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  1. I watched half a football game on the treadmill. I ran 7mph for 20 minutes of it. If you have time to watch television or dick around on the internet you have time to walk 3mph. This is why i own a treadmill.
  2. Lol #### all of this I eat salads and salmon and stuff, and i do actually like fruit and yogurt, but I have a pretty simple rule I follow. If you dropped all your food for the day on the ground i probably wouldn't even identify half if it as food. F that.
  3. So just for @Otis i decided to crush half a large meat pizza. Breakfast 995 Maple bacon sandwich 630 Xl hazelnut coffee with skim and sugar 225 Hash browns 140 Dinner 1380 4 slices meatball pizza 1380 But i hopped on the treadmill for the first half of Monday night football Exercise -795 20 minutes running 7mph -427 60 minutes walking 3mph -368 Total net calories 1580 Behold the power of cardio. I started back with run walking this spring and like you I've done a half marathon before so it felt ridiculous. But it's worth the investment to build slowly and get your legs back without injury. You don't need to overdo it. Just enjoy it. Now since it's a cheat day, I'm cracking open a bottle of wine and having a little before bed. But I'll still end the day in a calorie deficit after "going off the rails" with a huge breakfast, 4 slices of meat pizza and booze. And if i had made slightly better food decisions at breakfast - still have my sugary Dunkin coffee and eaten the same bacon egg and cheese but on an English muffin and no hash browns - and mixed in a salad for lunch,, I'd have some fiber and vitamins in there and this wouldn't even be a "cheat" day.
  4. I thought the same about Carson last year when they drafted penny. You probably know this but he had over 1300 total yards and 9 touchdowns. I thought the same thing this year when Carson had a couple fumbles early in the season but this year he's on pace for over 1700 yards and 11 touchdowns. At what point do you just acknowledge that Pete Carroll loves this kid?
  5. He's on a modified celebrity diet. 44 hour Christian Bale fast, followed by midweek Dr. Atkins, followed by weekend David Hasselhoff.
  6. I won a biggest loser bet today. 500 beans. We structured it as 500 for getting to our goal weight, 500 more for being the first to lose it, and 500 more for keeping it off for two months. If we're both successful then it's just 500 to me for getting there first. We've been doing weekly weigh ins for months now and it's been really motivating for both of us. My friend is about 4 pounds away so he's almost definitely going to get there, and we both need to survive the holidays. I pushed a little extra to get done in October so my two months would be over before Christmas. He's got about two weeks to get there himself. He did keto for most of it, i just monitored calories on myfitnesspal and gradually increased my exercise. I don't think he believed that i could keep up with keto while just watching calories. But it's all the same thing - setting a goal, having a plan to get there and sticking to it. I ended up cutting some carbs - i didn't have sugar in my coffee, and i didn't have as much pizza - but it was just incidental while i was tracking calories. The main thing is making better choices. To "celebrate" today i had a nearly 1000 calorie breakfast at Dunkin - a maple bacon sandwich on a croissant, hash browns and an extra large hazlenut coffee with milk and sugar. It used to be nothing to eat like this. I actually feel gross now. I think I just got used to feeling gross and thinking that meant "full". Its not even like i haven't had breakfast at dunkin donuts. I've still gone there the whole time, but I've gotten a bacon egg and cheese on a bagel for 400 calories or English muffin for 300 and a large coffee with milk for 50. An egg mcmuffin is 300 calories. The maple bacon sandwich on a croissant is over 600. I enjoyed having sugar in my coffee, which was 220 calories. I'll probably still do that once in a while as a splurge, but i don't want to get too used to it. Honestly the sandwich wasn't even better. It definitely wasn't double the calories different. And the hash browns were just gross. There's really no excuse for eating a 1000 calorie breakfast on a regular basis but it's so easy to pick the "bad" food choices. The flip side of that though is that it's also really easy to pick a lower calorie meal. I liked my 400 calorie breakfasts as much as that 1000 calorie gut buster. I liked my 400 calorie bowl of chicken tortilla soup for lunch. I wasn't depriving myself at all. And i could have a huge 700 calorie buffalo chicken wrap for dinner, do literally no exercise, and come in at 1500 calories on the day while enjoying every meal. It's absurd to me now that I used to make so many bad decisions so consistently.
  7. There's a contingent that thinks that ekeler is the long term answer for the charges. Gordon sucking has ekeler worth a late first in their eyes. Is Mixon worth more than a late first at this point? He's averaging 58 total yards per game and has one receiving touchdown this year to go with his zero rushing touchdowns. He's been pure garbage. He's 23 years old so he's not younger than the next crop of rookies. There's a deep crop of running backs coming in and any of them could put up the numbers Mixon already is.
  8. Yes. I don't know how accurate it is but i have been following it pretty closely and i lose about what the app projects so I'm going to stick with it. I set the app to the least activity and then log all of my deliberate exercise. I didn't log the time i spent playing with my kid or doing chores, but i log every minute I'm on a treadmill. If you say you're "moderately active" it basically just gives you an extra 500 or 600 calories, and that seems kind of unscientific to me. Like if you're "moderatwly active" and go for a hike for a couple hours is that just "moderate activity" or is it exercise? I go by simple rules. If i hit my step goal (i use an app on my phone not a fitbit) then i can log anything extra. If i don't, it's regular activity. And i try to lowball a little. If i bring the family to the amusement park for 6 hours i might write down an hour of walking, because I definitely did extra but I wasn't power walking the whole time.
  9. Hit a milestone today. Thought about cheating but changed my mind. Played with the kid in the morning, did some house clearing and treadmill while watching football. Breakfast 650 Panera bread maple bacon and egg wrap 430 Extra large coffee with milk and sugar 220 Lunch 470 Slice of meat pizza 470 Exercise -650 60 minutes walking 3mph -370 15 minutes running 6mph -280 Dinner/ snack 970 Bowl of chicken tortilla soup 400 Small southwest salad 230 Sam Adams octoberfest 180 Chips 160 Total 2090-650= 1440 net calories. A little lower than i usually go but honestly didn't feel like eating any more and that was the last beer in the house.
  10. What in your experience makes you think Republicans will acknowledge that trump did something wrong here?
  11. Simple
  12. I've never done this before but have an interesting one. Pick 3, Non ppr, 6 point passing touchdowns Carson David Johnson Keenan Allen Tyler Lockett I have a big lead and he's starting Russell Wilson. Start Lockett because he probably needs Wilson to go off to win? Bench Carson because any touchdown by Carson is already a touchdown that Wilson didn't score? You can't bench David Johnson against Atlanta can you? Keenan Allen maybe has a little more competition for targets if hunter Henry comes back but it's awful hard to bench him too.
  13. No just trying to give some examples of what I'm doing because it's been working well for me. Fast food for breakfast, microwavable lunch a couple snacks during the day, a little exercise while watching tv, dinner at a restaurant, and a couple glasses of wine. But still getting my fiber, a decent amount of protein, lots of vitamin C today from the broccoli and some A and D from the dairy although not a ton of other vitamins. This is what a sustainable diet looks like, at least for me. I feel like this is more practical than the stuff nutritionists write because most of us don't actually have time to make a healthy avocado black bean chicken tacos on homemade tortillas every night.