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  1. GREAT point. I had to log out and log back in, and there it was.
  2. Foos i'm up to +21, probably a record for one day and i have no idea what the algorithm is.
  3. I never liked Minwell. I'll work through Chase Stuart, he's probably like 30 now.
  4. I remember '06 -- we got timeouts for creating accounts like footballgoys but the t was replaced with a cross and it was really insensitive. Those were the days.
  5. See, sounds like there needs to be a dedicate sub-forum here so we can all work through this.
  6. Smdh at the loss of social currency one had 14 years ago when they logged in really early at work to make sure they got 3 digit number. +14 reputation! That's what MARKS in the shark pool get for posting a WSIS thread.
  7. Chet my friend I think we have to look at Elliott and gamble maybe.
  8. Someone please ask Ken Maxwell to correct this immediately so my profile reflects my elite status correctly. A 3-digit member number is worth 10,000,000 reputation points at last market check.
  9. Thank you, this helped me immensely with my 1.05 decision tonight.