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  1. I'd rather have Cooper + your current picks than all picks.
  2. Agree, easy choice w/ Kamara/Chubb
  3. It's time to punt Sammy Watkins. He's just a guy. We're going on year 6 and he's been nothing more than a flash.
  4. Yeah no brainer in a superflex, the way it was laid out I thought it was a traditional PPR league. I like Sutton over Kirk, he'll be the guy in Denver. Arizona has a lot of mouths fighting for food in the WR room.
  5. LakeCowboy

    keep 8

    Gurley, Chubb, Hunt, Kerryon Agree on Mahomes and WRs Williams is a NFL journeyman in a good spot for a year. Trade him. He might lose his role to Carlos Hyde or a 6th round rookie and will definitely lose his spot next year to whoever they draft early. Had Tyreek not put them in a tight spot the day before the draft they probably go rookie in the 2nd or 3rd instead of WR in the 2nd. Hunt has serious talent and he's on a 1 year deal, you lock up the Cleveland backfield and cover for injury and get Hunt on a new deal somewhere next year. I'd trade Guice, he's in standing room only RB room in Washington. I want no part of that situation. He could be ROJO for all we know.
  6. I'd pound the crap out of the accept button. Hunt is 23 years old today and you are getting him for rookie draft 2.04. Take the gaurantee, he's on a 1 year deal in Cleveland and will be a free agent next year. Talent wise you know exactly what you are getting.
  7. I'd keep MikeT counting as a 5th round selection over Golladay counting as a 10th round selection. You're getting possibly the WR1 overall in the 5th round, we're still unsure what exactly Golladay is going to be. MikeT is an elite piece.
  8. Do you have to keep a QB? I'd keep Sutton and Kirk over keeping one + Dak.
  9. I'd try to take the picks out and do JJSS/Ito for AB/ARob/Carson
  10. The salaries do not escalate, I'd have to draft 5 other positions (including DEF) w/ near minimum cost players however the types of players you can pick up in that range are pretty good w/ only 16 man rosters that include K/DEF and just about everyone carries an extra QB/TE. We can also use additional cap funds to "buy players down" by prepaying 3 years advance funds, so in future years SQB's price could actually come down. I'm having trouble valuing the #1 dynasty asset + thin at RB or 2 top 10 RBs + James Conner off the bench (starting if I do the deal).
  11. @Gally what are your thoughts? Premier 22 year old Dynasty Asset or two former elite 25 year olds w/ possible injury issues. With no injuries I don't even consider moving Gordon/Gurley.
  12. That's my hang up, Julio is 19.5% of roster budget for forever and JJSS and Tyreek are both 5% of roster budget for forever. It's an auction keeper league. JJSS and Tyreek were claimed off waivers in a 12 team, 16 man roster league and are league minimum forever.
  13. I wouldn't give up Fournette and I think Ingram is headed to the tank. If you look at HOF'er Frank Gore w/ Kaep and Greg Roman its not exciting. Those results in 2013-2014 are Ingrams absolute ceiling and may be unattainable. I'm very low on Ingram everywhere.