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  1. Should I go with Baltimore vs. Oakland or New England at NY Jets? Baltimore's defense is at home playing an OAK team travelling cross-country, and although they are bad, they put up points. New England's defense is solid, coming off a bye playing at the Meadowlands with either Darnold or McCown at QB. Really playing off of who is more turnover prone - which I think is the Jets. Thoughts?
  2. And Demaryius Thomas is being traded to the Texans. Sutton ⬆️
  3. Yeah, I'm hoping Tate and Demaryius Thomas get traded away. Hoping to get Sutton off of waivers. I like him for the 2nd half of the season as I think they're phasing Thomas out. I may try and make a run at Fitzpatrick and use him as a trade target as there are plenty of teams needing QB help this week with byes. I like my team as well and it's balanced, but I feel like I can start to trade away some of that to stock up for the playoffs with higher ceiling guys.
  4. wheeleke

    Trade Offer for Dalvin Cook - WHIR

    I would agree with Gally but I don't trust Martin or Barber (although I suspect both would be decent flex options). Just depends on how much you agree on the upside of Cook. Minnesota has one of the easier remaining schedules on the season and they are becoming a bit more balanced on offense running the ball more of late. But, yeah, make sure you get Murray to protect yourself in this trade.
  5. 2-QB league, .5 PPR, Start 2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, Flex (WR, RB, or TE), K, and DEF My team is 6-2 and in 2nd place just based on points scored. My team is 6th in league scoring so I've just caught teams at the right time although my scoring average itself is solid. My roster is: QB - Aaron Rodgers, Jared Goff, Sam Darnold RB - Ezekiel Elliott, Mark Ingram, Latavius Murray, Dalvin Cook, Nick Chubb WR - Josh Gordon, Davante Adams, Kenny Golladay, Tyler Boyd TE - David Njoku K - Greg Zuerlein DEF - Rams, Cardinals Feel like I have some uncertainty at my WR2/3 position. I like Boyd but his floor is still low and Golladay has been a floor play recently too. Tried to buy low on Keenan Allen but the owner is so unresponsive to trade requests that I can't get an answer. Throwing some feelers out there for JuJu Smith-Schuster but his owner isn't budging.
  6. Nice job. Knew you'd come through on this one. Good luck the rest of the way!
  7. After all of this conversation, it is clear that you have a lot of doubt about this trade offer and have not been convinced enough to take the trade even though everyone that has responded to your post has suggested you take the trade. No, we cannot predict the future, but judging what you are receiving in return, the added depth it gives you through the bye weeks, and trading power it gives you (for example, if you wish to trade one of your RBs for another stud WR as you consolidate your roster before your league's trade deadline), I'm not sure how else you can be convinced to take the trade - particularly in a PPR league. There are ebbs and flows to the season and sometimes you have to follow where the trends are going instead of following the trends of weeks 1-4 or 5-7. You know RBs get hurt ALL the time so the added depth gives you both talent and insurance in the event of an injury. Your TE depth is ridiculous as is considering you have 3 of the top 8 guys on the season. Remember, you can only play 1 (assuming you don't play a 2nd TE in your flex position). You know Allen can be a top 5-8 WR and he proved to be last year after a very similar slow start. Players regress to the mean - positively or negatively so these streaks that guys are on don't tend to last forever. Just my two cents. You do have a great roster but I would be wary of being content, and so keep examining trades as you progress through the rest of the season as you bolster your lineup for a playoff run.
  8. Ebron will lose snaps/targets once Doyle comes back (who is practicing again). Njoku has the best TE schedule the remainder of the season among TEs and Howard is as good a second TE as any in a TB offense that passes 80% of the time. Please don't over-think this. This is a good trade for you.
  9. Yes, take it and run. You get elite RB1 value at RB as long as Michel is out and mid/low-end RB1 value even when Michel returns. And a buy-low on Keenan Allen who I think will get more opportunities as the Chargers have a more challenging schedule 2nd half of the season. You have enough top flight WR value to sustain Michael Thomas' loss and whatever target/volume share he had at the beginning of the year isn't coming back with Ingram back in the fold and the emergence of Tre'Quan Smith.
  10. wheeleke

    Trade Elliott? What can I get

    I would ask for Davante Adams and Keenan Allen (buying low) in return since you could use some WR help and send Allison along with Zeke.
  11. wheeleke

    Mark Ingram Trade WHIR

    I would keep Ingram. I too have my concerns about him (Ingram) but until you get a more firm timetable on Michel, I would hang on to Ingram for now. I know Baldwin is a good buy low candidate but you'd be giving up too much with Ingram and I think your WR group is pretty solid with some solid floor options and high upside options as well.
  12. wheeleke

    QB Week 8 WHIR

    Hmmmm.....If you're going off of recent trends, Stafford is playing in a ball control, run heavy offense of late. Part of that is the game script as they get up early in games. I think he gives you a safe floor. I think Keenum is the higher upside play if we're looking at the two. I would look at your league scoring and what points you lose for turnovers as Keenum has not played mistake-free football this year. Of the others, Flacco is probably the best play of the bunch but kind of view him on the same level with Stafford. Solid floor but don't expect a ton of pts. scored on the Ravens. I like Stafford since he has a better stable of offensive playmakers around him that can make a big play quickly and they're playing at home.
  13. Thanks for your insight, appreciate it. Actually thinking about moving Ingram instead of Murray/Cook. At least I know with Murray (or Cook, when healthy), I"m getting the primary ball carrier. Rest of season, New Orleans faces 24th most difficult schedule for RBs, where as Minnesota is 13th. In fantasy playoffs, New Orleans is rated 28th and Minnesota 2nd (!). I feel a little uneasy with Ingram in that he's the lesser half of the tandem this year as opposed to last year when he was the greater half of the Kamara/Ingram tandem. He's not necessarily the primary ballcarrier in the red zone so it's not like he's got a clear "role" to go off of. At play in this, is I'm also facing this same team this weekend. I feel like Diggs gives me the higher upside versus Ingram and the Vikings run defense. Ingram went 10 carries for 25 yards against them in playoffs last year.
  14. wheeleke

    TE help

    True. I mean depends on what you want. Both TEs are pretty even. Watson splits time with Josh Hill at TE and McDonald splits time with Jesse James. I certainly think the Vikings try and emphasize covering Michael Thomas and Vikings are giving up 4th most yards to TEs this season. Watson is coming off a game in which he scored so you could chase the points/momentum here with him.