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  1. Which side in dynasty league trade: ARodgers, ACollins, APeterson, 2019 1st or Kerryon, Taywan Taylor
  2. 1) ACollins, APeterson, 2019 3rd or 2) Kerryon, Taywon Taylor Is a 2019 3rd enough to get it done?
  3. I think you're asking too much, I would not accept that deal. Hard to say how I would package this as I don't know his roster?
  4. I'm keeping Mixon and it's not close, can't trust that Fournette will get/stay healthy. Even if I own Yeldon, still don't want Fournette, if he starts a game will he finish it?
  5. No sure thing here but I would wager on Swain & Vannett, maybe Kroft.
  6. I agree with BearsFan - 1st choice - JBrown for high floor. Then Coutee & Taylor for splash upside. Drop Jamal Williams.
  7. Trade: Howard+Ridley vs. JWhite+MWilliams 12 team, 0.5 ppr, redraft I'm worried about Howard ROS
  8. Understood - send me the invite for Ladd's Dandy Team and I'm in.
  9. I'm interested. Never played dynasty before, can you give me some of the most relevant particulars? Thanks.
  10. I'm still interested but on second thought I am more interested in the One Nibble team. How many teams in the league, what method to pay, what site hosts the league, does the league start week1 or week2?
  11. I'm interested. Is Ladd's Dandy Team still available? How many teams in the league? What method to pay te $40?