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  1. Favorite snack that leaves dust on your fingers? Whatcha got?
  2. Aside from the obvious choice of the Figure Four, what are your favorite Leg Locks?
  3. Since self-driving cars don't have hands, how do they grip 10 and 2 on the steering wheel?
  4. If you had to sneak a horse into your office, how would you do it?
  5. Mike Fransesser appeahs to rip faht while ripping adam gase
  6. Top 5 reasons the Avengers movie could never happen in real life
  7. Thanks. This must've been the plan since the beginning of the off season. All those RB acquisitions make sense now.
  8. I have a naive question about the McCoy cut. I read that it helps the Bills clear about $6.4 million in cap space. But does that help now that just about all the free agents have signed? How can that money be used? In signing extensions/renegotiating contracts maybe?
  9. Peterman is starting at least one game this year. Take it to the bank. 💰
  10. Does anyone use the "nominate the best kicker/defense first" strategy? That way you either get whoever is ranked 1st for $1 or you make an opponent pay at least $2.
  11. We're entering the heavy usage time of year for this site. Watch your butt.