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  1. PPR league. I'm at 4-1 and I lost ODB last week. I scooped up McFadden a week ago too. Seek owner is 0-5 and he has Johnson in his IR slot. I'm thinking my odds of making playoffs are above average still. Scoop Johnson now in exchange for McFadden for the playoff run?
  2. ^Bingo Plus I believe they were holding DMC inactive as a break glass in case of emergency option. They want to ride the guy that's filled in for them before, and why risk him getting injured in live game backup duty. Morris keeps his same role with maybe a few more carries to spell DMC's older legs.
  3. He was told he'd be served a 4 game suspension after being reinstated in 2016. Same thing this time around.
  4. Look it up, it's in most of today's articles. He violated the drug policy last time around. Reinstatement just means he's eligible to be part of the NFL again. It appears that once he's cleared to even be considered an NFL player he still has to serve time for his previous violation.
  5. What Anarchy99 said^^ ...and he's still facing a 4 game suspension after he's reinstated. Just wanna drive that point home for anyone seriously considering a WW add
  6. He is facing a 4 game suspension after he gets reinstated for violating the substance abuse policy the last time. So absolute best case scenario you're getting him back around the timeframe you outlined above. Then we're plugging the guy into lineups fresh during the FF playoffs. I dropped him last week and I doubt I'll be picking him up again.
  7. Lost ODB. Could use Snead somehow magically turning into M.Thomas 2016 please. Thanks.
  8. So what, if anything, are people doing to try to replace at least some of his value?
  9. He's basically Edelman light...a high floor WR2 with upside. I figured he would be boom/bust in this offense but you gotta call a spade a spade given his consistent output so far this season. Either way perhaps the best 9th round pick I've made in years.
  10. Ok time to cut the guy. Was fun while it lasted and luckily didn't really impact my waivers decisions at all
  11. Meh, he was "the next big thing" a week ago and now "he sucks" -- pretty standard FF crowd buzz. Holding but not starting until this shakes out more. The truth likely lies in the middle somewhere.
  12. I'm in pretty much the same boat. I wanna hold on to the guy but its not like he's been lights-out so far. Gonna try and figure out a way to keep him rostered depending on the WW but streaming might be in my near future. As far as this weekend goes I can't see myself starting him even if he plays. His legs are a big part of his game and if he isn't as mobile I'd rather stream another option and wait for him to get better.
  13. Yeah but you know there's gonna be at least 1 or 2 weeks coming up where Amendola gets 5/85/1 and Hogan gets largely ignored