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  1. Need advice for my final flex spot: LeSean (vs. Jets) Justin Jackson (vs. Cincy) Jarvis (vs. CAR) .5 pt per rush / 1.5 pts per reception / 6 pt TDs with bonuses for length Leave a link and I'll answer yours.
  2. Ditto MVS. Rodgers will probably be out to prove something.
  3. Thanks. Could use a little more help. Leave a link and I'll answer yours.
  4. Hated to do it, but had to drop Wentz for Jameis. Thanks.
  5. Yes, do it. Dalvin immediately helps your RBs (especially considering Latavius is a FA after this season). And with Keenan and a young Galloday, you're still okay at WR.
  6. Need 2 for Flex: LeSean, Justin Jackson, Tyler Boyd, Jarvis, Calvin Ridley (note: 1/2 pt per rush and 1.5 pts per reception) -and- Which QB?: Jameis, Lamar Jackson, Wentz (note: 1/2 pt per rush and 1/2 pt per completion)
  7. Zay for me. Ton of targets BEFORE the shakeup this week.
  8. Not sure if Gus Edwards is a pass-catcher (in that game, he will most likely need to be), but I'd go with Corey. He should see plenty of targets, even against Jalen.
  9. Need 2 for my Flex spots: LeSean, Justin Jackson, Tyler Boyd, Jarvis, Calvin Ridley 6 pt TDs, .5 pt per rush, 1.5 per reception
  10. Do I pickup Jameis and start him (vs NO) over Lamar Jackson (@KC) or Wentz (@Dal)? 6pts per TD, 1pt/20yds, 1/2 pt per completion, 1/2 pt per rush
  11. I'd go Shepard over Enunwa. We know the struggles of Eli and that O, but McCown hasn't taken a snap yet this year.
  12. Hmm...kind of a tough one. Galloday and Burton are obviously the key pieces considering it's a dynasty league. I'd be inclined to hold onto Galloday as he should have the greater future upside. And with Herndon doing okay lately, you can survive(ish) without Gronk for the time being.