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  1. Have Kenyan Drake and picked him up off of waivers. Not sure what to think. Looked awesome last night and a good fit for their offense. Situation gets muddled with David Johnson and when/if he returns and then Chase Edmonds. Their schedule is pretty tough over next couple of weeks with Tampa Bay and SF (again) run defenses, then their bye week. I could use a QB2 with Cam's uncertainty and Mahomes' injury. My roster (2QB, .5 PPR league) QB - Mahomes, Newton, Darnold, Moore, Rudolph; RB - Fournette, Henry, Mixon, Drake, L. Murray; WR - Evans, Adams, Julio, Gallup; TE - Kelce Finding a strong QB2 makes the most sense and there's other guys I can pick up at RB depth like Mattison, Miles Sanders that are available. Jay Ajayi too. One guy is interested in offering AJ Green for Drake, and then I could move one of my WRs for a QB.
  2. I like the option of selling to try and create further depth on your team. What kind of scoring does your league use? Is it PPR, .5 PPR, Standard? I like taking on Hilton, Ekeler but I can't understand why Hunter Henry is in the deal. I would just go Carson for Hilton/Ekeler, especially if it's a PPR league. You could see if they will make the offer and then hold off on a decision until trade deadline passes tomorrow in the event that Gordon gets traded. They just fired the Chargers offensive coordinator moments ago.
  3. Considering Johnson and Edmonds injuries and likelihood they don't play this weekend and your WR depth, I would be hesitant to do this deal. You lose your #1 WR for a WR4 at best, you lose likely your present RB1 for Carson, so pretty even in my book and while Goff isn't the QB1 he was last year, he can obviously put up some points. Maybe they are playing off the fact that you don't have a QB for this weekend with Goff on bye, but no, I would not take that deal.
  4. Will improve to 6-2 after tonight's PITT/MIA game. Will be in a tie for first with most pts. scored. It's a 2 QB, .5 PPR, 10-team league. We start 2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, Flex (RB, WR, or TE), K, and DEF. My team looks pretty strong thanks to some timely trades and buying low on guys that others were frustrated with or just needed depth, and some timely waiver picks that only look good after the way some guys performed this past weekend. QB: Patrick Mahomes, Matt Moore, Sam Darnold, Mason Rudolph, Cam Newton (IR spot) RB: Leonard Fournette, Derrick Henry, Latavius Murray, Joe Mixon, Kenyan Drake WR: Davante Adams, Julio Jones, Mike Evans, Michael Gallup TE: Travis Kelce DEF: Minnesota K: Jason Myers Sure, looks like a pretty solid lineup but outside of Fournette, I have concerns about all of those running backs. Sure, Henry gets the job done. And maybe it's because he does nothing flashy or is a factor in the pass game that leaves me unsettled. Yet, he has as high an upside as anyone as we've seen him run for 200+ yards before in a game. Murray will go back to a useful #2 in New Orleans, Mixon had a solid game yesterday with a TD, and Drake may not necessarily have a ton of upside in Arizona's offense depending on David Johnson's availability. Do I stick with what I have? Any RBs that you would make a play for and move Henry for? I could make a move for Le'Veon Bell but I don't trust the Jets offense.
  5. My team is off to a strong start and lead my league in both record/points. Starting to accumulate some injuries but such is life in this sport. Play in a 10-team, .5 PPR, 2 QB league. We start 2 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, TE, Flex (RB/WR/TE), K, and DEF, and then we have one IR spot. My roster is as follows after some trades in the last week: QB: Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, Sam Darnold, Mason Rudolph (Mahomes is in my IR spot) RB: Leonard Fournette, Derrick Henry, Latavius Murray, Miles Sanders (may try and pick up Joe Mixon who was just dropped and/or Alexander Mattison) WR: Davante Adams, Mike Evans, Julio Jones, Jamison Crowder, Kenny Stills TE: Travis Kelce DEF: Vikings K: Jason Myers, Justin Tucker (on bye this week) There's little clarity about how long Adams will be out and certainly when he returns, there's a high risk of re-injury with turf toe (see A.J. Green in 2014 and 2018). Wondering if I should look to sell now or when he's closer to his return. Or just hang tight and ride it out with him over the remainder of the season? Would likely try and sell for a RB2/WR2 combo if possible. Thoughts?
