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  1. bostonfred

    Take the Top Off

    I am really liking this @ZenoRazon guy. Unique perspective and interested in starting new threads. I understand that he didn't use the search function correctly but let's not forget that the search function sucks. @Dr. Dan you're another guy whose posts i enjoy. I'm not in charge of anything but i'm putting you in charge of helping zeno follow the forum rules during the offseason. I think you both add a lot to this board.
  2. bostonfred

    Damien Wiliams - RB - Oklahoma

    In 11 games this year hunt had 1204 total yards. That's 109 yards per game. In 5 games williams has 504 total yards. That's 101 yards per game. In 4 starts williams has 474 total yards. That's 118 yards per game. In 11 games hunt ran 181 times for 824 yards. That's 15.5 carries per game at 4.55 yards per carry. In 5 games williams ran 67 times for 346 yards. That's 13.4 carries per game at 5.2 yards per carry. In 4 starts williams ran 59 times for 342 yards. That's 14.8 carries per game at 6 yards per carry. In 11 games hunt had 26 catches for 378 yards. In 5 games williams had 23 catches for 160 yards. In 4 starts williams had 19 catches for 144 yards. In 11 games hunt had 14 touchdowns In 5 games, williams had 7 touchdowns In 4 starts, williams had 5 touchdowns Williams might not be as good as hunt, but he's doing a hell of an impression. I understand that a small sample size of games late in the season isn't gospel. I also understand those games were against 4 playoff teams - Baltimore, Seattle, the chargers and colts - that were all playing great defense late in the season.
  3. bostonfred

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    Brady is about to play his 39th playoff game. He's 28-10 so far, with 5 superbowl victories. Think about what that means. First, it means he's led his team to the playoffs 16 times - ten ending in losses, 5 ending in titles, and the 16th this year. That means that brady led his team to the playoffs 16 times in 19 years. That's an nfl record, formerly held by peyton manning with 15. Two of those years (2000 and 2008), brady wasn't playing. And in 2002 they finished with a 9-7 record and led the division when their final game ended. During that time they didn't earn any early picks. They picked in the 20s or 30s every year. They didn't get to start a Russell Wilson style rookie qb contract, either. In 2001, the Patriots were playing Bledsoe, and in 2002 brady signed a contract extension. That means that they had to cut guys like lawyer milloy, trade Richard Seymour, move on from vince wilfork, let wes welker go to the Broncos... year after year the "patriot way" meant letting top veterans go a year too early instead of a year too late. I still own a roosevelt colvin jersey and a Lawrence maroney but i only wear the tom brady. The Patriots haven't been infallible in the front office and they've picked late if at all but they still field a playoff team. Not just a playoff team. They aren't going one and done every year. They've won at least one playoff game in 14 years under tom brady, including years that they had terrible defenses, or started benjarvus green Ellis and sammy morris or reche Caldwell. Not only have they dealt with turnover under brady, they've thrived. In 2007 when they set all those records, they had a seemingly washed up randy moss who had 2325 yards and 24 touchdowns in his last 3 seasons while passing 13. 16 and 13 games. They had wes Welker, coming off a career high 67 catches for 687 yards. They had sammy morris, Lawrence maroney and Kevin Faulk at running back. Donte stallworth and jabar Gaffney who never had a 1000 yard season. Of those guys only gaffney maroney and Faulk had played with the Patriots before, and they set the all time records for scoring and passing touchdowns and moss for receiving touchdowns in their first year together and were the first team ever to go 16-0 in the regular season. But it's not just his best year, it's every year. The Patriots are going to their 13th AFC Championship game. Only 3 teams have been to their conference championship game that many times - the steelers (16), 49ers (15), and cowboys (14). Manning is second all time to brady with 15 seasons of just making the playoffs. He's already won 5 superbowls - tied for most all time - and been to 8, which is not only the most by any quarterback, it's as many as any other team. I know, it's hard to compare across eras, and yeah, this is a quarterback friendly era, and of course it's a team sport, but nobody has dominated any era like he has - consistently winning im the regular season, consistently winning in the post season, and doing it whether he was a young skinny 4th quarterback thrust into action when Bledsoe got hurt and beating the greatest show on turf on an injured ankle, or leading the comeback from 28-3 fifteen years later. He went from winning a superbowl mvp at age 24 to winning an nfl mvp at age 40 and multiple of each in between. And it's not like he did this in an era with no other good quarterbacks. He's played in a conference with peyton manning, ben Roethlisberger and Philip rivers, all hall of famers, and beaten them all. He's beaten current hall of famer kurt Warner, donovan McNabb, matt ryan and Russell Wilson in the superbowl. He's won 5 superbowls, lost to the eventual superbowl winner 6 times and lost to the superbowl runner up once, meaning he's not only won consistently but faced the stiffest competition this era had to offer. I don't see how you can adjust any player for their era and come up with something more impressive than that.
  4. bostonfred

