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  1. This is very cool. I think it would take me an hour to Google what half of the customization options are. Quality is solid?
  2. At this point I'd be satisfied if Trump and his sycophants would just admit to the very first conclusion. A foreign government attempted to influence a presidential election via both a massive disinformation campaign and attempted hacks of local municipalities involved with voting to aide Donald Trump. If I could just have that agreed to I'm fine to move on to 2020. But since they can't I feel like I'm taking crazy pills in an alternate reality.
  3. It’s a show that I was actually upset to learn got renewed for a final season next year. Could have done with wrapping up now. But as mentioned above, I’ve been watching for a decade. Can’t quit with one to go. And the old re-runs are still gold.
  4. Circle December 15 boys and girls. The battle for Tua in New Jersey.
  5. I think my biggest impediment is the lack of internet choices in my town. If you want internet you’ve gotta have Comcast. So no sweetheart 50/month deals with Fios to really cut costs. Cheapest internet only packages are still going to run you in the 75ish range for decent speed. Tack on another 40-50 for a live streaming service and I’m 25 bucks away from being back to square one on the “call and threaten to cancel” game each year.
  6. Seems like he’s honestly running away from competition? Or maybe seeking a medical redshirt somewhere he can start the following year? Timing is wild.
  7. My wife and I much prefer bar seating when it is just the two of us. You can make up to 4 work if you can snag one of the corners. Bartenders know what's up. And you go once or twice and leave an appropriate tip, it is coming back to you in quality service and larger than usual wine pours. Highly recommend.
  8. Slowly but surely we will be heading back to playing the game with cable bundles as everyone raises prices.
  9. Only the WWF could screw up the hottest Raw main event they’ve booked in years. On the list of who should interrupt this match I’m not sure if anyone was lower than the Bar.
  10. As someone mentioned above, what happens if the XFL makes a big time offer for some true college sophomores that still need to wait a year before being NFL bound? Built in “stars” could be on the field with an approach like that. if you’re Trevor Lawrence, 5 million to play in XFL or 0 to play junior year at Clemson when you are probably 1.01 either way barring. Injury.. could be intriguing.
  11. Negative. First two episodes are normal. Last 4 EPs are in the 1 hour 20 range. Edit: didn't see this was answered above since this is the most active thread on FFA 😂
  12. Feel like SPR lives on the opening beach scene alone. Admittedly a very well done scene, but the rest feels like a drag. Give me American History X as the best of 98. Though I do enjoy Shakespeare in Love and feel like it gets unnecessary hatred. Except Judi Dench getting a trophy . That deserves all the hate and more.
  13. Any of you fine folks know when ORD starts serving booze? Morning layover in upcoming trip and was curious. Couldn’t find an answer via Google.
  14. Rumor that Quinn has been dealt for a 6th. No pass rush at all for next season! One step closer to 1.01
  15. Above ground pools are an abomination.