  6. I countered with Latavius Murray (he has Kamara who is OUT this week), Mason Rudolph (since both his QBs still have byes yet), Davante Adams, and Allen Robinson for Drew Brees, Odell Beckham, Jr., and Breida. Figure I don't lose much moving Robinson since I got Brandin Cooks in a trade for Hunter Henry, and I see Beckham/Adams as pretty similar. Brees will be back in one to two weeks and then I have ammo to move a QB or two for positional help before the playoffs. Breida gives me a solid RB as insurance. I haven't received a reply yet so I could go either way with this offer.
  7. Yeah, your RBs are quite strong. If you wanted to trade one of your QBs, I would actually shoot for a WR. You have a strong WR group too but they are playing a bit below what we would expect from them. I would buy low on a guy like Beckham, or if you do want to trade for an RB, I would buy low on Le'Veon Bell before going for Gurley. Just don't trust his health and that offense this season. No indications that things are going to improve either.
  8. Since it's dynasty, I would lean more Ingram/Moore. Moore has huge upside and is only in his 2nd season. He also sees more targets than Lockett on average despite Lockett being super efficient with his targets. Ingram is being buoyed by TDs but I like his situation better in a run-heavy offense where Freeman has to contend with the likes of one of the best WR/TE combos in the league.
  9. I think Packers go with run-heavy game plan, as does Oakland. That will mean a slow-paced game and less plays to get off. Arizona is one of the fastest moving offenses in the NFL with a poor defense so I think just in terms of pace, Jones has a higher ceiling and he'll have Barkley and Engram back in the fold. Rodgers will likely be without at least 2 of his top 3 receivers and while he is amazing and can make the offense better, I would expect 250 yds and 1.5 TDs. Not bad but not what you'd expect from Rodgers. Feels weird telling you not to play Rodgers and being a lifelong Packers fan but that's just where we are these days.
  10. Very true! LOL! Who knows how limited he will be although injury is to non-throwing shoulder.
  11. Go ahead and make that deal. Jackson has the greatest upside over any QB in the NFL because of his running ability and if you are looking for a high draft pick in return during the off-season, you have plenty of ammo to ask for one to cover what you're losing in this trade. I would do the deal.
  12. Alvin Kamara has not practiced at all this week and Akiem Hicks is out vs. Chicago. Because of the slow-pace nature of the game and the respective defenses, Murray might get a lot of volume behind a really good New Orleans offensive line. I would rank him 1st because he's a legit RB2 in this case and then Williams and Breida as RB3s, although I think because of the matchup they have greater upside if you need a BOOM play.
  13. I like Freeman out of that group. More so in the sense that the amount of touches he has seen and the percentage of snaps he's been on the field has risen the last two weeks, and so there's less and less of a timeshare with Ito Smith and the over/under on this game is set at 54 so lots of potential points in this game. I think he sees the most opportunity amongst the three you have listed and is in less competition for touches. If it's PPR, then Freeman by a mile as neither Ingram or Hyde see a lot of targets.
  14. Hopkins, Golladay, and Thielen. It appears Cobb and Cooper are on track to play for Dallas on Sunday even though they might not be 100% and so that muddies the water a bit for Gallup.
  15. That Jackson will not have Marquise Brown means the game plan might rely even more on the run. That is upside that unmatched by any other QB. I certainly think the Rams are prime for a bounceback against the Rams and I think you'd like to play Goff at least reading your post. Atlanta has allowed the 2nd most points to QBs on the season and will play well at home. I guess I would consider the rest of your lineup first. I guess if you need a 'BOOM' play or higher upside play and depending on league scoring, I would lean Jackson still. 200 yards passing and 100 yds. rushing is still greater than a 300-yard passing outing, and assuming rushing TDs are 6 pts. and passing TDs 4 pts. The over/under for Rams/Falcons is 54 (Rams favored) and the over/under for Seattle/Ravens is 51 (Seahawks favored) so both projected to be high scoring. Feel like you can't go wrong either way to be honest.