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    I see a couple people making the case for Montana as the greatest ever, and i wanted to help make it easier for you. 1. Montana 40,551 passing yards 273 touchdowns 117-47 record as starter 16-7 playoff record (16 playoff wins is most of any quarterback in history) 4 superbowl appearances 4 superbowl wins 3 time superbowl mvp 2 time nfl mvp 2. Brady 2001 to 2010 34738 passing yards 261 touchdowns 111-32 record as starter 14-5 playoff record (14 playoff wins is tied for second most in history) 4 superbowl appearances 3 superbowl wins 2 time superbowl mvp 2 time nfl mvp 3. Brady 2011 to present 35776 passing yards 256 touchdowns 14-5 playoff record (14 playoff wins is tied for second most in history) 4 superbowl appearances 2 superbowl wins 2 time superbowl mvp 1 time nfl mvp Montana is as good or even slightly better than either Tom Brady in every category. 2001 to 2010 Brady's numbers are slightly better than 2011 to 2018, and he retired as the league mvp with the record for most passing touchdowns in a season and second most passing yards in a season. 2011 to 2018 Brady has been to the afc championship game every single year of his career. You could probably even put Peyton manning ahead of either of them - with a 14-13 playoff record he had as many wins as either of the 14-5 Bradys, he retired with 1,426 more yards and 22 more touchdowns than the two Bradys combined. One of the bradys already bested Manning's two rings and 4 superbowl appearances, while the other has matched it and is playing this weekend for a chance to surpass it. That makes it easier because the actual tom brady is lapping the field now.
  5. Sorry we don't have anyone in the kitchen to cook for you guys (Watches idly as two men in tuxedos light the ornate candles that aren't even keeping the fast food warm)
  6. Have you played a lot of cold weather football? The balls get softer. I swear i saw something about this a couple years ago. They don't travel as far. Kickers routinely try to heat up the ball to get it to go farther. Plus running sprints in the cold and getting hit afterward is different. Fortune favors the cold.
  7. bostonfred

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    I don't really agree with this. The team had cut hunt, had ware on his final year and williams. Williams was at the end of a 1 year 1.8m deal and the team signed him to an incentive laden contract extension that could be worth over 4 million a year for the next two years. From his perspective, coming off a 1 year deal for under 2 million this represented a big raise based off a couple good games and the opportunity to set himself up for life. Lots of good rbs didn't get a call this off season. From the team's perspective, why lock him up, even for back up money, before the season ended? They already had him for the rest of the year, and if he gets hurt they cost themselves money. It's because they intended to use him and they knew his price could go up. That's literally the only reason to sign him to an extension when they did. You say they signed him to backup money and backup money usually means a backup role. I agree when the player is signed in the off season. These kinds of in season extensions for players who go from third string to starting the afc championship game are rare. The last comparable deal i can think of was dion, like you mentioned. What i see is a relatively young player with low wear and tear averaging over 100 yards and 1.4 touchdowns the last 5 weeks, who can play all 3 downs and can run and catch and score touchdowns in one of the top offenses in the NFL. Is it possible he gets usurped? Of course. Is it likely? Maybe, but I'd say much less likely after what he did to the colts, but it could certainly happen. I absolutely would not prefer an early second in a relatively weak rb draft class to a guy with the potential to put up Kareem hunt numbers. Even if the chiefs draft or sign someone - and williams loses the job in training camp - he's still a highly valuable backup. Good backup rbs can be league winners.
  8. This is all going to end soon. I understand that everyone likes cheering against a winner and a lot of teams have had their seasons ended by the Patriots or dislike them for any number of other reasons. I cheered against the bulls when Jordan was destroying the league and against the cowboys when they were good and against the Yankees when Jeter and co went on their run. I get it. And i wouldn't go back and cheer for the Yankees because screw them. But if i had it to do over again, i'd cheer for the bulls. Not for this golden state conglomerate of talent where a bunch of guys agree to play together and win, that's not what i'm talking about. I mean rooting for that transcendent talent, seeing just how great it can be. Maybe that's Mahomes. And rooting for him this weekend is getting in on the ground floor. He's arguably the best in the line of Next Big Things that includes Luck, Cam, RG3, Kaepernick, Rodgers (!) and this new group with Watson and Goff. Maybe he is a generational talent. I'm just saying that if he fails, instead of being bummed to see the Patriots in another super bowl, try to appreciate what you're watching while it's happening. It's supposed to be fun to cheer for the best ever, but people make themselves not enjoy it.
  9. bostonfred

    Philip Rivers Is Terrible

    Brady, peyton and Roethlisberger are a combined 47-27 since rivers has been in the NFL. There have been 74 playoff games between AFC opponents from the 2004 to 2018 seasons, and those 3 guys have won over half (38). Flacco has 9 wins against afc opponents in that time, but hasn't put up elite passing stats. Of the remaining qbs, rvers has won 5, which is more than any other afc qb in that time. Brady (23), Roethlisberger (12), manning (11) flacco (9) and rivers (5) are the top 5 quarterbacks in wins against afc opponents. All other quarterbacks have 14 wins combined. 5 of his 6 losses came against them, and two of his wins (both against peyton). I don't know if that's an argument that helps or hurts him, but he played against some very tough contemporaries. Maybe he doesn't belong in the hall because he wasn't top 3 in his own conference. Maybe he does because he played really well but happened to be in a dominant era for afc qbs. But before you rush to judgment on rivers - the most winning nfc qbs in that same timeframe are Rodgers (9 nfc wins), brees (8) and eli (6). Maybe rivers was just in the same conference as some dominant teams.
  10. bostonfred

