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  1. Chet my friend I think we have to look at Elliott and gamble maybe.
  2. Thank you, this helped me immensely with my 1.05 decision tonight.
  3. Horribly over-dramatic. The riots stuff seals the deal. What about when it happened during a random Arts Festival at PSU 13 years ago? Was that a lack of leadership from your parents generation? Kids are dumb sometimes, yo. It happens.
  4. What is that? Some kind of service you pay and they get you your payout?It's free - they're like a watchdog site for internet gambling. Plenty of rep too. Been there for years. Helped everybody when matchbook went down also.
  5. I would get Sportsbookreview involved if you have problems getting your money. With that sum (and not reading where you are winning this), you're in for a long long fight.
  6. I can see Charlie not wanting to make it look like a desperation move though. Although the team is pretty resilient - I guess he worried about their psyche then. I wouldn't be surprised, should they advance, that he does switch it up then.
  7. :goodposting:Buddy of mine through SLBD has been to over 100 shows around the world, and when I spoke to him Monday, he was still in awe of how great the shows were.A testament that there a good hardcore fans like the guys here. Sadly, the moaners at the 10C do not have lives outside of their make-believe PJ bubble and have experienced very little happiness in their horrible lives. That and they've most likely never been laid.
  8. Is Lewis in the mix to return punts now that Hall is cut?
  9. Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness "Are the scissors broken in your house, son?"I love this.
  10. Is there any chance he is going to perform again on this show?I mean, I guess he could do "Jump On It" or whatever.