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  1. Curious where he stacks up ROS- are we back to viewing him as a high end WR1?
  2. Assuming Adams is back this week... who do you like better ROS? Davante or Amari?
  3. So what are you Mahomes owners doing with him? selling? If so, what have you been able to fetch? holding? Who are your top FA fill ins? I’ve been trying to sell but without much luck. I wouldn’t be shocked if they rest him until after the bye and then the playoff schedule doesn’t look great... and there is always the risk that he decides to shut it down and have surgery now after he gets a second opinion.
  4. 0.5 ppr 12 team league - Breida or James White for the rest of season?
  5. Anyone still stashing this guy as a possible lottery ticket?
  6. Who would you rather have ROS in 0.5 ppr- Mile Sanders or Devin Singletary?
  7. Who do you like better moving forward
  8. 0.5 ppr- would you trade away Josh Gordon for LeSean McCoy?
  9. When picking in the top 4, what’s your preferred strategy at the 2/3 turn after taking a bellcow RB in rd 1? I will take Evans if he falls (12 team league), but if he doesn’t, I’m not in love with any of the WR’s in that tier. Meanwhile- I view a see of value/upside in the RB’s going in that range. This makes me tempted to take a RB-RB-RB start and plug a potential stud RB as my weekly flex. What’s your approach?
  10. Hey Sig 0.5 ppr I’ve been stashing Chubb. After the Hyde trade I was offered Saquon for Chubb + James White. My other RB’s are Kamara and Barber. I’m hesitant to trade away so much RB depth. Am I overthinking this? thanks!
  11. I was offered Saquon for my Chubb and James White. My other RB’s are Kamara and Barber. Should I take it? 0.5ppr. My main concern is that this decimates my depth.
  12. I wouldn’t do it... hold McCaffrey... Fitzgerald is just a throw in at this point
  13. Collins and Ekeler
  14. I wouldn’t do it - leaves you too thin at RB please have a look at mine