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  1. I was sold on Boone over White in PPR but this Mattison news scares me. White has been steady and I'm a very slight favorite. Its one thing to gamble a bit, but if Mattison starts I'm stuck with Alan Lazard. Stressful. Might just ride with White.
  2. Was leaning Conley but now looking like Chark will play. Tate has done better with Jones at QB and can be a big play threat. But he also has 1 catch in hia last 2 games. Justin Watson seems like the best option on the WW but thats pretty gross too
  3. I'm struggling with Boone vs White in full PPR. Boone has more upside obviously but do we think he'll get work in the passing game? They may just use Abdullah. White has been steady all year and I like his floor. If Edelman is out, I like him even more. I don't expect to know by Saturday at 4 EST if Boone will be starting which makes it tough
  4. PPR Flex - J. White, D. Washington or Boone as my flex? Leaning White to be safe. Also, if you prefer one of the other two, would Edelman being out make you lean more towards White? WR3 - Conley, G. Tate, T. Williams, Stills or pick up Ward or Watson off waivers? I know this is ugly. Leaning Conley and hope Chark is out. Thanks Sig, appreciate all your hard work all year
  5. Thanks for the answers guys. Fair enough. Its for $$$ and just a random online one year league. I'm not worried about hurting some random person's feelings if the league rules allow me to do this. No one uses the message board or chat. One of the only guys offering trades was the guy I'm facing. The guy is a good manager and I fully expect him to bid $4 on 5 players to block any of my adds anyway. As I said, it probably won't matter. As someone said, Slye could kick 12 FGs and if that's the case, fine. Any player at any position can have their day and thats why we love this game. It's more a matter of limiting his options and trying to cut down his score by a few points He's got Lamar so I need all the help I can get. Lol. Maybe it's just bad karma though.
  6. I was going to start a thread on this but maybe it fits here. This is my first year in a finals on MFL. I had always done home leagues or Yahoo. From what I can tell, after waivers run, I can add guys and drop them and they won't be available for this week. I have a measly $3 FAAB to his $21. If he wants to add Perriman or Boone or a DST ahead of me, he will. If he's smart he'll use it all up to block me. He likely will. But what if he doesn't? Is it frowned upon to go add and drop pretty much every usable player? Guys like Boston Scott, Justin Watson, Brandin Cooks, Noah Fant.. everyone. He likely isn't starting any of them anyway. It may just screw over the guys in the 3rd place game who have $0. But practice injuries happen. Drug suspensions, personal problems, etc. My opponents K is Slye which isn't great (I know, #### kickers) so I could add and drop anyone at that position for sure. Even if it saves me a few points its worth it. It could all be mute point if everyone races to waivers instantly but if I click fast enough... Lol. Do other people do this? Is it frowned upon or considered good strategy?
  7. I'm 6-1 in a full PPR and have Edmonds but no DJ. Our trade deadline is early, this week, so I'm trying to sell high. I don't have the option to wait and see this week. I have Fournette and White so week 10 is looking grim for my RB spot with a lot of byes. One owner offered Auden Tate. That's definitely not enough. I countered Edmonds for Waller and he declined, understandably. Another owner has offered Singletary and Montgomery for Edmonds. I don't think it's a terrible offer. Both those guys have had their byes and I like Singletary ROS to get more usage and has a decent schedule. I'm not high on Montgomery but gives me bye week depth at least. At the same time, I'm not sure either guy has the league winning ability that Edmonds does. The same owner has McCoy. I may take a shot at him but that could be a pipe dream. What are people getting back for Edmonds in trade right now?
  8. One of the weirder things I've seen in my league. Keep in mind, there's probably only about 5 teams that send out trade offers. Two weeks ago after his first big game I traded Diggs/Breida/R. Jones for Fournette. I didn't really love it but needed RB help badly and Diggs was my WR3 at that point. After his 2 catch effort the next game, the SAME owner who just traded me offered me Diggs for my John Brown. I didn't necessarily love Diggs ROS but figured that was an auto accept and worth the risk. I had Diggs in my lineup for his blowup last week and immediately sent out all kinds of offers, some more realistic than others haha. Mostly Diggs plus a backup for OBJ, Hopkins, etc. After waivers ran today I got offered K. Allen/Gio for Diggs/Cohen (PPR) and accepted. I think Diggs will have his big games but a lot of 3-52 games in between and like Allen's floor more. Having said that Allen has been getting 3 catches lately but think thats an anomally. I just think it's crazy that I (sort of) sold high, bought low, then sold high again all on the same player in 3 weeks. And I'm pretty sure I won all 3 trades, but it's early
  9. Had been trying to move Diggs for an RB for a couple weeks. I unintentionally went zero RB and had James White as my RB1 in a PPR league and took a bunch of fliers on RB3s. A team with Kamara, Fournette and Kerryon had been going back and forth with Kerryon offers but couldn't get it done before he blew up last week. Last ditch effort I tried Diggs, Breida and R. Jones for Fournette and the guy accepted. I don't even love Fournette but I still think I won the deal. Breida and Jones likely only would have been bye week fill ins. I handcuffed Fournette with Armstead right away because of his injury history
  10. First off, prayers to your family member. Flex spot for PPR league, can you rank Breida, Tyrell Williams, John Brown? PS - Are you worried about Diggs if he's active?? Thanks Sig!
  11. Got him 2.12 tonight and was more than OK with it
  12. Trying to decide between Ware and Powell in PPR. I think I'll be going with Powell if Forte is out. I do believe Ware has a higher floor but not sure I can afford to play it safe with my match up
  13. Haha. My RBs are Woodhead and Bernard if that makes you feel better
  14. Benching him but I went WR heavy to start my draft and have Baldwin as an option so it's an easy decision. I'm ready to punt on Sammy for 4th or 5th round value at this point. Will see how this game goes and hope he can have a half decent game. At this point I wouldn't hate trading him for guys like Cobb, Moncrief, maybe even Snead. I'm weak at RB too so even guys like Matthews or Langford may help me out. I also like the idea of Josh Gordon, especially since I don't really need to start Watkins right now.
  15. Hyde is back at practice today. Probably just limited action and I imagine it's not super likely he starts this week, but is he worth picking up? He's on my waiver wire and I need a bit of help at RB. CLE and DET are both good matchups in weeks 14 and 16.