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  1. Titanic was great. It was the highest grossing film in history forever for a reason. People were watching it again and again at the theater.
  2. Armageddon wasn't great theater and it was totally unrealistic in every way but it had a great ensemble cast and it was just fun. Jumping the Grand Canyon on an asteroid with a moon rover with the fate of the human race depending on you? Come on. That's so dumb, but I still smiled when they made it. And permission to shake the hand of the daughter of the bravest man I've ever met? So good.
  3. Contact, Signs, Phenomenon, Armageddon and Gravity were all great movies. The Matrix sequels weren't bad either.
  4. Are we not judging you because you broke social distancing for a convenience store run, because you like coke zero, or because you don't have covered parking like some kind of peasant? Because I actually like coke zero.
  5. It is for us but a lot of the jokes don't hold up for the younger crowd. What's a white courtesy phone? What is boy's life magazine? Could kids really go into the cockpit during a flight back then? And I speak jive somehow looks even more racist now than it actually was back then. There's still plenty of good laughs but it's not the same decades later.
  6. Great comedies shouldn't hold up. If they were great they got copied and if they got copied then the thing that made them funny isn't unexpected anymore. And that's before all the culture change that happens over time. The rare comedies that hold up over time are things like Mr. Bean which you can't really copy and weren't really THAT funny to begin with.
  7. This would be an epic way to end your fbg tenure, but dude, don't go. I am your number 3 fan.
  8. Which one do I think I could fight? Neither, tbh. Which one do I think would be better at fighting me? Not even close. I'll take my chances with the dumb one that's never fought a primate before.
  9. Freeman was really good from 2015 to 2017. Shanahan was the offensive coordinator from 2015 to 2017.
  10. I will say that just in the last month or so I feel like his being out has given him greater permission to just be himself. And even though I still screw up and use the wrong name or pronoun all the time, I definitely see him in a different way than I used to. I see him as a male. It's off-putting to me when I'm talking to my mother and I have to go back to using the wrong name and pronouns. I understand why people think, oh maybe this is just a phase. Kids go through phases. It sounds like he took his time figuring things out. I think it's fair to say that this isn't something he is taking lightly. But I understand that immediate reaction. Being honest, it was one of my first thoughts the first time I dealt with a kid saying they thought they were bisexual. It isn't dismissive or mean spirited. It's just our parental instincts to make sure kids don't do anything to hurt themselves because they don't know better. Which is fine with little kids, but at some point you have to respect who they are. That's difficult when we're confronted with things we don't understand. And it was difficult for Peter. It took him years to really figure it out. He needs to be aware that it might take other people time to figure this out, too. And that their first reaction might not be their best, but that shouldn't matter. I think a lot of people have a hard time understanding something like this, because most of us process life by comparing new experiences to our own past experiences. When we run into something we haven't personally experienced, we naturally try to put it in a convenient box - this is like that time I did this, or saw that, or someone I know did this. And that's a really important skill - being able to draw on our experiences in general allows us to learn faster, and being able to do it quickly can literally be the difference between life or death - but it also means that people can say or do things they shouldn't when they are confronted with new things. When people first hear about something like this they might need time to process it. Just like Peter, did when he was dealing with this. Wait - does he say talia for the first years of her life, and Peter once he made the transition? If he looks at a picture of his early life, wearing a dress at age 5, which pronoun is correct? I don't know the answer - I think that's something he would need to figure out if he hasn't already. But it's not an insensitive thing to ask (I hope!) even though it could definitely feel that way. Part of Peter's experience was figuring out who he is. And that's a really important thing to figure out that a lot of people never do. It's a difficult thing to process and it's scary to come out and say it and he's a brave kid. The next step will be figuring out who he wants to be. I don't mean which gender, I mean how he chooses to interact with people about this complex thing he's dealing with. There will be a lot of difficult situations, and questions to answer. Like the first time a kid at school says, wait, weren't you a girl before? Does he get mad? I hope not. Feel ashamed? He shouldn't. So how do you want to answer that? I might say "no, I was always Peter, you just didn't know it. But that's ok, because neither didnI". Or "yes when I was in school last year I was called Talia because that's how I was raised but I realized that that's not who I am. It was difficult for me at first but I'm really comfortable with who I am now and I hope you can be too." Or "no, that's my sister she fell off a cliff and died". I probably wouldn't do that last one tbh but there would be times it was tempting. What do you do with bathrooms? Go to the men's room? Women's room? Wait until nobody is around? How will you handle difficult situations when someone says they are uncomfortable? What about periods? I have no idea how this impacts menstrual cycles or what his experience will be. You have a rare opportunity to discuss these things while he's not at school, and not hiding anything from anyone, but also not being thrust into these situations without having a chance to talk about them first. So my thought would be to talk about it from that perspective. Not the logistics, or are you sure, or I love you regardless, but the things that someone who loves you unconditionally can really help you dig into.
