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    Non ppr Have Njoku and M. Andrews. Engram is out there and might not be a bad play with Odell out. TE position has been my only weakness this year, but it is a big one going into playoffs against elite TE's.
  2. Non PPR 5 point bonus for 100 yards Options are Marlon Mack, Robert Woods, Edelman, Tyler Boyd. Defense I am torn between Lions and Giants.
  3. Denver is my pick through the playoffs. Denver vs. Oakland on championship week is about as good as you could hope for. I'd personally play Njoku and hope for another good game against Cincy in week 16.
  4. I'd do it without question. If he lands in Indy that is huge.
  5. Looking for a little advice here. I am a lock in the number 1 seed for the playoffs so winning this week means nothing to me. I am 36 points down on the point leader for the season and there is a payout for point leader. He is down Melvin Gordon and M. Thomas didn't do too much last night. I need to set my lineup with highest potential upside to try and take over that lead. So....what lineup would you guys roll with? Full point PPR with no bonuses for yardage. QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/FLEX Only have one kicker and Denver defense so won't even mention that. Luck or Winston? I'm going back and forth here. I know Winston likely has big upside here, but I am VERY hesitant to trust Winston always. RB- Lamar Miller, Chubb, Kamara, Kerryon WR- JuJu, D. Adams, Corey Davis, A Rob, Ridley TE- Hooper, Uzomah My current lineup is set as Winston, Kamara, Chubb, JuJu, Adams, Corey Davis, Hooper, Tucker, Denver
  6. If those are my options I'll take Oakland
  7. That was in line with my thinking. Plug Martin in for Kerryon.
  8. That second trade is pretty suspect. The first one not so much. I also get the impression from the way you worded that second trade there were more players involved. It could just as likely be idiotic owners as it could collusion. Tough to prove intent. Collusion and bad owners can both screw up league balance equally. Sucks for you, but not sure there is much that can be done. I personally dont look at that team you posted and think unbeatable, but it is good.
  9. Need to start three of these 5 RBs. Full point PPR. Kamara, L. Miller, Chubb, Kerryon, Doug Martin. Obviously Kamara. I was leaning Chubb and Kerryon, but have a feeling Doug Martin will have a good game tonight. Chubb could potentially get game scripted out if they get blown out. I never have confidence in Miller, but has been solid the past two weeks.
  10. I'd be reluctant to make that deal given the unknown, but if I was in a pretty good spot this season and thought I was in good shape to make playoffs I would consider that deal. It is risky though. Let's say Leveon gets back and a good portion of that team have turned on him...mainly his offensive line. Or..the locker room is behind Connor for being there and putting in the work. Or...Leveon is not in game shape and gets hurt. Or..they finish the season in some 50/50 timeshare. All not good for you. On the other hand. Leveon could show up and be the best RB in the league throughout fantasy playoffs. Might be worth the risk to me if I thought I was really in contention this year.
  11. Have Cook and Gordon. Have L. Murray and Ekeler as well. I need to drop one of those two this week. I have some RB depth to survive without one of these handcuffs. Kerryon or Chubb could slide in. I think Ekeler is the right choice, but Gordon's potential injury is concerning. I get the impression he was ready to go and the coach pulled him as a precaution and the opportunity to give him two weeks rest, but those hammy hams are always an unknown. Ekeler honestly didnt look overly impressive as the leading back, but he has been productive this year. We all know Cook's status. This could could go on all year. Murray has done well the last two weeks.
  12. Duke and not really close for me. His usage has gone up and that can only go up with Hyde out. Might return to the Duke from last year. Even close to that last year form is better than Dion.
  13. Can't say I would consider McDonald a weekly set and forget TE. I'd probably be streaming if he was my choice. With that said, I have went without a player countless times. My general rule though is to not do so unless I'm favored by at least 20 unless I really just think one of their players will flop.