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  1. Have fun losing your Championship..20 mph winds in Philly Tmrw night,with gusts up to 30 mph...
  2. As a Pats fan and not having Brown on ANY team in play-offs. I hope Brown is out next week too It's not a major injury,so I love it,as long as he's out.
  3. leagues with deep benches close down the ww. We don't have ww during play-offs.We draft 21 players so we have deep benches,and not much left on ww this time of year anyways.
  4. The weather in Cleveland is going to be horrible for football. A lot of wind and cold... Good luck to anyone thinking of starting Kizer. I wouldn't even start him in 2 QB leagues either..
  5. Thinking same thing. Plus really bad weather in Buffalo Tmrw too. 20 mph winds,snow,with -10 with the windchill factor.
  6. You obviously haven't been playing this game long enough to think that Martin will get 60% of the touches... Teams deactivate healthy players all the time,not saying they will do that with Martin,they probably have him active,just to give Barber a breather.
  7. OK coach.... Their is no way Tampa gives Martin the ball that much,when Tampa has NOTHING to play for,and would like to see what they really have in Barber.Martin isn't going to be back next year. He'll be 29 next season. Most likely your either a sour Martin owner or didn't get Barber in any leagues.... I can guarantee Barber gets at least 15-18 touches,and Martin only comes off the bench to give Barber a breather.. Tampa has no reason to play Martin....I would bet anything Martin is lucky to get more than 5-7 touches.
  8. I would not start Gore over Hunt. Hunt has a much better chance at having a big game than Gore does.
  9. Cutler will have 300 yards and 2-3 TD's this week... I'm starting him over Wilson and not even worried about it. Cutler had a good game against Denver last week,and I see it carrying over to the NE game... I would bet anything he outscores Wilson this week too.I'll be back Sunday to tell you I told you so.... My gut is almost NEVER WRONG.It's a gift from the FF Gods.
  10. Hopefully an extra 3-4 targets for Burkhead and a few more carries bc of Gronk's absence....
  11. Actually the Packers have a decent run defense..I like Barber or Davis. Carson is probably back after the Jacksonville game. In a ppr league Barber is who I would want(If I didn't grab him when the news came out that he was starting)I would be trying to get him over Davis.. Martin won't get his job back.TB is out of the play-off hunt,so they will see what they have in Barber.They already know Martin sucks,and what they have in Rogers.... I like TB's play-off schedule too..
  12. I'm starting Doctson for the same reason,in a game that if I win I'm in the play-offs. I have also Ju Ju(Who I want to start) and M Bryant,but would never get over it,if Doctson had a big game if he was on my bench with my opponent starting Cousins this week in a huge game.So Doctson it is... I have a feeling it's going to be a V Davis(make up game for last weeks clunker)and the Crowder show Tonight. I sure hope I'm wrong.... It's the last week I'd even consider starting Doctson. He won't be in my line-up if I make it to the play-offs. I'll be happy with 5 rec and 75 yards and a TD Tonight...if it's a 3 rec 40 yard type game,I'm doomed... Gooooooooooooo Doctson
  13. I want to coach in the NFL.. For any coach to keep a QB in after throwing 3,never mind 4 and then 5 ints doesn't know what he's doing....He's humiliating Peterman to begin with.