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  1. No one's given Black Flag a mention yet?
  2. The moves make it seem like they want to go defense-heavy in the draft. McDermott and staff have a good track record so far of coaching up rookies on defense. Trading down would be good too.
  3. Not sure what they paid but he's an absolute monster in the return game. Happy overall with the FA moves. Tyler Kroft is the most WTH signing to me. Not sure why they couldn't get someone more proven for that money.
  4. Nothing overly great or overly horrible. They're addressing offensive depth, which has been an issue for years. Seems like they want a lot of veterans on the offense, maybe to take some of the pressure off the coaching staff and young QB. And maybe because they are eyeing defense in the draft.
  5. I have literally not received a warning point in years.
  6. 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊
  7. Hey I loved Dennis Miller. No one else was better at dropping comparisons about John Sununu or Boutros Boutros Ghali in between plays.
  8. It's so funny that this thread was started in 2013
  9. Can't help. The only thing of note that I've ever done in Rye, NY is ride the Dragon Coaster.
  10. She is actually doing it. The absolute madwoman is going to finish this.
  11. While I may not agree with the choice for The Band - the guy that posted it first automatically wins.