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  1. Drunken auction draft, mistook Gronk for CMC flipping through tabs, accidentally bid $25 on Gronk. Now 0-2. 10 tm redraft 0.5 ppr. Start qb (6 point passing tds), 2rb, 2wr, te, flex, def, idp, k. me: QB stream, currently Minshew - teams have backups rostered but that fizzles during byes RB Chubb, Conner, Gurley, JRob, Gibson, Snell WR Hill, Evans, Parker, AJ Green TE Fant Him: QB Kyler, Cam RB CMC, Mixon, Sanders, WR Marvin Jones, Mike Williams, Dionte, Watkins, Harry TE Ertz, Kittle Typically I wouldn’t trade for QB but think Evans may be up and down w Godwin back and His WR’s are weak, so are his RB’s, obv. Not sure if Dionte close enough to Evans or if I should just try Gurley straight up for one of the QB’s. Help appreciated! Thx