  11. If you need a 20 minute mile, I'll give you 19. If you need a 6 minute mile, I'll give you 19 - KevIlla Hoard
  12. Gangs of New York just stopped the movie and did something else. Braveheart was great but it could have ended about 20 minutes earlier without the contrived heroic stand. Stripes should have ended at graduation, but they decided to include stripes 2 winneboogaloo as a gratuitous encore It's almost Independence Day, when we celebrate the brave heroes who wrote an alien virus in minutes on a 1990s computer The star trek reboot where they killed the aliens with beastie boys was funnier than it should have been because dude The final scene of the departed should have ended 3 seconds earlier
  13. Went shopping and picked up things I knew I shouldn't. 800 over my target today, but still 200 under maintenance.
  14. Well, he had 20 carries for 172 yards and another 9 catches for 58 yards in his first 4 games prior to the game you said started his "fresh legs" momentum, and then he got 20 carries for 95 yards and 3 catches for 45 against washington. If that was just fresh legs, then you would expect his per attempt metrics to improve against those worn down defenses, not his number of attempts. But it wasn't just carry volume. His next game was 8 for 42, then 15 for 75, then 21 for 106 - all 5 ypc or just slightly more. Which means his first 4 games he averaged 8.6 yards per carry on 5 carries per game, and his next 4 he averaged 5.0 on 16 carries per game. That looks like a pretty natural progression to me. But then he finished his season with 5 straight games against quality teams - Dallas, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New England and Houston. These may have been tired defenses, but they were hardly pushovers, and four of those games were on the road. 80 carries for 443 yards, 18 catches for 157 yards. He averaged 120 total yards per game. I am one of the first to be skeptical of the second half stud, but I don't see anything but a good player who played well all season long.
  15. I am not writing off Moss. I agree that both will get carries. This team looks a lot like the Ravens - mobile quarterback, heavy run game with multiple RBs getting touches, decent receiving options if needed, strong defense. I just don't think the Bills drafting Moss is a major change for Singletary. It might cap his upside a little, but not that much. First, I see Singletary as a focal point of their offense, just like he was the second half of last year. That wasn't fresh legs - his yards per carry were better in the first half than the second, but his usage went up and he looked up to the task. He gets explosive runs, he can run inside or out, he catches the ball well. Second, a lot of people talk about Allen stealing all the goal line carries but I think it's unlikely they design their offense around their QB running everything in. I also think Singletary broke a lot of runs and got tackled at the one or two last year, so there's room for positive regression. And he missed a few games with injury or getting rested for the playoffs. He was a stud at the goal line in college. I think he has double digit touchdown potential. It's capped, but not completely. Third, there's room for moss to get a lot of touches without hurting Singletary's production. In the final 8 weeks when Singletary was the clear rb1, he had 131 carries (and 20 catches). Gore had 85 carries. So it's not like moss needs to suck for Singletary to flourish. Fourth, let's look at Singletary himself. He averaged over 5 yards per carry, tied for 5th in the NFL. He averaged 5 yards or more per carry in all but a handful of games. Here are the ones where he didnt average 5 plus 7 for 26 vs the dolphins in his first game back from injury. He only got 3 carries and 4 catches the following week. It's safe to say he wasn't 100 percent yet, and this was Gore's revenge game against Miami. 20 for 95 vs washington. He added 3 catches for 45. 14 for 63 vs Dallas. He added 3 catches for 38 and a touchdown. 21 for 87 at Pittsburgh. He added 2 catches for 2 yards. 15 for 46 at New England. He added 1 catch for 2 yards. Playoffs 13 for 58 plus 6 for 76 receiving. Every other game, 5 plus. So in those 6 games, he had 90 rushes for 349 yards and 15 catches for 165 yards. If you take out that Miami game, the number would look even better, but the point is that you don't have to. Even his bad games weren't bad. He looked really good almost every single game he played. There's not many backs who do that. That's not to say they are going to give him 300 plus carries or 60 plus catches. I would think 1250 rushing, 400 receiving and 8 touchdowns is a pretty reasonable projection. That's low end rb1 numbers, maybe high end rb1. There are a lot of backs who could put up those kinds of numbers, and he does have some risk, which makes him a third round type of player, maybe a bit earlier or later. I like him a lot more as my rb2 than rb1. But I like him, and holy cow is he fun to watch.