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  2. please forward details
  3. Cost?
  4. up to 9 just need a few more and we will get going!
  5. send email to or leave email for invite
  6. have 8 need just a few more hoping to draft soon! NO K NO DST 3 FLEX
  7. bump ^ add email for invite
  8. invite sent
  9. 5 confirmed and more to come,please leave email if you'd like to join the fun tonight! leave email for invite
  10. sent invite to $10 ppr league drafting 915 cst
  11. full and drafting tonight but I will do one tomorrow as well most likely
  12. leave email or send me one at the address above for invite
  13. yes spots available
  14. Need 4 or 6 more to make it 10 or 12, we will pay leaguesafe once we are full. please email me if you want in!