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  1. Wait. Buffalo chicken pizza isn’t a universal experience? Blows my mind.
  2. Just started on season 1. Tremendous. Very tough to keep up with the TV landscape with so much content available everywhere these days.
  3. Colts are going to get Tua now aren't they?
  4. First thing that came to mind was Requiem for a Dream.
  5. This is definitely one of those polls where FBG socioeconomic demographics play a huge role. I'd imagine the vast majority of Americans are 1 or less while here with be double digits. Canada, Mexico, Peru, England, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy.
  6. Castro, Warren, Booker distanced themselves from the also rans. Beto was cringe Worthy.
  7. My god. I just saw a tweet with the end of the match. I don't know whether it's the funniest or saddest thing I've ever seen.
  8. Yeah I really think this show has found its stride. Didn't love the early seasons but can't get enough now. Wags is the best character on TV.
  9. Completely agree. Even with a show runner change Veep totally delivered start to finish.
  10. Full disclosure: the real star is the guy in the crowd who knows the "baseball announcer" part. You nail that and the ladies are lining up for you.
  11. Predates me. Huge extended family in PA and as all of my older cousin's started to get married, Paradise was as always a big time feature once everyone got sufficiently inebriated. Remains that way to this day. Some of the folks that married in absolute love it. The rest (my wife included) mercifully tolerate the rest of us fools.
  12. We do it at every family wedding.
  13. Feel like it's a great low risk move. They've got multiple picks in every round except for 1 and 5 next year. If Rosen plays great the back half of the year, you may have solved QB on the cheap. If he continues to stink, you are likely picking very very high and can get Tua or Fromm. Win win.