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  1. Comf Numb just got my new phone after old phone fell 100 ft and is now in 100 pieces. Got a msg from JM asking me to send $ to you. Text me at 405-590-2081 and let me know what address to send to.
  2. Temple seems like a bad investment hopefully I can make another choice
  3. Sorry I see Belmont was packed already, give me a few minutes
  4. Anyone know when we roll for dice position and begin the draft?
  5. I have always paid/been paid. Forget the name of the guy that didn't pay a few years back, but he was booted and replaced with Telly.
  6. Well first I must say that I am very moved by the mention of me in the sub topic of this thread For those wondering, the book will continue to run as it always has Open 24/7. If you have not heard, the book is making a move to a new site after the weekend. You can contact me at should you have any questions. Full details will be emailed to all current and active clients. If you have taken a hiatus and you are ready to return for football gaming action, hit me up and I will get you taken care of. If you don’t receive an email by Monday just get with me and I will hook you up. On a serious note, those that have sent me a text, given me a call, or sent me an email with well wishes I humbly appreciate the kindness. I have no plans to just fade out of this world with a morphine drip. However things go south sometimes and if this is the case, I have lived my life, I never just sat by and watched it pass. Thanks to all of you for the many laughs, great stories, and the fantastic shenanigans. Much love from the 405, boys! Catch you later.
  7. Enjoyed it as always. Hope we get this same group back together next year. Let’s get it together a little quicker so we don’t have to rush next year. Still job well done drafting so quickly. I guess Dr. D was the big winner this year? Congrats.
  8. See Fla St ? Ok Maybe not a Swiss Château, but maybe check out some timeshares in South Lake Tahoe.