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  1. Good morning sir. The year is 2019. You've been asleep a very long time. I should tell you some things have changed in the past 50 years.
  2. Imagine you have a day to live. You know it to a certainty that tomorrow at this time it's all over. What would you do? Go sky diving? Watch friends reruns? Argue politics on the internet? It's easy to answer "i'd spend time with my family and friends", for most of us. Now change it to a month. You've got exactly one month left. What would you do? If the answer is spend that time with family, do you take your kids out of school? Ask your wife to miss work? Do you burden them with the knowledge that you're dying, or do you spend time with them without spoiling it? Now make it six months. You really can't hold your family hostage for half a year for your entertainment before you go. You want them to enjoy their lives. But you know it's coming to an end. So you want to spend time with them, but you also want to do some of your own things. Knock off some items on your bucket list. Keep yourself occupied. Now it's six months but you're in failing health. You're not confined to a bed right now, but you've got some pain, and you don't know what the last days will look like but you want to make the most of the time you have now. How does that change your priorities? Do you travel now? Go do that thing you always wanted to do? Now make it an unknown amount of time. It could be tomorrow or 50 years from now but it's coming. And unless you do something to change, this is the best health you'll be in for the rest of your life. What are you doing right now?
  3. He will be under intense scrutiny from the media and fans and right or wrong there will be people who believe he is guilty and mess with him. Media coverage will be unflattering. His teammates will be asked a million questions about his temperament. Any sideline blow up or complaining will be overanalyzed to death. Look at former media darlings like Antonio, obj, Chad johnson - when the media turns they turn quick. Some people may aggravate him hoping to sell video of his reaction to TMZ. Any future news or rumors will be believed more easily by people in your league, which hurts his exit value for a while.
  4. Along those same lines
  5. Better isn't absolute. Which is better, playing with toys, or finishing a long term goal like writing that novel or watching your kid graduate? If you ask a 5 year old they'll pick toys, but the reason those toys are fun is because they haven't learned how they work yet. It's fun making the hot wheels race each other the first time, but by now you've noticed that the left launcher triggers slightly before the right one. There's no mystery to it. New toys are still fun, but what's really fun is a new challenge. That's why adults like magic, or suspense movies, or playing games - we love that dopamine rush. But when you're an adult you also stop getting excited about another scary movie or another hand of poker. You've done it before. That dopamine rush wears off. You don't get excited from small accomplishments anymore. You've done thst, too. The only real satisfaction is things you haven't seen or done before. It's why retired people love to travel. Kids don't give a #### about travel, so what, this is a new place, every place is new. Did you know there's a swamp behind the Miller's house? That place is much cooler than Paris. Seeing someone else learn something is pretty great. Teaching your first kid how to ride a bike or teaching your second kid better than you did with your first - that's exciting. Teaching your 20th consecutive year of 3rd grade.... less exciting. Seeing yourself accomplish something is awesome. You've never gotten that promotion before, this new career milestone is awesome. Seeing your kid graduate when you've worked so hard to help them get there. Those are things kids can't possibly understand. But the flip side is that there aren't as many new things when you get older. And even the joy of doing something new isn't as fun as it was once you figure out how to do new things. The only real way to enjoy the back 9 as much as the first half is to keep putting those challenges out there for yourself. Keep learning new things, and setting goals you care about and accomplishing them. There will come a time that's no longer easy, and the best part of your day will be keeping yourself amused and out of pain while you wait for a better day. Don't let that be now. Whether you thin this is ther better part or not, this is the best part you've got left.
  6. Let's get back on track. If hill misses time, is it good or bad for williams? Good in the sense that they will need a pass catching rb on the field more and will probably increase his targets, bad in the sense that the whole offense works better when the d has to worry about hill scoring on any play.
