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  1. I'd probably roll with Wilson due to game script but, I'd also probably swap Bortles for Dalton who has a favorable upcoming schedule.
  2. I'd keep bell and tell this guy to pound sand. In a ppr league, there should be other fill in receiving backs you could spot fill (Gio anyone?).. Idk. I just think you hold the cards and have a league winner. If he sits all year.. then it is what it is...
  3. I think Stafford and the lions will bounce back, and, they've proven that their defense isn't very good, so good game scripts should be plenty Stafford. Depending on how many teams are in your league, you may be able to pick up Smith off waivers later if you want.. Thanks.
  4. I have a small dilemma and need to pick up a receiver this week due to Baldwin and Goodwin injuries.. I drafted Jones late in a 10 team STD league (2RB, 2WR, 1 RB/WR), and am faced with a waiver move cutting either Jones, or James White as RB depth (Zeke/Cook starters). I am leaning on the upside of Jones vs. the timeshare of White.. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks..
  5. I agree with Z.Miller and Miami. Miller should see more after Jeffery's suspension and, well Goff is starting...
  6. I would probably lean towards the younger RB's.. Ivory is getting up there in age and hasn't shown the burst he had last year (or maybe its just he's in Jax..) If you own Zeke, you should already own Alf Morris in my opinion, just based on the volume Zeke is seeing.. Good Luck!
  7. I think you just play whoever you feel will give you the best results for YOUR team.. I never like stacking WR's on the same team, but I understand how you have both rostered. Wallace does have a chance to break one though.. Cowboys are playing their 2nd string safety..
  8. I would pass as well.. Eli will outgun Bradford even on his darkest days.. You're 7-2 for a reason..
  9. Kap' Hurns R.Kelly
  10. Seems like a fair trade. And, it sounds like the rest of the league is just player-hating.. My league just has a commish ruling, which is just to prevent blatant moves.. Sorry to hear, it would've helped both squads..
  11. Same as above.. without knowing your other RB's and WR's, its hard to say..
  12. Tough choices, but, I would probably go Hopkins and Landry. His TD drought has got to end soon, and the Miami D could give good field position all day..
  13. I like White as he is the only one who SHOULD see a stable amount of action.. I own Lewis too, and was hoping he would get his feet wet last week, then DOMINATE this week.. Good Luck!