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  1. Congrats GB, visiting your place is still on my bucket list. I have recommended your place to several acquaintances that were visiting NO, and everyone that went could not give you and your food enough kudos. And it is looking like I may be able to get to NO in the fall. 😊
  2. Joe I never respond to these type of questions and don't frequent anything but the Shark Pool 99% of the time. But at the forum directory I saw this thread and it was started by you. So I started reading this and am going to respond. You have seen the "place" that many have put anyone that is not anti-Trump right in this thread. There is a general feeling that you are less than worthy to shut up and go sit in the corner. This attitude is extremely prevalent and why it is difficult to discuss anything...if you do not agree with my politics, you are less than human. This does not bother me too much because I have gotten so used to it. But the key point about all of only matters whether you have an R or D after your name. I happen to have a memory longer than 1 year which seems to be the societal norm anymore, especially about politics. As I list the following people that have been destroyed/shamed by liberals, I am sure many are going to say they deserved every demeaning thing done to them or said about them....Ronald Reagan, Clarence Thomas, Robert Bork, Thomas Sowell, both President Bushs, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney.... and I could list fifty more. THIS IS NOT A TRUMP thing, this has been going on for the 40 years that I have followed politics. The biggest difference is Trump does not care if he gets ridiculed and seems to like to stoke the fires. But I guarantee the next person with an R after their name will be demeaned in the same way. It is not going to change. It is not just about personal attacks, but what is much more troubling to me is we have clearly developed two levels of justice if your are in politics and it equates to whether you have an R or D after your name. And the next politician with an "R" will be attacked the same way as well as his/her supporters. Sad to say, but until something so big hits this country to remind us that are differences are truly small compared to what we have in common....I don't see it changing.
  3. You are nuts if you don't think this was setup as part of the "out of court" settlement the NFL and Kap made. Look earlier in this thread and I believe his attorneys at one point were complaining that the NFL said they would provide who was attending prior to the circus .... er I mean event. This has always been orchestrated by Kap and his legal team.
  4. Why? They were brought back to the US by the WWI troops that were stationed in Belgium. Ask a Belgian sometime, it is one of the things that will send them off the rail....they will let you know they should be called Belgian Fries. I have eaten them in both Belgium and in Paris. I do think the Belgians version is different and better. Too bad we don't double fry them here (there are a few places I have found to double fry in some big US cities), not a better tasting fries in the world. Now back to the reason for the thread - Womens World Cup.
  5. You might want to look up in this thread from yesterday on the report of the likely mental illness of the girl friend. That is the real news about Tyreek
  6. This is the engine I have used for a decade. Google bought it out and developed their engine from it I believe. But I only use it for does not have SW or Jetblue The best way I have found to get the best prices are the following: Use itasoftware to find flights that would work...arrival and departure times...dates....nonstop, etc Get the flight numbers of the flights that would work for your plans Enter these flights into (setup a trip) and get email alerts on these flights prices - these alerts can be sent daily, weekly, %change, change in $$ amount sent to you You will be amazed at the price fluctuations especially on longer flights where there are a lot of other flights - generally 30-45 days out is the best $$ but not always
  7. 1. The do you love football is best answered by actions and not words. Thus putting players through the long and tense process over 4 days makes it harder to hide your level of "love" for the game if you really are there just to make money or other reasons outside the game. If you watch this year, you will likely see several players not accepting instruction very well - the other big indicator will be their body language not giving off the best vibe on that fourth day. 2. Listening to NFL radio over the last two weeks, I have heard one ex-GM, two current GMs, and a scout at different times comment that they want all the QBs to throw because they want competitor at that position. They all said they did not care how accurate they were since these are all players they are unfamiliar with (Cam Newton example was used as an example of a player that threw terrible at the combine and was still the #1 pick). In fact the ex-GM said they really used the passing to WR drills to determine how well the WR could catch errant passes and only would focus on arm strength on the QB if there were questions on the tape.
  8. Pure speculation, but having been around many practices in football and basketball (not at the pro level) I wonder if AB getting yelled at by Big Ben was due to an adjustment to a play call for the upcoming opponent that AB did not do. And it just so happens to this adjustment was put in at one of the meetings AB missed or was late or was not paying attention in. It sounds like AB was doing a lot missing/late/(probably not paying attention) in meetings. It clearly appears AB (like several elite WR of past) do not consider the team meetings to be all that important or he would never miss/be late for one. I have seen this happen many times at the college level and I have no problem with the coach or QB calling the player out on not making the adjustment on the route if your not going to be at/pay attention at the team meetings.
  9. Lets see if he is the best in the world in Arizona, Jacksonville, etc. His greatness is directly related to his surrounding situation...Pittsburgh system, elite QB, poor defense. BTW, he gets paid like he is the best, so that is not part of his problem.
  10. Sometimes I chuckle at when peoples bias about issues show up, that is a pretty lazy statement. Obviously your comment and previous ones over the years indicate how the players should have the power and control over management. You do understand that this issue has nothing to do with $$, except he makes so much money per year it does not help his desire to be moved. This appears to clearly be a I do not feel appreciated issue (not getting the MVP, QB that yells at him, coach that I respect so much I troll his end of the season press conference, President of the company does not meet me at my house, etc). So the answer is to hold the team hostage by a scorched earth mentality to let me leave. The only management/system aspect that works against him is his inability to move to where he wants to go. Boo hoo, he did not need to sign the length of contract that still has 3 years on it. BTW, that argument drives me nuts. Most of us do not get to go where ever we want in our professions. You want to be highest paid, highest status in your profession you will have move to places you may not want - New York, acting - Hollywood, etc. I choose a profession so I could make a good living in smaller sized towns because that was important to me. I strongly disagree with this mentality that because he is elite he should be able to make his own demands that no one else gets to make. There will always be "adjustments" made for key people, but not when it interferes with the whole work environment. Rarely do we put up with that in our own work environment world and when it happens in my experience it becomes one of the reasons that people want to leave. This is a team sport with 50+ other players that all could make demands as well. Quickly the whole team efforts become focused on protecting "me" and we get the dysfunction we see in Pittsburgh.
  11. To flesh out my first response your statement. If Rodgers plays better than he was tanking to get McCarthy fired and stroke his ego. If Rodgers plays poorly, it is because of his ego and caring too much about running the organization. You frankly don't deserve to have Rodgers QB your team. I would guess 26 of the NFL teams would take him off your hands even if he only has 3-4 more years of high level play.
  12. Lol, so in other words, no matter what Rodgers does he is the problem. Not the fact that there have been over 70% passes called on offense this year or the bizarre usage of Aaron Jones or several other coaching decisions that Rodgers has no control over (including most of the play calling...he is not calling that many audibles from what I can tell from watching the TV) that have been thoroughly discussed in this thread. You have been bashing Rodgers for the last two months....always with an insinuation that he is not playing his best on purpose and is all about his ego. And now not only is he tanking but he is doing it to get back at .....McCarthy? .... fans? .....Rodgers has not played to his level of the past but to think someone that is as competitive as he is would toss games says a lot more about your decision making and ego than Rodgers.
  13. Just so you know, the fire started near Camp Creek and that is why the fire is named the "Camp" fire. The cause is under investigation, but during the very high winds they suspect PG&E powerlines may have sparked the fire. But in the last two days a video from a fire lookout seems to indicate a start several miles away from the original location (not downwind of the original start), so we may be looking at an arson event. I do not believe an official cause has been determined yet.
  14. Don't forget the rookie WR that was getting as much talk in training camp as the others but went on IR - Kumerow. I think he was superior to ESB from what little I could watch. GB may be set for a while at the WR position.