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  1. merdok14


    Sorry your having this problem as well Capt_Weekend. Sounds like are stories are exactly alike. Great potential, wish we could make it work.
  2. merdok14


    Tried it again tonight, just cant keep up. Searching for the players I get behind and I'm trying to x them out and then I run out of time on my picks. Why the ********** is this such complicated tool. ***********.
  3. merdok14


    The problem I ran into was on a pick or two the player selected on ESPN had to be searched for on DD and I got behind. Im trying it again tonight. Thanks for the support everyone.
  4. merdok14


    Alright, thanks for all of the help. The DD is not a tool that is usable in a real situation. Thanks for the help everyone.
  5. merdok14


    Well I just tried it and I don;t see how you can do this. I have my desktop running the DD and my iPad on ESPN. Can you guys explain to me how you do it. Someone above said it weans that hard, how the heck do you keep up?
  6. merdok14


    Yes this has helped a ton. Thanks everyone that took a minute to respond, this has been going on for three or four days and I was about to give up. Gonna be hard to do I think unless I had two devices. I have that here at home but he wants to do the draft at a restaurant, I may just stay home. If I stay at home I can run the ESPN actual draft on my iPad and the DD on my desktop. As the draft progresses I must actually manually account for everyones picks on the DD so that the DD will be accurate, obviously including mine. I would just figure out who I want on the DD and make the selection on the actual app.....correct? I think I read above that I can manually set the draft order correct? I cannot thank you guys enough for the help, I really appreciate it.
  7. merdok14


    Damn, that really seems confusing and too much going on when you are drafting. I hope this is not the case but I really appreciate the input. Anyone else? Leaning more towards hitting the draft as I always do, with a piece of paper. I think there is to much to chance here. Someone prove me wrong as I really want to use this thing.
  8. merdok14


    I am not sure of this is in the right place, but I have sent emails and asked the question and I cannot get an answer and my draft is upon us. The question on its face seems stupid, with that said, I need some help. I want to use the DD, either on my iPad or my desktop all depending if I am able to make the draft or if I am doing it from home. It is my understanding from what I have read and the vides that I have watched that these two are basically the same thing just a little different because of the operating system I will be using. Here is what I don't understand. When I go to my draft, do I use the draft dominator app or online app in place of using the ESPN app, which is what I would usually draft from. Our league plays through ESPN. I normally would log into my account and use the ESPN app to draft my team with the other 11 members of my league. If I am using the DD do I run this program by itself and draft? I have loaded my league settings into it already. So if its draft night I am using the DD app and the other 11 members of my league are using the ESPN app......right? I know this is basic and maybe borderline stupid, but I don't want to be missing something and discover it when my draft starts. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
  9. John thanks for the updates. Just watched The PowerGrid, good stuff!
  10. I read in another thread that they won't post any of it until week 1. Im thinking about sending the staff an email asking this question.