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Trump tweeted this Wow, just learned in the Failing New York Times that the corrupt former leaders of the FBI, almost all fired or forced to leave the agency for some very bad reasons, opened up an investigation on me for no reason & with no proof, after I fired Lyin' James Comey, a total sleaze! Sarah Huckabee tweeted this back in November 2016 When you're attacking FBI agents because you're under criminal investigation, you're losing.
  11. Fun facts Patriots have missed the playoffs once under tom brady, back in 2002. They have lost their first game twice - once in the wildcard round and once in the division. They started undefeated in 2001, 2003, 2004 and won their first playoff game in 2005 and 2006 before losing the next week. They famously went 2-1 in 2007, brady was hurt in 2008, and they lost their first games in 2009 and 2010. That's an incredibly impressive 14-5 record from 2001 to 2010, going to the afc championship game 5 times and the superbowl 4, winning 3 of them. From 2011 until now? They're 14-5 again, have gone to the afc championship game 8 straight times, have gone to 4 superbowls and won 2, and will be playing for the chance to go to another. Brady now has 14 playoff wins in each decade. That's insane. But to see how amazing it really is, let's put it in context with how piers. First let's look at Roethlisberger, the most successful of his contemporaries in the postseason. The Steelers under Roethlisberger - another certain Hall of Famer - have been to 5 afc championships, won 3 and are 2-1 in the superbowl. Brady has been to more afc championship games, more superbowls and won more superbowls in each decade. He's 13-8 in the playoffs. Brady is 14-5 in each decade. Peyton Manning finished with a postseason record of 14-13. Manning won 2 superbowls and went to 4. Brady went to 4 superbowls in each decade and won at least 2 in each decade. Which is impressive in its own right. But brady currently has 10 playoff losses. Meaning that he's almost certainly going to retire with twice as many wins and fewer losses than manning. Now let's look at the next best guys The saints under drew brees - a first ballot Hall of Famer and likely the all time leader for passing yards and touchdowns - are going to the nfccg for the third time in the hopes of going to their second superbowl. He's now 8-6 in the playoffs. The giants under eli manning have beaten the Patriots in the superbowl twice. Those are the only two superbowls they've been to, the only nfccgs, and the only playoff wins. The other 4 times eli went to the playoffs they went 1 and done. They're 8-4 in the playoffs. The packers under Rodgers have been to 4 nfc championship games and won 1, going on to win the superbowl. He's 10-7 in the post season. Think about that for a minute. Not only is brady better in either decade than any contemporary, which is incredible in and of itself, but Brees, eli and Rodgers are a combined 26-17 in the playoffs. Roethlisberger and peyton are a combined 27-21. Brady is 28-10. He's got more playoff wins than the next two guys combined, or the next 3 after that, and his 28-10 postseason record compares very favorably to their combined 53-38. And he's now 3,923 yards and 22 touchdowns away from passing peyton manning for most career yards and touchdowns.
  12. People remember that the Patriots and chiefs played a close game in Foxboro and that's true. But the game was not close early. It was 24-9 at halftime and ended 43-40. A big part of that was tyreek hill with a 75 yard touchdown catch and kareem hunt with a 67 yard touchdown catch. Hill had 7 catches for 142 yards and 3 touchdowns and dominated the game. The chiefs definitely have a good home field advantage, and the Patriots do too, so it's easy to say the Patriots won by 3 because they get 3 points for home field and the chiefs get 3 for home field and that is a 6 point swing. But i think the Patriots have an advantage because they don't have to take Kareem hunt away and can focus on taking hill out of the game. That's easier said than done, and i don't expect them to shut him down with their mediocre defensive backs but i think they will do a better job than last time because they don't have to split their attention between him and hunt. I think williams will get a chance to run free as a result. I think the Patriots have improved since October. They're playing good football and they're healthier, and they looked like a complete team against the chargers. The chiefs are playing well too, and their offense and defense both looked fantastic this week but they've since lost hunt and may be without berry. Both teams cooled off a bit in December before blowing up in the playoffs. Both teams looked good this week. I slightly favor the Patriots in this game right now. But it's really close and i'm excited to watch it. I don't think either team will be comfortable with a 10 point 4th quarter lead.
  13. bostonfred

    Chargers vs Patriots game thread

    Tom brady is so good he makes you a better father
  14. bostonfred

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    In Damien Williams 4 starts he has 477 total yards and 5 touchdowns. The game before that he had 30 yards and two touchdowns. The window to buy is closing. I saw people talking about moving him for an early second before his 154 yards and a touchdown today - i don't think that's available anymore. Curious what you would pay now, and what kind of deal you'd turn down if you owned him.