  7. What are the odds he's out of the league completely and never plays another down? What are the odds that he misses time again and again like Josh gordon? Or some similar bad things (released by KC, or gets busted for something else later, etc) What are the odds he's suspended for some or all of a season, but comes back as a wr1? What are the odds that he is exonerated in this investigation and it was all just a mistake or vicious rumor? Take all that and compare it with what he's worth if he does keep playing. In some leagues that's higher than others - how wr friendly is your league? Now add in his diminished trade value. How long until you think it rebounds to the point you could flip him for a big time profit if things work out reasonably well for him? What kind of exit strategy do you have for a knucklehead with elite skills? And how does he fit in for the acquiring team? What does the ideal buyer look like, and how do you match that up with seller need? I think a lot of that is league dependent, but i'd say he's worth a low end wr1/ high end wr2 right now. If i was rebuilding and owned my own 2020 first i would be tempted to offer a guy like Julio for him in the hopes that hill sits out most of the year, i get a young stud wr next year and my 2020 first is early enough to get one of the top backs coming out next year. I think that's a potential win win.
  8. Things that bug me when rewatching What was up with the white walkers and the wights in the first episode? The little girl with the blue eyes... was she supposed to be a white walker? They're all baby boys. Or a regular wight? Why are her eyes blue? Who was the girl with the henna #### and the face mask thing that new jorah when they were in qarth? They never explained it. I still don't understand what varys' plan was for the targaryens. Was he supporting them or trying to get them killed? Seemed like he did both early on. Tyrion promises the stone crows that it's time for new lords of the vale but he doesn't actually give it to them. He gets them a bunch of axes instead. That weird little girl with the forked tongue who rolled the scorpion ball thing towards khaleesi. Wtf was that? Why did baelish give sansa away to Ramsey Bolton, especially if he was im love with her? What did he get out of it? Pretty sure Sophie Turner was 17 and Aiden Gillen was 45 plus when they filmed the scene where baelish kisses sansa soundly. Creepy AF. I can't watch the mountain and the viper without getting angry all over again. Season 5 through 7 are still good tv but the drop in quality really makes me nervous about this final season. Please, please don't suck.
  9. Check out @AOC’s Tweet: It appears that she was replying to a foxnews tweet that has since been deleted
  10. What about the children, Alexandria? Why doesn't anyone ever think about the children?
  11. I don't know if you can truly understand the sediment until it settles down, and even then it can be multi layered even if it's rock solid.
  12. I've read this several times and have no idea what you're trying to say. I don't think he should make a statement on Twitter if there's an ongoing investigation. I would expect some kind of statement from him, his agent and/or the team if the investigation were complete and he was completely cleared. I think we can infer that the investigation is not complete with him having been completely cleared. I don't think we can infer his guilt or innocence, but of the many possible outcomes when this story came out, the best ones were "quick resolution with hill being completely cleared". Yesterday there were more good outcomes than today, so the risk to his fantasy value appears to have gone up.
  13. I don't think that's a fair statement. For anothe, the team might have told him to stay off social media until their investigation is complete. That doesn't mean he's not innocent. But if the investigation isn't complete, it means that several "good" outcomes can be taken off the table. There was a lot of speculation about whether the kid even has a broken arm, but if he didn't, i would expect the broken arm portion of the investigation to be complete by now.
  14. I think we can agree on the following He's aware of the investigation. He has been on social media since this started. He has chosen not to comment on social media (or any other media) since news of the investigation broke Many agents and lawyers will recommend staying away from social media while an active investigation is ongoing Many agents and pr guys will recommend getting your side of the story out there as quickly as possible if the allegations are demonstrably false (e.g. the kid's arm wasn't broken or he is not a person of interest in the investigation) The team may have asked him not to talk about this on social media until they're ready to make a statement The team isn't ready to make a statement It is unlikely that the allegations are demonstrably false It is likely that he's still under investigation The longer he remains under investigation - even without enough evidence to convict him of a crime - the more likely the league or the team is to take actions that could include things like suspension, being put on the commissioner's exempt list, release, or refusing to sign him to a long term contract. Any of those actions would be really bad for his fantasy value The risk of his fantasy value being impacted has gone up since the initial reports I don't think any of those statements should be controversial. Do you?